Muscled black stud getting cock gays

Muscled black stud getting cock gays
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The Rainy Afternoon By Docker5000 Saturday Afternoon John Adams was waiting outside his ex-wife's house sat in his car waiting for his son Billy to come out. It was his Saturday to have the boy. As usual Billy was late. However John would not go up to the door and knock. He would stay in the car and just occasionally blow his horn. John had already seen his ex-wife looking through the curtains when he first arrived.

She cast him a hateful look when he sounded his car horn. Susan his ex-wife did not like him disturbing her precious neighbours. He just smiled back at her when he saw her and refrained from blowing the horn once more. Billy now came out of the house pulling on his jacket as he came out of the front door. John just shook his head when he saw his son. The boy could not organize anything and was constantly late for everything he did. Billy quickly got into the car and apologised to his father for being late.

John just looked at his son then he started the car and headed off down the street thinking to himself my god the boy is 18 and acts like he's only 12. John and Billy were going to watch their local football team. But it was away game so John had to speed a little bit because he was going to be late. He had been waiting for Billy nearly 40 minutes before the boy came out. John and Billy just made it before kick off the game was very entertaining and their team won 3 goals to 2.

When they started to head off home they had to take a long diversion because there had been a serious head on crash involving two Lorries and six cars. So the motorway was closed and they had to take the side roads and to make matters worse it was now really raining heavily.

John's windscreen wipers were having a hard time keeping his windscreen clear. As John was driving down a narrow lane which he didn't really know very well and as it was a winding country lane with ditches on both sides of the road. He was going very steadily as he turned the corner he saw a car. It looked like it had gone into the ditch. He nearly hit it. John quickly swerved out of the way and brought his car to an emergency stop. He then recovered his breath and made sure that his son was ok.

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John now turned on his hazard lights. He told Billy. "To stay inside the car." Just in case there was something he did not want him to see. John now got out of his car and he went to see if there was anybody trapped in the other car.

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John could see now that two women were trapped inside the car and the car seemed to be sinking deeper into the ditch. The water was level with the women's waist now. The women were trying to get out. When they saw John they started to frantically knock on their windows. John instantly ran back to his car and indicated for Billy to get out and help him. For once Billy was at his father's side within seconds.

John quickly opened his boot and searched inside. He found a crowbar and a hammer. John handed the hammer to Billy. He quickly explained to his son what to do and the boy seemed to understand. Now they both jumped into the ditch and started to smash at the cars windows.

John and Billy was now waist deep in the cold ditch water with the rain pouring down on them. But they both kept smashing at the cars windows. Billy and John had the windscreen in bits and they were now pulling the smashed windscreen out of the way. Both of them had bad cuts to their hands. But this did not stop them.

The women in the car were so cold from the water that they had stopped trying to get out and were going into shock. John and Billy now climbed onto the car and unclipped their seat belts and literally pulled them through the broken windscreen. They quickly pulled them up on to the road. Both women were so cold that they were about to go into shock now.

John was ex-army and he had been on a few survival courses in his time. He knew that they needed to warm them up quickly to prevent them going into shock. He quickly ordered his son to strip the women. John ran to his car to get some towels which he always kept in the boot.

The rain was now stopping. When John got back with the towels his son had not stripped the women. He was just looking at them. John swore at his son and said to him. "Like this." His father ripped off all the girl's clothes including her bra and panties. Once she was naked he wrapped her in a towel and he started to rub her all over her body to get her circulation going. Billy now looked at the middle age woman lying on the floor in front of him.

Billy now grabbed hold of her wet blouse and ripped it off her. Her skirt soon followed. Now he was looking at her body, she was wearing a sexy half cup black bra with matching panties and hold up stockings.

He quickly took off her stockings. Billy now pulled off her wet panties.

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He smiled to himself when he noticed she was clean shaven. Now off came her bra. Billy was now looking at her large full breasts which he could not help giving a little fondle. John now saw his son playing with her big breasts and he just smiled to himself. He had feared the lad was gay as he had shown no sign that he liked women.

Now he knew that the boy was only very shy. As he watched his son out of the corner of his eye playing with her breasts. He could not say anything he had given the young girl's breasts a quick play with too. John had even inserted his fingers in her pussy and given her cunt a little finger fucking two. Billy now had her wrapped up in a towel and he was carrying her to the car.

His dad had already put the girl on the back seat. John now turned the heater to full. Within a few minutes the girls started to come around. The older woman was the first to come around. She looked at the two men. At first she looked at them afraid then questioningly an especially when she realized she was only wearing a large bath towel. John smiled at her in a friendly manner to put her at her ease.

