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Phat booty getting fucked by kimberly chi pussy eaters
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Ranma 1/2: Camping Second night Ranma had been a little nervous when it came time to turn in. Well, a whole lot nervous. He had even suggested that they use separate tents that night. Akane had replied to that one with: "Why are you planing something perverted?" Once again she flashed that smile.

That smile was driving Ranma nuts. Of course in the end, Ranma had given in and they were both in the same tent. Akane made a special point not to fall asleep that night. She wanted to have some more fun with Ranma. It wasn't everyday she got a chance to play with his head.or heads, as the case may be. Once she was sure Ranma was asleep, she carefully uncovered him, unfortunately, he had gone to bed in his clothes. <This might make things a little more difficult,> she thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Ranma was having a dream. Ranma was on his way to school, when he noticed that he didn't have any pants on. He was positive he had had them on earlier. As he walked a little further, his shirt disappeared.

"What's going on here?" He asked. {Meanwhile: Akane had a little trouble getting Ranma's pants off, but after a few moments they were off. Next she went to work on his shirt. That turned out to be harder than she would have thought. She was surprised Ranma hadn't woken up, but he was now in only his underwear.} "All right, it is not normal for ones clothing to disappear of their body.

I know this for a fact. So where the heck are my clothes?" Then he felt a chill on his upper body. "Oh no." He looked down to find he had a bare chest. "Man I hope Akane doesn't see me like this." {Akane heard Ranma talking in his sleep. It didn't take her long to realize exactly what was going on.

Every time she took some clothing off him, it disappeared from his dream. <Oh, this is interesting,> she thought as she started to remove his boxers.} Ranma knew exactly what the breeze was that he was feeling.

He didn't have to look down to know he was completely naked. It wasn't exactly a pleasant thought to him. Of course, he noticed something else. He was getting an erection. {Akane noticed Ranma wasn't getting hard tonight. She decided to see if she could change that.


She started to stroke his limp organ and kiss it. She was amazed by how quickly it grew and got hard. She could feel her own sex getting hot and wet. She decided she had to use her free hand on herself.} To Ranma, his dream was becoming a nightmare.

Someone had stolen all his clothes and now he was getting hard. The strange thing was he could swear someone was touching him, causing his erection. The only problem was that he couldn't see anyone down there. [Note: Ranma has no idea he's dreaming.] A horrifying thought came to his mind. There was only one person he knew how could possible disguise himself this well. Tsubasa!!!! Ranma started to ran as fast as he could hoping to get away from the invisible Tsubasa.

It was no use though. He kept feeling hands and.LIPS!!!! on his manhood. Ranma tripped and somehow landed on his back. He felt someone sucking on him. This time when he looked down, He saw what appeared to be a very cute girl with her mouth on his dick.

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Ranma knew exactly who it was. Tsubasa was no longer invisible. {Akane had decided to stop playing with herself and go ahead and suck on Ranma again. Although this time she was going to be more careful. She didn't want Ranma cumming in her mouth again. Although she did notice that Ranma's face didn't seem as if he was enjoying it. Actually he looked downright disgusted. Although the rest of his body was acting normally.} "Stop it, you sicko!!" Ranma exclaimed.

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Tsubasa just looked up at him with his cutest girl look and smiled, then continued what he was doing. Ranma tried to get up but couldn't. His body didn't want to move. It wanted to keep getting the attention it was getting. Ranma's mind was another matter altogether. It wanted to get away from that pervert before Akane came by. He was on his way to school, that meant Akane was too. He didn't want her too see him like this. Of course like everything in his life, what he didn't want to happen, happened.

Akane walked right up behind Tsubasa. She looked down at the naked Ranma.

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"My god Ranma, I can't believe how perverted you are." Then she looked rather sad. "I thought you cared about me. I believe in you, and now I find out you re gay. I just can't accept this." She ran away from them crying.

"Akane wait!!! It's not what you think!!! Please get this sicko off me!!!" He cried desperately. It was no use though. Akane had already disappeared. Ranma felt something he recognized and sure didn't want to feel at this moment.

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{Akane felt Ranma s body start to tense. She moved her mouth off his shaft and started to use her hand. She wanted Ranma to cum, but not in her mouth.} Ranma felt a slight change in the pressure on his organ, but all he saw was Tsubasa sucking away like a hungry baby at a bottle.

He felt his dick start to splirt. Tsubasa sucked for only a moment after he started to cum, but then stopped suddenly. {Akane hadn't really thought about how much distance Ranma might be able to shoot his load, so it came as a complete surprise when it shoot into her face.

She was disgusted by what happened. Not only had it shoot into her face, but it just kept cumming. It didn't take long for her face to be dripping with the stuff.} Ranma looked down towards his legs.

Tsubasa was gone. All that was there to remind him of the experience was his jiz all over the ground and dripping from the end of his now softening shaft. "Thank God that's over with." He said as he got to his feet. "Now I have to find Akane and try to explain what happened just now." Ranma started running off in the direction Akane had run off. He had run at least a mile before he realized he still wasn't wearing any clothes. He looked around frantically but just couldn't find anything he could use to hide his nakedness.

"Oh man, why is my luck so bad today? Next thing you know, I ll run into." "Ahhahahahahaha" Ranma heard exclaimed from behind him.

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He turned around to see Kodachi jumping from roof top to rooftop in his direction. "You who, Ranma darling, I see you're ready for our honeymoon. Ahhahahahaha." Kodachi whipped out her ribbon and lashed out at Ranma's face. Upon contact, the end exploded sending a powder all around his face. He accidentally breathed some in. He felt his body become paralyzed. Kodachi quickly caught up to the nonmoving Ranma. She pressed her body close to his.

