Getting her trimmed pussy screwed delights older babe

Getting her trimmed pussy screwed delights older babe
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Tai let out a deep breath. His eyes were closed tightly.

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Fear and Courage swirled in him like a whirlpool. He knew he needed to relax he had done stuff like this all the time. Not only that but he faced life and death numerous times in the digital world. So why was he scared of something so simple?

The plane around him rumbled and it made his stomach turn. Soft footsteps moved towards him but he gave them no heed. A female voice sounded. "Wow you look like you are about to throw up." Tai opened his eyes. A beautiful woman in her 20's sat in front of him.

He gazed at her lovely face with absolutely perfect rack. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all. He smiled at her slyly. "Yeah maybe out of boredom. This is taking forever." "Well if we do this wrong it would be a bit of a disaster.

Is this your first time?" "Well sort of but I've done a bunch of stuff like this before." "Really what kind of stuff?" The woman smiled and played with her hair. Tai smiled back.


He knew that she was interested in him. Not that he could blame her.

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He was good looking, charming and feared nothing. He was the ultimate male and he knew it. "Well I've done wave boarding, base jumping, MMA, rock climbing and a few other stuff." "Wow you certainly live an interesting life. Don't you worry about dieing?" "Living your life everything everyday doing nothing exciting that is real death. I would rather die young then live and do nothing." The woman blushed and smiled more.

"Wow I love to talk about this some more. Maybe after this we can head out for a drink." "Sure thing." "I'm Kayla by the way." "I'm Tai." A man walked into the room. "It's time get ready now." Tai and Kayla nodded. Tai threw on his parachute and moved to the exit.

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The man began giving orders. "Ok we are at 20'000 feet right now. You are going to be falling at over 200 feet per second. You must pull your chute at 1000 feet or you're toast. We will signal you when the time comes everyone listen up and do what we say. Does everyone understand?" Everyone nodded. The man walked away and they opened the doors to the plane. Rushing winds over shadowed all of the noise in the room. Tai could feel the beating of his heart in his chest.

Everything of his being wanted to stop. His legs didn't want to move. He looked at Kayla and she smiled back at him and blew him a kiss. Tai smiled and felt feeling come back to his body. He let out a loud breath and jumped from the plane. Time began to slow down around him. Tai at first wondered if he had jumped at all. Tai turned his head and saw the plane in the background.

It slowly dawned on him that he had in fact jumped. A rush of adrenaline filled his body.

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This was what he lived for. Time moved back to normal speed. He moved himself down to the others and held Kayla's hand and she winked at him. He smiled at the sensation. As he fell the feeling of adrenaline began to leave him. He realised that what he was doing was not special.

Several people had done this before. He let out a sigh. No matter what he did he never knew the satisfaction of being a hero. This world did not know who he was. His life in this world was insignificant. So what was the point of living it anymore? Tai stared at the ground getting closer and closer. The leader called out to him. "We've reaching the chute zone pull it now." The other members of the group pulled their shoots but Tai didn't.

Kayla looked down at him in shock. "Tai pull your chute now!" "Why?" Tai thought to himself. What was the point of going on? What was he meant to do? Was he supposed to put on a suit and spend his days typing at a desk?

How would that change the world? A life without importance was a life without meaning. He could think of no reason to pull his chute. This way he would be remembered. "Tai please!" Kayla yelled. Tai snapped back into reality. He pulled the chute and felt it jerk him. The ground came up faster and faster. He felt fear rush in him. What if he pulled it too late? Was this the end? Was he about to die? Tai hit the ground hard and instinctively he tucked and rolled. He rolled across the ground feeling his body taking a beating.

Pain spread through him like he had never felt before. His body finally stopped. He his face was bloody and his body bruised. Tai did a mental check of his body. He had been through enough that he could tell what kind of injuries he had. His outer body was hurt but he felt no broken bones or internal bleeding.

Tai slowly got up and saw Kayla running towards him. "Tai are you ok? Are you injured?" "Nothing a couple of extra strength Advil won't fix." "What were you thinking?

You could have killed yourself." "Oh come on skydiving is boring. You need to push the limit to truly enjoy yourself. You need to live dangerously." Kayla grabbed Tai and pulled him in for a deep French kiss.

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Tai kissed back pushing his tongue deep down her throat. Not to be outdone Kayla pushed back and matched his passion. Tai knew instantly what she was. She was a dirty slut who needed her daily fill of cock.

