Horny old gay men photos I told Austin that it would be supreme to

Horny old gay men photos I told Austin that it would be supreme to
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After returning to my room from the morning's sex adventure in the Kitchen with my Mom and brother, I took a short nap. Mom left for work shortly afterward as well, although she did leave about 30 minutes late. I guess she thought having sex with her kids was more important than begin on time for work. I slept for several hours, until noon. The phone began to ring, and I wonder who could be calling here. Nobody is normally at home at this time of day.

I started not to answer it thinking it was a telemarketer. Luckily for me, I couldn't resist that urge to answer a ringing phone. Turns out it was John calling me from school. My eyes widened in surprised as I heard his voice. "Hey Sexy, how are you?" John Asked.

"I'm sick, but should be fine in a few more days" I replied. "I hope so. Its been almost a week since we have spent any time together. Since. you know.the backseat" John spoke slightly embarrassed and acting innocent about it. "I know baby, I'm very eager to have another day like that with you, I'm just not been feeling well" Was the best response I could give. "I'm glad to hear that, I thought for awhile maybe you was avoiding me because it was bad" He said with a concerned voice. "No!

Definitely not my love." I said a bit forcefully to reassure him. John calling me from school was so sweet. There is only two pay phones outside the school lunch room that any student could use.

He was so worried about me, he took the time to spend cash and his lunch time just to make sure I was ok. I was very flattered to say the least. Just to make sure, I asked where he was. "John? Where are you calling from?" I asked. "The payphone from outside the lunchroom. If the line is noisy, its from all the people passing by and chatting in the hallways." He explained.

"Its fine, I can hear you ok. Do you know where I am?" I questioned. "No, just that your at home" He stated. "Yes, and I'm in my bedroom. Would you like to know what I'm wearing?" I teased "Sure" was his only answer. "I'm only wearing panties. Since everyone is gone, I'm covered up in bedsheets and panties only" I continued to tease. "Oh baby." Was again all he could manage to say. "And I miss you so much, I think I will take those panties off right now." John went silent at this point, and I was doing my best not to laugh.

I knew I was getting him aroused in a public area. And he couldn't say or do anything. ". Just talking with you like this has my pussy so wet. I wish you was hear to lick it for me." I continued my fun.


"Oh my. " was again I'll he could manage to say. "John, my fingers are rubbing my clit right now, while I imagine its your tongue licking me. Oh yes. that feels so nice" I said in a sexy and moaning voice to tease him even more.

"You are so amazing!" Another limited, yet loving response from John. "I can't wait to be with you again, mmmmm. I'm now sliding a few fingers into my wet pussy imagining it was your cock. Oh JOHN!!!" By now I was very aroused and also loving every moment of teasing him. Knowing he was somehow trying to hide his erection in his pants while everyone else passed by him. "I wish I could say more.

And my time is almost up." John said with a concerned voice. "Don't worry love, your cock will be inside me again soon. Oh YES!!! Oh fuck me!" I said and then shouted out as my pussy was on fire with a passionate lust. "I love yo." was all I heard join say as the phone died, and then the dial tone came on. John must have ran out of minutes. I finally let out a giggle knowing how well I teased him. I continued rubbing my clit, but once John was gone, most of the sensations had past.

I shouldn't have been surprised, I did have sex a few hours before. But it was still amazing how John had me ready for more, yet without him I no longer needed it. I was awake for the rest of the afternoon, and was mostly anxious while waiting for Mom to arrive home with the test.

My mind kept wondering what will I do with a baby. Or should I even keep the baby. Dad was the first to arrive home. For the next hour, I tried to avoid him.

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It was a odd feeling to be around him thinking my Dad could very well be the father of my child. He remained in the living room watching TV until Mom arrived a couple hours later. When Mom finally arrived, I was so relieved. She made her way to my bedroom as soon as she could. "Sweetie, are you in here" Mom said while entering my room. "Of course Mom, where else would I be" I said to her with a slight smartass tone.

