Luiza saint giving a private pov strip tease and blowjob with cum swallowing ending

Luiza saint giving a private pov strip tease and blowjob with cum swallowing ending
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John Kelley hummed a tune as he went into the kitchen. "Hi, honey," he said, kissing his wife on the lips. "G'morning, John," smiled Alicia. "Ready for breakfast?" "Hell, yeah," he said, sitting down. Then, eyeing his wife's great body he leered, "How 'bout a little ass, too? He-heh?" His wife turned away, hurriedly snapping, "Now, John, I've told you that's supposed to be only for having a baby. Now, please. Stop bothering me about that. I let you have your way once a month as it is, you know." "Yeah, okay," he answered, his voice catching in his throat.

"Where's Janie this morning?" Glad to change the subject, Alicia told him, "Oh, I think she's still in bed. Melanie left a little while ago and said Janie wanted to sleep late. Those girls are so nice, so innocent and young. They're pretty little things, too." She sighed. John, his adrenaline rising, answered, "Heh, yeah, they are. Janie's a big girl now, though." His mind whirling, he began thinking about Janie. She was growing a fine body, too.

And her friend Melanie . yeah, she was looking real good, too, damn good! Too bad Janie was his daughter and Melanie her best friend. If things were otherwise . Oh, it hurt him to even think about it. He struggled to put the thoughts out of his mind as he finished eating. Hastily getting up, wanting to get away from his wife, he muttered, "I'm gonna look in on Janie." His wife hardly looked up as John hurried out, glad to get away from the frigid bitch.

She looked good, but she was a block of ice when touched. Approaching his daughter's bedroom door, he slowly opened it. His daughter was lying on her side with her back to him. She didn't move. Slowly, he crept into the room, whispering her name. Still, she made no move. Careful not to wake her, John stood still, looking around the room. He breathed in the fragrance of his young daughter's body.

The smell was good . soft and sweet. Yet there was also the odor of something else. Something bestial, animalistic. He couldn't put his finger on it. Then he spied the hairbrush on the floor. He picked it up. It appeared normal with a few hairs clinging to it. Nothing unusual. Then he looked closer. The hairs were short and curly and looked like the kind of hairs that come from between a person's legs. John glanced at his daughter's sleeping form, wondering if he was right.

If he was, then Janie had been fucking herself with the hairbrush handle. He began thinking. Melanie had spent the night so probably she had been in on it, too . His cock started tingling. So, his young, innocent daughter and her equally young and innocent girl friend had been playing with each other! He wondered exactly what they'd done. The air in the room stirred and Janie sleepily opened her eyes.

Sensing the shift, she looked around. Seeing no one, she yawned and stretched. Her body glowed, fresh and alive. Her cunt sent a wonderful glow radiating through her body, letting her know it was still there. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were standing straight up. She had awakened horny, as she usually did nowadays. As she rolled over, her glance fell on the hairbrush. It was still where it had fallen, apparently. Something stirred between her legs and she knew that she had to have it inside her.

Her breath quickening, she scurried out of the bed. Scooping up the brush, she lay back down and threw her legs over her head.

With one hand she pulled her cunt open and in no time she had the handle rubbing up and down her pussy slit. She gasped at the touch of cool rubber against her hot cunt. Chills rushed through her body. She pushed it gently between her pussy lips and it sank into the gap. Slowly, she rubbed it up and down her pussy slit. Touching the rim of her swelling pussy hole, she circled it with the handle.

Her fuck juices smeared all around her cunt. Then she slid the handle back up her slit and found her clit with it. She lurched at the touch. Her clit was engorged and it throbbed in want. She then massaged around the sensitive flesh, circling it sensuously.

Her clit screamed for a touch, but she controlled her desire. It was all she could do to resist, but she slowly kept teasing herself between the legs with the hairbrush handle. Janie gradually worked the handle back down her cunt slit in little up-and-down movements, each downward stroke bringing the handle closer to her juicing pink hole.

By the time she reached the rim, she was quivering. She wanted it in her pussy! And she was going to have it there, too! She pulled her cunt lips wider, moaning.

Gently, she pushed the handle against the cunt hole and her pussy began spreading. She pushed more firmly and the hole opened ever so slowly. She worked the handle in and out a little at a time. She inhaled, relaxed and pushed in with one long, smooth motion. The brush handle sank deeply into her cunt as chills filled her mind with goodness. "Oooohhh . Mmmmm!" she cooed. Her pussy lips were stretched taut around the handle. She lay there for a moment, enjoying the feel as her pussy got used to it.

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Then she put her feet flat down on the bed and pulled them to her asscheeks. Her pussy was wide open and ready for fucking. Slowly, she pulled the brush back out. But before the tip emerged from the depths of her cunt, she pushed it back in. Rippling through her spine, pleasure filled her brain.