She was exactly what he was looking for. The two broke the kiss. "So Tai about that drink?" "Well I don't feel up for going to a bar but I live close by." Kayla smiled back at him. "Sure thing lead the way." The two held hands and headed back to Tai's place.

Tai lay in a chair well Kayla dabbed at his wounds with a cloth. Tai winced in pain. "Oh I'm sorry." "It's ok it's not the first time." "Mine either." Kayla smiled at Tai and the two stared into each others eyes. Tai leaned down and gently kissed Kayla. Kayla panted and sat on Tai's lap.

She began to massage his muscular body. Tai winced in pain slightly but did not stop. Kayla got on the ground and violently pulled off Tai's pants.

She grabbed his cock and began rapidly stroking his penis up and down. Tai moaned and told her to go on. Kayla licked the tip of his cock slowly then began to suck his cock like a starving animal. Tai's suspicions were confirmed Kayla was most definitely a pure slut. The amount of energy she put into her movements was incredible and she had just the right amount of tightness in her lips around his cock. "That's right work it I'm know what I want out of you." Tai began to feel a familiar wave of pleasure shoot through him slowly.

He shot a large load of semen directly into Kayla's mouth. Kayla instinctively swallowed the cum without question. She smiled and kissed Tai deeply. Tai began to slowly undress Kayla. He ripped off her bra with his teeth exposing her perky breasts. Tai reached up and was slightly disappointed he could feel that they were fake in an instant. He sighed but obediently sucked on them sending her into a world of pleasure.


He had enough experience that he knew what to do to please women. He gently licked her nipples switching directions at random intervals.

She moaned loudly. "Oh god Tai please I want you inside me." "Are you on the pill?" "But of course." Tai smiled. He positioned himself over her vagina. He looked into her eyes and saw only lust.

He smiled and shoved his cock in. Her vagina was much looser then he would have liked but he didn't mind.


He proceeded to pound her with all of his power and force. Kayla let out a series of dolphin like moans. Tai looked down into her face and his mind flashed to a certain red haired girl he once knew. He winced for a moment and stopped. Kayla looked up at him. "Hey are you ok?" It was the one single regret that defined him.

Sora was the love of his life. His mind drifted to a cold Christmas Eve. It was the night of Matt's big concert. Tai had feelings for Sora since they were kids but no matter how hard he tried he never had the nerve to ask her out.

That night would change that fact forever. The two met outside of Matt's dressing room. Tai was so nervous. He looked deep into Sora's deep brown eyes. She was so beautiful, she was like an angel. He knew that he could do it. "Umm hey Sora I was wondering if you weren't busy after the concert maybe we could go out for a coffee just the two of us." Sora began to blush heavily.

"I'm sorry Tai but I already have plans to go to the movies with Matt." "What do you mean going to the movies with him?" "Well he asked me out earlier today. We are going out tonight and we are going to spend Christmas together." Tai couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was too late by only a few hours and what was worse he was betrayed by his best friend. He felt anger swell up inside of him. Sora looked into his eyes and could see the pain.

"I'm really sorry Tai maybe we could hang out some other time." "Yeah it doesn't matter I really should get the place decorated before Kari gets home anyway. Can you believe that she still believes in Santa at her age?" The two shared a laugh and Sora smiled at him.

"Well I should get ready I'll talk to you later." "Yeah bye." Sora walked away leaving Tai feeling angry and alone. He did his best to let her go. Over 10 years later and he still found himself unable to forget about the events of that day. His fear prevented him from being with the one he loved the most. He looked up into Kayla's worried eyes. "Yeah I'm sorry I'm fine let's keep going." Kayla smiled and Tai began to pound her again.

His body moved on it's own completely detached from himself. His mind kept racing to the darkest parts of his mind. The years since that fateful night had been slow and painful. His life had become a never ending quest for admiration that failed miserably. With both of his dreams crushed he had only one goal in mind. He wanted to die. All of his extreme sports were done in an attempt for him to die a memorable death. When those failed he turned to the biggest sluts he could find attempting to catch whatever deadly disease he could hope to acquire.

He would use the illness to get attention from others. Tai could feel both of their bodies coming close to a climax. Out of courtesy for his partner he decided to give her ultimate pleasure.

In one swift motion he flipped her over, shoved his fingers in her buttocks and gave her one hard thrust with his penis.

The action sent Kayla over the edge and she let out a scream that would make an opera singer proud. She collapsed in his arms and began kissing his neck. Tai paid her no attention. She had done her part. He feared a life without meaning so for him it was time to die.