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Emily ist heiß für Hahn
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Morgan's Curse, Ch. 2 / 4 The Events Thus Far Morgan Le Fay is Merlin's ex-lover, cursed to jump bodies forever due to a past indiscretion. She's out to kill Merlin and break her curse, now that he's been reborn (see "Merlin's Magic Wang" for that story). Morgan is joined in this mission by her lust demon servant, Argyle. In the previous chapter, Morgan transferred into the body of a man who was trying to rape her. That's where we pick up.

Part 2a: Leaving Las Vegas I woke up, reeking of sex, with a rock-hard, firm stomach. After several months of pregnancy, it was a relief not to be pregnant for a change. Argyle was sitting next to me, and had dressed me in my sleep. "How long was I out?", I asked.

"Only an hour. You cut it close that time, though." I nodded, and looked into the back of the car. The infant and mother were there, still passed out.

They'd probably both be groggy for at least a day. "Yeah, one more push and I would've transferred into the baby. I'd be trapped there until I got old enough to fuck." I'd had that happen in the past, and it was never pleasant. The last thing I wanted to go through was another childhood. I took a moment to look Argyle's new form over approvingly.

"Nice tits this time around", I remarked. Argyle had taken the form of a slim, athletic Hispanic woman this time, wearing a low-cut black bra under an even lower-cut tank top. Beneath that were a perfectly rounded pair of breasts with just the right amount of sweat showing, and a pair of extra-short denim shorts revealing legs suited to a ballerina. Argyle broke into a toothy grin which concealed her nature better than any glamor spell she's tried.

"All the better to seduce you with, my master", she simpered. I rolled my eyes and growled out, "I don't care what form you try, demon. I may admire the scenery from time to time, but I'm still not fucking you." "And after all I do for you", she sighed in reply.

I looked at myself in the driver's side mirror, taking stock of my new appearance. There was a day or two worth of stubble on my chin, my body was relatively well toned, and overall I wasn't unattractive. It's too bad Rudy was a rapist pig; there was nothing wrong with his looks. "Don't worry, I'll let you have this body. Just without me in it." Argyle smiled as I twisted the keys in the ignition, bringing the ancient car coughing to life. We turned around and went back the way we came, bouncing along the uneven dirt trail back to the street.

A moan came from the back, as my former body began struggling back to consciousness. I could only channel a tiny fraction of my Power through my male body, but it took very little expenditure to deepen her sleep. I paused for a moment to look for traffic, then pulled onto the road and pointed the car towards the Strip. We crept along in traffic until we pulled into the parking lot at our hotel.

The prophet had been very clear to Mr. Wulf that we couldn't use our assets for the journey, but I was pretty sure that this wouldn't be a problem. And anyway, I had a moral obligation to protect the woman I'd been "joyriding" for the past few months, and ensure that her new baby was provided for. It was the least I could do.

Argyle and I dropped them both off in the penthouse bedroom, and I took a couple of moments at my laptop.

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I sent my standard "check-out" instructions to hotel management, and a second email to a local ob/gyn I keep on retainer in case this sort of thing happens. We'd be long gone by the time he arrived, but at least this woman would be taken care of.

I taped a small, pre-printed information packet to her chest. The packet contained a copy of a valid surrogacy contract, validated with her own thumbprint, and information on the room and a cashier's check for $500k. Typically the first few days are rough, but sooner or later, the owner of my former body will go back to her former life, puzzled but richer and with a baby she knows for a fact is hers, but doesn't remember carrying.

As for the baby himself, I was confident he'd be well off. Let's just say that the baby I came that close to giving birth to went on to be named Albert Einstein. We didn't spend long at the hotel, as tempting as it would've been.

Nor did we leave by the private elevator; we just took the normal elevator out. Stepping into the Vegas heat, Argyle and I walked doggedly onwards until we came to Rudy's beaten-up car. Its engine turned over roughly, clattering to life moments before I put it into gear. It let out a belch of smoke and backfired once before we started to slowly move forwards.