"I have the test for you" she stated. Mom then handed me the box, with the test inside. "Go to the bathroom now, and do the test, try it more than once if it comes back positive" she said. Without saying a word I did go to the bathroom. Scared and nervous to say the least. I was so nervous it was hard to even read the directions. Finally I did succeed and to my horror it was a positive result.

I was almost in tears before saying to myself "No wait! Mom did say try it more than once". I tired a second time and also was positive. Now I really was in tears as I tired for a third time. Once more it was positive. I headed to my room with tears in my eyes but not making much noise so I didn't alert anyone else. Mom was awaiting for me in my room, she didn't say a word when I arrived.

She knew the answer was written all over my face. She hugged me tightly for several moments before speaking.

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Feeling her holding me tight was comforting, but I was still to much to bare. "How many times did you try?" She asked. "THREE!!!" I said in a crying voice. "Its ok, we will all be ok" she said in a soft voice while still holding me tightly. After what seemed like forever in her embrace, she sat me down on the bed, then sat down next to me. "I can see you by your tears that you don't want the Baby.

We can get an abortion if you like?" She asked. I sniffled and thought it over. As much as I wanted to remove it, I also felt extremely guilty if I did. "I don't know Mom. Is that fair to the child?" I asked "Many people have asked that question, And there is many different answers. But this time, I don't think we should allow a baby created by your own father to be born. It will be a hard life for everyone, even the Baby's." She wisely said.

I slowly nodded knowing she was right. "Ok." I reluctantly agreed. "But." I then started to say. "Yes dear?" Mom questioned. "Before that happens. Can I feel Daddy inside me again?" I asked. Mom thought about it for a moment, I'm not sure if she was jealous or just shocked. All I know is that I wanted to feel my father making love to me at least one more time. No hiding in the dark, no mystery man. I wanted to feel that loving touch again, yet this time see it too.

"Yes, I think both of you could use that" She finally answered. I smiled with a glow and felt somewhat better about everything. Just knowing I was going to get another chance was enough to make me forget there was a fertilized egg inside of me.

"Come into our bedroom tonight when you hear us going at it. Don't bother with cloths either" she stated. "going at it?" I questioned. "We do normally try to keep it quiet, but tonight I'll be sure to not to hold back, and really enjoy myself." she said.

I giggles and smiled at the same time. "Sounds like a plan Mom" I said happily. The rest of the evening was uneventful, most of the stress was gone. While I knew I was pregnant, I also knew with Moms help that would be over soon. Dinner was quiet. Everyone just enjoyed their meal, and didn't say much. I found that amusing since most of us has willingly had sex with the others. Later that night, everyone did there usual things. Relaxing, showering, and getting ready for bed.

Nothing seemed any different until after everyone returned to there rooms for bed. Mike was the first to have his lights out and sleeping. I did the same, but knew not to fall asleep. As for my parents, it was maybe 30 minutes later that I started to hear some sexual noises coming from there bedroom. They must have been trying to be cautious, giving us enough time to fall asleep before going at it.

Remembering my Moms instructions, I removed all my cloths and headed towards their bedroom. In the past I would have never done such a thing. But my entire family has seen my birthday suit, so it was no longer a big deal.

I decided to sneak up on them, I tip toed to there bedroom door. The lights was on, so I could clearly see everything. My Parents was in the doggy position with my father at the foot of the Bed. His back was facing the door, so he would have no clue I was there. It didn't take to long for my Mom to notice however. Within just a few minutes she saw me standing at the door.

All she did was give me a big smiling grin, so I wasn't sure how to act or if I should go in. I watched as my Dad pounding into her very hard and fast. His hips was literally slapping her ass from the impact of his thrusts.

I couldn't believe this was the same person that so gently took my cherry. Dad would occassionally moan softly, but Mom was not holding back anymore. Each deep thrust in she would softly yell out, then occasionally she would burst out very loud. I couldn't help getting wet as I watched them. "Oh yes. Daddy love fucking her little girls tight pussy. mmmm" He said to Mom in a soft yet dirty voice. "You know I love it Daddy!" Mom said back to him, again, not trying to be silent.

