A sexy blindfolded straight hunk is getting his big cock sucked off

A sexy blindfolded straight hunk is getting his big cock sucked off
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I woke up to about 5 missed calls and 10 text messages from work. Problems that needed to be sorted as soon as possible. I looked at my phones clock and saw that it was just past 10 in the morning.

I had been asleep for almost 11 hours. Seeing that Becky wasn't in the bed I hopped up to tell her the bad news. Becky was in her lounge watching some TV with a mug of coffee. She had her dressing gown on and had taken all her makeup off. Her face looked very different without it.

She was still beautiful but I could see her patches of acne were a lot more pronounced. She looked younger as well. Whereas the night before she could have passed as mid 20's, she now looked every bit her 19 years. In fact if someone had said she was 16 or 17 I would have believe them. I suddenly felt old. She looked up and smiled, "Morning sleepy head." I stretched, "Morning early bird." I walked over to her and kissed her on top of her head and sat next to her.

She lifted her legs and put them over my lap. I glanced at her face again and noticed that aside from the small amount of acne her skin was incredible smooth. She caught me looking, "The magic is gone huh?" "What?" "This!", she said pointing to her spots. "Have I destroyed the fantasy?" I laughed, "No.I was amazed at how different you look without make up. You look so young." She sat up a bit alarmed, "Oh.it is a problem?" "Not at all.

It's just a reminder that I am an old pervert." There was a silence between us. I thought it was a good time to let her know that I was going to have to leave for work and also bring up Emma. "Speaking of being old.I heard from work this morning that it's all gone pear-shaped on a couple of projects. I'm really sorry but I'm going to have head home and crack on with it." "Oh really.that's a shame.

I was hoping we could spend the entire day in bed, or on the couch, or in the shower." "Well that would have been lovely. I could try and get most of it done and then come back?" "Or I could come to yours.if you don't mind?" "That might be a good idea. I'll get some work done during the day and then I could make you dinner." "Oooo - he cooks." "Weeeeell.I warm things up in a microwave." "Sounds good." "How about I head off and get started and see if I can get through most of it.

You can head round later or I can pick you up?" "Give me your address and I'll get the bus, around 2 or 3 o'clock?" "Perfect". I went to give her a peck on the lips but she turned the tables on me and we instead shared a deep passionate kiss. Her hand snaked straight to my boxer shorts and began to rub my dormant cock. The kissing became intense and her hand was making me harden.

She reached inside my boxers and pulled them down a little so my semi erect member could be set free. She got up on her knees and straddled me.

She continued to kiss me as she positioned herself over my now engorged member. Reaching down she held my cock in place as she rubbed it up against her slit. She slowly lowered herself on to me. Just like last night I entered her with very little friction. Once she had stretched to accept my full length she slowly started to grind on my lap. "You're so hard.do you like it when you're inside me?" "Oh yes", I managed to answer. "Mmmmm.I love this feeling. I need to document this." Becky reached onto the coffee table and picked up her phone.

She continued to gyrate as she opened her phone and turned on the camera. She pulled her robe open making sure her tits were completely uncovered. I saw her lithe hips moving in a fluid flexible way, her groin moving smoothly against my crotch. She held the camera above us so that the screen was filled with her breasts, belly and hips. You could see my stomach and pubic hair but little more.

She pressed the red button on her camera and started recording. Her movements became a little more intense now. Her hips started to buck and her breathing gave way to moans.

I was amazed at how easily this girl came. Literally 4 or 5 minutes into the fuck she was beginning to spasm. "Can you cum with me Dad?" I looked at her confused. "What?" She nodded up at the camera, "I want you to cum with me Daddy.can you do that?" I understood what she was doing, "Of course I can baby." She ground down on me even harder while increasing her hip rolling. The whole thought of what we were doing made me cum quicker than what was probably acceptable.

But just as my cock swelled Becky managed to tip herself over the edge and we both orgasmed simultaneously. "OOOOOO.Daddy.oh fuck.cum deep inside me.yes!" "Oh Becky.Daddy loves cumming in you.!" I felt incredibly naughty. Although I was focused on Becky, the very language we were using meant that images of my own daughter Emma popped into my mind. I imagined that it was her that was accepting my semen.

The taboo was exciting. We held on to each other a for a few more minutes until Becky swung her leg off and sat down next to me on the sofa. We sat panting for a bit longer, her fingers tracing patterns on my arms. "You sure you have to work today", she said breathlessly "I really do", the time had arrived. "Hey I need to tell you something. I want to be honest with you in case it affects the way you feel about me." She straightened up, "I'm intrigued". "Soooooo.um.when I was 22 I was seeing a girl.

