Fragte sie mich in ihr cum

Fragte sie mich in ihr cum
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I know that there are age restrictions on here so things wont be perfectly accurate but I think.u should still be able to get a good cum in there. Notice however this is boy/boy or gay and coersive sexual material. If u dont like that then dont read it if u do enjoy!

When I was younger I was about 100 pounds or so blonde hair real short I was about 4' 9" something around there. I had a dick size of about 3 1/4" or so and I was just entering puberty.

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Anyway I had an older brother who was 2 1/2 years older than me and my grandma was in bed my grandpa on the road cuz.he was a truck driver. Anyway my grandma was tired and decided to go to bed early. She went to bed I went downstairs to play with my brother.

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Well I went downstairs and we were playing PlayStation and he stopped stood up and pulled his pants around his ankles and his 6 1/2 -7" hard cock was sticking straight out. He said "put it in ur mouth and move ur head back and forth while taking ur tongue all aorund it" I said "eww groas.

No!" He said "do it and well finish playing PlayStation." I said "no." And he grabbed me by the head and forced my face to it and forced it.into my mouth. I sucked his hard cock taking about half of his cock in my mouth at a time and I slid my tongue all over the head and shaft of his hard cock.

He began panting and grabbed my head harder and started to all out face fuck me.


I was loving every second of it. Until finally he grabbed my head and pulled my yead til my nose was on his pubes and he started spewing his thick creamy cum straight down my throat and I tried pulling away and my tongue and I fell in love with his cum and hard cock!

He nade me swallow every drop and I loved it all! He pulled his pants up and layed down and we finished playing PlayStation. About an hour later though he layed back and pulled his pants down again and told me to do it again. I got between his legs and put the tip in my mouth and just licked his cock head while keeping eye contact on him. i went all the way down on him and made sure I was going extremely slow to increase his pleasure.


He was about to cum again and he told me to take it but swallow it. So I did.then.he said to spit it on his.cock so I did and he bent me over the bed and lined the head up with my virgin ass and slowly pushed it in. He got it in and began drilling my no-longer virgin ass and I lovednit! He felt so good in my ass I kept saying harder deeper faster! I squeezed my asshole together to maximize his pleasure.


He began panting again so I pushed him off and on the bed let him calm odwn then.i straddled his dick and slowly lowered myself on him I road him for a while and he said he was I got off and finished him off with a hand job. I let him spew his.cum all over himself and then I started cleaning. I first licked his balls to the head of his hard cock and licked every drop of that sweet thick creamy cum off his luscious cock and even sucked him off again just to get every last drop I could get then I finished licking all the other cum off his body!

I was getting even hornier so I crawled up his body and suckled on his nipples and kissed his neck.

He instantly got hard again so I faced away from him and sat on his hard cock again letting enter me slowly and I laid back and started humping the air just trying to get him to cum again. He rolled me.over and I was on mystomach and he drilled my ass again and I swear I came and didnt even have totouch my dick.

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He felt amazing.rubbing against my prostate! I.swear I had my first dry cumnand first anal.orgasm from that one session! He my ass after roughly 15- 20 minutes of ecstasy and he even licked it allnout of my ass!

He haf me get on my hands and.knees and he ate my ass and I felt.soo.good. he asked me how.I liked it and I told hI loved it and.any time he needed to.release any pressure im.his guy.

I have never.felt a feeling as I.have that day!

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Thatbwas just the beginning if a truly fun relationship. He let me watch pornography with him since and suck.his cock til every drop of his c out of his nice perfect cock!

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Thanks for reading this. This is my first time in here so I hope u enjoyed the story. I promise you will.have more if u liked this story.

Arousing and juicy oral job of sexual experience and fantasies yall bout if u liked this one. Please feel free to comment below and I also hope tobe doing some.heterosexual and bisexual stories along.with gay. Let me.knownur.thoughts and.fealings.

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thanks.again. And ant other writers out there canbu olease to maybe lengthen my stories cuz that lenght requirements has really cuz Im.not.sure how to keep going and elaborate on things to longer.and.still.interesting.

any help.anyone can it will be greatly appreciated. Any constructive criticism or hints tips or insightbon being a betrer writer is greatly appreciated by me and the more input I get.the better the story. Thanks again.

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