Big long cock fuck story

Big long cock fuck story
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INTRO: Sorry about the first taking so much time with this chapter I actually have 50 chapters done now but I'll only post one a week every monday morning so as to keep everyone entertained and anticipating the next chapter. on some occasions I may even post two chapters a week I am severely sorry about the very long wait. :) I awake the next morning feeling different, taller,stronger. Especially taller seeing how I can feel the footboard of my bed. I get up really needing to take care of bodily needs.

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As I am about to leave the restroom I look in the mirror and i could not believe who I was looking at. Overnight I have grown to 6 foot 4, not only that but I have buffed up big time from a scrawny little white boy to tall stud carrying a six pack. My hair also seems to have changed to a dark raven black color and my eyes to a light blue. After finishing up in the restroom I went to my room to get dressed but I shortly learned that because of my growth none of my cloths but a pair of gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt from my gym clothes.

I made a note to go shopping this morning after i had eaten. Upon entering the kitchen I remembered my sister and what I had done, deciding to leave and eat later.

I was about to walk out the door when I heard footsteps behind me, I turn to look and find none other my sister walking slowly toward me rubbing her eyes but what caught my eye was that her hair color has changed to and she has gotten taller. yea Jordan was hot to begin with but now she can make a gay guy turn straight in more ways than one.

Her hair color was now pure white, she had also gained some curves giving her a real nice figure and tits bye my guess haven't changed, she looked close to a goddess and even her birthmark that used to be on her neck was now gone and even an old scar that used to be on her arm was gone.

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She was still a bit woozy but had wiped enough sleep from her eyes to see me and she seemed shocked at first but asked "where you going?" Struggling with my words I stammered out. "To the store my clothes no longer fit and I need new ones and judging from your appearance so do you want to come?" Instead of feeling uneasy about her coming I was actually hoping she would come. Responding she said.

" Yeah sure I would be happy to come and yes I do need clothes." Grabbing her things she followed me out the door. Getting in my beat up car we headed for the nearest mall an hour away. Along the way I couldn't help but notice that Jordan was smiling, intrigued I had to ask. "Why are you so happy?" "I don't know I just feel different I even feel great physically.

I don't know what happened; my hair changed color, I am taller, and I am more muscular as well. And yet I feel great I don't know why but I just feel great." I didn't know what to say about her response so I just settled back and continued driving.


Once at the mall we headed for a cheap clothing store seeing how I didn't have much money finding clothes that fit was hard and I could only find muscle shirts that fit me but hey I looked good in them for once.

Before this change I would have looked like a moron but now I look great in my opinion. Next we left to find a store that had clothes Jordan would like and she could pay for higher priced clothes than me. Walking through the mall I saw that many of the girls we past had stopped to get a second glance.

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I guess are new looks made us stand out in a good way jaws were dropping with every step we took, although it was a nice change we had to leave though Jordan had got more of outdoor clothes than she when she would normally get more girly clothes but hey I am not complaining she kind of looks good in shorts and a tank top.

It was a little hard getting out of the mall after making our purchases people were crowding us asking for dates from both of us, so yeah it was fun but we both had politely declined every one of them. Now that we had new wardrobes we stopped by a drive through at KFC, getting three buckets of chicken, we parked at the local park finding a table we sat to eat our food we didn't feel like eating anything other than meat so thats all we got. The meat was not as good I would have liked but hey beggars can't be choosers.

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"Hey Ben, what exactly happened to us I mean I dont have a problem with it but I would like to know how we changed?" That was a good question and I didn't know how to answer her but after so thinking I did have a location to find out the answer.

"I don't know but I first noticed a change last night were friends took me for my birthday so I guess that's as good a place as any to start looking.

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But that little excursion is for another day I'm wiped out so hey lets go home and check it out next weekend." Getting up to throw away the buckets that some how are completely empty. I called to Jordan as I headed for the car, we were on our way a few minutes later heading home. Arriving at the house I parked the car and we got out only to hear our father shouting at me at the top of his lungs. "Ben where the hell did you take your sister and what the fuck did you do to her hair!?" As he approached he began to raise his fist as Brian starts to come out of the house as well shouting the same thing raising his fist as well.