We got crazy one night and she kinda got pregnant." She looked at me, "Kinda got pregnant?" "I mean we did get pregnant and had a baby, well she had the baby I just ran around a lot looking worried." "So you have a, she quickly did some sums, 18-19 year old child?" "A Daughter, Emma.she's 18." "Oh." "Yeah.I don't see her that often as she is down at University but she visits every now and then." "Right." I just knew I had messed this up.

She had a blank look on her face and was staring straight ahead looking at nothing. "I thought I had better tell you because.well.she is coming up to visit next Friday." "Oh." "Sorry." "Why are you sorry?" "Well I thought it might be a bit weird that you were dating someone with a daughter the same age as you?" "It's a shock cause you've never mentioned her.

But it isn't a problem for me." "Are you sure?" "Of course not", she laughed. "Do you want her to meet me?" "Well I'd like it to be on the table if she's OK with it." "Well fine then. I look forward to meeting your daughter." She smirked, "Is this the same daughter you just pretended to have sex with?" I blushed, "I was with you though." She launched herself at me and gave me a huge hug, "I don't care who you were thinking about, it felt great".

She kissed me and pulled back from the hug. "Now you need to get yourself home so you can finish those projects. I need to have a shower, sort my washing out and send that video to the waitress." "You're going to do what?" "I'm going to do my washing", she said innocently. "Are you really going to send it to her??" "Well I'll edit it first so that our faces are definitely not showing.but yeah.just show her what she missed out on last night." I kissed her, "You are a surprising girl Becky." She got up and walked towards the bathroom, "You ain't seen nothing yet big boy.

I'll see you tonight." And with that she closed the bathroom door, leaving me in a state of confusion. I shook my head in amazement and gathered up my clothes. I got changed, thanking my stars that I had the car with me as I was sure I smelt of sex. I had a drink of water and left Becky a little note saying thanks for the night and that I'd see her soon. I walked out of her flat and into the warm early morning sunshine. As I walked out onto the path a young college aged guy shuffled towards me.

He was a little worse for wear and I could see he had a large love bite on his neck. We caught each other's eye and saw that we were both in the same state. As we passed he held out his fist.

"Bump it bro" I made a fist and bumped it on to his. "Walk of shame dude.fucken walk of shame", he whooped as he carried on up the street. I smiled to myself and hopped into the car. I pulled down the sun visor and checked my reflection in the mirror. Still smiling I said to myself, "Walk of shame Micky.fucken walk of muthafucken shame", and gave myself a wink.

I turned on the MP3, turned up the volume and drove home singing along to Nirvana's Bleach album with the window down. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing in the shower at home I had time to reflect on the evening with Becky.

I had never met anyone like her before. She didn't seem to have any reservations about anything to do with sex. She is happy to take a lover that is 20+ years older than her, she was happy to masturbate in front of me and strangers. She seems to have bisexual tendencies and is happy to take part in some pretty taboo role playing. She was nothing like I imagined her to be.but in some ways far more than I could have hoped for.

All through my shower I did have that bugging thought of our role playing. I didn't know how I felt about the incestuous theme that she seemed so happy to run with. I was also confused at my visualization of Emma at the point of orgasm. That was my daughter. As a Father (albeit a fairly removed one) I shouldn't be thinking like that.

Becky had turned things upside down - I felt a little out of control. I found it impossible to resist her. I feared that I would let her lead me down any path she chose. Would that be such a bad thing? I look back at my sexual history and it is full of unremarkable or run of the mill experiences.

I'd had one night stands but they were never anything outrageous. Regular sex between 2 drunk adults usually resulting in either an awkward conversation in the morning or a ninja style escape through an open window while the other person slept.

I had made the decision last night to go on this journey with Becky. I was actually more scared of chickening out than where it might lead. Maybe this is just a generational thing? Perhaps this is what all the 'kids' are doing now days.

I turned the shower off and dried myself. I made my way into the lounge dressed just in my towel. I powered up the lap top, removed my towel and dried my hair again. In my daydreaming state I completely forgot about the fact that my apartment looks out over some other apartments.

When I looked up I could see the lone figure of a woman standing at her window with a shocked look on her face. The old me would have quickly run out of the room beetroot red. But the new me just continued to dry my hair. The woman was still staring but had moved to the side of her window thinking that I could not see her. The thought of someone staring at me turned me on.

I put the towel down on the sofa and walked to the kitchen naked. I got a glass of water and walked back into the lounge. I glanced and could see she was still looking. I wasn't sure if she had noticed me clocking her so I stayed standing and casually drunk from my glass. I checked her out again and could still see her half hidden by the window frame.

