Webcam couple blowjob and fucking

Webcam couple blowjob and fucking
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Me and my brothers By Emerald Green Chapter I. It Started I have two half-brothers…one older and one younger. I know what you're thinking but no my mother is not a slut.

She just had a hard time finding a good man. Bobby is my older brother. He was named after his father who we now call Robert (we don't see him much.) When mommy got pregnant and she told Robert, he just up and disappeared.

They weren't married and Robert thought she was trying to force him into marriage. She did not go home to her parents because she had seen her sister do that and she was determined to survive on her own. Robert's buddy, Carl invited my mommy to move in with him, "Just until after the baby is born." She was having trouble making ends meet but she was afraid that all Carl wanted was sex. They worked at the same place, he in the shop and she in the office, so they saw each other every day.

He kept telling her he had an extra room and she was welcome to it. After a month of his offering she finally accepted the invitation. It turned out that all he expected was for her to do most of the house cleaning and some of the cooking. When she was about six months along they fell into bed with each other.

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She says, "He became too nice to pass up." Then about a month after Bobby was born Carl and mom got married. Two days after Bobby's second birthday I was born. Mommy named me Carlene after my father (Everyone calls me Carly.) I never got to know him because just a few months after I was born he was killed while riding his motorcycle.

Lucky for us Carl had a big life insurance policy. The man I think of as my daddy is named Arthur (Art). Mommy met him about six month after Carl died when he hired on as shop manager where she works. About three months later he asked her to marry him.

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She made him move in with us to see how he was as a father. They were married two months later and my little brother Donny was born six days after my second birthday and four days after Bobby's fourth birthday. Momma and daddy are good parents and what we kids did was not their fault.

I want you to know that before I tell you what we did.


Don't get me wrong. We were good kid for the most part. We did good in school. We did not lie or cheat or steel. We did not hurt anyone. None of us have police records. I remember clear as can be the day the things that I'm going to tell you about started. I was 12½ years old and Bobby and I were in middle school and Donny was still in primary school. Bobby and I got home from school about half an hour before Donny, and momma and daddy would get home about a half hour after that.

This day I went straight to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the three of us and Bobby went upstairs to his room. He usually stopped in the family room and played a video game but on this day he seemed unusually silent and had gone to his room. Being the curious person I was I went quietly upstairs and down the hall to listen at his door before calling him for his sandwich. I heard him moan and a soft slap-slap sound. I had no idea what I was hearing. I imagined he was hurting himself so I opened the door to stop him.

I am sure that if you are reading this, you are old enough to know more than I did. Yes what I saw was my brother beating off…masturbating, but I was so innocent or ignorant I did not know what he was doing even after seeing it. I startled him when I asked, "What're you doing?" He jumped and tried to cover himself.

"Go way!" he said. "Are you hurting yourself?" I asked. "No! Go away!" he responded. "It sounded like you were hurting yourself," I said. "Get out of here!" he shouted. I stepped back and closed his door. I then raised my voice to tell him his sandwich was ready. On my way back to the kitchen I thought that maybe he was just playing with himself but it sure looked and sounded like he was hurting himself.

I had finished my sandwich and had started my homework when he came to get his sandwich. I said, "I'm gonna tell mom and dad you were hurting yourself." "I wasn't hurting myself!" he snapped. "It sure looked like it," I insisted. Raising his voice he shouted, "Carly listen…I wasn't hurting myself. You don't need to tell anyone. From now on just stay out of my room." "But I don't want you to hurt yourself," I pleaded.

"I wasn't hurting myself. Carly listen…I was playing with myself. You are so dumb. All boys play with themselves," he shouted. "That didn't look like play to me," I commented. "You play with yourself the way you want and I'll play the way I want and don't you say anything to mom and dad 'cause they will punish you for coming in my room without being invited." He went to play his video game.

He was right. Not more than a couple months earlier he had been punished for coming uninvited into my room. At the time he was only teasing me but because I tattled on him he was grounded from his stupid video game for a week. I didn't know what the folks would take from me but I decided not to find out. The result of this incident was that it caused me to think about playing with myself.

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I enjoyed the gentle fingering that I did but I thought maybe I was missing out on something. Maybe I should try something more intense. I realized I had to pee so I went to the bathroom. While still sitting on the toilette after I had peed, I gently fingered my little button.

It felt good. My finger was dry and when I tried to press a little harder it hurt. There was some hand lotion right there so I put a little on my finger and rubbed my little button. I pressed harder and the feeling was intense.


It was almost more than I could take. I stopped and breathed deeply. I realized I had not locked the door so I locked it and put some more lotion on my finger. I rubbed hard and fast. The sudden surge of pleasurable feeling hit me and I moaned. I stopped and thought how good that felt.

I wondered why I had not discovered this before. I again rubbed more fresh lotion over my little button.

