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I jumped when suddenly mom screamed as if she was terrified. I felt Liz jump also. There seemed to be no response from dad. Then mother shouted some obscenities and we clearly heard dad say, "To hell with it." A short time later the door slammed and mother gave out with her victory shout.

This sudden outburst by our parents shook me and I held tightly to my sister. She also was holding me tightly. I had a thought that had occurred to me before but this time I expressed it in a question. "Do you think that someday dad will leave and not come back?" "Wouldn't blame him if he did," Liz said.

"I'd miss him but I don't think I would miss their arguing," I commented. "He won't…don't worry," she added. She moved a leg and it came in contact with my half hard dick. She did not move her leg away. I could feel my dick slowly grow hard and I was sure she could also. She spoke again, "I think they need each other. Their arguing keeps them…I don't know…maybe it keeps them in contact." "But he keeps walking away." "I think he walks away before one of them hurts the other." My thinking was now about one of them hurting the other.

I had never ever seen or heard one of them raise a hand to the other. Never before had I contemplated one of them being hurt by the other. Mom had slapped me a number of times when I got sassy and several times dad had swatted my rear for doing something wrong but generally speaking I saw them each as kind and gentle except when they got into one of their arguments.

At that moment Liz whispered, "Kiss me." It was so soft that I hardly heard her even in the quiet house. I did not delay one moment. I realized it had now become quite dark because I could not see her expression as I turned to meet her lips.

Her tongue explored deeply into my mouth.

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I realized she could reach my back teeth and when I turned sideways she tickled my soft palate, causing me to almost gag. We continued to kiss and swirl or tongues together.

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My dick grew harder and I slid up over her feeling my dick pressing against her panty covered pussy. I consciously hunched forward, pressing harder. Liz's tongue began to move in and out of my mouth rhythmically and I began to hunch with the same rhythm.

Liz pulled away and I stopped moving. She whispered softly asking, "Would you like to suck my tits?" I hadn't thought about that but now that she mentioned it I decided it would be fun. I said, "Okay." "Shh, don't shout. Sit up so I can pull off this tight shirt." I sprang up off her in an instant. In a moment I heard her say something that I could not distinguish but I fumbled in the dark. I felt a bare tit and zeroed in on it with my mouth. Being the first tit in my memory that my mouth had felt, it felt barely big enough to suck.

Sis gave out a soft moan of pleasure, indicating to me that she liked what I was doing. In my movements I had wound up straddling one of her thighs with my legs and now my hard-on was pressed against her thigh. As I sucked gently on her little tit, I gently hunched against her leg.

She moved her thigh ever so slightly as if to grind it against me as I hunched forward. I was trying, almost desperately, to read every movement and sound to help me decide what I might do next. One of my hands found her other tit and pinched it gently. As all of this combined she moaned again. I was sure she was happy with what I was doing. After a short time I changed tits and she whispered a yes. I was now reassured that I was pleasing her.

I was further encouraged when she placed her hands on the back of my head, pressing my face into her breast. Shortly thereafter she began to push gently on my head and I moved the way she was pushing. My mouth slipped off her nipple and down to her upper belly. I was sure she was encouraging me to go down to her pussy.

I began to rise up so I could move more quickly but she pulled my face into her belly. I ran my tongue in and around her navel and she held me in place. I was confused but I knew I could only do what she encouraged me to do.


If she wanted me at her pussy it would happen when she chose and not when I wanted. After I had slobbered all over her belly she said, "Get off." I was sure my pleasure was over. As I rose up off her I felt her moving about and then she said, "Well, take yours off too." My unexpressed question was, take what off?

But then I realized the only thing I had on was my undershorts which I quickly removed. The cool night air hit the moisture on my dick. I felt of it and gave it a quick stroke. At that point she grasped me and pulled me down on her.

Again we began to kiss with her tongue probing my mouth. I felt my dick pressing against her pussy and hunched slightly and she pressed me back with her hands.

She broke the kiss and said, "We can't do that." She returned to the kiss and I concentrated upon the feelings of having our naked bodies touching. Suddenly she broke the kiss and said, "That is enough for now. Put your head on the pillow and hold me." I did as she said and she laid her head on my chest as I wrapped my arms about her. She spoke again, "You know you can never tell anyone about my being in your bed." "I know," I agreed.

"What we are doing is wrong and we would get in trouble if anyone found out." "Uh huh," I agreed. "Real bad trouble." "Yeah, I know," I agreed. I was eager to get on with what she wanted but knew I had to let her lead the way.