She pulled the brush back, then drove it deep in once again. It got better and her hand began to pump steadily. She spread her legs as far apart as they could go and settled down to do business. As she got into it, she gradually began fucking herself faster.

Her cunt began taking control of her brain. It directed her hand to fuck and fuck it did, faster and harder.


She pushed the handle deep, groaning. Digging hard, she churned the slick insides of her pussy. Swiftly, she snapped it out, then before her pussy had time to close, she jammed the handle deep between her cunt lips. Each time she made her narrow cunt split open, a grunt shot from her throat. Repeatedly, she pulled the brush out and then fucked herself deeply with it. When her cunt was a sloppy, wet mess of fuck juices, she turned her attention to her swollen clit.

By now, her clit was blood-engorged and throbbing mightily. It hung between her swollen cunt lips, huge and fleshy. It commanded her left hand to frig it and the innocent young girl could not disobey. Nor did she ever entertain such a thought, either. Automatically, her magic fingers began their nimble dancing. Her grunts turned to whimperings as she melted in ecstasy.

Three fingers swirled around her clit in a delicious massage. The tender flesh surrounding it was manipulated this way and that. Without realizing she was doing it, her hips began gyrating. Her fingers massaged more quickly. Then she flicked her fingers lightly over her clit. She bucked. Yes! Yes! Ohhhh, fuck, yes! Her breathing became faster and faster. Her feet lifted off the bed and the handle dug deep. Ohhh, it was good! Just then a movement caught her eye.

Startled, she turned. Her jaw fell open. She stared, shocked. It was her father! John Kelley stood there for a moment, absorbing the shocking scene. There was his daughter on the bed, totally naked, her nipples puckered up. Her legs were thrown high and spread wide and her cunt was dripping wet, swollen and red.

She was . she was fucking herself with her hairbrush! John was almost speechless, but as he hungrily stared at every minute detail of his fine young daughter's hairless body, he recovered.

So, he had been right! His cock immediately stiffened against the front of his pants.


Her body was smooth and flawless. There wasn't a mark on it. Her flesh was pink, glowing with health. Her body was firm and slim, her legs long and slender.

Her feet were dainty and pretty and her pussy was small, downy and soft. Now it was wet, reddened and swollen wide open.

He knew what he had to do. "Janie, what are you doing?" he asked, moving toward the bed. "Oh, Dad! Ohhhh . ohhhh, noooo!" she cried out, unable to control herself. She couldn't face the man, this man who was her father. She was his little girl and now .

now she had shown him what she really was--a slut who played with her pussy, a whore who finger-fucked herself, a tramp who fucked herself with anything she could find that would fit between her legs. She lowered her head, deeply ashamed of herself— "I-I'm sorry, Dad. I-I d-don't know wh-what to say," she stammered, lowering her legs.

John held out his arms, whispering, "It's all right, honey.

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It's all right. Really, it's okay." He walked towards the bed and sat down next to her. "It's okay, little girl. There's nothing to hide, baby . believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of, Janie," he soothed. Janie felt his arms go around her and pull her close.

His touch was comforting. The warmth of his body radiated through his shirt and burned into her tits. His hands burned her soft, tender flesh everywhere they touched. His warm breath was on her neck, sending chills to her brain.

When his lips touched her cheek, she knew that she truly had nothing in the world to worry about. "Janie . Janie," her father whispered, his cock pulsating.

"Relax, honey. I'm gonna take care of you. Now, tell me what you were doing. Remember, I saw you. I just wanna hear you say it." Trembling, Janie could not keep her voice from quavering, too. "Oh, Dad .

I was . I was playing with myself. Oh, I'm so ashamed!" she cried, covering her face with her hands. "No, no, no, baby," soothed her father. "Don't be, honey. I told you . there's nothing in the world to be ashamed of. Now, don't forget that, either, okay?" Janie nodded her head, wanting to believe him. After all, he was her father.

And his touch was so comforting, so warm and inviting. They had always been close but she had never before felt so close to him, as she did now. Her cunt was pulsing around the hairbrush handle. Her clit was hanging between her puffy cunt lips, blood-engorged and excited. Oh, how much she wanted to get back to fucking herself, she realized. She squeezed her legs together, looking at her father's features.

He wasn't an unattractive man, she found. John Kelley had sandy brown hair and he looked young to be a father. His skin was lightly tanned. He had a high forehead. His nose was about average in size and shape and his eyes were bright and intelligent.

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His cheekbones weren't too pronounced, his chin was firm. His lips were full and his teeth were almost white, but not quite. He wasn't muscular, but his body was trim as Janie looked him over, she sensed something was different about him but she couldn't make out what it was.