Once father got within striking distance and about to bring his fist down when I thrust out my fist into his ribs feeling ribs break under my fingers dropping him right there. I was too dumb struck to notice Brian about to strike me but ended on the ground as well when Jordan struck him with her fist breaking his ribs as well with a single punch. Mom had seen the entire exchange and called the police. A few minutes later three cars approached with blaring noise and blinking red and blue lights.

A few moments later people in blue rushed me tackling me to the ground and cuffing my hands behind my back. I told Jordan to hold back as I was lead to a car and thrown in the back and the rest of the blue people filing into their cars taking me to jail.

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In the interrogation room the cops were asking me why I beat my father and all I said was. "Revenge." Without any emotion then they started asking revenge for what, I remained quiet with a smile then they asked me. "And what happened to Fred Anderson? He hadn't returned home last night and from what his mother said he was with you last night?" Now this was new information and I finally responded with emotion.

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"I don't I thought he went home early, there is no way I had anything to do with that you will have to find him or blame someone else for this because it wasn't me." I was acting cool on the outside but on the inside I was torn on what happened to him.They kept on with the questions for hours I had actually fallen asleep during the interrogation, until one of them slammed their hands on the metal table I didn't even flinch but I did wake up.

These guys were trying to intimidate me and before the change it would have worked but now he didn't even scare me so I had no need be scared. They seemed to notice this and just threw me in a cell till my trial. During the trial three days later I was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment.

When I arrived at my new home I put my game face on, of course never being in prison before I didn't know I would be challenged so quickly because at noon when we are allowed outside for two hours three guys approached me talking big. However, from the movies I knew they were going to challenge me so I didn't bother with talk and immediately went with a low gut punch dropping them all unconscious in a mere moment.

all eyes on us. I merely sat back down where I had been before they showed up. I had just taken there spots on the food chain here, guards started entering the grounds with shields and batons ready to put us in our place only to find three unconscious inmates. I had moved when I saw that other inmates started to move away from the seen avoiding the prying eyes of the guards.

the guards came and dragged the three unconscious men away only to give a glance around and leave. When they were gone a few people came up to me congratulating me and going about their day and another informed me that I just beat the tenth strongest person in the prison and also warned me that the top ten will now be targeting me.

Taking that information to heart I told him I plan on going to the top of the list ruling the prison. He did nothing but laugh at me and said that I will never beat her and walked off still laughing. I only smiled when he left, I decided to let the higher ups come to me for a challenge. Lunch was a bore but oddly enough the food was rather good better than KFC though it looked disgusting.

about half way through my meal a woman walked up to me the rest of the room watching as she takes across from me. She looked nice but hey it's business by my guess so I put my plastic wear down and waited for her to speak. "So I hear you beat those bottom rung losers in a moment they are weak we only keep track of the top ten in this prison so right now you are at the bottom rung but I can tell you are stronger than that seeing how it was only a moment to win without even trying.

So I'll challenge you tomorrow I am the sixth place holder, my name is Elizabeth Miles nice to meet you." extending her hand she asked. "What's your name?" Taking her hand I responded.

"Ben Blackstone nice to meet you too." She left to rejoin her table and I continued my meal and Idling by for the rest of the day till exercising hour wear we all go to the weight room with tons of guards to avoid violence with the weights.

I wanted to test the limits of my strength that the change gave me. Heading over to the bench press i placed 100 pounds on each side and started my reps, The bar itself weighs 45 pounds so that is 245 pounds total and to tell the truth I was pleased it was practically weightless but seeing how the guards are watching I wasn't going to add anymore it would look to out of the ordinary and I dont want to attract too much attention from them people were already staring at me for that much weight after 45 minutes.

I later switched to the arm bars 100 pounds each and used those for 45 minutes as well.


Then later I did crunches for the last 45 minutes and I had worked up a few drops of sweat but I still had my breath, people were staring at me throughout the workout time before we were later moved to our cells for the night. The roommate I had was one of the guys I beat earlier today, and with broken ribs I wont be seeing him for awhile so I had the place to myself until he gets released from the infirmary.

