Cum hole of beauty nailed hardcore blowjob

Cum hole of beauty nailed hardcore blowjob
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Senior Year. The year that changed everything. One wild rollercoaster from start to finish and I would give anything to ride it again.

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My name is Joseph Calhoun, but everyone calls me JC. When I first started high school I was pretty much a quiet guy. Standing at 6'2, dirty blond short hair, blue eyes and put together very well. The only thing going against me was the band. I was member of the marching band and well not a lot of points won for me.

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But over the years I came out of my shell, dated a few girls, and became the all around sweet guy that I am. But like I said all that changed in one year. On the first day of Senior year as I get out of my car I'm instantly greeted by two ex's of mine, Shawn and Kim. Both beautiful girls in their own way, Shawn a dark haired vixen standing about 5'5", sexy lips, beautiful tight body and very nice perky breast, not big but very nice.

Kim only 5 feet but also has a tight body, short blond hair and nice C cup breast for a girl her size. On our first date at the movies she let me slip under her shirt and feel them and good god they were great.

We were all still good friends and nothing much came out of either relationship, just one of those high school flings for the fun of it. And unfortunatly only gotten to second base with either due to outside interference like jobs and parents. "Hey JC, come here we want to talk to you," Kim yells out at me by the school doors.

"Whats up." I said. "Well we were wondering what you are doing this weekend," Kim asks. " Not much, only thing on my plate is this stupid paper I need to get started on," I said.

"Well on Saturday my house is going to be totally free and figured we three get together and just chill out for awhile," Kim says with a sly grin on her face. "Yeah it be great we watch movies and have some drinks," Shawn says.

"You know what that sounds good after the week I had," I sigh. " Well you know where I live some come around 2 alright." Kim says. "Sure. see you then." I head off to class and as I turn back to get another glance at the girls short skirts I see them laughing and whispering to each other. Well the week goes by and Saturday finally comes.

I tell my parents I'm off to Kim's place and they say alright and I head off. I arrive a little early but already seen that Shawn's car is already in the drive. I walk up to the door and knock and hear scuffling the moment I knock. I hear one of the girls tell me, "one minute." so I wait and relax on the porch. After a few minutes Shawn opens up the door and my jaw is on the floor. She is wearing this small skirt which shows off her sexy thighs and this great bikini top making her breat even more gorgeous.

"Uhh did I miss something ." as I give her a wierd look wondering if I need a swimsuit. "Nope just was in the back getting some sun before winter comes," she says with a big grin. I walk in and see Kim downstairs by the back door bringing in towels wearing a sexy bikini also.

Her tits pushed up and looking even bigger than ever. My cock is already getting hard in my shorts so I turn away and recollect myself for a second so I'm poking through. "Come over here and sit with us, we want to ask you something," Kim says as she sits down on the couch. I sit down with Kim and Shawn beside and my eyes are just wondering over their bodies.

Kim's breat are just about to pop out of her top, her nipple pressing hard against it. Shawn's lips are fuller than ever and her beautiful legs seem to go on forever. My cock was already getting hard as I sat there. "We were wondering in the time we both dated you.why haven't we fucked?" Shawn asks. My mouth just drops. Kim's and Shawn's hands begin to run over my body. Kim's hand runs right over my hard cock, a smile grows on her face as I look at her. "Well." I mutter, " guess the right situation never popped up." " Well I think this would be the right situation," Kim states.

Kim's hand moves to my belt buckle and she begin to tear open my shorts. Shawn turns my head and our lips meet. Her tongue and my tongue merging in her mouth. My hands moving up and down her body. Kim pulls out my hard cock and her tongue slides up and down the shaft, teasing it. Flicking back and fourth on the head, then suddenly pushing it deep into her mouth.

I pull off Shawn's top and begin to suck on her breast. Moaning softly against her body, I look over and see Kim slobbering up and down my hard cock. " MMM baby thank god you have a nice big cock." Kim says as she continues to work on my," you have to taste this Shawn." Shawn smiles, " I will soon but first I want him to eat my pussy." Shawn stands up and takes of her skirt and bottoms.

Her pussy is well shaven with a small trail at the top. I lay down and Shawn faces towards Kim. Her pussy is already dripping as she places in my face. I run my hands up her thigs as my tongue pushes into her wet cunt.

Flicking up and down agaisnt her clit as I feel my cock growing in Kim's mouth. " OH FUCK." I moan out, " that feels so damn good." " I'm glad." Kim states as she strokes my hard shaft, " now eat that pussy baby, make her cum for me." I bury my face hard into Shawn's pussy and flick my tongue up and down faster on her clit.