"Should we steal a different car, master?", asked Argyle. I shook my head. "Rudy's registration is current, and he's the actual owner of this car. While I doubt he's a stranger to the law, no one's going to miss this car for a day or two. Let's not add any extra wrinkles, shall we?" Argyle nodded as we drove west into the mid-afternoon sun, the car reaching the speed limit with some slight effort. The succubus reclined in her seat, letting out a deep breath and shifting around a little.

"Breasts can be so tiresome, master", she purred as she traced her nipples' outlines with her fingertips. "They always gett hot, and the nipples always get hard and then soft, and then hard again. I don't know why you prefer staying in a female form", she pouted. I shrugged.

"I spent my first hundred years in a woman's body. I'm comfier when I'm wearing one." My attention was drawn to the passenger seat just in time to see Argyle pull off her tank top.

Her rack was now only covered by a dark, translucent bra which didn't do much to hide anything. The darkened circles of her Latina areolae peeked through her bra enticingly, but then I snapped my attention back to the road with a muttered curse.

In a female body, Argyle's advances pose no real temptation to me. But a male body's urges are much harder to control and predict. I gritted my teeth and kept driving, keeping in mind that as long as our contract holds, I must endure her attempts to seduce me.

Sometimes, our contract was almost as troubling as the curse I was trying to break. Speaking of which, I may as cover that now. The road out of Vegas is very long, and even more boring than it was long. As I mentioned earlier, my name is Morgana Le Fay.

I was half-sister to King Arthur, former lover to Merlin, and if I must say so, amazingly well preserved for a thousand-year-old sorceress. But I once cheated on Merlin with a hot slab of beefcake named Lancelot, and in his rage, he un-anchoring my immortal soul from my body and cursed me to an eternity of wandering. The rules of my curse are simple: if I'm a man, my soul jumps into the first first woman I impregnate (and impregnation is almost guaranteed with each fuck).

Once I'm in the woman's body, by definition that body is already pregnant. If a man cums inside me while I'm pregnant, my soul transfers into him; that's how I took over Rudy's body. If I fail to transfer into a man before giving birth, my soul gets trapped in the baby. The final way my soul transfers, sucks the most. Any time I die, my spirit's drawn into the nearest living human. I'm stuck in the back seat then, so to speak.

I can see through their eyes and hear through their ears, but all I can do is watch until the next time they have sex or die. I was once trapped in a monk in the 17th century once, for over fifty maddening years.

When the monk finally died of old age, I transferred into another monk. I expected to be trapped for a long time, but I was pleased to discover that the next monk was sneaking out to brothels at night.

One of the minor annoyances about this curse is that I rarely get to finish an orgasm before I transfer. There was one way I could have an orgasm any time I wanted though, except that she'd eat my soul in the process. That brings me to Argyle. The misinformed would call Argyle an incubus or a succubus, but demons fueled by sex magic are both and neither. These demons may at any moment choose to be male, female, or both. And like most demons, they burn incessantly with a lust for Power.

Like me, lust demons draw their Power from fertility magic. Having sex with one is mind-blowing, but it opens a direct conduit to your soul, allowing the demon to absorb your body and soul. Once absorbed, you're trapped in hell, perpetually being bled to feed Power back to the demon who damned you.

Ordinary humans provided a trickle of Power, but if Argyle could swallow the soul of an ancient sorceress like me, her Power would increase beyond measure. .which is why Argyle serves me. She believes that some day my guard will drop, and she'll seduce me in a moment of weakness. Our contract dictates that in exchange for her fealty, I must feed her the souls of the damned and may never command her to stop trying to seduce me. This last clause has produced some embarrassing public scenes over the centuries, but Argyle has learned with time that any success with me will be in private.

Argyle had apparently decided she was going to get particularly distracting. She tilted her chin up provocatively and ran her fingers down her throat, to her shoulders, and then down the gentle curve of her right breast.

I watched as her fingers fidgeted on the soft slope of her breast, and then she pulled her bra down and outward, just enough for me to see as she took her nipple between her two fingers and began to idly stroke it. My cock hardened at the sight, and I cursed my luck as this turned out to be one of the more hormonal male bodies I've used. No wonder Rudy became a rapist. She squirmed in her seat, fully aware that pheromones were wafting from her nether regions and filling the car.

