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Black nigga BBC fucking bbw wife in private hot
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A BAD DAY CONTINUES (Part 4) The last few weeks had been quiet. Lauren liked that. It made her life a paradise. When things at work were going well and Peter came home in a good mood, they would have some dinner, watch some television, maybe go upstairs and fool around a bit afterwards.

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On the weekend, they would shop and catch maybe a movie. It was peaceful and she loved it. Ruiz kept to herself most of the time. When she wasn't doing house or yard work, she spent most of her time in her cage in the mud room. It was comfortable and familiar and besides there wasn't much else to do.

There was a half-door she used to let herself out when she needed to use the litter box, a small sink just inside the door so she could wash herself after she'd scooped up the litter and put it in the trash. As long as Peter didn't need her, that was pretty much her life.

She had a list of daily chores but, since she kept on top of them, most of her days were mind-numbingly boring. They didn't allow her any reading material or television, so she spent a lot of her time sleeping, exercising, or exploring the big back yard.

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Peter insisted she stay on all fours when she was outside. Once, early on, she'd made the mistake of walking erect and he'd seen her. Her punishment was quick and severe and she knew she'd never make the mistake again. The other thing she did to fill her time was masturbate. She quickly bored of diddling herself with her fingers and took to rubbing against things in the yard.

One of her favorites was the telephone pole. She found a smooth spot and used it aggressively every chance she got. It was shiny now, she could smell her scent on it as she got closer and that excited the animal in her. She rubbed against other things -- the corner of the garage, some of the planters, but she always came back to the telephone pole. Most of the time, she backed into it and humped like a dog. Other times, she wrapped her legs around it and humped it like a lover. Once or twice, she'd snuck a rolled-up towel out of the house and put it between her body and the pole -- that was heaven.

She also learned to enjoy sniffing around, especially around the flower beds. She hadn't realized just how rich the earth smelled until she got her nose right down in it. Now, she could turn herself on just smelling the roots of the rose bushes just after a rain. She tried humping the rosebushes, hoping the pain from the thorns would turn her on the way a good spanking or whipping would, but it was too sharp and just distracted her.

--- The problem started one Friday night when Peter came home late. Lauren asked him where he'd been and he turned and snarled, "none of your business. Fuck off." In the cage, Ruiz's ears perked up and she raised her head. An argument. Maybe Peter had something going on and needed some relief. She felt her body already starting to flush, the adrenaline pumping.

She wanted to crawl into the other room and present herself, but knew to wait. The argument continued, Lauren accusing Peter of hooking up with some little tramp at work she'd met last weekend, Peter accusing her of accusing him. Ruiz felt the energy in the house rising and touched herself, fingering her nipples, stiffening them between her fingers. "Oh, yeah? Well then, fuck you!" Lauren screamed.

Ruiz heard her stomping around the house and then the front door slammed and Peter and Ruiz were alone. She got to her knees and pushed the door of her cage open just slightly, then backed away. She was torn between wanting to appear too eager and letting the opportunity slip by.

She heard Peter storm into the kitchen and then bottles clinking. He was pouring himself a drink. Ruiz's cunt started twitching, she knew the routine. Peter always tried that first, two shots of whiskey or scotch to take off the edge. If that didn't do it, he would seek her out. She dropped on her back and started rubbing herself between the legs, she came quickly anticipating what the night might bring. --- Lauren dropped her purse and keys on the table just inside the door and listened.

The house was dark and quiet, which struck her as unusual. Peter usually had music going or the television on, but it was dead silent. She knew he was home because his car was in the garage. That meant one of two things. He was either upstairs asleep or in the quiet room with Ruiz. She looked at her watch. She'd been out for three hours. If he was with Ruiz she would be in rough shape by now.

Quietly hoping, Lauren went quietly to the mud room and looked at Ruiz's cage. It was empty. She shook her head slowly.

They were in the basement, in the special room Peter had made years ago while they were still doing most of the playing themselves. She changed into a lace camisole and cheeky panties, then combed out her hair and refreshed her makeup.

After three hours, Ruiz would be ready for a break and Peter would be revved up and stiff. Lauren was turned on thinking about Peter fucking her after working out his anxious energy on Ruiz. He was a wild fuck on a normal day and would be incredible after a session with Ruiz. Lauren walked quietly into the basement and down the narrow hallway that led to the quiet room.

