Master Sebastian jerking his restrained submissive off

Master Sebastian jerking his restrained submissive off
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I dream of you coming to visit me and I always think on the beach or the park. Come on" I say "lets go out, I want to go to the beach its not far only twenty minutes drive". "Ok" you say "but I need a shower first" lol. I watch as you slip out of the bed, I look you up and down thinking how fit you look and how smooth you skin looks, all one colour golden brown, mmmmmmmmmm.

(You are my first you know, and it is true you do kiss better and your cock is bigger) lol. I listen as you walk down the hall and into the bathroom, I hear you turn the shower on and step into it.

I start to imagine you washing your body with the soap; I start to think of all the possibilities the advantages of me being in there with you. I can't decide should I join you or not. "Yes" I think I will. I walk down the hall and open the door, I can see you threw the glass door your dark body shows up well, I can see you are busy washing your body, and you haven't seen me yet.

I watch for a while captivated at the sight of your muscular body. Then I step into the shower and slide my hands around your body. "I couldn't keep away I whisper" as I take the soap away from you and start to rub your chest with it. You hold me close and start to kiss my neck and shoulders. I slowly reach around your back with the soap, washing you while you bite softly down my neck, "mmmmmm" I say as I accidentally drop the soap, I look into your eyes, we both know that one of us has to get that soap, I smile a naughty smile as I sink down to get it, I cant resist just slipping your now very hard cock into my mouth as I reach for the soap, as I move back up your body your cock slides out of my mouth and I hand you the soap.

You rub it slowly over my body reaching round my back, then you turn me round and pull me close to you, I can feel your cock digging into me, as you run the soap and your fingers all over my body working up a lather and then moving your hands slowly down my body, "I think you need cleaning down here don't you".


"Yes" I whisper as your fingers run across my clit, making me feel all weak again. I turn around and look up at you. "I love you" I whisper as I put my arms around you and pull you in close.

"Come on" you say "if we don't go now we will never get to the beach" I grab a towel and go into the bed room to get dressed, I slide into a thin short blue dress and run down the stairs to find my car keys.

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"Come on" I say thinking to myself "I thought it was women that take their time getting ready". I start the car and wait for you, music is blaring out, and I am singing away as you get in.

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"Ready" I say and take off at a high speed, you grab for your seat belt as I drive down the 30 mph road doing 60. I know that when I change gear my skirt rides up a little, so I deliberately drive fast so that I have to change gear more often. I look down to see where my skirt is, I smile to myself as I see it is sitting quite high, only just covering where my knickers would be (if I had put them on).

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I look at you, and am pleased to see you are looking at my skirt too, as I drive I keep my hand on the gear stick, constantly feeling it and rubbing it. You put your hand on top of mine and say "I like the why you feel it" I smile "Thank you" I say. We arrive at the beach. You take my hand and we walk on the sand, there are people everywhere, I lead you to the left, knowing that no one goes that why and we will be alone.

As we walk the sea wall gets higher and higher, you seem to be leading me towards it, I wonder why, then all of a sudden you take my by the shoulders and push me hard against the wall, you use your body to hold me against the wall as you slide your hand down my dress, as you slide your hand under and find I have no knickers on you gasp "you are very naughty" you say as you slide your fingers deep inside me, I open my mouth, push my head against the wall.

A soft moan escapes from my lips; you push me harder against the wall and start to bite my neck. I gasp and scream out; you push your lips against me to keep me quite, forcing your tongue inside me. You take your fingers out and turn me round, pushing me against the wall, I feel you slide your cock inside me.

I wonder if anyone will see, but as I feel your hard cock enter me and start pushing me hard against the wall, I stop caring if anyone is there. That's when a lady walking along the beach spots us, you look up and see her, her mouth an 0 of surprise. Instead of reacting with shame, you hold her gaze as you carry on caressing me.

My head is now pressed against the wall and my eyes are closed, as I moan loudly as you are bringing me steadily towards an orgasm. The girl can not pull her gaze away from us; you mouth to her "join us".

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She shakes her head, but still does not leave. She watches as you bring both your hands down, spreading and opening my lips and flicking my clit with your fingers. "You like this, don't you?" you ask looking directly at the lady.

My eyes still shut, as I moan and throw my head back against you "oh god yes, you're so good" I shout. You hold the gaze with the other lady "I want to make you cum" You whisper into my ear loud enough for her to hear. The words seem to trigger something in me.


I arch my back and scream out as that tingling feeling rushes through me, my hand stretches out blindly searching for something to hold, I grasp at the wall my knuckles whitening as I call out your name.

My whole body shakes and judders with the power of my orgasm, which seems to set you off as you release your jet of hot cum deep inside me. You smile as if satisfied at a job well done, as you look at the lady, "you next" you mouth; she smiles but shakes her head, and leaves quickly, before I open my eyes.

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