Free legal age teenager hardcore sex episodes

Free legal age teenager hardcore sex episodes
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My name is George. When this happened, I was a white sixteen-year-old, 5'9" and 148 pounds. I want to take this chance to tell you about the first time I fucked my older sister about ten years ago.

My sister, Maggie was almost eighteen and was a real knockout. She was 5'5" and probably 34C-25-35. She was a cheerleader at school and very popular. Her boyfriend was the star receiver on the school football team.

His name was Nick. Mom and Dad had gone to my grandparents for the weekend to help them pack and get rid of a lot of things so they could move into a retirement apartment. They decided that we were old enough to be home alone but sat us down and had a long talk about how we should behave and what would happen if we didn't.

It was about eleven, Friday night and I was in my room watching porn on my computer when I heard Maggie come in. I looked out my door and saw her. She was shit-faced drunk.

She staggered into the house. Her hair was a mess. She had her bra in her hand and her blouse was buttoned in the wrong holes. She went straight for her room although she made far from a straight line as she staggered across the living room, bumping into the couch as she did. After a few minutes I zipped myself and went out of my room and approached hers.

Her door was open. She had managed to get her blouse off and then collapsed onto her bed. She lay there on her back with her big firm tits pointing at the ceiling. I had not seen her naked since she was a flat chested little girl and I was six. I would say that it gave me an erection but I was already hard from watching porn and stroking my cock. I did that a lot. I stood in the doorway and looked at her.

I called out her name. Nothing.

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Again I called her. Again, there was no reaction. I slowly walked over to her bed and looked at her naked chest. I reached out and touched one of her boobs. Damn, it was so nice and firm and sexy. I squeezed it a couple of times and still she did not react.

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I leaned over and spent a long time nursing on her nipples. I thought I felt her pressing her tit to my face as I did it.

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Now my cock was aching inside my pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks and slowly and gently pulled them down.


Shit, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her muff came into view. Her light brown pubic hair was soaking wet. I reached out and touched it. Now, I was not a virgin but my sister had the best body I had ever seen except in computer porn. I spread her legs and her pussy lips parted.

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I slipped a finger between them and she jumped when I touched her clit. I almost ran out the door but held my ground.


Soon I was finger fucking her snatch with two fingers and she was slightly humping up in time with my fingers but her eyes remained closed. I had to get out of my clothes. My cock was trying to rip its way thru the fabric of my pants. Soon my clothes were on the floor and I was as naked as my sister.

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I spread her legs wide and climbed between them. I took my rod in my hand and lined it up between her pussy lips at the opening to her cunt. I rubbed my cockhead up and down in her wetness and then I slowly started to enter her. She moaned and rolled her head. I froze but when she quieted back down I started working myself into my sister's cunt. She was very wet and slippery inside.

I knew she was full of cum so it was not a surprise that I slid easily into her tight love tunnel. I felt her mussels grip me. She softly moaned and said, "Oh Nick, yes, fuck me Nick. Give me your wonderful cock. Fuck me good. I love you in me." I started sliding in and out of her. She moaned and rocked to match my thrusts but she never opened her eyes. "Nicky, cum in me.

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I want to feel your big cock throb and your hot cum blasting into my pussy. It gets so big just before you shoot. Fuck me hard and fast and fill me with your cum. I love it." I did just as she asked, adding my load of cum to Nick's. I lay down next to her and she hugged me. She still was not alert enough to know that it was me and not Nick.

I fell asleep and woke about an hour later. I fucked her again, this time from the back while we were on our sides. I loved the feeling of her cunt gripping my shaft as it slid slowly and deeply in and out of her. Again she enjoyed it and encouraged Nick to do her. I must have lasted ten minutes that time before I felt my prick pulse four times as I unloaded more spunk into my hot sister.

I could tell that she had a small orgasm as I did it. Now she had more cum in her than she could hold and it was leaking out of her hole and dripping down onto the bed. Again I fell asleep. The next thing I knew it was dawn and Maggie was pushing me out of her bed and yelling at me. "What the fuck are you doing in my bed, George? You bastard. Did you fuck me while I was passed out?

You son of a bitch. Get out of here." I stood, naked, next to her bed. "Yes we fucked and you loved it. You begged me to keep fucking you and to fill you with my cum. (I didn't say that she thought I was her boyfriend all that time) Your cunt was already full of cum so I didn't worry about it. I'm glad we did it." She stopped yelling and looked at me. Mostly she was looking at my hard seven inches pointing straight at her. After a minute she reached out and wrapped her hand around my dick.

"Well, I do remember it feeling really good but I don't think I knew it was you, Little Brother. You're not so little any more, are you?" Next she shifted position and slid her lips over my prick. She pulled off with a pop and looked up at me. "You do have an really nice cock, Little Brother. Would you like me to make you cum with my mouth? I want to see how good you taste." She was a really good cocksucker.

She sucked hard and took almost all of me into her mouth. I could feel my cockhead repeatedly touching the back of her throat as she rapidly fucked my pole with her mouth. Each time I was most of the way out, she would swirl her tongue around my cockhead and lick the slit and then push back, deep on to my shaft. It didn't take her long before she had me blowing my load in her mouth. She swallowed quickly and never spilled a drop. "Yummy." We spent most of that day and the next, before Mom and Dad returned home, in her bed, fucking.

I fucked more during those two days than I had in the whole rest of my life. That was only the start of our great sexual relationship which lasted till she was twenty-two and got married and moved away. Last week Mom, Dad and I went to visit her and her family. She and I did sneak away and find a place to fuck and suck one more time for old times sake. 613