He then explained everything to her. John then said to her. "That he was just about to drive them to a local hospital for a check-up. The woman suddenly got a little afraid and said to him.

"That she didn't really need to go to the hospital and neither did her daughter.

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And would they just drive her home." John was a little bit suspicious why she did not want to go to the hospital. The woman looked at him then suddenly broke down in tears and confessed to them both.

"That she had been drinking and she had lost control of the car in the rain. If she went to the hospital the police would find out and she would lose her licence and her husband would go absolutely ballistic with her for smashing up the new car.

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She begged them to take them home." She told him. "They would do anything but please just take them home." Her daughter now started to come around. John got her address off her and he put it into his sat-nav. Her house was only 15 minutes away. John now set off to take them home with billy sat in the passenger seat next to him. On the way home the older woman was explaining everything to the younger woman. All about the crash and how these men had rescued them from drowning and how grateful they needed to be to them when they got home.

John picked up on the word grateful and yes they were going to be very grateful to him and his son. John smiled to himself as he drove them home. Once at their house they were locked out. Mary the older woman said to John.

"The key is under that big stone." John quickly got the key from under the stone and opened the door. Everyone went into the house. John saw that they had a big open fire so he instantly started to make a fire up. The two women quickly disappeared upstairs. Billy just stood and watched his father as he made a large roaring fire.

Soon the room started to get warm. Around 15 minutes later both women came back down stairs each was dressed in a thick winter house-coat which were tied tightly around them. The older woman now introduced herself as Mary Carmichael and her daughter Lisa.

She also offered them both a warm dressing gown to put on. John and Billy went into the kitchen and took off there wet clothes and put on the warm dressing gowns. John and Billy came back into the large living room.

John smiled at both women and now he introduced himself and his son to them. He told Mary that it was Billy who had saved her and he had saved her daughter. Both women now thanked them again. Mary now offered them a drink. John said. "He would have a whisky if one was going." Mary now looked at Billy. John said to her.

"He will have a coke." Mary whispered something into her daughter's ear. Lisa now disappeared into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of coke, one for herself and the other she gave to Billy with a little smile.

Mary now handed John a glass of whisky. She also poured herself a large glass of whisky. Mary now went to sit down on the sofa next to her daughter.


John took a sip of his whisky. Mary nervously took a large drink of hers. John now said to Mary with a smile on his face. "How many times have you been banned for drink driving?" Mary nearly choked on her drink. She now looked up at him in shock. She then lowered her head and mumbled something to him. John smiled at her and told her. "Could she please repeat it?" Mary looked up at him and told him. "That she had been banned ones for drunk driving." Lisa just sat nervously on the sofa.

Mary now took another drink of her whisky. She now looked up at John once more and said to him. "What are you going to say about the accident?" John smiled at Mary then said to her. "Well seeing only you and us were there what would you like me to say about the accident?" Mary so the faintest hint that she might get away with this and she tried to smile her best smile at him.

She then said to him. "My husband would go absolutely ballistic if he found out I had been drinking and caused the accident. But you could say you saw a car swerving all over the road and I was forced to swerve out of its way and that's why I ended up in the ditch. Luckily you and your son were right behind us and you both saved us." John now looked at Lisa. He now said to her. "And would you be ok lying to your father liked that?" Mary quickly interrupted and said to John.

"That it was Lisa's stepfather." John took a few more sips of his whisky. Mary just smiled at him and hoped he would go along with her version of the accident. Her husband would probably divorce her this time and she had a good lifestyle here. He was older than her and had plenty of money. She was only with him for his money and she did not want to go back to living in a one bedroom flat with her daughter.

They both had grown used to having everything they wanted. John now smiled and said to Mary. "If it was only me I would not have a problem going along with it. I wouldn't want you both to get into trouble. However Billy here is young and innocent and I don't think he could go along with anything so untruthful.


I think he would probably need a lot of persuasion. He then looked directly at Mary then he indicated to his son. Mary didn't understand his meaning at first. But then she did.

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She now looked at the boy who was looking at his feet holding his glass of coke in his hands. Mary now said to John. "And who would persuade you?" She now smiled at him in understanding. She and John were making a deal. John smiled at Mary and said to her. "Your daughter looks like she is very good at persuasion." Mary now smiled at both of them. "And asked them if they would excuse them for a few minutes." She then took her daughter's hand and led her into the kitchen.

Billy now turned to look at his dad and told him. "That there was no way he could possibly lied about seeing an accident that never happened." John turned to look at his son and said to him.