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I began rubbing vigorously with all the fingers on my right hand. It was only when I heard the doorknob rattled and my little brother Donny asking if I was alright, did I realize I had been moaning quite loudly. Breathlessly I called to him saying I was okay. He asked me to hurry up 'cause he had to pee. I told him to use the upstairs bathroom.

I heard his feet thunder up the steps. I contemplated what I had done and had the desire to continue but I decided that I now had both my brothers in the house I did not have the privacy I needed. I'll try it again in bed tonight, I told myself. I washed my hands and face as I calmed my racing heart and rapid breathing.

When I returned to my school work at the kitchen table I discovered Donny's sandwich untouched on the table. I picked it up and went looking for him. I found him in the family room standing behind Bobby, watching him play that stupid video game. "Donny, here's your sandwich." He wheeled around. "Thanks," he said as he took the sandwich from me, then he asked, "Why were you crying in the bathroom?" Bobby paused his game and looked at me.

I had to make this answer good so he did not say anything. "Oh, uh, I uh," I tried to think fast. "Uh, well, I'm constipated and it hurts to poop." With a frown on his face, Bobby nodded and went back to his game. Donny said, "Oh, sorry," and stuffed the sandwich in his mouth. I hoped that I had come up with a good enough explanation. I knew Donny had been deceived but I was not sure about Bobby.

Mom and Dad got home and the rest of the evening went by like most evenings in our house. When I went to bed in my room that night I used some more hand lotion and tried my new method of masturbation. I could not keep myself from moaning. I stuffed the sleeve of a sweatshirt in my mouth and bit down on it. This was not very affective. I tried to be more gentle but my desire to experience the intense feelings that I had earlier in the day drove me to more pressure and speed.

I knew mommy and daddy were still downstairs and could not hear me but Bobby was across the hall and Donny was next door. I did not want them to hear me. I tried as hard as I could to not moan loud enough to be heard. Whenever I made too much noise I would stop. I lay there frustrated by my dilemma until mommy and daddy came to bed.

I then knew I would have to wait for another time. I could not go to sleep. I thought back to when I had heard noises from my parents' room. I remembered noises which sounded to me like someone rocking in a rocking chair.

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Oh, I said to myself, they were playing with themselves or…yeah, with each other. That's what people did when they had sex. I did fall asleep because I had a dream about watching Bobby jerk off. He could not see me so I fingered myself as I watched him. I woke up moaning quite loudly. The intense burning or electric feeling deep down in my gut felt so good I wanted it to continue but I stopped to listen. There was not a sound in the house. I looked at my digital clock and saw it was 2 in the morning.

I got some lotion on my hand and tried to continue. I was able to keep the volume of my moans down by just letting myself moan softly until the feeling grew more intense than I had ever felt before. Now, I was so far gone that I could not stop. I was almost screaming but I could not stop until suddenly I felt that I was floating and then falling silently. I became ridged…not breathing. My toes curled and I gripped the sheet with both hands.

My heart was pounding in my ears loud enough to wonder if others could hear it. Then I slowly relaxed, coming down from wherever I had gone. I realized I was breathing rapidly. My heart was still beating rapidly but my heart and breathing began to slow as I continued to relax. I was covered with perspiration. My relaxation seemed to continue until I fell into a deep sleep.

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In the morning during breakfast my thoughts went back to that intense feeling that I had experienced. Suddenly I was brought back from my reverie when mommy asked, "What's wrong Carly? Don't you feel like eating?" "No, I'm okay," I said as I spooned my mouth full. "She zoned out like all girls do," Bobby said. "Bobby, what makes you such an expert on girls?" mommy asked. I looked at him and saw he was looking down at his cereal without acknowledging her question. Four or five times in the day I zoned out with remembrances of my intense masturbation.

Each time I was brought out of it when I was asked by a teacher of fellow student if I was okay. I did not even speak to Bobby or him to me until we got off the bus at home after school. When we had separated enough from the neighbor kids that they could not hear he asked, "You going to the bathroom to beat off again?" I decided to respond with a simple, "Yes." I wanted to see how he would react.

He kind of stammered when he said, "Well…then…if I hear you crying, I won't come checking on you." I did, I went directly to the upstairs bathroom where I proceed to give myself the most intense orgasm of my life to that point. I allowed myself to scream without restraint. When I came down from the new heights that I had reached I found myself on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor. My inner thighs were drenched with my pussy fluids.

I wiped myself dry and washed my hands and face. I arranged my clothes and opened the bathroom to leave. There was Bobby with his peter in his hand. I had never seen it up close like this, at least not since we were little kids in the bathtub.