"May I at least suck you off, master?", Argyle inquired. I shook my head. While Argyle can only devour souls through vaginal sex, getting a blow job while driving across the Vegas desert in a rattle-trap car was probably still inadvisable from a safety standpoint.

"I'd really rather not get pulled over. I just want to find Merlin, kill him, and end this damn curse." Argyle pouted for a moment, then sat up and looked as we approached an SUV with a huge fraternity logo across the rear window.

Her face lit up with a grin as she lifted up her bra, then flashed the frat boys as we pulled even with them. A cheer erupted from the cracked windows as they spotted her perfectly-formed light-brown rack. I rolled my eyes and muttered to her, "I'm not letting you eat them." She was facing the window now, cradling her bare tits in her hands to show the guys as we passed.

She shot a glance over her shoulder at me and said, "Sometimes a girl just likes getting admirers." I rolled my eyes again. "A girl likes admirers, perhaps. But a demon just wants lunch", I retorted. The SUV's driver hit the gas pedal, pacing us as flashes started coming from the SUV.

Apparently, some of the frat boys mistakenly believed that flash photography from behind rolled-up windows would produce useful results. In response, Argyle opened the sunroof and stood up through it, her bare chest fully exposed as she waved at the van of guys.

I hit the gas and accelerated, pulling ahead of the frat boys as Argyle pouted. Her breasts bounced with every bump of the freeway, and as the van began slowly to shrink into the distance she sighed and sat back down in her seat.

"You could've let me at least take a nibble from one", she pouted. I shook my head. "Just a nibble, huh? I've heard that one before. So have a lot of the souls you've eaten." "Can't help it", Argyle mewed as she snuggled against my arm.

"Demon." Damn her, she'd perfected 'cute' down to a tee. This was going to be a very long drive. Four hours later, we were in a dirty little town named Baker, right near the California state line. Our "borrowed" car was about to run out of gas, so I stopped at one of the overpriced gas stations to spend the money in Rudy's wallet. It turned out that he had six credit cards, only two of which had his name on them, and neither one worked on the gas pump we were at.

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Unfortunately, the $5 or so he had in dollar bills wouldn't buy a lot of gas. I was just starting to come up with ideas for earning or otherwise acquiring some cash, when a familiar SUV pulled into the gas station at the pump behind me. A wolf whistle rang out, and Argyle grinned at me. "I have a solution to this problem, master", she purred, flashing her sexy brown eyes at me. "You will do only as I command, Argyle." I looked at the guys piling out of the cars, most of whom were wandering off to the store.

They left one of them at the gas pump, a scrawny guy who looked like the runt of the litter. I addressed the one at the pump. He was a scrawny, mousy fellow who was clearly the group's omega male. "I see that you boys like my model", I said in my best Texan drawl.

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"Model?", he asked in an adolescent sounding voice. His hair was a reddish blond, with a pinkish complexion. He wore glasses. I nodded and gave a big grin. "Yep, model. We just got back from a photo shoot up in Vegas, and she had a great time. So great that she decided to give you boys a show on the way through." The boy looked down at the ground, sheepishly, and stammered, "Well, I. uh." I rolled my eyes. "Nothing to be ashamed of, boy! She's hot, and she showed you her body because she likes seeing men appreciate it.

But right now, we're in a bit of trouble. And that gives you boys an opportunity." The gas station doors swung open, and a few of the other frat boys came back out, carrying bottles of soda and a case of beer.

They saw me talking to the driver and came over, probably assuming I was an upset, jealous boyfriend trying to get them to delete topless pictures of my slut girlfriend. "What's going on here, Mouse?

This guy giving you a hard time?", asked one of the guys. He stepped between Mouse and myself, trying to intimidate me. I was about to say something when I heard the door to my car pop open.

Argyle stepped out and slinked her way towards us, wearing only her bra for a top. I put on my best salesman smile as she came up by my side and said, "Boys, my model and I are on our way back to LA, but we ran out of cash. She's a professional model, and I already know that you love her tits. And I know those pictures you tried to take through your rolled-up windows must have sucked. How about you buy us a tank of gas, and you can take some really nice pictures?