As they was talking, Dad shifted his legs a little in the bed. It was then I noticed this was not the normal type of sex. My eyes went wide as I realized I was watching them having Anal sex. I can't imagine having a cock in me like that, yet my own Mother seemed to be enjoying it.

"Daddy? Are you going to cum in my pussy? I'm not on the pill?" Mom said to dad in a young girl type voice.


"Yes, I'm going to fill my little girl up, over and over again" He said a bit louder now. "Oh daddy! Fuck your little girl. FUCK ME HARD!" Mom said and then shouted out. "Geez, what are you trying to do, wake up the kids" He said to her in a concerned voice. "Mmm. just fuck me! Don't worry about it dear." She said while breaking her character.

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They continued to enjoy the anal sex without words for a few more minutes. All this sexual action was getting me quite aroused. I couldn't help but start to rub my clit. Oh the sensations I felt shot threw my entire body as my fingers made contact for the first time while watching them. I could hear there moaning growing louder and quicker paced. I knew Dad was getting close to shooting his load.

Mom too seem to be getting close, despite not have her pussy full of cock. Dad then moved his right hand around her hips and up under her body. Although I couldn't see what he was up to, with his hand between her legs now, I knew he was rubbing her clit.

She look at me directly in the eyes several time now. I could see the fire in her eyes as she was getting so close to cumming. She even blew me a kiss inbetween her moans of ecstasy. Her tits bounced, and her ass rippled as he pounded into it so hard.

"Oh yes Daddy! Your cock is so big inside of me!" She said to him. "I know, your little pussy is so tight, Its getting me so close" He said while continuing his thrusts.

Dad was still pounding her like they was two animals going at it. It was so enchanting to see all this. It was then I felt something behind me. My hands was to busy fingering my clit to move around to see for myself. But I didn't need to wait long till I felt two hands rubbing my ass. I was shocked, but also I knew that had to be Mike. All the noise must have made him curious to see too.

I relaxed a little knowing it was him. His hands on my ass did feel good. But suddenly and quickly, I felt his hard cock pressing against by butt crack. Then it quickly went lower and right into my pussy. "Oh god, whats this perv doing in me again!" I thought to myself. "OHHHH!!! Ahhhh!!" I yelled out as he entered into me and started to thrust.

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I wasn't yelling out of protest, but total lust and arousal as it felt so good having a cock in me. My yell immediately got Moms attention and she looked toward the door to see the two of us standing there, and Mike's cock thrusting away at my pussy. "Mike!! Get out of your sister right now! What did I tell you!!" Mom ordered Mike. This now had Dads attention too.

As he turned around and saw the two of us fucking, he immediately lost it. "Oh fuck! I'm CUMMING!!!!" He announced to everyone as he shot a load into Mom's ass while still looking at my nude body standing there.

"Oh baby, Yes! Shoot it into your baby!" Mom said to him. "OHhhhhh.

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yes! Take it you slut. Mmmmmm." He continued to say while shooting countless ropes of cum into her ass. At the same time, Mike obeyed Mom's orders and slid his cock out of me. We both missed feeling the sensations immediately.

But at least I knew more fun was still coming, unlike Mike who had no idea what was going on. "Honey, Go clean off your cock while I talk to the kids" Mom said to Dad. "Why must I clean it?" He said, looking at her curiously. "Because your fun isn't over yet tonight" She said to him with a grin. "Yes Dear." He said with a smile, knowing exactly what that meant.

Mom then laid down on the bed face up and looked over to Mike. "Mike come here, you are going to be punished for breaking the rules!" she said in a harsh voice. Mike moved towards the bed not saying a word. "Get in this bed, and put your head between my legs now!" she again spoke in a harsh commanding voice.

Mike again just did as he was told, but I suspect he liked the idea of being inbetween her legs. "Lick my clit, give me a orgasm now since you spoiled mine!" She said to him. Mike began to lick between her legs. Its hard to say how well this rookie was doing, but listening to Mom's moans, he was doing something right. "Oh yes baby, faster, MUCH faster!" she commanded. I moved closer to the bed now, to watch the action, From the master bathroom I could hear water sounds as Dad must have been cleaning himself up.