That was so long ago I could hardly remember. It was now bigger than I thought it would be. He was pumping on it real fast. "Get out of here!" I shouted. Rather breathily he said, "Sorry Carly but I heard you and could not resist joining…oh…ah…ah." I though he was just mocking me and then white stuff spurted out of his peter.

It repeatedly spurted his stuff out onto the floor. I was transfixed for a few moments, staring at what he had done. Before turning to walk away I said, "You better clean that up." We avoided each other the rest of the evening.

In fact he did not speak to me again until we got off the bus the next day. He asked, "Did you like what you saw yesterday?" I did not answer him.

I walked home in silence. When we enter our house he said, "Wouldn't it be fun to watch each other?" "Humph, if you think I'm interested in watching you beat off, you're crazy." I went to the kitchen where I made sandwiches. Bobby went to the downstairs bathroom, leaving the door ajar so I could hear him beat off. I had had enough. I slammed down the butter knife I was using, inhaled deeply, and went to the bathroom door.

When he saw me he asked, "Change your mind, Carly?" "You keep pushing this and I'm telling mom and dad. What you're doing is lots worse than my entering your room without permission," I announced.

I slammed the door shut and returned to the kitchen. I realized my heart was pounding and my pussy was itching. I had an almost overwhelming desire to masturbate.

My head was saying one thing but my body was saying the opposite. I could not believe what I was thinking of doing. I said aloud, "You're 13 years old. You know better than to join Bobby in his stupid game." I did not care what my body was saying. I finished making the sandwiches, sat down to eat one of them, and started my homework. Concentrating on my homework seemed to drive my bodily desires away.

Bobby came out of the bathroom and went directly to the family room without getting his sandwich. I decided not to say anything to him. When Donny came home he asked while picking up his sandwich, "Do you feel better today?" "Oh yes, much better," I said. "Come here," I added. He stepped up close beside the chair in which I was sitting. I think he thought I was going to show him something from my homework. Instead I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek before he knew what I was doing.

He struggled in my arms but I held him close to me, kissing him again. He bent his legs, falling to the floor, and slipped from my grasp. He scurried away from me before standing up. "What did you do that for?" he asked. "I just wanted to show my appreciation for your thinking about me," I answered. "You made me drop my sandwich," he said as he pointed at his peanut butter and jelly sandwich lying on the floor between us. "I'm sorry. Here have this one," I said handing him the one still on the plate on the table.

I added, "I'll clean that up," indicating the sandwich on the floor. "Thanks Carly," he said as he skipped off to the family room.

I looked at the sandwich on the floor thinking that I should leave it there and if Bobby came for his sandwich I would tell him to pick it up and eat it. No, I told myself, there is no use making things worse.

I picked up the sandwich and tossed it in the trash basket. Using a paper towel I wiped up the little bit of peanut butter and jelly that was on the floor.

I returned to my homework. A few minutes later I heard Bobby say, "You leave that alone Donny." He came up beside me and asked, "Where's my sandwich?" "Guess you'll have to make your own," I said without looking up from my homework.

"If I have to make my own, I'll make it my way," he said as he proceeded to make his sandwich. His way was to spread a liberal amount of peanut butter on a slice of bread, place a slice of bread on that, then he spread a liberal amount of strawberry jam on the second slice to which he added a third slice of bread. He returned to the family room without putting things away. I decided to not make a fuss about it and put everything away.

Shortly after mommy and daddy got home, daddy made Bobby do his homework and I was allowed to watch what I wanted on TV for a while. Then after dinner, mommy reminded us that it was Thursday and that meant family reading time and it was my turn to read a chapter of the book we were reading. We all gathered in the family room and since I was reading this day I sat in the loveseat. Donny always sat next to the reader except when it was his turn to read and then he and mommy would sit in the loveseat so she could help him if he needed it.

This day Donny took his time getting seated and daddy said, "Come on Donny, I want to know what happens next." "I just want to make sure Carly don't try kissing me again," Donny said.

"Kissing you?" Bobby asked. Not looking at Bobby I said to mommy and daddy that I had been teasing Donny and then I said to Donny I was sorry and he would be safe with everyone around. He plopped down next to me and cuddled up close like he usually did.

I put my arm around him and began reading. After the reading was finished for this week it was time for Donny to head off for bed. A half hour later I went to the upstairs bathroom to take a bath before I went to bed. I knew that if I took a bath I would wind up masturbating so I took a shower.

As I began to wash my pussy, I started to masturbate and I could not stop. I was able to keep my moaning down so that I don't think anyone in the house heard me. After I came down from that wonderful high I turned the shower to as cold as I could take it for a little while.

That night as soon as my head hit the pillow I drifted off to a dreamless sleep. There were no more unpleasant incidences between me and Bobby and after a while things between us came to be like they had been before. We fought about silly things and he even offered to help me with my science project (I think after mommy told him to.) Continued in Chapter II. Christmas Vacation