"Did he want to stay a virgin for ever or did he want to lose it. Because if he played his cards right tonight he would." Billy didn't understand his father then all of a sudden it dawned on him what the deal his dad and Mary had just made.

He refused to go along with it. John smiled at his son and said to him. "We will see; we will see my boy." Mary now explained everything to her daughter. Lisa was no innocent. Her mother had pimped her out to a man for money.

When she was only 13 years old. And before they met her rich husband Mary and Lisa often put on mother and daughter shows for some of Mary's paying boyfriends. Mary had been an escort and as soon as her daughter was old enough. She had brought her in to the business. They had earned a lot of money together. Mary once she had saved up enough money tried to make them both a little more respectable.

She had used the money she had saved to get them into all the right clubs and social events. Mary was on the hunt for a posh husband.

One who may die any moment and leave her a small fortune. Mary and Lisa now came out of the kitchen smiling. Mary stood in front of Billy and Lisa stood in front of John smiling at him. Mary looked at John and said to him. "I think a red car a sports car I think speeding of course." John just nodded and smiled in return to her. Mary now undid the belt of her housecoat and let it fall to the floor. She then said sweetly to Billy.

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"Look up at me." Billy now nervously looked up at Mary. She was stood in front of him completely naked apart from the slippers she was wearing on her feet. Mary took his glass of Coke and placed it on a nearby coffee table. She then took him by his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Lisa did the same with John.

Once in her bedroom she closed the door behind her and smiled at John who was just disappearing into her daughter's room.

Mary suddenly felt so sorry for Billy who stood in front of her. He was now starting to shake in fear. Mary started to talk to him gently as she started to undo the belt of his dressing gown. She now gently kissed him on his lips as she ran her long nails up and down his chest. The dressing gown was now on the floor. John on the other hand did not have any problems. Lisa was quite adventurous and quite willing. She was now laid on her back on her bed with her legs wide open and he was happily in between them licking out her cunt.

As she moaned and groaned and thrust her cunt up into his face as he greedily licked at her wet pussy. His face was now covered in her young cunt juices.

Mary and Billy were now looking into each other's eyes. She now smiled at Billy then turned her back on him. Mary now felt his arms wrap around her waist. She smiled to herself as he now started to lightly kiss her neck.

Mary now put her own hands over his. She then took hold of his hands and moved them up onto her large breasts. Billy's hands were now cupping each of her full heavy breasts. Mary whispered to him. "To gently squeeze them." Billy couldn't help feeling excited this was the first time he had ever felt a pair of breasts and these were nice big ones.

He now started to rub his thumbs over her nipples. Which caused Mary to moan out softly to him? Lisa now had John laid on his back on her bed and she was bouncing up and down on his hard cock and screaming her head off as he thrust up into her every time she came back down on him.

John loved the way her small breasts wobbled as she rode him hard and fast. Mary now let him play with her breasts for a few minutes longer. She knew this was probably the first time he had ever seen a pair of real boobs. Never mind played with some. She now turned around in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth forcefully on to hers and started to kiss him passionately thrusting her tongue into his open mouth.

Her passion and force took him by surprise. But he eventually calmed down and started to kiss her back with the same amount of passion. He was running his hands up and down her back and squeezing her ample ass cheeks as they kissed. Mary was also digging her long nails into his soft back making it bleed as she kissed him passionately.

Billy and Mary still kissing each other and exploring each other's bodies now made their way over to her big king-sized bed and they both collapsed onto it still kissing each other passionately. Mary now found herself under him and she eagerly parted her legs wide for him.

Her hand was now searching for his hard cock. She grabbed his young hard cock and eagerly guided him into her hot very wet pussy. Mary now couldn't help laughing a little now as Billy started to fuck her fast and without any real method. She wrapped her legs around his ass to stop him. Mary held him tightly with her legs then said to him.

"Start off slow and deep and as you hear me moaning go faster and deeper." She then kissed him once more passionately. Billy looked at her and smiled at her in understanding. Billy now moaned in pleasure as he felt his cock slip into her pussy. She smiled at him and let him bury himself deep inside her wet pussy. Mary now started to playfully bite his ear. She then whispered into his ear. "Am I your first?" And she playfully bit him a little harder.

Billy now started to thrust into her slower now, but he made sure that he thrust deep into her. Mary moans grew louder as he thrust in and out of her. The louder she moaned the faster he thrust into her cunt. He would pull all the way out of her just leaving his cock-tip in her cunt then he would thrust deep back into her. She was now telling him. "How wonderful his cock felt in her cunt and what a great lover he was.

