Randy blond ho rocks black cock

Randy blond ho rocks black cock
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Town Fun 2 I had woken up the next morning and instantly remembered what happened. At first i thought it was a dream because the memory of the previous day was so vivid, but looking at a text I received i knew it was real. The text was from Toni and she said she wanted to meet up before school again.

I quickly had my shower and went to meet her. She hopped into my car and without a word started kissing me. "Oh wow I have been thinking about this non-stop since yesterday," Toni said through our kiss. "I know me too, when I woke up I thought it was just a wonderful dream." I barely got out as I was massaging her breast with my hand. "Mmmmmm, stop talking and whip that delicious cock out," Toni commanded with lust in her voice.

I took my hardening cock out and instantly felt her warm lips on my head. I slid my seat back to give her better access and slid my pants down a little. Once she was busy licking and slurping I put my hand up her shirt and un-clasped her bra, ripping it right off not caring if it was damaged. My fingers were busy playing, pinching and tugging on her nipples, which she seemed to enjoy very much. "Oh my god I'm so wet, stick your fingers in my pussy!" I complied with great enthusiasm.

Toni moaned with pleasure as I slid in easily. I started to feel like i was going to cum, which didn't matter because I knew I could keep going right after. "I'm going to cum right in your mouth," I said gripping the back of her head and pushing down. Toni slurped and sucked me dry. It felt so good and when I came down I slid a couple fingers back up her dripping pussy. "I need your hard cock in my pussy right now!" Toni cried, releasing the seat lever making me lay down on my back.

I helped her take off her tiny short-shorts and her skimpy little purple thong, in what seemed like a flash. She leaped on my still rock hard rod and started bucking wildly.

My hands found her hips, helping me get longer strokes. She leaned over and stuck her cute little pink nipple in my mouth adding to the pleasure she was receiving.

With every down thrust she made it was honking my horn. Not wanting someone to hear I maneuvered us around still with my cock all the way in her so we were in the doggy style position. I gripped her hips again and pounded into her making her scream in pleasure. I licked my fingers and reached around rubbing her clit making her buck and thrash with her on coming orgasm.

"Holy fuck, holy fuck that was so good, I can't believe I came that hard!" Toni panted as she tried to catch her breath. "Yeah I know, you were like a volcano the way you burst," I laughed.


"Mmm, yeah. I noticed you didn't cum though, let me at you," I was thrust back and felt her hot mouth on my soon to explode cock. "Oh that tastes so good, i love the taste of my own cum especially on your dick," and with those words I burst right in her mouth.

She couldn't take all of it but kept her head down sucking and licking until it was all gone. "Oh man that was so hot, we need that to happen again and soon!" "Don't worry, it will, but we had better get to class, we have been at this a little longer than I had planned" We got to school and I watched Toni walk in with a slight limp.

Boy had I ever fucked her hard. She looked so hot limping like that, knowing I was the one who did that to her. I got into class just after her and went to sit beside Karlee who I had become quite close friends with, to Mark's disapproving look. She is really hot but I seem to almost look past it because she is so close to me. I think that Karlee suspects I have a thing for Toni but hasn't said anything about it yet (to me anyway).

We go on doing assignments and whatever and get split up into groups, I get paired up with this kid, Greg, who is a real big loner and seems kind of creepy. He really isn't all that bad though, we have had a few conversations over the years and get along. Toni and Karlee got paired up and I could see them talking and looking at me.

Right away I knew that Karlee had found out what had happened this morning and the previous day. Spare came up and I walked to my car, unlocked it and just sat there with a smile on my face. All of a sudden my passenger door flew open and in hopped Toni and Karlee.

"Go! Quick, before Mark comes out!" Karlee anxiously said, so I slammed it in reverse and got out of there as fast as my car could make it. As we got far enough away Karlee spoke up again, "so, I heard you have had some fun in the last day or so Jamie." "Hah, yeah I guess I have," I said wondering what she was getting at.

"Don't worry I wont tell anyone. Turn here. It's just between us three, and Shaundra of course. Turn here." "Ok thank you Karlee, wait why are we at my house?" I asked pulling into my driveway. "Well, you know things aren't that good between Mark and I, so we haven't been having sex for a while, and by the way Toni was limping this morning and the story she told me, I figured you could do the job," she said winking at me.

"Oh, wow, well I uhh, yeah I can do that for you," I stammered completely surprised and getting half hard at the thought of it. "Okay, well lets get inside. I hope your parents aren't home, because I'm a screamer." I was completely hard by now and they could both tell. Karlee grabbed my ragingly hard cock through my pants and led me inside my own house.

We got downstairs and into my room, then I was sat on my bed. Toni was right behind us the whole way and apparently shed her clothes while we made our way down the stairs. Toni was helping Karlee out of her clothes, first kissing down between Karlee's B cup breasts and sliding her hands up Karlee's slim fitting shirt bringing it up her tanned, tight stomach.

Toni finally got Karlee's shirt off and I couldn't take it anymore so I jumped in. "Took you long eno. ahhhh," Karlee started to say but I latched onto her left nipple sucking and licking all over, while Toni un-zipped Karlee's tight jeans, revealing a sexy black laced thong, which was soaking wet with Karlee's juices. Karlee was maoning hard now as I moved on to the right breast and Toni tonuged her sopping wet pussy. Karlee started to pull my cock out and pull my pants down, she knelt down and started to make out with Toni with my cock in the middle of their mouths.

I was in heaven as I grabbed both of their heads with each hand. "Get on the bed, I want to taste that sweet pussy before I fuck you good and hard." I grabbed Karlee and laid her on my bed kneeling between her long tanned legs.

