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"You stupid melon tittied bitch, what the fuck? Have you no care for others?


You know when the communal door slams it shudders right through my flat and through my peace of mind. " The roar of Mr Linton's voice echoed up towards my 19 year old ears from the basement flat below mine seconds after the strong autumnal winds had pulled the heavy front door from my unsteady grasp. I giggled into my scarf so as to muffle the sound.

The faint scent of brandy and rum assulted my nose as my breath caught in my scarf's blue silken folds. Attempting to tiptoe lightly to my appartment door, I stumbled into a thin side table which thanks to my imbalance slammed against the radiator, sending in turn a deep metallic bang through the buildings heating system."Right you little cunt, 19 is old enough to have gained respect for elders." I heard Mr Linton mutter as the door to his flat swung open, and then the heavy footsteps of the older man grew louder as he made his way up the few steps to the corridor.

By now my keys were in my hand and I was stumbling at trying to open my door. Mr Linton was, if truth be told, a complete arse of a neighbour. In my inebriated state I would rather not lock horns with his bullish personality.


He was the type of man who was better avoided. It appeared though that the last few shots of brandy I had drunk were conspiring together, my vision fuzzed slightly and I had totally lost my hand eye coordination as it was near impossible to get the key in the lock.

"Evening!" I finally span around myself to face the old codger as he neared me in the corridor. "Oops," I smiled and shrugged looking to placate him, "A breeze caught the door, I'm sorry it disturbed you.

I hope your Saturday evening was pleasant?" He scowled in my direction, his brown and grey speckled eyebrows drawing close to one another in a frown. The lines around his steely green eyes crinkling around his mean glare. I could feel his fury burning into me, which made me more keenly aware of how short the hemline of my party dress was. The expanse of my bare flesh visible up my thighs, and a deep cut neckline exposed a large portion of my round pale breasts.

"How considerate for you to ask," he spat, "My evening was shit. It got shitter when you were not so considerate with keeping the door in hand. "I shrugged at him, not really knowing what to answer next. Then I felt his firm hands grasping my wrists, raising my hands to eye level. He plucked my front door key from my fingers and dropped my arms, then swiftly he slid the key into the lock, twisted and held open the door for me. I stumbled in and landed squarely on my large leather sofa, quite grateful for a chance to sit down as my red patent leather heels were starting to hurt my feet after a night dancing.

I heard the door close behind me as Mr Linton must have left and I closed my eyes in turn, rubbing my temples as I let the drink still in my system wash over me. I undid my bra and slid one arm out of a strap then the next, then deftly pulled the garmet off from my breasts. I emitted a small gasp of pleasure as my breasts were released from the confines of the red satin push up bra, and I massaged their mass and tweaked my nipples to bring sensation through them.

Two hands came from behind the sofa and gripped firmly around my throat. "You noisey little drunk, you didn't even check to see I had left before you started to undress.

There I stood just waiting for a thanks." He twisted me down onto my front as I thrashed my body but with his grip steady around my neck I had no option but to lean my face down, until I could taste the leather beeswax polish from the sofa in my mouth. I had been trying to swing my legs at him but he had pinned me on my front and I felt the weight of his 60 year old body straddle me from behind. He moved his grip from my neck and for a brief second I thought I could pull myself free but he had my wrists again, and twisted my arms up behind my back.

His weight was on me and I could barely move. He took both my wrists in one hand while he undid and slid iff his thin leather belt. Then I felt him bound my hands together.

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"I had been waiting for a proper apology for the noise and a little thanks from your drunken mouth for helping you in, but no, none was coming. Instead you tempt me." I could feel his warm breath as he leant his head close to the back of my neck.

"You tempted me whore.

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Now me thinks I shall take my thanks and your sodden apology another way." Suddenly his weight shifted off me, and he spread my legs sharply by the knee, laying face down I could hardly see him and before I could react he was kneeling between my spread legs. He lifted up the skirt which was barely covering my ass and I felt him admire my soft round arse with his hands. I was starting to panic as he was feeling over and along the red satin panties I was wearing.

