Gay bondage porn movietures galleries Patrick is bent over the desk

Gay bondage porn movietures galleries Patrick is bent over the desk
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Hello there. This is my fiirst story. I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment please :) It was a bright early morning and I had just walked out the door with my father for a long walk. We did this often over school holidays but I hadn't been going with lately since I'd been going to parties nearly every evening and sleeping over at most to ensure that my mother wouldn't arrive at whatever time to find me dancing naked on a table in the middle of a fireplace with a Guinness quart in my hand.

As odd as this sounds, my friends and I got pretty fucked up when we were drunk and this was not something that any of us would want our parents to know.

As we walked up a particularly long and steep hill, my dad changed the conversation to something I was not expecting. "Adam, today we're not just going to be walking." He started to explain.

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"What do you mean by that?" I asked quite curiously. "You're seventeen in less than a month and you're still whipped on that Saskia girl. We need to get you over this, so I've arranged a little surprise for you." I thought this over for the next couple of minutes. I'd liked this girl since the end of my primary school years and she'd known it, but always given me rejection and a very cold treatment.

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She'd done many bad things to me in the many years, to the extent of me needing to go and see a psychiatrist for a while, but I'd always still loved her for whatever stupid reason. I knew it, my father obviously did, she did too, but she just kept on with her hurtful games. "We're here," my dad said, pointing towards a large house. This was where one of our family friends, Matt, lived. He worked as a pharmacist back then, but there were other uses for his potions he'd found over the years. As we walked in, Matt greeted us both and we all walked in to a large but very dark lounge where he had a selection of substances in pharmaceutical containers set out next to a bag.

"Now, you know where she lives I presume?" Matt asked. "Yes," I said, guessing he was already in on the plan. "Just around the corner up on Mason drive." I explained.


"Good, then let's get cracking." he concluded. 10 minutes later, we were all parked in a large van in a park across the road from where Saskia lived, false number plates stuck on and the windows tinted.

Matt explained that he had some P.I's on the job for my dad and they'd explained the daily routine. Her older brother would drive off to his girlfriend's house for the day and her parents and younger sister would leave for the family butchery in town, 30 miles from here.

Saskia would be here until late afternoon and then friends would pick her up and they would head to the nearest party. Just as predicted, everyone but Saskia left the house. Matt drove up to the front of the park, into some bushes and then told us to wait. He got out and walked toward the house, rang the doorbell and then stood there for a couple of minutes.

Eventually Saskia made her way out and they chatted for a couple of minutes before she dumbly opened the main gate and let Matt into the house.

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Not 2 minutes later, Matt called my father and told us to bring the van to the driveway. Back home, in the garage, Matt opened up the backdoor to the van to reveal a tied up, blinded and obviously very groggy Saskia. He motioned for me to pick her up and then took me up to what I usually used as a guest room, but what now turned out to be a rapist's dreamworld.

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He left me in there with Saskia and told me that he and my dad were off for a beer at the pub. I threw her onto a bed In the middle of the room and walked over to the window, watching my father and Matt back out and drive off in the direction of the nearest pub.


I turned back with a dark smile on my face to find Saskia slowly regaining full consciousness. While she was still quite immobile, I began to undress her. She was a very pretty girl with a body that guys would trip over their own foot for at any given second. Blonde, shoulder length hair with blue eyes, B cup tits, an ass to die for and the legs of a true ballet dancer. I ripped her shirt in half and ran my hand down the small of her back, making her shiver and give out a low moan.

Next was her bra, a blue see-through one which I snapped off very easily.

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Next I tied her arms to the bedposts with some rope Matt had left on the floor which he said might come in handy. By this stage, Saskia was quite wide awake and looked around in confusion, probably wondering why everything was so dark. I straddled her very quickly, sitting on her belly so she couldn't kick me. She screamed typically and began kicking and trying to get me off of her.

"What the hell is going on? Where am I!?" "shut up, bitch!!" I screeched at her. She got quite a fright, jolted stiff and then went quiet. I reached out and rubbed her nipple, then grabbed her full breast in my hand. She screamed again. "I said shut the fuck up!" I screeched at her. She began screaming even louder, and tears began to stream down her face.

I gave her a good slap across the face, which left her lying rather still, obviously from shock and pain. I reached back and put my hand under her skirt while she tried to protest, but she wasn't too strong after that slap.

I slipped my finger under the waistband of her panties and she tried to pull her legs up and block my hand from going any further but I quickly reached under her ass and pulled them over to her ankles in one simple thrust. She began begging me to stop but by this stage the only thing that would stop me was shooting my load into that hot ass of hers.

I gave her another good slap across the face and this time she looked very dazed and weak.

I untied her arms and flipped her over before pinning her down again. She began squealing and weeping but became hysterical when she hear the familiar sound of a zipper being loosened.

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I pulled my pants right off and lifted her skirt so I could examine that ass of hers. Nice and tight and oh so round and juicy.

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I grabbed it and pulled it apart, revealing her virgin rosebud. I couldn't resist giving it a taste, so I bent down and stuck my tongue out. She squealed and screamed when my tongue touched her hole. It tasted so good, and it was so soft. Her continous cries and screams turned me on even more.

I reached for a vat of lube on the bedside table and began smearing it all over that cute little ass. She began screaming even louder, knowing what I had in mind, but I couldn't have given a shit. I bent down and thrusted my finger into her anus, working her spinchter apart.

God, her ass was tight! I swore I wasn't going to fit my dick in there. She continued to struggle as I worked my finger in, deeper each time and reached around with my other hand and started pinching her nipple. She was just sobbing now, not even trying to avoid the inevitable.

I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my swollen dick and lay over her, pinning her down and forcing her legs further apart. She piped up with the racket again now as I pushed the first inch of my cock into her ass very roughly and pulled out until just the tip of my head was still in.

Then I thrust up into her ass again, this time much rougher and I got another two inches in. She was screeching in pain while I moaned in ecstasy as I continued to fill her ass with my package. When I was able to get all the way in, I sat up, pulling her hair into two ponytails in my hands and began to thrust into her, pulling her back onto me with her hair as I animalistically molested her ass.

The harder she screamed, the rougher and faster I went, pushing in and out, feeling her hot ass making contact with my huge dick. I grunted as I pushed in harder and harder, pulling her up to me and humping faster. She screamed and tried to pull away, which I countered with my hardest tug and thrust into her yet. She screeched in anguish as I continued to pound her with that familiar tingle approaching very fast.

I looked down and pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal blood all over my dick and her exit. That drove me over the edge as I grabbed her hips and thrust the hardest and fastest I could before blowing my load in her, shooting baby batter all over her insides.

I pushed her down and lay on top of her, exhausted but not finished with this little bitch. Thank you for reading my pilot version for my rapist's series. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I understand that I am probably quite rough with my work, with this being my first story. All constructive comments, Positive and negative are welcome.

Please leave a comment requesting a second part if you liked it.