She almost seemed to fall on his body, causing him to fall backwards onto the ground. Kodachi neatly on top of him. {Akane was busy looking for something to wipe her face off on, when she put her hand on the slick fabric of the tent and slipped, landing on top of Ranma. She was almost bolted up again when she noticed he hadn't woken up.

His body was so warm she just wanted to stay where she was for a while.} Ranma tried as hard as he could, but he couldn't stop it from happening. He was getting another erection.

Kodachi also noticed his erection and blushed. "Oh my, Ranma, you really do want me." She said trying to act like an innocent school girl instead of the psychopath Ranma knew she was. {Akane felt Ranma s new erection between her legs. She felt the end of it touch her. If she hadn't been wearing her Pj's still, it would have gone inside of her.

She had to admit that it's placement felt good to her.} Kodachi started to move her pelvis up and down against Ranma's hard shaft. Once again his body was betraying his mind. It was enjoying this new sensation.


Ranma was just glad that Kodachi was still wearing her leotard. otherwise they would have been having sex, and Ranma sure in the hell didn't want to lose his virginity to Kodachi.

The only woman he was willing to let that happen with was Akane.Akane.

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He had to admit he was glad that she wasn't here to see. "I don't believe you. First you get a blow job from that sicko Tsubasa and then make out with this loon!!" Akane exclaimed when she saw Ranma's new partner. Ranma tried to ask for her help, but the paralysis powder wouldn't allow him to speak.

Kodachi got off Ranma and faced off with Akane. {Akane was getting worried that Ranma might cum again, and she didn't want that all over her clothes. She'd never be able to explain that to him if he noticed it. She got off from on top of him.} Akane and Kodachi started to fight.

Ranma was hoping for Akane to win. Maybe she would have a heart and help him get away from Kodachi. He tried to move his head to look at the fight. He was able go get it to move a little, but it was enough for him to see that both Kodachi and Akane had disappeared.

Ranma tried to get his body to move more. {Akane decided to go ahead and get the thermos to wash her face off with. She had just uncapped it, when Ranma's hand suddenly moved and knocked it from her grasp. Akane watched stunned as the bottle somersaulted over Ranma spilling it's contents all over him, before it landed just to the side of his leg.

Akane realized that the thermos no longer held warm water.} Ranma was still laying on the ground when it began to lightly rain. It didn't last long, but it was long enough for his body to change forms.

"Oh man, why is this happening to me?" She asked herself. She still could barely move, so she couldn't get up. With all the sickos around here, she didn't want to be stuck in the open naked, and as a girl. The thought of one of those guys coming by with her like this was just too.

"Pig-tailed girl!" She heard exclaimed. <No, not now, not Kuno. Anyone but Kuno.> {Akane couldn't help but remember her second fantasy about Ranma when she saw him transform. She was glad she hadn't woken up. Akane decided it was time to do something again.} Kuno got down next to her. Without saying a word, he started to suckle at her large breast.

Ranma-chan could feel her body's please but her mind was too sickened by who it was causing the pleasure. She wanted to scream, but she still couldn't. All she could do was open and close her mouth.

{Akane saw Ranma-chan's mouth opening and closing in her sleep. <So the little pervert slut want s something to suck on,> she thought.} Ranma-chan didn't know how Kuno managed it, but while still sucking on her breast, he was able to stick his hard cock into her mouth. She realized that she was sucking on it, with the way her mouth was moving. That thought disgusted her. She had to do something.but what? {Akane was surprised that she felt pleasure form Ranma-chan sucking on her finger.

She was actually enjoying it. It came to a large shook to her though when Ranma-chan bit her finger.hard.} "Owwww!!!" Ranma-chan exclaimed as Kuno bit her breast. She hadn't expected that to happen when she bit his dick. {In order to stifle her own scream of pain from the bit she had gotten, Akane bit Ranma-chan's breast. She heard Ranma-chan cry out in pain, and jumped into her sleeping bag. She pretended to be asleep, but it proved too be unnecessary.

Ranma-chan did not wake up. Akane decided this might be a good time to stop for the night. Her finger was bleeding and she could see Ranma-chan's breast bruising. Although she wasn't sure how to explain to Ranma-chan about the bruise. She'd think of something.} That Morning Ranma-chan had awoken. She could still remember the nightmare, but was happy that was all it was. She noticed a couple things wrong when she woke up. #1. She had her braid in her mouth.

#2. She was naked. #3. She was a she. #4. Her right hand was on her breast above a nasty bruise. #5. Her left hand has holding on to an empty thermos. It didn't take her long to realize what happened.

Somehow she had kicked all her clothes off last night.played with her dick until she came.rolled over on her stomach.humped the floor.rolled back over, grabbing the thermos and spilling it over herself.played with her breast.somehow got her ponytail in her mouth.pulled on it when she bit down in her dream.and grabbed her breast hard enough to bruise it. What a set of circumstances!!! Ranma-chan quickly put her clothes back on. She noticed Akane had stirred at all, and was glad. Last night was embarrassing enough, but if Akane had seen it, she would never live it down.

Akane watched with eyes barely opened and was fascinated. She realized that Ranma-chan was actually trying to figure out what happened to her last night. As far as Akane could tell, Ranma-chan was actually buying into the circumstances Akane had planted on her. She could hardly believe it worked. Akane would never have believe Ranma-chan would fall for it. Now as long as she didn't see Akane's finger, there shouldn't be a problem. to be continued