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As I was enjoying the aroma from her glistening cunt, Toni got on top of Karlee's mouth and lowered her dripping wet pussy on the eager mouth, gasping as Karlee's tongue dove in. I kissed and teased Karlee until she could take no more and told me to make her cum. I dove in, licking every fold and savouring her juices before making my way to her clit. She moaned out in pleasure as soon as my tongue touched it. I looked up and Toni was practically riding Karle'e face, pinching and rubbing one of each of their nipples with each hand.

I decided to stick my finger inside Karlee's pussy for a little extra pleasure, eventually working another finger inside.

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She shuddered with and orgasm and came hard in my face. I took that as a sign and stood up, sticking my pulsing cock into her well lubricated pussy. I started pumping in and out with ferocity holding on to her hips for maximum power. Toni leaned over and kissed me hard, slipping her tongue deep into my throat eagerly tasting Karlee's juices.

I slowed down some so I could enjoy the ride and feel, lick and taste each of the luscious breasts that were in front of me.


We soon switched it up, putting Karlee on the bed and sticking Toni's face into that well fucked pussy, bringing her ass up to me. I gripped her hips and thrust deep into her pussy, almost making her collapse. I pumped hard knowing she needed another good fucking. Her slim frame shook with each thrust I took. I looked up and Karlee seemed to like having another girl lick her tasty pussy.

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My hands found their way to Toni's perky tits feeling all around adding to both our pleasure. Leaning my head in, right beside Toni's I gave Karlee's pussy a few quick licks and at one point both of our tongues were licking her pussy at the same time.

I went back to slamming into Toni, then and idea struck my mind. "Toni, spit on Karlee's tits and tub it around, Karlee, push your tits together." I got up and placed my cock between them and started titty-fucking her hard. Toni got up and we started kissing, while I pounded Karlee's tits. "I'm gonna cum!" I almost yelled. Toni got her face down next to Karlee's just in time as I exploded all over their faces and breasts.

Toni started to suck my cock until there was nothing left in me, then got on top of Karlee and they played with my cum, licking it, swapping it and rubbing it on their bodies. "Holy fuck, that was the best sex I have ever had in my life!" Karlee exhaustedly said as we got our clothes back on to go to class. "I know, right?" Toni was smiling a huge smile, with a little cum still left on her face.

"Here you have something on your face there Toni," Karlee leaned over and lapped it up with her tongue, kissing Toni letting her taste. "Oh thank you so much, that was delicious." "Oh man we had better get to class, that took a real long time, although I'm not complaining, but we are just about late," I said pretty exhausted.

It was time for gym class and we were all sitting in the gym changed waiting for our teacher to come in. I noticed Shaundra and another really good looking girl (her name is Jessica) kept taking glances at me. I had already guessed that Shaundra had told Jessica about yesterday since they were pretty close.

Jessica was one of the really hot girls in our school, the closest to preppy you could pretty much get. She had about C sized breasts from what I could tell, a very nice ass and straight blonde/brownish hair that went down to her shoulder blades.

The teacher still hadn't come so everyone was talking and doing whatever. Jessica and Shaundra both came over to me and asked to talk.

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We went over close to the gym door and started to talk. "So what's up?" I asked. Hoping this might lead to yet another good ending. "Oh not much, we were just talking about yesterday's gym class." Jessica said with a hint of knowing in her voice.

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"Oh yeah and what about it?" I asked innocently. "Oh nothing, Shaundra was just telling me what you guys were doing, in detail," I could detect she was getting a little excited by the tone of her voice. "And.?" I asked getting her to make the first move. "And I want to fuck you right now" she said blatantly.

"Ah, well that can be arranged, lets go to the change room quick." I rushed them so no one would see us disappear. We got inside the change room and instantly Jessica's lips wrapped around my cock. Shaundra was undressing and then decided to get Jess's shirt off. I just held her head as it bobbed watching Shaundra play with those nice big breasts.

I reached down and pulled off that small gym shirt and slid her shorts down fast.

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I wanted to taste her cunt so bad my mouth was watering. I sat her on the bench and got Shaundra to suck on my dick.

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She tasted so good, not as good as Karlee but pretty close. She was already really wet, apparently Shaundra's story had it's desired effect. Shaundra's tongue swirled around the tip of my cock and the she would go down to deep throat, giving my balls a little tickle with her tongue each time. I brought up Shaundra and positioned her so her pussy was right at Jessica's face. Jessica happily started to eat Shaundra out. I placed my now very hard cock at her entrance and slowly pushed in letting her feel my whole length.

Both of the girls were moaning hard, they really must have been horny. "Wow that feels so good! I will need this again for sure!" Jess gasped between licks. "Mmmmm, just cum already Jess I need it too and we don't have much time before class ends," Shaundra sounded like she wanted it bad. "You don't have to.ahhhh ahhh my god I'm cumming!!!!" Jess yelled, but Shaundra muffled her scream with her pussy causing the vibrations to give her an orgasm as well, but she kept quiet.

"Get over here Shaundra, I'm close and I want in you first." I said with need. Shaundra got over faster than I thought possible.


I got inside her and it felt so nice, I pumped and pumped trying not to blow too soon. As I was pumping Shaundra was eating Jess out, and Jess was shivering with each lick she received.

I rubbed Shaundra's clit as I went in and out to try to get her to cum as well.

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My plan worked, she came and I could feel her tighten around me, I pulled out and exploded all over her chest and a few drops landed on her face. Jess came down and was licking up as much as she could get. Then all of a sudden Karlee and Toni burst in and start licking the cum off Shaundra as well, it surprised all of us but I wasn't complaining, and neither were Shaundra or Jessica. They all had shared some cum and we were all getting dressed now before the bell went off.

Apparently Karlee and Tori had been watching for a while and had their own fun just on the other side of the wall. We all agreed that we all need to get together soon, but it might have to wait a day or two. The End.