Baile en el metro de santiago

Baile en el metro de santiago
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Fbailey story number 621 The Camera When I saw the sun glint off a bright shinny object I bent down and picked it up. It was a camera and a pretty good one too at fourteen mega-pixels.

I slipped it in my pocket and kept walking home from school.


I forgot about the camera until two days later on a Friday. Mom and Dad went out to the movies for their date night and I was looking for something to do. That was when I remembered the camera. I popped the SD disc into my computer and accessed it. There were over a thousand pictures on that disc so I transferred then to a new folder called "The Camera" and went to the kitchen for a drink and some cookies. It seemed to take a long time to transfer the pictures but eventually I fired up Thumbs Plus and accessed that folder.

Once again it seemed to take forever to make the thumbnails. I scrolled down through the first few pictures and saw a house that looked familiar. I might have found the camera there.

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Then there were some inside pictures of a real mess. The pictures showed them renovating the house. It looked like his wife and three daughters.

As the pictures progressed the woman and girls were naked painting the ceiling and walls.

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Hey, I recognized Elizabeth Moore and her sister Felicia. Based on that I knew that the youngest girl must be Gretchen. Elizabeth was in the tenth grade with me and Felicia was in the ninth grade. They often talked about their younger sister in the seventh grade in another school. The pictures got closer and closer. I saw how beautiful Elizabeth's face was, I saw how nice her breasts had developed, and then I saw her trimmed pussy. Next her mother was holding it open so that her father could take better pictures.

Then there were pictures of Felicia, Gretchen, and their mother. Elizabeth stuck a paint brush handle into her mother's pussy.

I watched them improve the house, room by room as their clothes went on and came off.

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It seemed that they only painted in the nude. After about five hundred pictures I started to see sex. The father had given up the camera to his daughters. He was fucking his wife in every room in the house. Then he was fucking Elizabeth in every room in the house.

His cock was in her pussy in almost every picture. He went from Elizabeth to Felicia to Gretchen. His cock looked huge in Gretchen's pussy. I jerked off looking at Gretchen getting fucked all over the house. Then I started seeing girls that I did not know getting fucked by him and other men.

I saw birthday gangbangs when Elizabeth turned sixteen, when Felicia turned fifteen, and when Gretchen turned thirteen. Their mother must have had a birthday too because I saw at least twenty guys fucking her. I saw their Christmas Tree and the four girls in just Santa hats and nothing else posing for their family Christmas Card.

I even saw them flashing out in public. Their mother was topless in front of the statue in the Town Square. Elizabeth was completely nude standing outside a changing booth. Felicia was nude in the parking lot with the Wal-Mart sign behind her. Then there was Gretchen, she was nude in the park near our house with a baseball game going on behind her. The last fifty or so pictures were of girls in our school in various stages of dress or rather undress.

Elizabeth was capturing the other girls without their knowledge. I recognized almost ever one of the girls, there were cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds. The cheerleaders were all very pretty but stuck up, the jocks were mostly into their sports, but the nerds were the most interesting to watch. Stacey was very shy around boys but apparently not at all around the girls. Elizabeth had several pictures of Stacey from the front, side, and back. She had her in the shower and drying off. Then she had Stacey with her panties on, then her bra, and then with her pants and blouse on.

It looked like Stacey knew what was going on because then the camera showed Elizabeth kissing Stacey on the lips with part of her arm in the picture. That was the last picture on the camera. I then checked the dates of the pictures and found that the last one was taken the day that I found the camera and the first one was from a year ago when Elizabeth joined our school.

I made sure that the camera card was completely erased. I thought about what I should do. Then I held the camera out and took a picture of my face.

I checked it in the review and then turned the camera off. That night after dark I took the camera back to where I had found it and came home. The next day was Saturday and I always tried to sleep until noon but Mom was beating on my door. When I hollered at her she entered my room and said, "There is a girl named Elizabeth on the phone and she wants to talk to you." I cringed when Mom thrust the phone into my hand and left my room.

I said, "Hello Elizabeth, what's up." Elizabeth said, "I lost my father's camera and when I found it all there was, was a picture of your face on it.

Where are the rest of the pictures?" I smiled to myself. My idea had worked after all. I replied, "They are safe. Would you like a copy of them? I made a few extra DVDs just to be safe." Elizabeth asked, "What will it cost?" I replied, "I would like to be your boyfriend, have sex with you, and get copies of all the pictures that your father's camera takes in the future." Elizabeth laughed and said, "Is that all!" I replied, "It's all that I want.

You are pretty and I know that you put out, I know that you like to expose yourself in public, and I now that you take pictures of other girls without them knowing. Oh yes, and you kissed Stacey. You are perfect for me. I think I love you." Elizabeth was very quiet for a while and then she said, "Stay in bed.

I'll be right over." I asked, "What about my mother?" Elizabeth said, "Don't worry about her. I'll take care of your mother. You just stay in bed." About twenty minutes later Mom was walking into my bedroom. She watched Elizabeth get undressed and crawl into bed with me before she closed the door on her way out. Elizabeth grabbed a hold of my erection and said, "Your mother is a nice lady.

I told her that I was your girlfriend and that we were going to have sex in your bed. Then I told her that if she objected, that we would find other places to do it.

She just wanted to see me get in bed with you first to prove that I wasn't pulling her leg." Then Elizabeth threw off the covers, straddled my hips, and sank her wet pussy down onto my hard cock. Oh God it felt so good. I was very happy that Elizabeth was my first. I would never forget her. In a few minutes I started to cum and I felt Elizabeth tighten up her pussy muscles around my cock and keep fucking me. I filled her love tunnel, and then she rolled off from me.

