Photos of twinks naked on the beach and teen gay porn emo older

Photos of twinks naked on the beach and teen gay porn emo older
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INTRODUCTION: This one is from my dark side, but it is a story about how a loving wife uses her husband's perverse behavior as a means of turning him into the man she wants and needs him to be. THREE MONTHS AGO "Gerald," I called to my husband, "why are you on the computer so often? It's taking up all of your time!" "Sorry, Marge its work; ever since they had those cutbacks all of us have had to do extra. Frankly, I'm surprised I still have a job—that's how bad things are." "Oh, you poor dear—well, don't let me bother you.

Close the door so the TV doesn't disturb you." "Thank you, darling. You're so understanding." CHAPTER 1 FRIDAY MARGE I never believed Gerald—work, indeed!

Something was up and I was going to find out what. My first inkling was when I returned from a week's visit to my mom. In the past Gerald would have been all over me, trying to fuck me before, after, and even during dinner. I arrived home around three in the afternoon, taking a cab from the airport. I called Gerald immediately to let him know I was home safely.

I intimated that I had something special waiting when he got home. I showered, fixed my hair, and put on a really sexy negligee and waited…and waited. Finally, I put on a robe and went to wait in the living room. Gerald came home late and asked for dinner. Dinner! Not me…dinner!

Of course, by now you already know that nothing happened after dinner, either. I was determined to do something after I asked him about the computer. I went online the following day and Googled a bunch of ideas before settling on a program that would keep track of everything a user did.

That would work out well—we had separate logins so I could tell at a glance what he was looking at. In reading the program information on the site I saw a recommendation for hidden surveillance cameras. I arranged for a security firm to install them the following day. Both proved to be excellent decisions. TODAY "Gerald," I called to my husband, "would you please log off so I can talk to you for a minute?" It took Gerald a minute or two before he entered the room.

"Remember, darling a few months ago when I asked you what you were doing on the computer?" Sure, Marge…same thing I'm doing now—work." "Oh…so all these sites are work—'Husbands in Pain,' 'Humiliated Males,' 'CFNM,' wow, I actually had to Google that one. Well, I won't go into all the titles but here's four involving femdom and a couple where women torture a male's genitals, and male slavery, cuckoldry—you seemed to like that a lot, and oh—here's a good one—forcing your husband to drink urine.

Here's another—'Gals Fucking Guys.' In fact, Gerald," I said as I handed him several sheets of print outs, "here's a list of every site you've visited in the last month. It's quite a lengthy and perverse list, isn't it? No…don't make any excuses. These have nothing to do with work, do they?" Gerald hung his head. "Do you fantasize about these things? No…you don't have to answer—of course you do. You must have some real submissive feelings—none of these show the male on top; he's always being abused.

You spent a minimum of two hours each and every day watching over the past month…and longer, too. I could put together a list going back more than sixty days if you want.

You see, Gerald I never did believe you when you said it was work. Remember when I had to visit my mother—she broke her hip? Well, when I returned a week later I thought you'd be all over me; I know I wanted you badly enough. I got suspicious when you weren't so I installed security cameras in all our rooms. Care to guess what I saw? Here…I'll show you." I turned on the TV and the screen filled with Gerald wanking his willy in front of the computer.

I jumped to the next scene and he was jerking off again. "The whole disc is covered with you cumming in your hand. That's also when I bought this program—CompuTrack. It keeps track of every internet site visited on the computer. I also installed it on your laptop and when you chatted with me from work last week it automatically loaded onto your work computer, too. "We have a pre-nup--you would get twenty-five percent in the event of a divorce, Gerald.

That's because I brought a lot of money into our marriage, but if I were to ask for a divorce now I doubt that you'd get a penny and all this perversion would become public. Lucky for you that I love you; since you are so obviously wrapped up in these fantasies I'm willing to help you make them your reality. Listen carefully—you will have two choices. First, I'm willing to forget all of this and go back to 'normal,' but if you ever watch any of this depravity again it will be divorce and public humiliation for you.

There will have to be one change, but I'll get into that later. Second, I will make all your fantasies come true. I'll treat you like my slave, humiliate and control you. You'll not only go to work, you'll also do virtually all the housework and laundry.

But…I will allow you to watch thirty minutes every day…provided you are not being punished for some infraction. "Your involvement in this activity has deprived me of your company and almost destroyed our sex life. So whichever choice you make you are going to wear this." I opened the bag at my feet and pulled out the stainless steel chastity cage. "I can see you're not exactly thrilled at this, but do you blame me? I have lost my husband to the computer.

