Lucious blonde hottie Kendall gets ravaged outdoors

Lucious blonde hottie Kendall gets ravaged outdoors
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Tonya checked her phone for the twentieth time in ten minutes.

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Nothing. She twisted the stem of her wine glass between her fingers as she sat at the end of the bar, very obviously on her own. A noisy group entered, grabbing a couple of sofas and sorting themselves out while I checked drinks requests. I separated myself from the rest of the group and stood next to her at the bar, throwing her an easy smile. I placed the order and then saw her glance at her phone.

'Someone running late?' I asked. 'Or not running at all. How late's too late?' 'How late is he?' 'Half an hour.' I winced. 'And no text?' She shook her head. 'He's a fucking jerk then.' I turn back to the bar, pushing up the sleeves of my shirt, a gesture that looked more out of habit than vanity.

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'Here, let me get you a drink.' 'Oh great, the sympathy drink from the kindly stranger,' but she said it with a smile. 'I like the kindly stranger bit. What are you drinking?' 'Dry white wine, please,' She said as the barman placed the a Guinness in front of me.

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'Small or large?' 'She'll have a large.' 'Oh? Trying to get me drunk, are you?' 'Merely ease the pain.' 'Of rejection? Gee thanks.' I clinked my glass with hers and we exchanged names. I've not been able to figure out her game. She's rejected every guy that's approached her. She's a business woman waiting for her date, Where the hell is she going? Looks like I'm up. Now this is the tricky part. It's all about timing. Okay, she's on. I guided her to the back of the bar my hand inching lower until it is just touching the top of her ass.

Tonya is shocked by my familiarity - She should have said something but it somehow felt wrong. The space in the back corner is narrow and I seem to need to move past her frequently. At first I just brushed past her but it isn't long before she feels me place a hand on her narrow hips and gently pull her past me while also pulling her closer to me. I made it seem like it is just to help us get by each other but she knew I just wanted to get close to her.

It got busier and busier as the night wore on. She feels ok sitting in the corner on a high stool, I'm getting more and more lecherous with each pass. Now I'm pulling her close into me so I can press my groin against her ass. Towards the end of the night I ask " Tonya, let's go to my place." We went to my condo, I closed the door grabbing her hips pulling her into me.

This time it is more forceful. Tonya feels her hips being yanked towards me as her chest fell towards the back of the sofa. She landed heavily with her elbows on the sofa top. I held her like this for a few seconds, her bent over the sofa while my hands clasped her hips pulling them hard back into my groin.

She is so embarrassed to be in this humiliating position, she feels her face flush red. I released her and she went to the bathroom. Slowly the reality of the situation intruded and she feels exhausted and sickened with herself.

She stood up quickly, pulled up her panties and pulled her skirt down.


She came back from the bathroom, she feels my hands grab her waist. Tonya gasped, she feels me pull her forcing her ass back into my groin and she fell forward onto her hands. At last I managed to say, " John, no. I don't like this." " Tonya, you like it." She hears me say, my voice hoarse with lust. " No, I don't.

Please let me go." I'm not listening and my hands weren't letting go. She feels my cock behind my trousers, hard and unforgiving, being jammed between her legs and up against her pussy. Tonya is hot and wet but feeling my cock so close to her pussy made it spasm. A second later she feels my hand run up the back of her thigh and lift her skirt over her ass.

" No, John." She hisses urgently, suddenly feeling exposed. I chuckled. Her ass feels cold with just her white panties shielding her from my hungry eyes. She feels my fingers move between her legs touching her pussy through her panties.

She gasped biting her lower lip.

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Her hot and wet pussy must have been obvious to me now. " Like that." I said triumphantly. My fingers begin to rub her pussy through her panties. Suddenly she is lost in a hazy world of lust. Pleasure spreading through her as this disgusting, dirty man touches her where no other person has touched her in a long time. She feels her head drop down. I seen it as a sign of submission - which she supposed it is. Quickly I yank her panties down so they are half way down her thighs and then uses my knee to force her legs apart.

Then my fingers are back but this time I'm more forceful. My fingers quickly find their way between her pussy lips to the hot wetness inside. She gasps again as one of my fingers sink into her pussy. No one has fingered her in so long except herself and my fingers are much thicker.

I push it slowly into her until I feel her tightness. I stop then and slowly, reverentially, touch her with my finger tip. " You are very tight." She hears me say, almost to myself. I pull my finger out a bit and then back in. She is lost in a sea of lust and humiliation. Tonya is on all fours with her panties round her knees in my bedroom while I fingered her pussy. God she is turned on! She must have been gushing her hot juice all over me. Tonya is brought out of her stupor by the sound of my zipper being undone.

In her lust stupor she had assumed all I wanted to do is touch her, not anything else! She froze while she hears me moving around behind her. Then, without warning, she feels me place the head of my penis at the entrance to her pussy and grasp her hips.