It locked from the outside, so she knew she would be able to get in easily. She pulled the door open a crack and was immediately hit by the smell of sweat and pussy. There were low moans coming from inside and heavy breathing. Peter's breathing. Then a loud "crack!" and a stifled scream from Ruiz. Silence. Heavy breathing. Another "crack!". Feet shuffling. "The fist this time." Another moan, then a grunt and another loud moan, this time more orgasm than pain.

A loud slurpy sound, then licking. Lauren pulled the door open further and looked in. Ruiz was hanging upside down, angry red stripes up and down the front and back of both legs. Everything between her legs bright red and quivering.


Peter was crouched low, Ruiz was licking is hand, cleaning her body off of his fingers. Peter noticed Ruiz's eyes and turned, saw Lauren at the door. "Welcome home," he said with a dismissive tone, then stood up. "Come on in and watch." He reached for a leather belt and leaned back, swung it high and brought it down with all the force he could muster between Ruiz's legs. She bit her lip hard but a small scream escaped from her anyway. He did it again and she jerked upward, bending at the waist, but unable to move more than a few inches.

"Tired, aren't you?" Peter sneered. He hit her again.

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This time, the belt reached further and an angry red stripe appeared on her belly, nearly touching her navel. She twisted and turned, struggling against the pain. After four more of these, he dropped the belt and made a fist.

"I hope you're ready," he said. He pressed his fist against the opening between her legs, then raised to his full height and bore down with all his weight.

His closed fist popped through her opening and she moaned, then started whispering, "yes, yes, yes." Lauren's eyes widened when she saw the small bulges appear on Ruiz's belly. Peter had opened his fist and was moving his fingers around inside her body. He turned his arm, pulled it halfway out then rammed it back in hard.

Ruiz shuddered, her eyes closed, breath coming quick now.

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She was going to cum again. Peter pushed his other thumb against her crotch and she started humping fast. She came with a disturbing, grunting sound. Peter balled his fist again and pulled it out slowly while she humped hard and came again.

Peter looked at Lauren. She turned her head but it was too late, he knew her eyes had been staring at his crotch. "You want it?" he asked. Lauren didn't answer, just pressed her body against his and started moving slowly up and down. Her hands reached for his pants, undid the snap and slide the zipper down. Peter stared at Ruiz's legs, the stripes hypnotizing him.

Lauren slid his pants down around his ankles and took his cock in her mouth. He started fucking her face, still staring at Ruiz's legs. His mind raced, his cockhead swelled in Lauren's mouth. He reached behind him and picked up a 3/8 inch cane that was hanging from a peg on the wall. Peter swished the cane in the air then walked a few feet to his right. Lauren kept up with him, he'd done this before, carelessly walking around during a blowjob.

He opened his stance and planted his feet firmly on the floor, then raised his arm and started working his way up and down Ruiz's back with the cane. The pain was horrible and Ruiz was twisting and turning wildly between blows.

Some of them hit her sides, some even her belly and titties. She did her best to keep still after that but it was hopeless, the pain was too intense. Peter stopped every ten blows and put his hand between Ruiz's legs so she could rub against it. By the time he'd hit fifty, her body was too exhausted for even that.

"Now, it's time to get serious," he said. Lauren pulled her mouth off his cock and whispered, "Peter, she's had enough. Look at her." She stroked his cock in her hand. "Come on, let's you and me go upstairs and finish this off." Peter pushed his cock back in her mouth and looked at Ruiz. The woman's eyes were red and swollen from crying, her lips trembling with the effort to stay quiet. "Ready?" he asked. She nodded. "Yes, Master." Then, "please." He raised the cane high again.

This time, it came down on the inside of her left thigh, just a few inches from her crotch.

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She screamed now, her body jerked again, she found strength somewhere to struggle again. He waited a full ten seconds then swung and hit her directly in the fold between her leg and her crotch. The next one was exactly along her left cunt lip, the next on the right. She managed to swing back and forth, her whole body in it now, but Peter was relentless. He worked her crotch and the six inches at the top of her thighs for over fifteen minutes before he came in Lauren's mouth.


Ruiz begged him to make her cum. Peter pointed and Lauren put her head between Ruiz's legs and started licking. Lauren's soft, wet tongue was so completely unlike Peter's thumb that Ruiz's body went crazy.