Even as she looked at her father, she thrilled to feel his touch. His hand lightly glided over her thigh and down to her knee. Then it slid back up, a trail of goose bumps following it all the way to her inner thigh where it paused. Janie looked at him expectantly, her cunt on fire with lust. After all, she had been close to orgasm when he had interrupted her.

She was eager to get back down to business, if only he would let her.

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Almost unconsciously, Janie again squeezed her legs together. Her pussy burned and her clit throbbed. Pleasure radiated out from her cunt, which was still stuffed with the handle.

Wanting more, it was all she could do to control herself in front of her father. Still shocked, she could hardly believe that she was lying there now, naked, with a hairbrush buried in her pussy, while her dad was calmly sitting on the bed next to her. It was almost like a dream.

Noticing the movement of her thighs, John asked, "Would you like to finish what you were doing, Janie? It's all right, you know. It's normal for a girl your age to want to fuck herself." "Uhhhh, yeah, Dad. I . I kind of would like to finish f-fucking myself, as you said.

If you don't mind," she hesitantly replied, shocked at his language. "Of course, I don't mind, honey. Go ahead," he smiled. Then, noticing her hesitation, he added, "I'm gonna watch. I want to make sure you aren't doing anything harmful to yourself." "W-well .

okay, Daddy. If you want," she answered, feeling his hand tenderly caressing her thigh. She opened her legs, noticing her father's penetrating gaze. His eyes were aimed at her swollen cunt, where the hairbrush head poked out of it. She grabbed the brush and slowly pulled it out. Her father's eyes widened at the sight of the slick handle easing out of her pussy. She pushed it back in and her groan of desire rang loud and clear.

Oh, it felt good. "Oh, yes! Uhhhh!" She tossed her head, digging the handle in deep. She jerked it back fast. Then, spreading her legs wider, she really pushed it all the way inside her. She dug it into her cunt, hard and deep. Her grunts of pleasure could not be suppressed. It started feeling damn good, and then she threw all caution to the winds. It didn't matter that her father was watching.

It didn't matter who was near. She wanted to fuck herself. Her cunt wanted--no, demanded--satisfaction, and it was going to get it. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Lifting her legs almost to her tits, she kept them spread wide apart. She grasped the hairbrush in a strong grip and began fucking herself with gusto. Each time she fucked herself deep, a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. "Oh, yes . oh, yes .

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ohhhh, it's so . so good!" Her hips gyrated, her cunt dripping fuck juice. The slimy cream was oozing out and smearing all between her legs. It coated the hairbrush handle, making it slip and slide fast and easy. Her hand pumped in a steady fucking rhythm.

Getting into it, she threw her open cunt up to meet the fucking brush every time it pumped deeply into her hole. John's cock was straining at his zipper. His fine young daughter was putting on a hell of a show, a show he had never expected to see, though one he had often fantasized about.

The smell of her pussy was in his nostrils and it excited him. Cum was splattered all over. It was dripping out of her cunt, down the crack between her legs and onto the bed. Rapidly, the handle slipped and slid in and out of her open, juicing cunt. John stared hungrily between her legs the whole time, watching the handle fucking in and out.

It pulled out, shining wet, and he could see inside her pussy. Her pink inner cunt flesh opened up and glistened wetly, thick, white cream oozing out.

Then he gasped as his daughter pumped the handle into her cunt, hard, while her legs kicked out to take it. His cock throbbed as he watched her cunt expanding over the handle.

His hand crept between his legs and he squeezed his cock. As he watched, his eyes growing bigger, he began jacking off. By this time, Janie was oblivious to everything except the brush handle fucking in her cunt.

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Her pussy lips opened and closed, opened and closed, again and again. Her clit was engorged and throbbing. Almost magnetically, her hand was drawn to it, her fingers doing their nimble dance of lust.

Now her legs were raised high and thrown as wide apart as they could go. She frigged her clit madly, screwing her pussy hard and fast. Before she knew it, tremors began building inside her lithe young body and she knew she was about to blow up. "Oh, god . oh, god . oh, god!

Fuck . Fuck! I'm g-gonna . cum! Oh. . shit . fuck . you whore . fuck me! Unnnggg . uuunnhhhh unnnhhhmmmpphhh!" she howled, thrashing about violently.

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Convulsions swept the length of her body, beginning at her toes and rushing through her cunt and to her head. Her cunt clamped and unclamped, sucking and grasping at the brush handle. Her breathing came in uncontrollable gasps as she sucked in great drafts of air. In the next instant, the air was squeezed out of her lungs by the next powerful spasm. Uncontrollably, her legs kicked and her hips ground powerfully, working the hairbrush handle as hard as she could inside her pussy.

John watched his daughter's orgasm with an expression of sheer lust stamped on his face. He pumped his cock. It was stiffer than it had been in years and his balls ached for release. Even as his daughter's orgasms came to a close, he was unbuckling his pants. He had to have some of her pussy.