" No, John. I don't want this." " Tonya you want this very bad. Your cunt is all wet." I laugh.

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" Tonya a 30 year old whore." She hung her head in shame. She knew why I thought that was true, all she'd done is confirm my sick theory but she didn't want this. " No, John. I am waiting for my future wedding." She feels me hesitate.

She feels a sense of relief but my hands still grasped her hips tightly and she still feels the head of my penis nestled between the outer lips of her very wet pussy.

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She feels so exposed and vulnerable, she tries to close her legs but I'm standing between them, keeping them spread far apart. I pull her hips back while pushing slowly forward. " No." she cried but it is no good.

Her pussy is sopping wet and she feels my cock slowly forcing her pussy lips apart and enter her. It is like nothing she has ever felt before, suddenly her pussy is being stretched open far more than she thought possible. She feels my hard, thick cock entering her, first my large round cock head and then inch after inch of my rock hard shaft. But then I stop and she knew I'm at her small narrow opening. If I pulled out now would she still technically be a virgin?

She tried to turn her head to see me behind her. " Please, John, stop. I'm a virgin." " Not virgin now." I laughed nastily as with a sharp thrust she feels my cock rip through her burying itself up to my balls inside her pussy. Tonya's mouth is open but no sound came out. That is it and there is no going back. She will never be the same again. She has lost her virginity to me in my bedroom.

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All her dreams of her first time, with a husband after their wedding night are ripped away as suddenly as my hard cock had taken her. Instead of a gentle, loving embrace she is being fucked doggy style by me. Tonya feels her body being forced back and forth as I quickly got into a rhythm, my cock sawing in and out of her pussy. Her hair flopping around her face having come free from her clasp.

I grunted and groaned above her, obviously enjoying defiling her. Her tight pussy must have been heaven for me. She looks back underneath her - her legs are spread and she sees me as I thrust my cock in and out of her now sullied pussy. She sees my balls swinging in time to my thrusts. Suddenly she feels her pussy spasm and a wave of lust swept over her. She is getting turned on by this disgusting, humiliating situation?

She is enjoying being used like a cheap prostitute. It didn't take long for it to be confirmed as the now familiar sensation spread out from her violated pussy. It quickly built and she found herself giving involuntary little gasps as she feels my hard cock thrusting inside her. " Tonya likes my cock in her." I said from behind her. She buried her head in her arms as I continue to ram my hard cock into her.

The pressure continues to build and she knew she is on the edge of the most fantastic orgasm she has ever had. But then she remembered, She isn't on the pill. " John." She said urgently, " I'm not on the pill. You can't get me pregnant." I laughed and kept thrusting into her. " Too late now, Tonya." My thrusts became harder then and any resistance she could muster ebbed away.

She resigned herself to this debasing experience. She will be fucked and I will cum in her. The thought of me cumming inside her, covering the inside of her pussy with my sticky seed suddenly made her even hornier.

She let out a squeal and her orgasm hit her so hard she thought she would pass out. She feels her head collapse onto her arms as intense pleasure swept over her.

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She doesn't remember how long she was like that but suddenly she is aware that I continue to slam my cock into her. She looks over her shoulder I continue to brutally fuck her pussy.


She hears me give a chuckle. I'm still thrusting hard and it is getting difficult to ignore the pleasure my hard cock is giving her, however unwilling she is. She closes her eyes and bits her lower lip but she can't keep a look of lust and pleasure off her face as my cock slams into her. My thick cock as it enters her stretched pussy. She feels so degraded but also so turned on.

Behind her I'm close to cumming and she feels my tempo increase and she knew it wouldn't be long before I will shoot my sticky white seed deep inside her. That thought is enough to push her over the edge and she came. It is easily the most amazing and enjoyable orgasm she has ever had and she feels herself shuddering with its intensity.

Involuntarily she lets out a scream of pleasure and hears herself shout, " God yes, fuck that cock into me. Cum inside me." With that I clenched her hips tightly pulling me hard towards me while at the same time thrusting forward.

My cock went deeper into her than she thought possible, she feels fully impaled by it, and then she feels me shuddering and unload a massive load of hot, sticky cum deep inside her once pristine pussy. I held her for what seemed like minutes as she feels my cock twitch inside her and shoot spurt after spurt of my cum into her unprotected womb. At last I'm done with her and she feels me move back and my now softening cock slips slowly out of her abused pussy. As soon as it is free she fell forward onto the bed exhausted.

She knew she is a sight, flopped across a bed, panties around her knees and legs spread, but she didn't care, she is too tired and still ridding waves of post orgasmic pleasure. A funny feeling from her abused pussy told her that my thick cum is now running out of her to form a little puddle between her legs. Tonya walked out to her car and got in. She had to suppress a yelp as she sat down and she realized how sore her pussy was.