Meanwhile Moms moans was growing louder as she continued to get licked by her son, my brother. "Oh yes. YES!! More. SO close now!" she stated. Her whole body began to squirm a little. A odd urge came over me while watching Mom. I wanted to suck on her nipples. Without any warning, I sat down on the bed too, then leaned over enough to suckle on her breast. "Ah. YES!! OH FUCK YES!! I'm Cumming!!!" She shouted out to everyone.

As Mike enjoyed the taste of his mother cum flowing out into his mouth, I felt her firm nipple in my mouth. As her body climaxed, I kept sucking on her nipple. Finally she began to relax and her breath started to slow. "Oh babies, that felt so incredible" She said to us both. "I'll say, that looked great even from here" Dad said while standing at the bathroom door looking in.

"Don't worry Dear, your turn is coming too" Mom said to Dad. I couldn't believe what was happening, All I wanted was to make love with my Dad one more time. Now its turning into a family orgy. What was going to happen next! Once Mike was done licking Mom's pussy, he moved up her body to suckle on her other nipple.

The two of use was now both licking away at her nipples. Mom continued to squirm and moan as she enjoyed our efforts and the afterglow of great sex. As I enjoyed feeling Mom's hard nipple in my mouth, I began to question my own sexuality.

Did doing this make me Bi or a Lez? Or was it just leftover impulses from childhood and suckling milk. Mike's body was completely on top of mom, my own body was 90 degrees, or perpendicular, to hers.

Most of my body was on the bed, with my lower legs and feet dangling over the side.

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As we both continued our nursing, Dad moved to the side of the bed where I was. He was certainly enjoying the show, but was now ready to become involved. Instead of disrupting our efforts, he squatted down at the edge of the bed and began to play with my feet. At first his hands just rubs along the arches of my feet. This alone was enough to send chills throughout my entire body.

I also couldn't resist the urge to moan out. As I was licking around the edges of Mom's nipple, Dad began to kiss each of my toes. He followed up by sucking on them as well. This send even more chills throughout my body, and my moaning was also louder. Oh god! How great it feels to have your feet touched like that. I was enjoying it so much I soon forgot about Mom's breast and just watched Mike.

Mike continued to lick away at both of them, but my mind was mostly focused on my feet. Dad began to lick inbetween my toes. I couldn't help but curl them up from the intense pleasure. He must have done this before, because he waiting till I uncurled them to begin his efforts again. Mike during all of this seemed to be growing tired of Mom's breasts as he moved upwards to kiss her lips directly.

"Mom? Can I?" He asked her in a gentle voice. "Not yet, your still being punished for putting your cock in your sister!" He said back to him. Mike just wimpered to himself and kissed Mom's neck and shoulders. My poor bro had such a rock hard cock at this moment. I'm sure he was very eager to use it.

Meanwhile, I was becoming just as eager as Dad played with my feet and turning me on even more. I wanted to rub my clit just enough to cum while he pampered them, but thought I shouldn't spoil the fun. Mom then sat up in the bed and turned to the side as if she was about to stand up to get out of bed. But she didn't leave, but just gave a look at Dad. Dad then immediately stopped with the foot attention a laid me down on my back in the bed.

As I looked up I saw his amazing body and rock hard cock. To see him like this was much more intense than the night the took me in the dark. My hands couldn't help but to reach out and rub his chest as his body continued to lower down on top of mine. "Mike, come over here and kiss my feet." Mom instructed. "But Mom, I want to." Mike tried to say but was cut off.

"No! Your still being punished, no kneel down and kiss my feet" she commanded. I had always known Mom to be bossy, its whats Moms do, but to see it in this sexual way was certainly new. My attention quickly return to my own situation when I felt my Dad's hand rubbing my pussy slowly. "You're so wet, I see your eager to feel you Daddy inside of you again" he said softly. "Oh yes Daddy, It felt so good when you took my Cherry, I want to feel that way again" I said happily. Without another moment of waiting that's exactly what happened, as I felt him enter me.

