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Chubby fucks black guy live webcam
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This is my first story so bare with me:) It was Saturday. So no school for me. It was a long weekend since of some school conference day so I didn't have to go back to school until Tuesday. I needed a few days for relaxation. Girls lacrosse was tiring me out. I got up and looked at my alarm clock, it read 8:37.

My mom had left for work already.

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I got up and went to my bathroom which was connected to my room. I was an only child so I got a lot of my own stuff. I looked in the mirror and looked at my long dark brown hair. I yawned and rubbed my eye lids to wake up some more. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. I had dark bluish gray eyes. I wasn't the skinniest girl in the world but I had some curves.

But I wore them well, I thought, boys at school didn't really notice me.

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Ive only had one boyfriend and that was two years ago when I was 14. I walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen.

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My dad was sitting in his usual seat at the table drinking coffee reading the news paper, same as everyday. I went to the cabinet and got a bowl and got some cereal and milk and sat by my dad. "hey dad," I said as normal. "good morning ashlie," we had the type of relationship were we just kept to our selves. "Are you working today?" "No, I have the rest of the week off" "Okay," I finished eating my cereal and went back to my room.

I sat and read my book for a bit, then I decided to take a shower. My shower head was broken so I to use my parents shower. I grabbed a pair of shorts, blue tank top, my favorite black bra, a thong, and a towel.

I ran down the stairs,I didn't see my dad in the kitchen or living room. He must of left for the day, I thought to my self.


So, I went to my parents room and walked to their bathroom. I walked in and saw my dad sitting on the tub jacking off. My jaw dropped, I was in complete shock. "Oh Ashlie, you're a good cocksucker," he moaned. I left the room and went to my room.

He was masterbating because of me!! I didn't know what to do. Then I thought, my own father wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck him too.

Now I had to think of a plan to seduce my daddy. I got my supplies for my shower and went back to my parents room. I went to the bathroom but my dad wasn't in there.

So I took my shower as normal.

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When I got out I put on only my thong, shorts and bra. I skipped down to the living room where my dad was sitting watching tv.

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I sat next to him, scooting closer. "Hey daddy," I said cheerfully. "Hey ash." he looked at me. "Where is your shirt?" "it's hot and I didn't feel like wearing one?" I looked down at his pajama pants and noticed a bulge,"seems like you don't mind at all daddy." I place my hand on his bulge and start rubbing it through his pants.

He lets out a soft moan. "Ashlie you can't do that.

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I'm your father" "why aren't you stopping me daddy?" I kept stroking his cock through his pants. It got harder and harder with leach stroke. He tried not to moan but I could tell he was enjoying it. I got bold and pulled down his pants.

I leaned over and wrapped my mouth around his big throbbing cock. I sucked his cock. "Oh fuck baby," daddy grabbed me by my hair and forced me farther down on his cock. I gagged on his cock.

It had to be at least 8 and a half inches. He picked me up and laid me on the couch. He ripped off my shorts and thong. He started putting a finger in my pussy. Oh god did it feel good. I moaned a bit. He put his mouth over my pussy and started licking my clit. "Oh daddy eat my pussy!" "I'm Gunna fuck you baby girl!" daddy got up and placed the head of his dick on my pussy. Teasing my pussy. It was agonizing. I just wanted him to fuck me!!


He stuck his dick in me slowly going in and out. It was an amazing feeling. Never felt like it before. With each stroke he went farther in until he hit my hymen. "Baby it's going to hurt I'm sorry" before I got to reply he pushed his cock hard into my pussy. I started crying it began to burn. Daddy stayed in my pussy and didn't move.

He kissed my forehead and apologized. He slowly pushed in and out of me then picked up speed.


The pain had turned to pleasure. I started moaning loudly. "baby you're so fucking tight" "fuck me daddy harder and faster please" I screamed.

I loved fucking my daddy.

He started going faster. It felt so good. I didn't want it to end at all. Then daddy stopped. I gave him a confused look. He pulled out of me and sat on the couch. "what are you doing daddy?" "ride my dick baby" I climbed on facing dads and put his dick in my pussy.

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I've seen porn videos before so I kinda knew what to do. I bounced up and down on daddy's cock putting my hands on his chest so i could balance. I rode his cock and we moaned together. "Ashlie im Gunna cum" "Me too daddy" we both moaned really loud as our orgasms climaxed at the same time.

I felt daddy's cum shoot into my pussy. After a minute to come down from my high I climbed off of him and sat on his lap.

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"oh fuck Ashlie" then we both drifted to sleep.