She was telling him not to stop." Mary was telling him now. "To fuck her pussy harder and make her cum all over his wonderful cock." John and Lisa were cuddling each other and kissing and having a little rest now. They both could hear the moans of Mary coming through the wall of the room next door. John smiled proudly to himself as he heard Mary screaming out his son's name and telling him how wonderful his cock felt in her. Lisa now jokingly said to John.

"Maybe I should go next door and try a little bit of that cock he is really making my mother scream." John now smiled at Lisa and said to her. "So you want to scream do you?" He then got back on top of her and thrust his hard cock back into her pussy. Lisa's giggling soon changed to moans of passion and pleasure as he brutally fucked her pussy. Mary could feel herself on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

She was begging him to go deeper and to go faster. He was grunting and groaning now as he powered into her pussy. Billy had hold of her legs and he held them wide open so he could power in and out of her cunt.

Her big boobs were wobbling up and down as he powerfully thrust in and out of her cunt.    Mary loved sex but she had remained faithful to her husband; and she had been married just over two years. So she was now desperate to have an orgasm. Her husband was useless in bed and she had to fake it with him nearly every night. Mary now told him. "To thrust into her really hard and deep." She knew that would send her over the edge. Billy pulled out nearly all the way then he powered back into her cunt hard and fast and he went very deep into her cunt.

Mary screamed out with pleasure as she felt her now overdue orgasm burst from her cunt and completely soaked his cock and balls. Billy continued to fuck her and he gave her a second smaller orgasm. This put a smile of contentment on her face. Billy now moaned through gritted teeth that he was about to cum. Mary just smiled up at him and told him. "To cum in her." She then suddenly realise she was not on the pill and she could not afford to get pregnant.

Mary now begged him to pull out and cum all over her face Instead. Billy really wanted to come inside of a woman. However at the last minute he pulled out of her. His spunk now came flying out of his cock completely covering her face with his young cum.


He then collapsed on top of her. Billy's head was now laid on top of her breasts. He now took her left nipple into his mouth and he started to suck on it like he was a baby. Mary put one hand on his head and gently ruffled his hair. She used her other hand to scoop up his spunk from her face and lick her fingers clean. John who was fucking Lisa in the other bedroom had no fear of getting her pregnant.

She was on the pill. He now groaned out loud and she screamed as she came as he filled her pussy for the second time that night with his cum. Mary who was now laid on her bed looking very contented and letting Billy suck on her nipple now looked at the clock on her bedside cabinet. Shit her husband would be home very soon. She quickly told Billy. "To get himself and his dad dressed." She now got off the bed and banged on the wall to her daughter's room. Mary now told Lisa.

"To get dressed." Mary's husband Thomas was just driving up to his house in his top of the range Mercedes' car when he saw a police car parked in his driveway. There was also another car which he did not recognise. When he entered his house he saw two men sat on the sofa drinking what looked like coffee and two policemen who looked like they were taking a statement off his wife.

Mary on seeing her husband enter the house now looked upset and she ran to him and she threw her arms around him. She now pulled off a brilliant performance as she told him about the car running her off the road and about these two men rescuing her and her daughter from drowning. She told him that the police were just taking her and the men's statement. After the police had gone Thomas made a few phone calls. He called the insurance company and the local garage.

He made arrangements for the vehicle to be recovered and given a look over at the local garage. He was not overly convinced that his wife was not part at fault. Until John explained to him. "That if it was his car in front of his wife's car it would have been his car that went into the ditch." He told him.

"That the other car driver was totally reckless and did not care who they hurt or killed." Thomas now thanked them both for saving his wife and step daughter.

He now asked John. "If he could do anything to reward them." John just smiled and said to him. "That he did not need any reward, he was just glad that the women were safe." Thomas didn't see the looks the girls were now giving John and Billy behind his back. Just before John and Billy got up to leave. Mary excused herself for a few moments. Thomas and Mary now showed John and Billy to the door.

Lisa just smiled at John as he left. He was just a good fuck to her. However Mary felt something towards Billy he had really made her cum hard and she wanted to see him again. While her husband was talking to John she quickly handed him something which he put in his pocket. Without John or Thomas seeing. Just under an hour later John and Billy were back parked outside Billy's house.

John turned to his son and told him. "That he could tell his mother about them rescuing the women. But not about them fucking them she would not understand." John now waved to his father as he drove off. He then pulled a little piece of paper out of his pocket and looked at it. It was just a mobile telephone number. He smiled to himself as he put the piece of paper back into his pocket and walked into the house.

End of part 1 We'll be continued in part 2 The Jealous Mother.