Hell, I'll even coach you so you can take professional-level shots. I'm not sure which one of you boys owns that SUV, but pictures of her naked body sprawled out on the hood must be worth some points back at school, right?" Argyle winked seductively and draped her arm around my shoulder as the boys looked at each other for a moment.

"Give us a moment, dude", said the one who'd been trying to intimidate me earlier. The boys huddled together for a bit, and it didn't take long for them to come back with a counter offer. "Half a tank", said the alpha meat head, "and she gives us more than just pictures." One of his cronies slapped him on the back and said, "You tell 'em, Butch!" I shook my head, trying to protect the boys from their own stupidity. "Guys, she's been on the cover of Epic Tits Magazine, and Lord knows she's made a couple of movies.

But she's not a hooker, and she doesn't do hardcore. We'll go as low as half a tank for a fifteen minute photo shoot, and that's the best you'll get." The one they called Mouse stammered out, "Guys, that's a really good deal.

That car can't hold more than $40 worth, and fifteen minutes with a model like her is worth at least two full tanks." Butch scowled at Mouse and raised his hand as if he were going to strike him.

Mouse cowered reflexively, and Butch put his hand down. Turning his attention away from the scrawny guy, Butch turned his attention back to me and set his face into a hard-edged scowl.

"Half a tank", he repeated, "pictures, and one blow job apiece. Keep trying to bargain, and it's gonna get worse." I rolled my eyes. "Listen - wait, what was your name? Bitch, was it?" Butch's nostrils flared and his fist clenched to strike. "You don't have the slightest fucking clue what you're into here. I've got a whole lot of reasons why you don't want to fuck her. Believe me, if you do anything with her beyond taking pictures, it'll end badly for you." I never even saw Butch's fist coming.

It hit me like a railroad engine at full speed, catching me under the jaw and lifting me off the ground. I spun, feeling light-headed and disconnected, and I felt myself bounce off of the van and then start falling. I must've hit the ground, but I never felt it. My vision going dark as I began to pass out.


Argyle screamed as one of the guys grabbed her. "Listen", she said pleadingly, "I'm clean, don't listen to him. He's been acting weird this whole trip. Just don't hurt me, I'll even fuck you if you'll let me!" As I sank the rest of the way into the darkness, my last thought was that a good fuck from Argyle is exactly what they deserved at this point.

Part 2b: The Train to Freedom I wasn't out for very long, but the boys had worked quickly. I half-awoke as the late-afternoon sun beat its way into my eyes. My hands and legs were tied, and one guy had my feet and the other had me by the shoulders, carrying me into a cheap motel room that Butch had decided to rent for a few hours. I pretended to still be unconscious when they unceremoniously dumped me into a chair near the air conditioner.

I heard Mouse whisper into my ear, "Sorry, man, but at least they didn't leave you tied up in the van.

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You might've died in the heat." I half opened my eyes, and noticed that there was duct tape over my mouth. It was nothing that a spell wouldn't resolve, but frankly Butch had pissed me off and I was going to enjoy watching what happened to him next. Speaking of Butch, he lowered his crew-cut, square-jawed face into my field of vision and slapped my cheeks lightly.

"Well well, I see you're awake. Good! I want to make sure you watch how a real man fucks that girlfriend of yours." He smirked at me and watched for my reaction.

I staged fury and an intense stare, but carefully. Over the centuries, I've mastered expressions to the point where if I'd wanted to make him yelp like a scared puppy dog, I could've done it with just a glance.

But I didn't want to do that at this point. Hell, even in a male form I could've mustered enough Magick to free myself and kill him. But that would be an act of mercy, and I was presently not in the mood for it. Butch stepped back and pointed at the bed, where Argyle was tied to the headboard. "Since you weren't sure what a bitch looks like, we're going to show you what one looks like. We're going to run a train on your girlfriend here, and we're going to give her what your cock probably never could." Butch stripped off his shirt, revealing rippling muscles and a truly impressive body.

