Marcelo mastro fodendo boy gostoso

Marcelo mastro fodendo boy gostoso
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chapter 2 hermione had her face buried in a cushion, stifling the screams and moans that escaped her as yet another orgasm was ripped from her body.

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over the month since harry had made her utterly his, in more ways than one, she had been stretched out and fucked in nearly every room in hogwarts. on several occasions, they had very nearly been caught only to escape notice by the skin of their teeth. with a final shuddering climax from hermione, harry emptied his balls deep inside her womb.

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hermione collapsed onto the bed as harry lay down next to her. softly, harry called his newest servant to him. "come to me my pet. i have a task for you.

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hermione, close your eyes." fearfully, the young witch squinched her eyes shut as the small reptile slithered into the room. "masssssster." the young basilisk hissed, "i sssserve." "yes deadeyes, i have a job for you. if you complete it, you may feast. i want you to find all those who bear the dark mark, and i want you to get rid of them.

you may eat them when you have, if you so wish, but mark my words, you are not to harm anyone else." and looking into the serpents eyes, harry bid the monster go. "yesssss masssster. i obey" once again harry was glad of the research he had done before he created the fine male specimen that was now slithering out the school pipes. as a parcelmouth, he could command the creature, and as its creator, it could not kill him.

his revenge against the death eaters now set in motion, he turned his mind to more lascivious pursuits. "hermione," harry breathed, his voice husky with his thoughts, husky in that way that made her instantly wet and mad with desire, "i have a job for you as well. i am may be dark, but i still care for my possessions. i sense that if you continue taking the fuckings i give you, you will soon not be able to take anymore at all." "b-but harry, m-master, i. i-i need it. i love the way you f.

they way you take me." softly, almost gently, harry whispers in her ear, "i know, my lovely one, my slave, i know. but like i said, i am still concerned with your welfare, to that end, here's what i want you to do." a naughty grin splits her face as his plan takes form in her minds eye.

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"yes master, i will." luna lovegood sat in the library, thinking about her favorite subject, harry potter's cock. ever since harry had brought her to slughorns christmas party last year, she had been consumed with lustful curiosity.

how big was it?

how thick? how deep would he go?

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how would he take her? aloud she murmured to herself, "what does his come taste like?" it was then that hermione sat down next to her. "hello luna.


what are you up to?" "oh hi hermione. just doing some research, ehehe, how about you?" "oh not much really, a little sore. by the way i can show you." luna's heart went cold. could she have heard her? she must never know her secret, after all, she was harry's friend. "show me what, hermione?" she saw a sly grin steal across the brunette witches face, and she knew the words she was about to say.

"why luna, my friend, i can show you what harry's come tastes like." saying that, luna watched with curiosity as hermione stuck a hand under her skirt. her eyes widened with shock as she pulled out a finger, slicked with a sticky white substance that luna assumed was the sperm she had been so curious about.

"open wide." opening her mouth, hermione slowly inserted her finger into luna's mouth. luna savored the taste, it was salty, but sweet, she wanted more.

lots more. "hermione, why do you have harry's come in your pussy? i thought you were with ron?" "ron and i have been apart for a while now. he's not taking it well. in any case, i belong to harry now." "you belong to him?" "do you want to ask questions or do you want more of harry's come?" she scooted forward, spread her legs and hiked up her skirt.

"if you want it, you have to eat it out of me." fear and lust warred inside the diminutive blonde witch.

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finally, predictably, lust won out. slipping her cotton knickers down and off, she dove for the tightlipped, fuzzy pussy displayed before her.

tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and swiped it from ass crack to clit, lapping up more of harry's sperm in the process. she swallowed the come with relish and eagerly went back for more. the attention to her pussy made hermione start to become really wet as she started to tweak her nipples under her shirt. in the shadows, a pair of brilliant green eyes watched the scene unfold, a hand strokes an abnormally large penis.

luna continues to swirl and flip her tongue inside hermione's pussy, swallowing a mixture of her and harry's mixed come with each lap of her tongue, her own pussy becoming increasingly wet.

hermione squirmed with ecstacy on the talented tongue currently in her tight cunny, she could feel the orgasm rising within her.

grasping lunas head hard, she came, gushing juices all over luna's face. before she could straiten up, luna felt a hard, warm weight fall on her, she could feel the hairy balls on her ass, and the length of the thing was such that it reached all the way to her waist.

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harry looked down at his newest conquest, appraising the thin waist, the small tight ass cheeks, the long thin legs, currently spread wide apart. with a wave of his wand, her clothes disappeared entirely, allowing him to see the pale, almost translucent skin, the pale, a cup breasts with their hard nipples. she looked with fear and admiration at the shaft of meat resting on her upturned ass cheeks.

"harry, please, i beg you, give me what i need." "beg for it. i want you to beg for my cock inside you. i know what you want, but i want to hear you beg for it." harry said as he positioned his head at the entrance to luna's pussy.

she tried to back onto him, but he followed it back, keeping the head at just the entrance. growling with frustration, she gave in. "please, i beg you, fuck me with your cock, stretch me out with it, hurt me with it, spray your seed in me, anything just please please please fuck me!

i need it!" the normally reserved young witch had become possessed, a fierce animal, lusting for release. weaving the spells he created, he exclaimed with shock, as he realized she had already been his for a long time. thrusting forwards, he swept aside her hymen, stretching her past her limits. moaning in pain and pleasure, the diminutive witch thrust back onto harry's massive member harder than harry would have thrust into her himself, her eyes rolled back into her head as her first male induced orgasm washed over her small frame.

harry bottomed out inside his new fuck toy as she crested the waves of her orgasmic tempest. waiting until she came down again, he picked her up, flipped her around to face him, with his cock still deep inside her.

throwing her legs over his arms, grabbing her ass in his hands, harry began to literally lift and slam her onto his monstrous cock, the angle mashing against her gspot with every thrust. pulling out until just the head was inside her, then slamming balls deep inside her, again and again, driving her to another orgasm.

as lunas pussy pulsed around his cock another time, he grew closer and closer to his own orgasm. as dark as his heart was now, he still worried about breaking her in half, but her own barely articulate cries of "more!


more! harder! deeper! please.


ugh! mmmmm!" only served to inflame his passions even more, thrusting harder and deeper into her tightness. before long another mind bending orgasm rocked its way through luna's small frame.

the pulsing tightness around him, milking every inch of his cock, he couldn't take anymore of it. he blew shot after shot of thick sticky sperm inside her. looking over at hermione, he winked. "i think i wore her out. what do you think?" "master, that was incredibly hot.

i think ill like watching almost as much as i like being fucked myself." "she's definately a hot little minx.

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i think we'll keep her." with that, they cleaned up and carried her out of the library.