I couldn't help but moan as he filled me up full of his meat. No foreplay needed now, we both loved each other, and had both being turned on by all the events leading up to this moment. Now it was time to enjoy him for all it was worth. He began thrusting slowly, and even at that pace my heart was already racing. As our love making started my mom turned her head towards us to see, she couldn't help but smile.

As for Mike he was out of view of everything and worshiping mom's feet still. "Oh baby, your pussy is still so tight" He said to me. "Oh daddy! Your cock is so big inside of me!" Mimmicking my mom's own words from earlier. And it was so true, his thrust began to pick up in pace, and my first orgasm was approaching.

My toes curled, and my hands grasped the sheets as my moans told everyone I was about to cum. "That's it, cum for daddy baby. Cum all over daddy cock" he said to me. I didn't say other word, I just moaned and screams as my pussy clamped down on him and my whole body was one fire. Dad stopped his thrusts and sucked on my nipple while my orgasm continued.

Once it was over I opened my eyes to see the biggest smile on his face that I can remember. Then I glanced at mom who was also still smiling without the slightest jealously on her face.

"I love you Daddy, Fuck me" Was the words coming out of my mouth once my brain was working again. "Don't worry, Daddy is taking care of his little girl" he responded as his thrusts began again.

"Mom, when can I see whats going on?" Mike asked. "I guess we should stop your punishment now, stand up and just watch what is going on" she said.

"But Mom? I don't get to do anything?" He questioned again. "No Mike, you must learn your lesson and your place in this family" she explained. The bickering between them continue on a bit longer, but there words became fuzzy to me as my Dad continued thrusting inside of me. "Thank you for making me a woman daddy, I love it" I said to him "Did you enjoy having me cum in your pussy?" He said in a seductive voice. "Oh yes, you made me a woman properly and it felt good" I said back in a similar seductive voice.

"But daddy? I'm not on the pill, you could get me pregnant" I said in more innocent voice. I knew from watching mom, this line would really make him go wild, but strangely he slowed down his thrusts some.

My own body started to hump him back to encourage him to pick up the pace again. "Do you want me to pull out of you when its time?" He asked "No Daddy, I'm so close.

I don't want you pull out of me ever" I responded "And if I give you a baby?" He questioned me again "I still love you, even if you make me a mommy" I said happily. My own orgasm was getting close once more. His trusts almost picked up to there fastest pace yet. The talk seemed to light the fires of passion in both of us even more. I was crazy to think I wanted to be a mother at just 16, but at this moment of sexual energy I actually wanted it. God help me I wanted it. As his own grunts and moans signaled to me he was about to blow, what I said next is words no young girl should ever say.

"Oh god Daddy, I'm cumming!!

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Please cum with me. Give ME A BABY!!!" I moaned out and screamed. "Oh baby, I cumming in you" He managed to say before his release. Then I felt it inside of me, rope after rope of his cum shooting into my pussy. "Yes Daddy. Oh yes. all of it. give me all of it!" I said again while my legs tried to wrap around him, keeping him inside of me.

"Oh honey. take my cum you dirty little girl. Mmmmm. Squeeze every last drop out of me" He happily said. That's exactly what I was doing to.

My pussy was clamping down repeatedly on him as I enjoyed this moment for all it was worth.

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I held as kissed him everywhere I could as I enjoyed the afterglow. As I started to catch my breath I looked over at Mike and Mom to see what they was up too. All I saw was mom's breast covered in cum. Mom told me later that she stroked Mike a few times as me and Dad began our mutual climax together and Mike unloaded on her as he saw us finish. Can't say I blame him there. As for me, I was spent, and held my father close to me for as long as I could. I was glad to have this moment with him, but my thoughts quickly returned to John and all the things we'll get to do in the future.

As it turns out, Mom allowed this night for many reasons. The first being able for Dad to finally be able to live out his incest fantasy. The second was to make sure my pregnancy would be taken care of properly. And I think her final reason was for her own incest fantasy reasons with Mike. Am I in a messed up loving family or what? Either way, I had my introduction to sex in a loving way that I don't regret.