Argyle, all the way over on the bed, had a look of unbridled lust on her face. Butch started walking over to the bed, and when he got halfway there he turned his head back to me. He pointed his finger at her, inadvertently striking a pose with his chiseled physique that would've stirred a storm of appreciative hormones if I were in a female body. "See that, little camera fag?

She already sees how much more of a man I am than you." He flexed a little, doing a sort of little dance as he stood at the foot of the bed and undressed. His buddies started taking off their clothes too, and I stopped myself a split second short of removing the gag in order to point out that while he's calling me a homosexual, he's the one stripping down in a room with seven men and only one woman.

Argyle gave me a "please don't spoil this" expression, and I'm sure she knew I was trying to rein in my smart ass streak. This time, there was no real risk that I would intervene. Butch pulled down his briefs and crawled up onto the bed, flanked by one buddy on each side and another two at the foot of the bed.

Mouse was seated near me, holding a video camera. "He's making me film it", he whispered over to me. "I'm so sorry, mister." Mouse had nothing to be sorry about. Butch, on the other hand, gazed hungrily over Argyle's sleek, athletic form. "You've got a spectacular pussy, you know that? Normally I just fuck a girl in the ass or make her give me a blow job, but there's just something about your pussy that makes me need to cum in it", he said.

Argyle gave him just the expression of fear that Butch was looking for. She whimpered out, "Please don't, Butch. You're a big strong man, and I'm completely helpless." I rolled my eyes, but I could tell my influence has been rubbing off ever so slightly on Argyle. I don't know if she'd have turned Butch free if he'd changed his mind at this last moment, but I do know that this established Butch as an unrepentant sinner, beyond all hope of redemption.

Oblivious to the deeper meaning of Argyle's words, Butch chuckled and crawled into position above her. "You might say no right now, bitch. But in a few minutes, you beg me to get back in your pussy." His cock was rock hard and erect, pointing straight down at her warm, inviting pussy.

He lowered himself with a flexing motion, showing off his muscles as much as he could as he slid into the succubus. "Oh fuck, you're wet!", he marveled. He turned his head over in my direction and said, "See, now I know you can't fuck her worth a shit.

I've never had a girl this hot for me." He thrust inside her, and Argyle's lips parted slightly. She let out a little moan of pleasure, and Butch stepped up the pace a little. He was pumping in and out of her, his member vanishing completely inside of her demonic twat. Argyle shut her eyes firmly, hoping that the hell fire beginning to glow in her irises would go unnoticed. Butch wrapped his arms around her, thrusting firmly inside of her and bottoming out at the end of her vagina.

"Oh fuck", he said, "I'm gonna cum so hard!" Naturally, Argyle's vaginal length adjusts to the man fucking her. Usually it gives the guy a feeling of accomplishment that his dick is completely filling her. Of course, every man from 1" to 12" has the same experience with Argyle.

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but they're never around to compare notes afterwards. One of his buddies grimaced. "Don't cum too much, Butch. I don't like extra-sloppy seconds." Butch glared back at him.

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"The minute your cock's inside this bitch, Dan, you won't give a damn if I poured a gallon into her. The only thing on your mind will be what a great fuckshe is." He kept going, thrusting faster and faster as Argyle drew him closer to his inevitable climax.

Butch looked over at me as he panted and gasped, finally grunting as he convulsed and unloaded his sperm into the succubus. Argyle's perfect cunt milked every last drop of sperm from his body as he bottomed out, grunting and gasping as he emptied himself into her. He let out an ascending shriek of pleasure as he finished, the climax dragged out longer than he'd ever had in his life.


They were both beaded with sweat, and he rolled off her and reached for a towel. "Damn!", was the only word Butch could think of as he staggered over to the other bed and took a seat. "Damn", he repeated. His friend Dan, already hard from stroking himself as he watched Butch fuck Argyle, wasted no time in climbing onto the bed and resuming Butch's position between her legs. He started thrusting, and I could tell he wouldn't last long.

Butch caught his breath and turned to me. "She's the best lay I've ever had", he stated. "I think we're gonna have keep her now. That means I'll have to off you, probably some time tonight.