From what I saw she was OK looking. She had short blonde hair and had what looked like a heavy cotton dress on. She appeared to be a bit on the chubby side with a definite hourglass figure. My immediate thought was that she looked a little bit like a slightly larger Katherine Heigl. I needed to get on with my work so I decided to end the little show.

I was semi erect due to the excitement of being spied on so I slowly walked towards the window.

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I checked to see if any other windows had viewers but they were all either empty or had blinds or curtains. I gave my cock a couple of slow strokes and then lowered the blinds. I wish I could have seen her reaction but I laughed all the same. I walked over to the chair where I had laid out some clothes.

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I got dressed and went back to the laptop, sat down and started to work. The morning and early afternoon passed quickly.

I was blasting through the updates and the two conference calls I was on went smoothly. I started to think about food for tonight's 'date' and even managed to clean the place up a bit. I heard the familiar sound of my phone receiving a text message. I tapped on it and saw Becky's name come up. Becky - Bad news hon. I'm not very well. Think I have picked up a bug. Can't stop being sick :( I was gutted. Me - Noooooo.do you want me to come round and nurse you? Becky - Best if you don't.

If you haven't caught it best you stay away from the plague house. Me - Not just a delayed reaction to the alcohol? Becky - don't think so.maybe allergic to your cum?

Me - That would be a disaster. Becky - ;) Going to have a nap. Can I text you later? Me - Of course you can. Becky - speak soon xx Me - Sleep well x Well isn't that just a complete shitter. My mind immediately went to a dark place where she was just not interested in spending any time with me and this was her way of blowing me off. I cursed my luck and sat with my head in my hands bemoaning my luck with the ladies.

That all changed when my phone beeped one more time. Becky - Hopefully this keeps you warm xx The message was accompanied by a picture taken from our session just before I left her flat. It was of her riding me, my cock just visible fully penetrating her. Her huge breasts crushed against my chest. Wonderful. Me - thanks.my new screensaver? Obviously I was disappointed that I wouldn't have the pleasure of her company, but it did mean I could take some time to get the apartment ready for Emma's arrival.

I cleaned out some of the boxes in the spare room, changed all the sheets and cleared space in the wardrobe. I took a load of rubbish to the refuse centre and even managed to clean up the kitchen and bathroom.

Around five o'clock I started to get some hunger pangs so went to the local takeaway and got a burger and fries meal with a chocolate sundae. I bought it back to the apartment and ate it watching some TV.

Around 7pm I found myself at a loose end. Everything was clean. My work was up-to-date. TV was boring and I had spent the last 15 minutes trying to find a movie on demand that took my fancy. I leaned back on the sofa and sighed. The room was getting dark so I turned on some of the lamps around the apartment.

It made for a nice comfortable glow in the large open plan lounge dining room area. I took out my phone and texted Becky. Me - You feeling better? I popped the phone on the coffee table and looked around the room. My eyes settled on the blind that I had closed earlier. due to my 'through the window' neighbours spying on me. I wonder what she was doing now, dinner time on a Sunday evening? I walked over to the blind and peaked through it. Her window was dark but she had not lowered a blind or drawn a curtain.

My boredom got the better of me.

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I lifted the blind so the window was completely uncovered. The windows were about 5 metres apart. She had 2 windows facing me in a small jutting out part of the building. There were windows above and below hers but none either side. I would imagine that hers were the only ones that could see directly into my apartment. Usually I kept those 2 windows covered.but the new Micky was doing things a little different now. I turned off a couple of the lamps meaning that the only light was situated around the sofa and TV.

I changed into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and turned the TV back on. I went into the adult section of my on demand and found a previously watched porno. I pushed play and watched two girls by a pool oil each other up. Although it was formulaic and poorly shot it had the desired effect and I felt myself moving in my boxers. I checked my phone and saw that I had a missed call and a text. The missed call was from Becky's number and so was the text.

Becky - Just up 20 minutes ago. Feeling better but maybe needed some sleep. Whatcha doing? Me - Hey sleepyhead. Not doing much.just watching some porn and getting hard.

It was a risk to be so upfront as I could still be shot down in flames. But I decided to give it a go. Becky - Ooooo - wish I was there. What's the movie? Me - Um - Naughty Summer Sluts.sounds pretty awesome Becky - you hard now?

Me - getting there Becky - will you stroke it for me? Me - I am already. Wish it was your mouth. Becky - I'd like to see it :) Me - download the C-Mee app. We can talk and see each other. Becky - doing it now xx I noticed the light flick on in the window across the 'divide'. I saw the woman from before walk in and put some groceries on the table. It looked like that the room was similar to mine although she had proper overhead lights that bathed her room in a bright glow.

