Sexy Latina Im Soo Wet Baby

Sexy Latina Im Soo Wet Baby
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Chapter 31 PORN PARTY Friday night was the porn party Claire had scheduled. She had only just got off the plane that afternoon, her body soaked in sweat, her pussy dripping, and a sheen of semen still shining on her tits.

When she stepped into the house, she immediately got a pussy spanking from her father, and like the slut she was, Claire orgasmed. This time she got a surprise; her father leaned down and kissed her on the mouth as she came, and Clair found herself moaning her ecstasy into her father's open mouth.

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Something strange happened to her, and her orgasm went strange on her, and then another one hit right after the first. Her father made no comment after breaking lip contact; he let Claire stagger away to get ready for her party. Claire didn't know what had happened or why her father kissing her had made her orgasm twice. She just washed herself off, and dressed herself. She wasn't sure what to wear - it had to be slutty, but everyone that was coming had already seen her naked and most of them had fucked her.

Did it matter what she wore? She settled on a cute bra with no shirt over the top, and a short pleated skirt with no panties. The guests soon arrived - Kitten came first, wearing nothing but panties, having heard about the party from Claire over the last week. Steph arrived home from work a little after.

She hadn't known about the party but at Claire's suggestion she ran upstairs and got changed into a cute shirt and top. Amy and Elena came next, Elena on a leash held by Amy. Neither of these two bitches looked Claire in the eyes, obviously remembering how they had been raped on Claire's suggestion.

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But both of them had showed up anyway. Claire wasn't sure if it was because they were worried about being blackmailed with photos of the rape party, or whether they just actually wanted to come despite themselves.

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She didn't ask. She had some time to chat with the girls. Amy and Elena were both upset about the new laws. Neither were very busty and both were going to take a pay cut as a result.

In addition, both had been told they would have their tits photographed once a week at work from now on, and both were scared of this. Claire made no mention of her part in the laws, and only said that having your tits photographed at work wasn't as bad as it might seem. Kitten suggested that Elena and Amy should both get breast enhancements so that they would be less useless and could be paid more, and mentioned that she herself would need a boob job soon. The boys turned up later.

Jace and Chris and Ben and Emmett. They all complimented Claire on her clothes. Claire explained that she felt like "the slut she was" when wearing these. She hugged each of the boys and tongue kissed them, and then Kitten did the same All of them had an erection, or developed one while being kissed. As the boys sat down, Claire went to get drinks for everyone. She took the time to hold Steph and Kitten and Elena and Amy's drinks under her pussy and piss into each of them a little, using a spoon to stir the urine through the mix of whiskey and cola she was bringing them.

She pissed into her own too. She found she preferred the taste now.


When she came back into the lounge, Claire distributed the drinks, and then suggested that Elena and Amy "get comfortable" by taking off some of their clothes. The girls looked at the boys, a fearful expression on their face, and saw the males were obviously eager for the bitches to strip.

Both sluts obediently stripped down to their underwear. At a gesture from the boys, they also moved to sit between the males, Elena snuggled between Ben and Emmett, Amy between Jace and Chris. Kitten sat directly on Chris' lap. Steph removed her top without prompting, exposing a pretty lace bra, and then, while Claire and Kitten looked at her disapprovingly, she slid her panties down from under her skirt as well, blushing all the while.

She sat by herself on a nearby chair. Michael had helped Claire find appropriate movies to watch, as Claire had obviously been too busy sucking politician cock all week to properly prepare for the party.

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The first disc she put on was called "Crying Sluts", and it featured a parade of girls being slapped, punched, and then raped on camera while they whined and bawled.

Claire curled up next to Ben as the movie started and put her head in his lap. As the first girls appeared on screen, Claire extracted Ben's dick from his pants and started to suck on it happily. By the time the first movie finished, Claire had swallowed a full load of Ben's cum and piss, and the boys had got both Amy and Elena completely nude. Jace's hand was buried to the knuckle in Amy's pussy, pumping slowly, and Amy was crying a little. Kitten was nude and had Chris' cock in her pussy as she sat on his lap.

Claire got up to change the disc and put on "Red Udders", a compilation that focused on whipping and slapping of girl's breasts, interspersed with titfucks and men cumming and pissing on the fuckbags of sluts.