If you want to stay with me you're going to wear this, so put it on…now!" Gerald sulked but dropped his pants and boxers and put it on. "Very attractive, Gerald, now please notice that there's no lock. It has what they call 'high security screws' and an 'anti-pullout pin.' It's a good thing you sleep soundly; I had to measure you several times because this is a custom job." I pushed the anti-pullout pin into its slot.

It pushed the top of Gerald's little wienie down, making the cage extremely tight. Then I took out the special wrench and tightened the screws on both sides. "Excellent, Gerald…now lose the rest of your clothes. We have a three day weekend and that will give us the time to begin exploring your fantasies.

You will be my slave all weekend and you'll be naked the entire time. We'll talk again Monday night about your choice. "OK, now that you're naked we can begin. Kneel in front of me while I get you prepared." I stepped behind Gerald and attached strong leather cuffs to his ankles, locking them in place. Then I locked a cuff onto each wrist. I fastened the wrist cuffs together behind Gerald's back and linked his ankle cuffs together, also.

"I hope you appreciate everything I'm doing for you, Gerald. It's a lot of work for me just thinking of things to do to you." "Here are some rules I'll expect you to follow--1: You'll always be naked when we're alone in the house and even when I have friends over if I want to humiliate you—that is one of your fantasies, isn't it?" When Gerald didn't answer I gave him a sharp slap on his cheek.

"That's rule number 2: do not speak unless spoken to. Since I spoke to you I expect an answer and I expect it promptly and respectfully. 3: You will do everything I tell you to do promptly and without hesitation. 4: you are to use no furniture or utensils for eating. You will wait kneeling at my feet while I dine; you may eat once I am done, or you may not.

I have purchased two bowls for you—they're in the kitchen. 5: plan on being tied up all night at the foot of the bed—that's where you will be sleeping.

I'm sure I'll come up with more as the weekend ensues; we'll play that by ear. "OK, you know that I'm no math whiz, however I figure that over the past three months I should have been entitled to at least as many orgasms as you.

This disc has 117 orgasms for you; I've had none so you owe me all 117. Since I can't expect you to fuck me every day you will eat me to an orgasm a minimum of three times every day—hopefully more. At that rate we'll be even in 39 days." "You know I don't do that." "I know that you didn't do it; now you do.

You expect me to do it for you; why shouldn't you do it for me? In fact, you can start right now. Crawl forward and I'll remove my slacks and panties. Do it now unless you want to be punished." Gerald crawled reluctantly between my legs. I whacked his butt with a riding crop I had hidden in the chair. "Ouch! What did you do that for?" "Remember how I told you I expected you to respond promptly?

There was nothing prompt about your response. Now get your sorry ass over here and eat me." I gave him another whack for good measure.

He scooted up to my pussy and I removed my garments in a single swipe. "That's better, Gerald. If nothing else I hope you'll learn never to lie to your wife. Now get in there and do a good job. I'm horny as hell!" Gerald leaned tentatively into my cunt.

He licked into my slit and it felt wonderful. I should have caught him in something like this years ago. "Keep going, boy—you're doing great. Stick your tongue in there and slurp up some of that juice. Fuck me with that tongue of yours. Get used to it you're going to do it at least another 116 times. You'll have the strongest tongue ever!" Hearing that, Gerald attacked my cunt. His tongue was fucking me hard, but I knew he would weaken.

I'd have to train him…strengthen him…his tongue. "Suck on my clit…harder…harder…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!" I collapsed back on the chair. I reached out with my shoe and rubbed the toe against Gerald's balls. He began to breathe heavily, but he was going to be disappointed. "Maybe later, boy…maybe I'll actually let you fuck me later. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" "Yes, dear." I gave him another whack.

"I think you need to be more respectful. Try again." "Yes, Ma'am." I nodded my acceptance and pushed him back. I rose from the chair and went to my closet for a few more implements. I locked a strong leather collar around his neck then I tied a rope tightly from his neck to his ankles and around the front to his balls. Gerald was hog-tied. I rolled him onto his back causing him to groan and whine. I solved that problem by pushing a ball gag into his mouth. This ball had a hole running through it.

I promised Gerald I'd use that later. Once on his back I removed the cage—I only put it on him before to make a point, but it will go back on once I'm finished here. I walked giggling to the bathroom, returning with a hot towel, shaving cream, and a few razors. I applied the towel to his groin, soaped him up and shaved his abdomen clean. I could see he was humiliated—good!

That was part of his fantasies, wasn't it? On a whim I continued up his body, shaving all the way up to his neck. How wonderful—he was a lovely shade of crimson! When I rolled him over I continued down his back past his ass and proceeded to shave his legs. In less than thirty minutes I had removed all Gerald's body hair. I pulled him up and dragged him into the kitchen where I applied soothing lotion to his skin, treating him more like a woman than a man.