I then felt her hand moved ever so slowly down to within inches of the head of my dick as it lay in its hardness on my belly. I could feel a slight quiver in her hand as it slowly progressed downward.

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Soon her little finger touched my dick head. She stopped moving her hand and to encourage more contact I flexed my dick. It rose up and fell back down.

"Oh my, did you do that?" Liz asked. "What?" I pretended ignorance. After a long silence she said, "Whatever we do here, we can never ever say a word about it outside of your bed, agreed?" "Yes," I agreed.

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"Not one word. Promise you will never say a word." The intensity was clear in her voice. ] "I promise I will never ever say a word about what we do in my bed," I said with the same intensity. "Never ever." "Never ever," I repeated. "Oh god," she whispered as her hand moved to grasp my dick. I repeated her words as new sensations coursed through me. Her hand stroked me gently and by doing so she moistened her hand and my dick from the copious amount of pre-come that had accumulated on and in my dick.

"God, I can't believe what I want to do," she whispered. Fearful that I would ruin the moment, I kept my silence. "You want to lick my pussy and I want to lick…" She left the statement unfinished. I continued to keep silent, knowing that what we would do depended on her thinking this out on her own.

"Oh shit," she hissed as she removed her hand from my dick. My thought was that that would be the end of it; however, moments later her hand again gave my dick a squeeze. She then said, "Go ahead…" A long pause ensued as I was wondering whether she was speaking to me or herself. Then it became clear when she said, "Tim, go down there and lick me." This surprised me and my own fears prevented me from moving or saying a thing. "I'm not going to ask you again," she whispered. I no longer delayed.

It must have been frightening how fast I moved. My face bumped into first one thigh and then the other and I wished for some light so I could see my destination.


I realized I could smell a strange but pleasant aroma. I let my nose lead the way to its source. With my nostrils filled with the scent of her pussy I felt a shiver course through me. The thought of reaching my goal after these last few days of anticipation caused my heart to pound in my ears. The tip of my nose felt the moisture that was oozing from her pussy. I hesitated, wondering if I would like the taste.

The scent was thrilling but what will be the result of the taste? I told myself it did not matter. My tongue flicked out. My first thought was, that is not pee, followed by, I like it. My tongue went as far in as it could but that was not very far. My tongue licked the length of her slit and discovered no new taste. I sucked at her pussy and realized I had a mouthful of her taste. What did it taste like?


Not sweet, not sour, not bitter but a pleasant blending of all of those. A taste I enjoyed, a taste I wanted more of. It was a perfect embodiment of the perfect taste. I think that if I could have said it tastes like something in particular it would have spoiled the moment. Her mouth had had a weak imitation of this taste or maybe a diluted copy of this taste.

I liked the taste of her mouth but I realized I liked the taste of her pussy even more. I wanted more. I sucked and licked like a starving animal attempting to get nourishment.

I felt her hands on the back of my head. They pushed my face into her pussy. This made me feel that she wanted me to lick and suck more. I attempted to do the best I could with my short tongue. More of her juices came into my mouth but rather than satisfying me it intensified my desire for more. I sucked, and licked. I drank in her taste. Suddenly her hands pulled me away from her pussy and she said, "Since your tongue is so short, I guess you can't do it rights. You gotta go after my clit." Confused, I asked, "What's a clit?" After a short pause the light came on, nearly blinding me.

As I blinked a most wondrous sight appeared before me. Her pussy covered with a fine blond covering was nearly closed, or should I say slightly open. Only open enough to be glistening with juices but not open enough to see into. I am not sure if I was breathing but my heart was beating loudly and rapidly. Her hands appeared in my view and I watched carefully as they opened her pussy. Her voice competed with my heart as she rubbed an index finger around a red nubbin, "This here is my clit.

You are to lick around it and suck on it. You are to lick it until I tell you to stop." Before I could agree she pushed my face into her pussy once again.

I slurped in her juices as I moved up to her clit. It was harder than a tit and shaped more like a bean. I felt my smooth chin slip in between her pussy lips and her hands again pressed on the back of my head. I alternately licked and sucked on her clit. I wanted to move down to drink in her juices but her hands and the imperative of concentrating on her clit kept me in place. As I became accustomed to this position I realized my heart had quieted down and I could feel my dick sandwiched between my belly and the bed sheet.

I wished for further stimulation there but was getting none, even when I hunched since I had discharged so much pre-come.