I felt two of his fingers slide down the cleft of my arse and his pressed the red satin crotch in my wet pussy. It was a surprise to me how the warm damp spread over my cunt lips as I felt his old worn hands invade my private area.

I felt him wrench the satin panties down to my knees. Then with the three fingers on his right hand I felt him push apart my bare pussy lips and rub fervently at my clitoris. Waves of pleasure juddered through my body, blending with shudders of disapproval, feelings of being used and more shakes of intense desire. My cunt was shamefully aching for more, my brain found it hard to comprehend but my body was reacting with a life of it's own. His three centre fingers split my pussy apart as the delved deep into the damp sticky inside of my hole.

He wriggled his fingers like huge fat worms, each moving around against my walls and when they pushed against my g-spot more unmistakable waves of blinding pleasure wracked through my body. He was using me for his thanks. His left arm reached around my body and pinched at my already hard nipples.

He was taking it in turn to tweek and pulk on my hwavy titties as the hung down against the cool leather of the sofa. * * * Mr Lipton had removed his shirt during the struggle and was watching her roundnarse tense and relax as he finger fucked this little whore in ways he had only imagined up til now.

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He lent forward to taste the sticky sweet juice she oozed. So wet was her pussy for his invading tongue. He licked up towards her arse hole and swirled his tongue around her tight rosebud. He body shook mercilessly under his touch. His large erect cock was struggling to get free from his unbuckled trousers, so Mr Linton set his cock free upon the girl from upstairs.

* * * I could only whine out in shock as he slammed the wide girth of his cock suddenly into my swollen vagina. He filled me so deeply, I could do little but submit as he rammed his swollen member as deep into my pussy as he could.

He had pulled my arse up so that my back was arched but my face still down into the sofa, and he was holding my hips to help him glide in and out of me. With my hands tied I took his hard fucking, as I felt his pace quicken I hoped he would cum soon as the position wasn't so comfortable and as much as his thrusts were sending pleasure deep through me I had not asked for this.

Suddenly he pulled his dick from me and I hoped he would release onto me, but he did no such thing. Instead he twisted my legs under me and lifted my shoulders so I was in a sitting position.

Finally I could look fully at my assailant. Mr Linton looked lean with his shirt off and muscley for his age. His member stood red and swollen, he moved forwards and wrapped his hands into my hair."You're going to suck me like the good little, young and drunken whore you are," He stated.

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I went to nod in submission but with his grip I only yanked at my hair, he understood my intention to comply though as he pushed his engorged cock into my mouth. My lips wrapped around the smooth angry head of his cock and my tonge slid down the slit of his cock then around and under the foreskin and around as he slammed his cock to the back of my throat.

He slid in and out fast his thighs shuddering as he fucked my face.


Occasionally he would rub his cock along my face spreading his precum about my lips and cheeks and then pushing his balls into my face for me to lick. He would then launch into sliding his cock so deep into my throat that I was forced to start breathing through my nose and slurping my saliva around his cock as he face fucked me.

Then as it felt like he was about to explode he withdrew, gasping for air. His eyes sparkling with pleasure as he looked down at me.

He moved me laying on the sofa, this time on my back laying on my bound wrists. I wasn't sure that I wanted to part my thighs and let him lay his seed inside me, but a swift stinging slap to my inner thigh made me change my mind. He lent down and bit hard on one of my nipples and he roughly plunged his steaming cock into my cunt once more starting to ravage me.

It was all getting too much for me. The pleasure and pain mix were swirling around my head like a toxic cocktail with the drink and my head span with stars as I felt my orgasm come with the strong thrusts of his cock.

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My cunt quivered around his dick and I could tell his fight was over. Each thrust he put into me now was so exquisitely hard to bear as his warm cum seeped into me. He thrust twice more screwing his face up and then stood up to look upon me.I was gasping to get my breath back as the last waves of orgasm left my body. I was fearful at how immensely stimulating I had found his forced entry to my home, and to my cunt. He lent down and smiled at me.

"Let me clean you up you dirty little slut of a neighbour, your body is much better at saying thank you than that mouth of yours. This is only the start my wicked little neighbour, the very beginning of your servitude"