Elizabeth said, "I think I'm going to like being your girlfriend.

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My father said that he would appreciate you copying his pictures and putting them on a disc for him. He lost the cord to his camera about a year ago and had no way to put the pictures in his computer…until now that is. He told me that I should take whatever pictures that you would like me too. That is, pictures of my mother, sisters, cousins, or the girls at school.

He said if they make you excited that they should make him excited too." "Oh by the way you are invited to spend the night in my bed tonight…but I have to help out with Gretchen's sleepover first. She is having five of her little girlfriends over to eat, drink, and get sexy.

Dad bought then a case of wine to drink. That should loosen up their panties. He wants pictures of Mom sticking her tongue in all six of them. If you like, I can get Felicia to take my picture as I eat them out too. I'll even let you sniff their panties.

If they get drunk enough you can fuck them. Don't worry you won't break any cherries. Mom bought six good size dildos for them to play with before she gets to them.

Their name is on their dildo and Dad gets to keep them afterwards. Don't worry Mom bought six extra so they can go home with one if they want too.

She is going to start it out by showing the girls how she can take a full size horse dildo into her snatch. I can only fit a pony cock into my pussy but I'm working on the bigger one." I was so hard by then that I rolled on top of Elizabeth and shoved my cock back into her.

She let out a soft scream and Mom opened the door to check on us. Elizabeth said, "Come on in and join us. I like girls or in your case, I like women.

I promise to show you a good time." Mom laughed and said, "In front of my own son?" Elizabeth then said, "Okay, how about you take some pictures of us in bed together with that camera over there. You don't mind, do you." Mom picked up the camera and aimed it at us. We saw the flash go off and then Elizabeth threw off the covers again, another flash and Elizabeth was sinking down onto my cock.

We were fucking right in front of my mother and she photographing us doing it. Elizabeth didn't hold back at all. She pulled my hands up to her breasts, threw her head back, and she then panted as her orgasm shook through her body. Mom said, "Wow! I want some of that." Mom handed me the camera, undressed, and then kissed Elizabeth very passionately. I took picture after picture of Elizabeth kissing Mom, sucking her nipples, and licking her pussy.

Then I took pictures of Mom making love to Elizabeth.


The two of them together was wonderful. I would never call either of them lesbians but I could watch them make love forever. I got very hard. When they were done Elizabeth looked at my cock and said, "Give it to your mother, she needs it more than I do." Mom opened her legs up and said, "You can say that again. Last night was date night and all I got was a sore jaw from sucking my husband off in the theater. God Elizabeth, I wish you had a cock." Elizabeth looked over at me and said, "I do have a cock.

Do you want to borrow him?" Mom turned her head to look at me, she gave it some thought, and then she said, "Just don't tell your father or he'll kill both of us." Elizabeth got under Mom in a sixty-nine and I slipped my cock into Mom's pussy. She really did need that and with Elizabeth and I double-teaming her Mom had one orgasm after the other until she started to cry. She begged us to stop giving her pleasure but neither Elizabeth nor I would stop until Mom passed out from pleasure.

Elizabeth slipped out from under Mom and we kissed for several minutes. I transferred the pictures to my computer and thought about not giving them to Elizabeth's father.

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However, I had used his camera and he politely allowed me to copy his pictures so I owed it to him. The last few were of my mother very sexually satisfied, sleeping in my bed. When Mom woke up Elizabeth and I were already dressed.

We said goodbye and headed to her house. I was introduced to her father and handed him two DVDs to watch. Elizabeth told him to start with the second one. I then helped set up the basement family room for the sleepover. Gretchen was very sweet and asked me if I wanted to fuck her girlfriends later. I told her that I would love to but that her sister was keeping me drained sexually. I met the girls as they arrived and carried their stuff down to the family room.

Things got started at six o'clock and by seven o'clock things were boiling over. Elizabeth was taking pictures of them using the dildos to break their hymens. Their mother went down to fuck her big horse cock dildo for them while Elizabeth fucked her pony cock. Felicia took those pictures. By eight o'clock their mother was eating the girls out and by nine o'clock their father was going down to fuck a few of them.

That was when Elizabeth came up to get me. Two of the girls had asked if I could be their first lover and Elizabeth had said yes. So I went down the stairs and was greeted by two of those sexy girls.

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They were all over me and before I knew it I was fucking one of them while Felicia took my picture. She would take one of me and then turn to take a picture of her father fucking one of the girls, and then of her mother eating yet another one of the girls.

By eleven o'clock I had fucked three of the girls because their father could only fuck three of them. Between us we got them all and I got to fuck Elizabeth's youngest sister. Well Felicia wanted her chance to fuck me so she joined Elizabeth and I in bed that night.

She was waiting for me to wake up in the morning. Felicia could really fuck…maybe even better than her two sisters could.

Elizabeth certainly was not the jealous type after watching me fuck five other girls, including my mother and both of her sisters. Before I left that Sunday I had also fucked her mother…and I had the pictures to prove it too. That first week the camera went into the girl's changing room every day and every day I got to see Elizabeth and Stacey making out.

On Thursday I also got to see Coach Nickels naked in the shower making out with one of her students. She spent quite a while eating her student's pussy because there were fifteen pictures of that alone. I got to fuck Mom in the mornings after Dad left for work and I got to fuck Elizabeth after school in her bed or in my bed. Then once or twice a week we would sleep in the other's bed. Elizabeth even set me up with some of her girlfriends. She loved threesomes with another girl.

I fell in love with Elizabeth and "the camera." Elizabeth and I were married after we graduated from college. Life has been very, very good to me. The End The Camera 621