Claire's father came in during this disc. He said nothing, just sat down on the couch. He reached out and pulled sharply on Kitten's hair; Kitten got up, knelt in front of Claire's father, took out his cock, and started to obediently suck on it while he watched the film.

Claire looked across to Steph and saw that she was trying to surreptitiously rub her pussy while watching the film.

Claire didn't know why she and her sister both seemed to find this compilation of abuse arousing; she guessed it was the work of her earbuds. In any case she was glad it made her wet, as that was one of her Titcage rank requirements. Halfway through the video Emmett got up and grabbed Steph. He pulled the struggling girl down and pushed his cock into her mouth. She gagged and wiggled, but he held firm until she started obediently sucking.

Jace, meanwhile, had Amy on all fours facing the TV, and was fucking his cock in and out of her pussy. Ben took a hint and did the same with Elena, while Claire made her pussy available to Chris.

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By the time Red Udders was finished all the men had cum, and were sighing happily to themselves. At Claire's suggestion, Amy and Elena licked each others' cunts clean, as did Steph and Kitten.

Claire cleaned up her own cunt with her hand, transferring the cum in it to her mouth. The boys once again took photos of the abused girls while this happened.

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Afterwards everyone went home except for Kitten, who predictably was staying to sleep in Claire's father's bed and, presumably, fuck him. But first their father had some words for Claire and Steph. "After tonight," he said, "it's pretty clear you two girls are unredeemable sluts.

No nice girl would watch the things you watched tonight, and they certainly wouldn't get wet. They wouldn't let their friends fuck them in public and they wouldn't lick the twats of other girls.

I have been talking with people at your work about this and they have recommended the following setup." He led the girls to their room. Claire immediately noticed there were new television sets set up on either side of the bed. Her father turned them on. They immediately began playing looping video of Claire and Steph, from the cameras in the house and other places.

It was the video on Claire's website. "These will run all night long, every night," her father said, "to remind you what sort of whores you are. And you'll sleep in a special arrangement." He buckled each girl's Titcage collar around their neck. Then he got the two naked sisters to lie on the bed in a 69 arrangement, Claire's head at the bottom of the bed and Steph's at the top.

He brought out handcuffs, and cuffed each girl's hands behind their back. Then he brought out a series of fine chains. The first set had thick plastic clamps at each end.

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These, it turned out, went on the girls' nipples. The chains connected Steph's left nipple to Claire's right, and vice versa. The clamps themselves turned out to both bite painfully into the girls' tits, but also vibrate distractingly.

The next chains were much shorter, and went from Claire's collar to Steph's clit ring, and Steph's clit ring to Claire's collar. The arrangement meant that, at most, Claire could keep her face about two inches from Steph's wet, dripping cunt. The smell was overpowering and almost made Claire orgasm on the spot. She could feel her sister's breath against her own twat. "Like that?" her father said.

"Of course you do, you whores. But the point isn't to train you to get sluttier, it's to train you out of it. Which is why we have this." And he took out an opened can of dogfood.


Without a word, he began to scoop slimy, smelly chunks of meat out of the can and push it into Steph's vagina. Soon Steph's cunt was fully of disgusting dog food. Then he did the same to Claire's cunt. Claire felt the cold, wet pet food being shoved up her fuckhole and moaned sluttily. "There you go," he said.

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"Hopefully that will train you off the taste of cunt. But if it doesn't, at least you can be learning to eat dog food like the bitch whores you are." With that, he took Kitten from the room, and turned off the lights behind him, leaving them uncovered on the bed, in the dark, with the door open. The clamps on their nipples buzzing away were the only sounds in the dark. The only light was from the TVs, which showed Claire and Steph being fucked and raped, and kissing each other naked in the mornings.

And then Claire felt Steph's mouth at her cunt. Her sister was licking her pussy.


She was sticking her tongue into Claire's beaver and fishing out the chunks of dog food. The thought drove Claire wild.

She orgasmed yet again, spasming her twat against her sister's face, and then went to work on her sister's pussy, licking her wet snatch and eating the dog food as her sister's cunt muscles slowly pushed it out into Claire's waiting mouth.

(To be continued.)