Shawn begins to buck faster and faster. I feel Kim pumping my cock faster and faster the louder Shawn moans.


" Tell me when you close baby.I going to have you both screaming, " Kim says with a grin on her face. Her hand pumping harder and faster on my cock. " OH SHIT.I'm CUMMING," Shawn screams. As I feel her pussy juices cover my face I begin to moan loud into her pussy.

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" That's it.cum for me," Kim yells as my cock explodes over her face and hand. "MM.thats it.good boy.

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Come here Shawn and taste him. He is so sweet. Shawn leans down and both girls begin to clean my cock up. My hands rubbing Shawn's beautiful round ass. "MM now that you two have had your fun.I think it is my turn," Kim says as she stands up and takes off her clothes.

Her breast fall out of her top and look amazing. She sits back as both me and Shawn take a nipple and begin sucking on it. Kim's nipples stuck out so long that both me and Shawn tugged on them with our teeth and Kim enjoyed it. "MMM .don't stop I love it rough," Kim whispers through her teeth as she grabs Shawn's hair and kisses her deeply. I slide down Kim's body and lift her leg over my shoulder.

I kiss down her thigh before I bury my face into her hot pussy. " Oh fuck yeah eat that pussy out." Kim says as Shawn continues to suck on her tits. My tongue presses hard against her clit as I move my head up and down. Only stopping to suck and pull hard on Kim's clit, feeling her body tighten and hearing moan each time I press hard and suck harder on it. My hand travels up Shawn's thigh as I play with her pussy.

My other hand spreading Kim's pussy. "Oh fuck Shawn open that pussy for him so he can eat me out and finger fuck me," Kim demands. Shawn takes her hand and opens up Kim's pussy as my other hand presses two fingers deep into her and my tongue begins to flick faster and faster on her clit. My fingers keeping up the pace as I feel Kim's body tighten the faster I move.

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" OH FUCK .FUUUCCKKKKK." Kim's pussy explodes with juice squirting out of her, covering my face and tongue. Shawn smiles and leans over and cleans the juices from my tongue and her pussy. " I think its time we fuck that hard dick," Shawn says as she pushes me down on the floor. Kim stays sitting on the couch as Shawn takes my revived cock and shoves it deep into her pussy. "OH GOD you were right." Shawn moans as she slides down my hard shaft, " his cock is so big.

My pussy is just squezzin the shit out of it." I smile at Shawn, " oh fuck that is one tight pussy." She smiles back as she sits on it for awhile, waiting for her pussy juices to slicken up my cock. Soon she begins to move up and down. My hands rubbing her body up and down, squeezing her breast as she rides me. Kim smiles from the couch, then moves over beside me and kisses me. Whispering in my ear, " that's a good pussy isn't it?" "OH fuck yes." I exclaim.

" Ride that cock you bitch, " Kim yells, " fuck it hard and deep you slut." Shawn begins to work harder and harder on my cock. Lifting her legs up and pumping faster and faster. " Thats it," Kim says as she sits up and pulls Shawn hair down forcing her deeper on my cock, " FUCK HIM, CUM HARD ON THAT COCK." Shawn looks right into her eyes as her moans grow louder and louder. " FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" Shawn screams as she cums again. Her pussy juices covering my hard cock. " Thats it, give me that pussy juice covered cock." Kim yells as she pushes Shawn off me.

Her mouth sucking hard on my cock as her nails run down my stomach.

" Oh god I want this cock, fuck me now," Kim demands as she stands up and bends over the couch. I stand up and move behind her. Shawn kneels and sucks on my cock a little before guiding my cock inside Kim. " OH FUCK, shove it in and Fuck me hard baby, I want it now!" Kim screams at me. I shove it in deep and begin to pound her pussy. Shawn stands up and licks her hand, then smacking it hard as hell on Kim's ass. " Oh hell yeah, thats it. Smack my ass again, don't stop motherfucker." Shawn smacks her ass again, harder than ever as my cock is buried deep into Kim's pussy.


My cock pumping harder and harder as my hand slides up her back and pulls Kim's hair hard. " That's it, oh fuck, OH FUCKKKKKKKK!" Kim screams as she cums all over my cock.

I keep pounding as I feel my cock begin to throb. " OH fuck don't stop, cum in my cunt baby." Kim yells. I pump harder and harder until I release my load into her.

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Filling her cunt unti I fall to the floor. Kim stays bent over as Shawn leans in and licks her pussy clean. We all fall to the floor and the girls lay on top of me. " Now why didn't we do that earlier?" Shawn asks.

We all laugh and relax for a few. I grab my clothes, kiss both girls and hit the road. And this is only the beginging.