I'm telling you now so you've got time to get used to the idea. Don't give me too much hassle about it when the time comes, ok?" Mouse paled as he heard this, but didn't say anything. It was obvious that he feared Butch more than the law at this point. A shout came from the other side of the room as Dan came in Argyle, refilling her vagina with his own sperm. Butch handed him a towel as he rolled off, leaving room for the next football player to straddle her.

"Oh fuck", said Dan as he took a seat next to Butch, "She really was as good as you said she is." Argyle could've said something, if she hadn't been using her voice to shriek in ecstasy.

I didn't blame her for enjoying this feeding to its fullest. This is the most action she'd seen at one time in years. The best I've fed her so far this century was a set of three rich brothers in Brazil who thought tourism meant a free pass to molest the locals.

Turning my attention back to Argyle's, I noticed that every hair on her body was standing at attention as she drew Power from the sex acts, and her tits were covered in goosebumps. Her vagina was dripping fluids, both from her and her lovers, and the man plowing her at that moment didn't notice as she used a tiny bit of power to char the ropes holding her to the bed.

I watched with interest as she slipped her hands free of the burnt rope and wrapped her arms around the guy she was presently fucking.

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Next, she curled her legs behind him and pulled, driving him deeper inside her. It was apparent that he wouldn't be able to pull out if he wanted to, but looking at his face it was also apparent that he wouldn't want to either.

He was completely absorbed in the moment as he strove within her, his cock seeking ever-deeper penetration into her perfect vagina. His breath changed into ragged gasps, rising in intensity until they stopped for a moment before he let out a stifled grunt as he began to ejaculate.

He kept thrusting, slowly, filling her pussy to the best of his ability. The caveman in the back of his head was screaming at him to get her pregnant, and he was listening as well as he could.

He gasped as he finished, slumping forward onto her in exhaustion. The last guy didn't even wait for him to leave; he just pushed him off of the bed and let him flop onto the floor, spent. He gave Argyle a lusty appraisal as she squirmed before him, just waiting to be entered.

So, he made her dreams come true. Argyle gasped in pleasure as his cock parted her vulva. There was no resistance at all, pre-slicked as her pussy was with the cum of the three men before him. Argyle began moaning and gasping almost immediately, clearly enjoying this encounter even more than her suitor. She thrust with him, and with each returning thrust there was a suction that seemed to want to draw him in, deeper and farther. He knew that the moment he blew his load, it would be yanked out of him, blasting like a bullet to its intended target deep within her pussy.

He smirked at the thought, comparing it to a touchdown pass in football even as beads of sweat began to form across his brow. Across the room, Butch called out, "Hey, finish up over there! I'm about ready to fuck her again." His buddy ignored him and kept going at the same speed. She had him at a 45 degree angle, propped up and thrusting deep inside of her as her perfectly rounded tits, tipped with dark brown nipples, bounced in unison. Her tits were the height of perfection, and almost made me want to start stroking my own cock.

I didn't, for two reasons: for one, I was still tied to the chair. Secondly, that's exactly what Argyle wanted me to do. She spent centuries trying to break just one tiny little crack in my mental armor so that she could worm her roots of lust into me, and ultimately consume my soul. Our relationship was symbiotic, but any moment of weakness would let it turn predatory as Argyle devoured my soul. I shuddered as I contemplated that fate, and the fires of lust which had begun to smolder within me, died out.

Argyle shrieked as she reached her climax, and then the power of her orgasm drove her lover to climax as well. Hetried to pull out to spray his cum on her tits, but the first shot of his semen went inside her, and that was all she needed. His cum erupted onto her like a squirt gun, shooting liberally all over her belly and tits.

He was still spurting when he directed it lower, bathing her vulva in spunk. Argyle licked her lips for a moment and said, "Oh, lover, that was just perfect." Butch pushed his buddy away and said, "You ain't seen nothing 'till you've seen round two, bitch." He had a shit-eating grin on his face, which rapidly shifted to bewilderment.