I managed to turn so I could see her window without making it look like I was staring at it. She disappeared out of the room and then returned a few seconds later without her coat on.


She was still wearing the same heavy cotton dress but in the light I could see that it had a zip going right down the front. She still reminded me of Katherine Heigl, but with short hair and a bit more meat on her. She had an ample sized chest with a slim waist and heavy hips. She walked back over to the table and picked up some of her bags and put them up on to a shelf.

As she stretched up I could see that her hips actually weren't the heavy. She was larger but her thighs looked slim. She turned around and walked towards the window.

She pulled the blinds down on one and then walked to the other. She glanced out of the window straight into my apartment. What she would have seen was me, sitting on the sofa, watching TV, slowly stroking my almost fully erect cock.

I saw her move quickly away from the window. After a minute or two I saw her lights switch off and everything go dark. Her window was still uncovered though. My phone made a pinging sound.

It was a notification from C-Mee that my contact Rebecca wanted to.well.see me. I clicked on the requested and in a flash Becky was on my screen. She looked a bit tired but still really cute. "Hey beautiful." She smiled, "Even when I look like shit?" "Always. Soooo, I think I'm being spied on?" "What! Are you kidding me." I told her the whole story. She listened in silence with the occasional laugh or gasp.

"So can you see her now?" she asked. "No. But she's turned the light out. Should I keep going?" "Yes!" came the loud reply. "Keep wanking but don't cum too quickly. We have to see where this goes." "Ooooookay." "See if you can see her." I moved a little and looked towards her window.

It was dark and looked empty. I actually found myself feeling a little disappointed. "I think she's gone." "OK.move so you are lying down on the sofa with your feet pointing towards the window. Take off any clothes you are wearing." "Right - hang on for a bit." I stood up and took off my short and boxers. My erection stood up proudly. I gave myself a couple of pumps and then lay down facing her window.

I had one leg up on the sofa and the other on the floor. If she was looking she would have got a good view of my balls and cock. I picked up the phone. "So I'm completely naked but I still can't see anything." "Maybe you should turn your camera around so I can see.just for reference", she said with a giggle. I turned the camera around and took showed her my cock and gave it a couple of tugs. "Lovely", she said I turned the camera back around, "So what are you wear." I stopped talking.

I could see movement in the window across from me. Even though it was dark I could see her figure moving around. It was just a shadow but definitely her. "Becky", I whispered. "It's her, she's back." She laughed, "Why are you whispering?" "Oh yeah." "What's she doing?" "I can't make anything out at the moment.

It's too dark." "Are you still hard?" "Drooping a bit." "Well get back to it." I started to pump myself with my whole hand and soon the blood flow return. The shadow had stopped moving around now. I peered at the window from my vantage point to see if I could see anything.

Suddenly there was light in her room. It was coming from a TV. I craned my head a little and could see her sitting on the couch watching the screen. At first I thought maybe she wasn't into the show until I looked a bit longer and could see that she was sitting upright and had only a bra on. "Hold on Becky. I think she is only wearing a bra." "Oh my god!

She is totally into this. Right - start pulling yourself off slowly and don't let on that you've seen her." I started to pleasure myself while looking up at the ceiling. Becky was urging me on although I could tell she was not as passionate as usual.

I assumed she was still feeling a little green around the gills. After a good 2 or 3 minutes of 'not noticing her', I was told by Becky to casually look her way until she noticed me looking. I locked my eyes on to her. She was sitting upright on the sofa at a slightly unnatural height.

It was obvious she was pushing her chest out and slightly arching her back so I could get a good look at her bra covered tits. After a few minutes she glanced my way. I was staring directly at her while stroking myself. She would have had a full view of me. She stared intently and slowly brought her hand up to her chest.

She traced her fingers across her upper cleavage. I was talking my way through what was happening. Even though Becky looked tired I could hear her voice and facial expressions changing. She was obviously playing with herself and enjoying the running commentary. I told Becky what my next move was going to be, "I'm going to stand up, what do you think?" "Sounds like a plan.

How hard are you?" "Rock solid." "Mmmmmm.sounds beautiful. What is she doing now?" "She's facing me now. Her hands are squeezing her tits but her bra is still on." "Is she big?" "Maybe the same size as you but she's heavier." "Would you like to see me play with her?" "I hope to one day." "Well.I guess we might have to try and arrange something if all goes well." The woman was still staring at me.

She reached behind her back and undid her bra. She took the straps off her shoulders and it fell away. Her breasts were big but not as solid as Becky's.