She bucked and jerked wildly as she came time after time, moaning and yelling "thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress, thank you." --- Peter wasn't through.

When he tired of watching Ruiz spasming under his wife's tongue, he told Lauren, "enough. Get her down." Lauren cranked the wires that suspended Ruiz until she was lying on the floor. Then, she undid the ankle cuffs and the handcuffs that kept Ruiz's arms stretched wide. "Get up, whore," Peter said, nudging Ruiz with his toe.

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Ruiz tried but could barely move. He crouched in front of her, pulled her head up by the hair. "Having trouble?" Ruiz whispered, "yes, Sir." Peter leaned closer. "Do you want to have more trouble?" Ruiz shook her head hard, "no, no Sir, no." She got to her hands and knees, but still couldn't stand up.

"Come on," Peter said. Ruiz crawled to the wall and managed to get to a standing position. Her legs were like jelly, the knees and ankles watery, her skin on fire, her muscles useless. "If you can get yourself back to your cage, we're done for the night," Peter said. "You have five minutes." Ruiz pushed herself off the wall and tried to stand but couldn't.

She crumpled to the floor, knees folded up underneath her bottom. Peter went to the other side of the room and sat on the floor. "Let's see how it goes." Ruiz rolled over and got to her hands and knees. She started crawling out of the room but even that was too exhausting.

She collapsed about ten feet from the door of the quiet room. Lauren knelt beside her and whispered, "you can do it. Come on, Ruiz." Ruiz crawled a few more feet. She could see the bottom of the stairs. If she got to the stairs, she was sure she could make it to the top. She started again, short, jerky movements, but at least she was moving. Ruiz got to the top step and pushed at the door. It was closed. She looked up and saw the knob, it seemed like it was a mile above her head. She pushed her legs, straightening her knees, sliding her hand until she felt the knob.

She turned it and the door opened outward. She collapsed on the floor, tried to catch her breath. Her legs were too tired for anything now, she pulled herself by her arms. Lauren walked past her and down the hall. She went all the way to the mud room, making sure the doors were open and there was nothing in the hallway that would block her way.

Ruiz looked up at her with gratitude in her eyes and started crawling in earnest now. She was past the first hallway and into the second when she heard Peter coming up the stairs. "How are we doing?" he called. "Sir, Sir, I am almost." Ruiz started but then stopped.

Peter hadn't come up to ask how she was doing. There had to be another reason. She looked at him. "Sir?" Peter handed her a drinking glass. "I'm thirsty." He nodded toward the kitchen. "Just water is fine." Ruiz collapsed on the floor, the glass in her hand beside her.

He had no intention of letting her get to her cage, she thought. He never had. It was all a game. "You still have two full minutes, dear," he said. "Come on, I'll help you." Peter grabbed her under the arms, lifted her up and carried her to the sink.

When he let go, she managed to brace herself against the counter. She reached slowly, painfully, for the faucet and filled the glass with cold water. Peter was across the room. Ruiz started inching her way toward him. The glass felt like it was filled with lead, her arm trembled as she tried to keep from spilling any on the floor. She handed it to him and he smiled. "Thank you." He looked at his watch. "Still a minute and ten seconds." Ruiz shuffled out of the kitchen and down the hallway, using her hands against the wall to keep herself from collapsing.

Peter followed her. Lauren was already in the mud room, an angry look on her face. Ruiz froze when she saw Lauren, then started walking to the room again. When she came through the door, she saw what Lauren had seen. The door of the cage was tied shut. There were three different knots, top, middle and bottom. Ruiz dropped to her knees and started tearing at the thin rope, pulling at the knots, frenzied now, knowing it was impossible but not wanting to give up, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

Lauren looked at Peter and whispered, "bastard." He just nodded. Ruiz knew she had lost long before Peter called "three minutes." She looked at him but didn't say anything. "Get back to the quiet room." --- By the time Lauren got back to the quiet room, Ruiz was already in her new restraints.

Peter was using the metal grid for her this time. There were two vertical pipes that he'd secured her wrists and ankles to. Then, four horizontal pipes, one behind her waist, one across her chest pushing her shoulders back, one underneath her chin that pushed her head backward until she was looking at her own feet, and the last one just above the knees, pushing them too far back.