"What's with your eyes, baby?", he asked. Argyle's irises had been glowing a dull purple, but now that she'd fucked all of the guys, both of her eyes were glowing bright purple. She smiled back at Butch as he continued staring back at her, but didn't say a word. Instead, she idly rubbed at her tits with her fingers, massaging the last guy's cum into her skin as her eyes continued to glow. When she opened her mouth to speak, her mouth glowed as well.

"A little glow is nothing that a big, strong man like you should worry about. You really should be far more concerned about your cock than my eyes." Butch raised an eyebrow and looked down at his cock for a second as it sprang to life. Just before he could ask what was going on, it suddenly went from stiff to painfully stiff. And it wasn't just Butch; all four of the men who'd fucked the succubus were now sporting rock-hard, throbbing, agonizingly hard erections.

"What the fuck?", demanded Butch. Argyle gave a simpering smile and twiddled her finger, and each man stood as if they were at attention, and walked to the foot of the bed as if they were puppets on strings. From the neck down, they moved in unison like robots, but from the neck up they were fully aware and completely freaking the fuck out. "What's happening? Why can't I control my body?", Dan demanded.

Their bodies were standing in a line at the bottom of the bed, but their necks were frantically seeking back and forth as they tried to figure out what was going on.

Argyle's smile was predatory, and suddenly seemed to go higher and higher than a human jaw structure should've allowed. Cracks began to appear all over her body as her smooth, feminine skin first charred, and then burst into open flame. Purple fire erupted from the newly formed cracks in her skin, blazing outwards and consuming what was left of hr flesh as if it were burning plastic. "What the fuck is this?", shrieked one of the guys, but they were all long past redemption.

All that was left of her old skin now was white ash, which she brushed off of her body. Her real skin, now visible, was a bright, intense red. She could've passed for an intensely attractive woman in brilliant red body paint (and actually did so for Halloween once in a while). Argyle was now sitting on the bed, wearing the female version of her true form. Her natural body temperature was already beginning to char the sheets she was lying on.

Her eyes continued to glow a bright violet, and her exquisitely-formed mouth was filled with a shark-like array of needle-thin teeth. She was the center of the mens' attention now; they stared at her like mice looking at a snake.

"Didn't your mothers tell you not to fuck strange women? Especially not to rape them?", she inquired coquettishly. "You boys have been so very, very bad.

I might even say you've been deliciously so." The men started shouting things at her or each other, all at once. Their bodies remained rigid, frozen in place as their heads argued and yelled, pleaded and tried to bargain. Argyle just put her finger to her lips, and all their voices hushed immediately. They were still trying to talk, their mouths moving furiously, but no sounds came out.

Their cocks were now a deep purple, engorged with blood and straining for release. Argyle blew a kiss to all of them, and opened her mouth wide in a reptilian kind of grin. Simultaneously, all four of their cocks erupted in ejaculation, shooting sticky white cum onto her chest.

Each one pumped sperm as if his cock were a fire hose, dumping all the contents of their prostate and then still pulsing, trying to continue ejaculating when there was nothing to go. Moments later, each man's face twisted in a silent scream of agony as their cocks continued to pump dry, producing nothing at first, and then beginning to pump out blood.

Their cocks pulsed and throbbed, pumping blood and tiny chunks of flesh out of the tips and spraying the gore into Argyle's gaping maw. She lolled her tongue, bathing in their life blood as it pumped out in a violent torrent. I watched as their bodies first paled, then started to crinkle in different places like soda cans. Argyle's magic kept them standing, still pumping pieces of themselves through their cocks until long after they should've been dead.

Their eyes shriveled like raisins, then rolled back into their sockets. Their skin dried out and turned into leather, then split and exposed shiny bone. And yet they still screamed silently, still thrashed their necks back and forth even as they became nothing but leather-wrapped bones, still begging and praying for an end to the pain.

And then, the gore spraying from their cocks ended. There was a moment of silence, and then cracking sounds began coming from their bodies. It sounded like a line of children stepping on twigs in the forest, just a continuing series of tiny snaps and crunches.

Their bodies, now barely more than dusty skeletons, began imploding as their bones were crushed together by irresistible forces. Femurs shattered and impaled the body cavity traveling upwards, and skulls came crashing down to where the heart should have been. Each of the four men were now just balls of bone and leather floating in mid-air at chest level.