They fell down a little but still had the lovely round shape. She leaned back a little and started to run her nipples through her fingers. Even from where I was standing I could see her chest starting to heave with caught breaths.

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"She's really getting in to this", I reported back to Becky. "She's standing up", I excitedly announced. "Calm down Micky. I want you to walk a little closer, turn the phone around so I can see and show her you're recording." "OK, make sure you are recording this as well." C-Mee had an option that you could record face to face conversations. Anything that your camera saw was recorded in HD, excellent for going over facts in business meetings, perfect for recording horny events with complete strangers.

I turned the phone around again and pointed it at the woman's window. I heard Becky moan.


The woman panicked when she first saw the phone. She covered her tits with her hands and sat down. I kept wanking myself hoping that she would see that what she was doing was turning me on. Slowly she stood up again.

As I was closer to the window I could make out more of her body. She was fuller figured than Becky but not in an unattractive way. She looked toned and fit but very curvy. She was wearing a very sexy pale blue pair of short style panties that stood out against her slightly tanned hips and thighs.

I could clearly see the outline of her pussy. The woman put her left leg up on the sofa and slowly started rubbing herself. She concentrated on her slit and I could make out the darkening patch on her panties where her juices were starting to flow. "Oh god Micky, this is hot. Make her take her panties off." Micky motioned at her to slide her panties down.

The girl smiled a little and lowered her leg. She hooked her fingers under her waistband and pulled them down. "Mmmm.completely bald", I heard Becky moan. I turned the camera around to see her aiming her camera down at her pussy, she had a couple of fingers inside her and was manipulating her clit with her thumb. "Don't look at me stupid, focus on her", came the lighthearted response. I turned it back around and walked even closer to the window. I could see the other windows of the building now.

The two floors above her apartment were completely closed up. Darkened windows with curtains drawn. Directly below her the lights were on but curtains were closed. I was able to stand at the window and be pretty sure that no one could see me. "Micky I'm going to cum soon", Becky said panting.

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"I know what you mean." My cock was becoming very sensitive to my touch. The woman across from me walked towards the window. She bent down and picked something off a table. She grabbed the back of a chair and pulled it out and turned it towards us. She sat down with her legs spread and continued to slid her finger along her dripping slit. She then revealed a vibrator as the object she had picked up.

She twisted it to turn it on and then traced its tip along her pussy lips. "Oooooo.Micky I'm going to cum." I was transfixed by the vision of this complete stranger about to impale herself with a large vibrator. She continued to work herself into a frenzy by concentrating the tip of the vibrator on her clit.

Although I couldn't hear her, I could see that she was moaning. Her feet lifted off the ground as she drew her knees into her chest. She looked directly at me as she plunged the vibrator deep inside her hole. Her mouth opened and emitted a silent scream that was no doubt audible in the apartments below and above her.

I could see her body writhing on the chair as the vibrator appeared and disappeared in and out of her juicy cunt. At the same time I heard Becky moaning in pleasure.

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The woman allowed her head to roll back against the chair and her feet to fall to the floor. I could see the sheen of sweat on her chest, belly and thighs. She panted and her chest heaved. She looked at me and smiled. She took the vibrator out of her pussy and pointed at my still unfinished erection. She then twisted the vibrator to off and started to suck her juices off it.

The image was too much for me. I pumped a few more times and blew my load. I pointed my cock at the window and let my cum splatter up against the glass. The woman stood up and blew me a kiss. She reached up and pulled the blind down giving me a little wave as the blind obscured her from my view.

I walked back to my couch and sat down heavily. I turned the phone around and saw Becky's bedroom. I called her name but heard nothing.

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I decided to wait. I put my boxers and t-shirt back on and turned off the porn. I went into the kitchen and got some kitchen roll and wiped the cum off the window. I got back to the sofa just as Becky was walking into her bedroom. "Sorry sweetie.I think all the excitement unsettled my stomach again." She looked pale and tired.

"Why don't you get yourself back to sleep and see if you feel better in the morning". "I think I will." She climbed into her bed and pulled the covers over her. "Sorry tonight didn't happen." "We made a new friend", I chuckled.

"Yeah.can we talk tomorrow. I think I need some sleep." "I'll see you tomorrow. Hope you feel better." She smiled at me but I could see her eyes closing. "Bye sweetie." The phone screen went black. Alone again I sat back on my sofa. I checked to see if the C-Mee had recorded the action. It had. I made sure that it was properly saved for future reference. I turned on the TV and starting watching repeats of Arrested Development. I didn't recall the outcome of the episode as I was sound asleep within 10 minutes.