Vio mi pene y se masturba para mi bien rico

Vio mi pene y se masturba para mi bien rico
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My first attempt of at a story. I've read quite a few here on the site and thought i'd decide to give it a shot. Why not, right? Nothing sexy yet, just a quick starting chapter. Something to get the ball rolling. Don't worry, the good stuff starts next chapter. :) If you're looking just for the sex, try next chapter. Don't read if incest isn't your thing.

Chapter 1: Ruined Weekend. "This sucks!

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You have to wait until now to tell me you're leaving for the weekend?" I was furious. I had my entire weekend planned out. Rather, I did. "Isn't Danielle old enough to stay on her own?

She's already fifteen!" I pleaded with my father, as we made our way out the front door and out to the driveway. My father, looked down at me, shaking his head with a stern frown. "Jay, I told you, your mother and I will be gone for the weekend for our second honeymoon. I told you this last weekend, or do you not remember?" I suppose I should take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself and my family. My name was James Stewart Jr.

My father, James, my mother Kelly, and my sister Danielle made up my immediate family. I stood at about 5'9, still growing at seventeen. I had a lean, but muscular physique that I kept up with weekly exercise. My dad was forty, my mother a year his junior. My sister Danielle was the youngest, younger than me by two years at fifteen.

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We all shared our raven hair, and blue eyes. We lived close to the shore, and frequent trips to the beach left us all with a tanned complexion.

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My father stands at 6'2, and had one of those bulky 'football player' type frames. My mother and sister shared the fact that their bodies were incredible. I mean, even though i'm related to both of them, even I can't help but notice how attractive they both were. I mean they were outright sexy. They practiced yoga together frequently, and their bodies were firm, rightfully so. My mom stands at 5'6, Danielle only 5'2. While my moms breasts were by no means small at a C cup, his sister had developed well past her, already at a D cup bra size.

Both had flat stomachs and long, smooth legs. They wore their hair long, down to their waists, silky and dark. They were basically models. All of my friends drooled over them, and had had my dads resentment for it. Back to the now. I groaned.


I had forgotten, and I hated myself for it. I looked down at my phone. I had just made a date with the hottest girl in my class, Melissa Silvers, and there was no way in hell I was going to miss out on it to babysit my kid-sister.

"Come on, this is bullshit-" I started. "Enough, James." I knew he was serious if he was calling me by my full name, but still I persisted. "Come on, I had this whole weekend planned.

I have a date later tonight, and me and the guys were going to head to the beach tomorrow and stay overnight out there! I already have this all-" That was about as far as I got before my dad, having now placed both his and my mom's bags in the trunk of his BMW. He slammed the trunk closed.

"Enough!" "You were told a week ago you needed to stay here with Danielle. Quit your bitching! Your mom and I need this, okay? You're always going out with those pot-head friends of yours, you can suck it up for a weekend." "What about my date tonight, at least?

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I mean, dad. Its Melissa freaking Silvers. I may never get this chance again!" "Listen. Danielle is grounded, and I need you here to make sure she stays home. I'm serious, James, none of her friends are to come here and she is not to leave.


As for your date, its your own fault for making plans when you knew you had an obligation. It sucks, but that's how it works, kid." I sighed heavily, not really wanting to continue fighting a helpless battle.

"Whatever." I spat out, bitterly. He chuckled. "Melissa Silvers, huh? The head cheerleader?" He asked, as we walked around the side of his car. He leaned back on the drivers side door, as I continued to walk past and toward the house. "Yeah, yeah, the head freaking cheerleader. As if that matters now." I trailed off, turning on my heel.

"Wait, you said I couldn't go anywhere, can Melissa just come here?" I saw a twinkle of ammusement spark in my fathers eyes, as he chuckled. "Not in this lifetime. Two teenagers, unsupervised, in my house? HA!" He chuckled louder, shaking his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

I shrugged, turning back around with a sigh. "Doesn't hurt to try. I could just have her sneak over later without telling you, you know. You'd never know." I grinned, peaking back over my shoulder at him. "That's where you're wrong, son. I don't want anyone here. Anyone. None of your friends, no females, none of Dani's friends, no one." I turned to face him again, feeling the anger return to my features. "Oh, come on. Who's the one on punishment here?

I mean, I get the whole 'no girls' thing, but none of my friends?" I asked, frustrated.

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"Yes, none of your friends. I don't trust those pot-heads in my house when I'm here, much less when I'm not. I also don't relish the idea of them around your sister, either." "As if I'd let them do anything!" I protested. "This is ridiculous-" "The only thing ridiculous, is this argument James." I was going to continue, to tell him where to stick it, but my mother chose that moment to make her arrival on the scene, stepping out of the house and making her way down the driveway.

"And now, its over." He continued, walking around the other side of the car to open the car door for his wife. My mom hugged me after her approach, smiling and kissing me on the forehead. "You be a good big brother and take care of your sister this weekend(Oh, how I was going to take care of her). Okay?" She asked, in her sweet motherly tone. I had always found it hard to deny her, I was a certified mommas-boy.

"Yeah, yeah." I said, defeated. I was stuck here whether I wanted to be or not. She smiled, giving me quick hug. My dad spoke up from the other side of the car. "Where's Dani?" "She's upstairs, brooding in her room. I'm just ready for this weekend." My mother said, making her way to the other side of the car. She took her seat, my dad closing the door for her, and walking around the other side of the car. "Alright, here's forty dollars. Order a pizza or something for dinner.

There's plenty food in the house, you know the house alarm code." He handed me the two twenty dollar bills, opening his door, and sitting inside. He closed the door, rolling the window down. "If anything, you have both our cell numbers. We will be calling everyday at 12, and at 6, on the house phone.

I expect you to answer, got it?" I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. No friends, parties." ".And none of that shit in my house again, James. If I come back Monday and upstairs smells like pot again I'll have your ass, I mean it." My father finished. "That was once!" I said, defensively. The look in my fathers eye told me to can it, and he continued. "Alright son, that's it. Remember, she's not to go anywhere." My mom leaned over, giving me her warm smile.

"Be good, Jay. Okay?" "Okay, okay." I said, holding my hands out defensively. "We love you. Both of you. Tell your sister we've left, okay?" She said. My father nodded, as did I. "Alright guys, love you. Have fun. Lord knows I won't." I said, my father starting to back out.


If only I knew how wrong I was. I waved them off, my mother blowing me a kiss my father turning and pulling off. He honked twice as he pulled away, waving back at me through the window. I made my way up the driveway, to the door. "Great." I thought to myself, shutting and locking the door behind me.

"The weekend is ruined." I said aloud, making my way upstairs. A rather dull start to a rather memorable weekend.

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