Yr old teen swallowing cum for the first time

Yr old teen swallowing cum for the first time
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"Happy Birthday" She was very pleasantly surprised that he'd remembered. They'd only been seeing each other for a few months. This was a good sign, she decided.

He handed her a long thin case covered in black velvet, a foot or maybe in length and three or four inches wide. She had no idea what the gift might be. She thought she had dropped sufficient hints about her favourite jewellery designer over the last few weeks, such as lingering at the shop window and leaving the webpage open on the laptop, but this box was way too big for any of the delicate pieces she had been hoping for. So she opened the box slowly, anxiously.

"Oh". She could not hide her disappointment. Laying in the box was a very long, and very plain string of pearls. She had no idea if they were real.


Nor did she care. She hated pearls. She had never worn any or expressed any interest in doing so. So why on earth would he buy her these? He must have seen the puzzled slightly annoyed look in her eyes. "Don't worry, I haven't gone mad. Trust me, you'll like them" She had trusted him on several occasions in the past and, sure enough, it had always been hugely enjoyable.

She just couldn't see where he was going with this bloody awful necklace though. He took the box from her hands and lay it on the bed next to them. Kissing her deep on the mouth he gently urged her backwards, until they were lying side by side. He was such a good kisser that she all but forgot the unwanted gift, particularly when she felt his hands pushing up under her skirt, stroking her thighs.

His mouth moved to her neck, the spot he new sent shivers through her body, and started to kiss and gently bite her there. At the same time he had pushed her skirt up around her waist and one hand was slipping down the front of her black lace panties, two fingers sliding easily inside her wet sex. He shifted on the bed and in a moment his face was between her legs as he gently but firmly pushed her thighs apart.

He pulled her panties to one side and then his skilled tongue was darting here and there. One moment dipping between her swollen pussy lips, the next flicking at her throbbing clit. His fingers were busy too and before long she was grasping at the duvet beneath her as he flicked at her burning clit with the tip of his tongue whilst two fingers slid in and out of her pussy and another too were playing, stretching her asshole. Then she felt something small round and hard entering her pussy.

Several small round balls going in one after one. The pearl necklace!

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She smiled as she heard the soft clacking of the pearls against each other as the necklace snaked its way inside her, urged in by his deft fingers and accompanied by his gentle sucking on her clit.

Of course he never intended her to wear them - well not on the outside at any rate! Soon she was starting to feel full of the beads inside her. She thought of how long the necklace had looked in its box. The loop had doubled back on itself so it must have been four feet in total. Way too much for her to take all in. Then suddenly he was easing her legs back so her knees were on her chest, and she felt beads nudging at her tight asshole - oh God, he was going to fill both her holes with the string of pearls!

He fed them in more slowly than he had the ones in her pussy, popping them in one, maybe two at a time, his thumb rubbing slowly on her clit all the while. Soon he was done and bounced up beside her to kiss her full on the lips - she could taste herself on his mouth.

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"Take a look. I think they really suit you!" he beamed at her. Propping herself up on the bed and looking down at the wall mirror at the bottom of the bed, she parted her legs. Running the few inches between her pussy and her asshole were two parallel lines of shiny beads. God it looked sexy. She watched as he moved his hand back down between her legs, as his fingers played with the beads, just running them up and down the two lines, tracing their course.

It felt so damn good and she gasped as he tugged on the beads, really lightly so as not to enough to pull any out of her.

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"Right, best get dressed and make yourself gorgeous, sexy girl. We're off out, remember?" he said as he pulled her panties back into place.

Out? Oh God yes, he had told her minutes before he gave her the present that he'd booked a table at the new trendy bar across the road. And he was taking her there now, with both holes stuffed full of beads! The walk to the bar was literally a few hundred yards from the hotel lobby, but the sensations she was experiencing between her legs were nearly enough to make her collapse in a heap on a couple of occasions along the way.

So it was with some relief that she eventually slid into one if the leather tub chairs on the balcony, with an amazing view of the Thames and Tower Bridge.


"These must be the best seats in tbe place" she whispered as the waiter came over from the bar with a bottle of fine champagne which he placed in an ice bucket after pouring their first glasses. "I feel so naughty" she said as she cast her eye around the busy bar. What would the throngs of after work drinkers and courting couples think if they knew she she had a hundred or more beads rubbing away against each other inside her?

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Each shift she made in her chair caused a chain reaction throughout the length of the necklace, pushing against the walls of her pussy and ass. She grabbed hold of the chair arms to steady herself. He put his hand on her thigh, just below the hem of her short skirt. He knew how much she loved being touched like this when they were out in public, and soon his fingers slipped under the hem and caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh under her skirt.

In normal circumstances this would send shivers of pleasure though her and start making her a little wet. On this occasion it was causing absolute havoc between her legs and those shivers were bordering on spasms.

He leant close, kissed her lightly on the lips and for the second time that evening said "Happy Birthday" as he produced another box, this one far smaller than the one that had contained the string of pearls that were now so intimately stretching her. She was shaking as she opened the box, and the surge of elation she felt when she saw the elegant silver pendant she had been coveting almost made her come there and then.

He carefully took the chain from the box and clipped it in place around her neck. As he did so he kissed her lightly on her neck, just where it met her shoulder. Oh God, he knew how much she liked it there.

This was too much! The excitement of her gifts, the sexiness of the situation, the feel of his touch. "You like?" he whispered as he planted a few more butterly kisses on her neck and a hand reached down to stroke her thigh.

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Her legs were shaking, twitching involuntarily as a long slow climax flowed through her body. As she recovered, her eyes scanned the bar, for a moment she had forgotten where she was. Now as her eyes darted around she was sure everyone must be watching them virtually having sex out on the balcony, but the bar seemed oblivious to them.

His hand left her thigh. and handed her her glass of champagne. She realised that her hands were still gripping the arms of the chair. Taking the drink from him she relaxed and smiled at him.

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"What a lovely birthday surprise" she said. "Oh it's not over yet" he said "Not by a long chalk. When we've finished off this bottle I'm taking you back to the hotel. And we're going to have some fun taking those pearls out!!!"