Taking the bottom bunk I went to sleep and waited for my challenge tomorrow to begin, Elizabeth intrigued me but I won't lose and I don't believe she is strong enough to beat me. The next day I waited for Elizabeth to show for are fight, after a few minutes she showed up and smiled she said. "Regardless of the outcome I hope we can be friends though I will warn you strength wont beat me so easily. Now lets begin while the guards are bribed for the next 30 minutes." "I agree but this won't take 30 minutes so whatever they were bribed with was a waste, I apologize for that." Each of us taking our stance's we began in earnest and the moment we started she sprung side to side fighting with speed going for a leg swipe to try and topple me but I easily jumped out of the way.

Surprise evident on her face she ducked down once again doing a head spin kicking out at me but moving into it i caught her leg and started to swing her in circles I let go purposely throwing her into a group of inmates so as not to seriously hurt her toppling all of them she jumped toward me intent on performing a high kick.

Before she could get her leg up I moved forward baring her with my arm toppling her on her back I delivered a moderate punch to her gut and successfully knocking her unconscious while not breaking bones.There was cheering and applause I stood up picking the girl up with me I sat her on a bench and took a seat next her waiting for her to come to, I didn't trust her with the other prisoners while she was unconscious.

The fight had lasted only a few minutes and it was long after the 30 minutes that she finally began to stir. "Ah. what happened?" was her only response till she looked at me and then she suddenly said. "Oh yeah I lost." She began laughing until she felt a sharp pain in her gut then I said.

"Yeah you lost because you underestimated me and assumed from the weight room yesterday that I only focused on strength. Oh and yeah you shouldn't laugh your stomach and abs are bruised pretty bad, I made sure to hold that punch back so as to not break your ribs. It'll take a few weeks to heal from that so you should be careful of other challengers till you are fully healed." Laughing I patted her back and stood up.

"We got 5 minutes till it's time to go in so rest a few minutes before we go in and it looks like your posse are coming to rejoin you have fun." Getting up I left her to sit alone with her friends rushing to her.

The next day at lunch she and her friends joined me at my table Elizabeth still in obvious pain from yesterday as she was clutching her abdomen as she sat. "Hey Ben mind if we join you?

My friends have told me that you sat with me all day to prevent others from touching me so thanks." she looked a little uncomfortable saying that so I simply said. "Yeah sure and no problem have a seat." While we were talking a rather burly man approached us and issued a challenge by way of knocking our food off the table and one solid punch from me and he was down emptying his stomach through broken ribs so it had to be painful beyond belief and soon unconscious laying in his own bile.

Elizabeth only gasped at the sudden movement that in the end she had said that I beat number two of the list leaving only one left till I ruled the prison. Of course after I had hit the guy the guards surrounded me and took me to isolation for an entire week. Isolation had actually been a godsend I had time to relax and see what else my body could do with this transformation I have gone through and hopefully I will learn more about myself in the process.

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A week later I emerged from Isolation and immediately got a challenge from the top dog, number one is now after me and I am ready for it, beyond ready for it actually I had learned quite a bit from my time in isolation that I need not worry. Finishing from lunch, that Elizabeth and her friends had joined me with again, I got up and went to creating a plan then resting before my fight the next day.

The fight was nothing less than a second into the fight found my fist firmly planted in his knee snapping it like a twig showing bone poking through his inner leg. Everyone gasped at the sudden blood curdling scream that escaped the mans mouth before a firm if not moderate chop to the back of his neck knocking him unconscious as the guards approached I managed to shimmy my way into the crowd everyone to shocked to notice anything all except Elizabeth who followed me to the back of the crowd.

I managed to avoid the whole incident by staying away but everyone knew who I was now and I had gained a lot of prestige among the inmates who now both respected and feared me. I liked the way I was treated here but unlike most I don't plan on staying here for ten years so while in isolation I started planning my escape, now that I sat at the top I can get just about any item I want or will need while planning my escape and while escaping.

Jordan had stopped by a few times and while in isolation I had learned of a telepathic link between me and Jordan I was able to contact her that and lay out my plans for her and for her to make preparations outside while I am still here.

I had also told her about Elizabeth and her friends and that I might want o bring them along and that they could help as well. Agreeing we further made our plans on escape and set a specific date for when we leave and if need be we could set another date to leave 3 years from now when I am 21 I will leave this place along the way maybe I could trust Elizabeth enough to bring her aboard the plan keeping certain information to myself.