They were basketball-sized now, but still letting out cracking noises as they continued shrinking further. Through the succubus's magic, they were still alive the entire time, and felt every single snap.

The balls shrunk and shrunk, splintering and compressing until they were the size of golf balls. Argyle smirked and got off the bed, standing up as her her skin blazed with hellfire. The gore seared off in a sea of hellfire, then blew away as powdered ash. She reached out with her hand and plucked the the ball which used to be Butch out of the air, then held it to her ear to listen to the muffled screaming for a moment.

She licked it suggestively, then spread her legs a little and shoved it into her pussy. There was a crackling sound and a puff of smoke curling out of her vagina, and then the ball was gone. I could hear the other balls screaming in panic as she did the same with each one in turn.

When her lovers had all been sent to hell through her vagina, she turned to me and smiled. I cast a minor spell, and my gag and bonds simply disintegrated into a mass of loose thread. "A little theatrical, don't you think?", I asked.

Argyle nodded. "They had it coming, though. Sometimes I enjoy going for a show." "Valid point, I suppose. I'm glad you didn't take Mouse, though. He didn't really seem to be with them." Argyle looked over at the scrawny guy cowering in the corner. "Oh, him? Morgana, you know I've got professional courtesy." I raised my eyebrow and took a second look at Mouse.

"You - wait. Shit, really?" Mouse smiled and bowed at the waist. When he stood back up, he looked considerably taller and older. He'd apparently been hunched over a little the entire time I've seen him. "Yes, really", Mouse said. Other than Argyle, I've never spent much time around demons. I can spot a Lust demon easily, but I'd somehow failed to notice that Mouse was actually a Pride demon. Pride demons fed without killing, feeding off of hubris and overbearing pride.

Frat boys and football players tend to have an abundance of both, and his subservience to them served only to grow their hubris even more. Pride demons were common to find among politicians' aides and celebrity bodyguards. But just because Moust could only feed from humans one way, didn't mean that he couldn't be fed by other demons.

Argyle stepped up to him and opened her mouth slightly, kissing him on the lips. Mouse's form shifted for a moment, revealing a slender blue-skinned body with a curling tail that stiffened and shot violently upright as her lips touched his. Their mouths glowed purple briefly where they touched, and I could hear Mouse release a little sigh of pleasure as he absorbed more Power from this feeding than he would've gained in months of basking in their pride.

I shook my head, smiling, and went about pilfering cash from the wallets which were still in the pants scattered around the room.

The demons continued their kiss, the purple glow ebbing and flowing between their mouths. Just as I took the last of the money, they stopped kissing. The lust demon still had her arms around Argyle's neck, looking into his eyes with what passed for affection among demons. "Bring me another pack of shitheads like these", she said, "and I'll give you twice what I just gave you." Mouse smiled broadly, his eyes still glowing with the infusion of raw power he'd received.

"If you two are done with your hellbound romance, I think we need to be getting back on the road now." Argyle wrote down her cellphone number for Mouse, and we stepped out into the hot afternoon sun.

Argyle had already grown a new human skin and clothes that looked just like the ones she'd so theatrically burned away before feeding. We went back to the gas station and bought a tank of gas with the stolen cash, then got back on the freeway. Argyle squirmed comfortably in the passenger seat, patting her belly as if she'd just eaten a good meal. She seemed lost in thought for a moment, and then grinned broadly.

"What's so funny?", I asked idly. She smiled viciously. "You know how we can sense what's happening to people we send to hell? I was just listening to what's going on with Butch. Apparently, he just figured out that my pussy is a gateway to hell." She patted her tummy contentedly. "And he just asked the Marquis de Sade when they're getting out.

Apparently, the Marquis kept a straight face long enough to send him to ask Caligula." We shared a good laugh as we zipped down the highway. We were only a handful of hours' drive away from our ultimate objective: Merlin. He was going to pay for what he did to me, in ways that would make Butch's gang think they got off light. ==== Other Material From This Author You've just read one of the FOUR parts of "Morgan's Curse", which is the second of my Arthurian stories.

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