Her body was twisted in an agonizing S position, the metal had not give at all. Her muscles were already trembling. Peter pushed an O ring in her mouth, behind her teeth. He tied the strings around the back of her neck so she wouldn't swallow it. "Peter, are you sure." Lauren said. Peter ignored her and started in on Ruiz. The first twenty strokes were right across the middle of her belly, the part of her body that was furthest stretched and most exposed.

He used a four-inch wide leather strap for those, all of the blows falling within an inch or two of each other. Ruiz gasped and groaned, strained against the metal uselessly. Peter set the strap down and picked up the 3/8 inch cane. He worked the same patch of skin again, only ten strokes this time, but they were more than enough.

She was sweating had now, trying to somehow get out of her bonds, knowing it was hopeless but unable to stop. "Catch your breath. You'll need it," Peter said, then walked out of the room. He came back in two minutes with a jar in his hand.

Holding it up to Ruiz's eyes, he told her to read the label. Her eyes got wide and she tried to shake her head. "Ti--i--er aaammm," was the best she could manage. "Yes, Tiger Balm." Peter walked around in front of her. "An old friend." He dipped his fingers into the jar and scooped out a generous glob of it. "Open your pussy," he said.

Ruiz tried to spread her legs, pushed hard trying to make her cunt open but she could barely manage more than parting her lips. "No matter," Peter said. He slathered the stuff between her cunt lips, then pushed his fingers deep inside her, smearing it liberally along the lining of her cunt. She started moaning and straining immediately. He'd put some of it on his wrist once and could only imagine what it was like inside Ruiz's pussy.

While she struggled, he got another glob and pushed it up her ass. Lauren's eyes were wide. She'd read about this but had never seen it. Ruiz was squirming like she was on fire. To her surprise, it made Lauren hot.

Peter noticed and ordered her to go around and kneel on the stool. Lauren did. Peter lifted the stool, carried it forward, stopped when Lauren's crotch was in Ruiz's face.

Ruiz went at it eagerly, desperate for anything to distract her from the pain between her legs. While Ruiz licked Lauren's cunt, Peter went to work on her nipples. He clamped them in a skirt-hangar, then tied it to a string hanging from the ceiling. He pulled it tighter and tighter until he couldn't pull anymore. While Ruiz slurped at his wife's pussy, he started twanging the tight cord. The pain was blinding. Ruiz couldn't stop struggling, her arms and legs tight and starting to cramp now.

Her tongue was working wildly at Lauren's cunt, she had to cough to keep from drowning in Lauren's cunt juice. Lauren came and sprayed all over Ruiz's face. She felt the warm fluid running all over her face and neck, up into her nose.

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She snorted and blew it out, her body jerking, the pain shooting through her like electricity. "I'm going to help you out a little," Peter said. Ruiz felt a nozzle pushed up into her cunt, then a rush of icy cold water filling her belly. Peter turned the knob and the water slowed down.

"Nice and cool, isn't it?" he said softly. Ruiz was crying, she knew that the cramps were coming, Peter had done this before. "Yes, Master, yes, nice and cool." Lauren knew the water wouldn't flush the Tiger Balm out of Ruiz, it would only cause her more pain as it stretched her belly and put pressure on her insides.

Peter kept the water flowing for three minutes then turned it off. He pulled the hose out and told Ruiz that if she kept it in for five minutes, he would let her go back to her cage.

Ruiz clenched her cunt muscles but the pressure was too strong and her insides still burned. David held a stopwatch in front of her face. The second hand crept, her body was bursting.

After one minute, the cramping started and she felt a trickle of water between her legs. The pain was intense but she kept clenched. At two minutes, she felt she might make it. Everything was shaking, her arms, her back, her legs, but she kept her cunt clenched. At two minutes and fifteen, Peter leaned forward and smiled in her face. He held the watch closer to her then reached with his free hand and plucked the string connected to the hangar.

"Nnnnnhhhhh!" she moaned, biting her lip hard, but she kept her cunt clenched. At two minutes and thirty seconds, Peter slid his hand along her stretched, distended belly, his middle finger touching her clit. "Oh, please, no, please, no please, no." she kept repeating as he made small circles around the tip. At exactly two minutes and fifty-two seconds, she shot the stream of water across the room as her body convulsed in a huge orgasm.

"You lose," Peter said. Lauren just shook her head. He was out of control.

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