I reinstalled his cock cage and released him, taking the gag from his mouth at the same time. Gerald checked his skin in disgust. I couldn't resist teasing him, "I think I'll have to get you some nice frilly panties. You have nicer skin than I do." I rubbed my hands up and down his back and ass. "Make dinner," I told him.

I'm having a steak. Maybe I'll give you some liquid you can suck up through a straw. Maybe if you're really good I give you something solid." I pinched his ass and got him moving. Gerald had a pretty good idea what to do in the kitchen. He knew how to grill and make a salad. I had already put a couple of baked potatoes in the oven. They would always take the most time. In fifteen minutes the steak was done.

I sat at the table allowing Gerald to serve me. He cut the steak for me, buttered the potato and tossed the salad. When he kneeled at my feet I congratulated him on doing such a good job. I scratched his ears and tousled his hair as I would do with a puppy. He knelt silently at my feet and I was satisfied with his performance so I told him to get his bowl—it said "FOOD" with a picture of a dog on the side.

I cut up the rest of the steak into very small pieces, added the potato and some butter. I put it on the floor next to the water. "You can eat, but no hands and, of course, no utensils. There's plenty of cool clean water for you, too.

I'll give you twenty minutes to eat and clean up the mess. Make sure the floor is clean—I'm sure you're going to make a mess. I'll be waiting for you in the living room when you're done." It was hilarious watching Gerald push the bowl across the room, but I assumed he would do better with practice and he'd get plenty over the weekend. I was reading in my favorite chair when Gerald crawled into me.

I checked my watch and was pleased that he had finished in eighteen minutes. "Stay while I check your work," I told him. A minute later I returned, grabbed his ear and pulled him back to the kitchen. There was a piece of potato under the table and a puddle of water by his bowl. I pointed down to them and then to the table. "Get your butt on the table, I'll be right back." I returned with four ropes which I used to securely tie him in place, his butt and balls fully exposed.

"Here's another fantasy for you, Gerald. How many times did you watch some man being punished and hurt? You must really be into this stuff. I reinstalled his ball gag, telling him, "I don't want the neighbors disturbed and I doubt you'll be quiet when I do this." I was just about to begin when the phone rang.

"Oh…hi, Tina…yeah, I did. I'm just about to paddle him, but I can wait if you want to come over." I listened while Gerald shook his head—as if I'm going to pay any attention. "OK," I continued, "twenty minutes. Want to give him a few swats? See you then." I hung up the phone.

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"Well, Gerald you have a reprieve for a few minutes. Tina's coming over. What's the matter? I can't understand you. You always loved seeing Tina. I think she's going to love seeing you, especially in this position. Just think of it this way—you'll get two fantasies at once; maybe a third one if what she told me is true." I left Gerald lying there tightly bound while I returned to my book.

I rose when the door bell rang. "Hi, Tina…glad you could make it. Yeah, I broke it to him this afternoon and we've made a little progress, but he's being punished now. C'mon!" I led Tina into the kitchen and when she saw Gerald she laughed and laughed. Gerald's face turned the cutest shade of red—his ass was next.

"OK, Gerald…rest time is over. Time for punishment; you had two problems from cleaning up dinner so ten paddles for each." I moved behind Gerald where he couldn't see me and I giggled silently into my hand.

Tina stood next to me and reached down to cup his balls, "I like your new jewelry, Gerald. It's very becoming on you and stainless—beautiful and practical, too! I'll just move to the side so Marge can give you what you deserve." I rubbed the paddle over Gerald's cheeks before rearing back and giving him a really good swat.

His body reacted immediately. I alternated between his cheeks and I couldn't restrain a giggle when Tina shot a few pictures. Gerald's ass cheeks were beet red by the time I was done.

I turned to Tina to ask her a question, "Tina, would you mind rubbing this lotion into Gerald's butt? He needed to be punished for poor performance, but I really don't want him hurt—not yet any way." Tina took the bottle and poured a small amount onto his left cheek before rubbing it in, "My goodness, Gerald your ass is so soft.

I think you'd make a great woman, especially now that your hair is all gone." She reached between his legs and rubbed some onto his scrotum. She continued, "Yep, all we'd have to do is snip these babies off and you'd be all set." She was out to humiliate Gerald and she was doing a great job. I returned just then holding a good-sized funnel attached to about five feet of clear surgical tubing and a metal bar about three feet long with snaps at each end.

I untied each of Gerald's ankles attaching each cuff to the bar with the strong straps. I slid the pieces apart and in an instant Gerald's ankles were six feet apart. "This is a spreader bar, Gerald. You'll understand why I've put it onto you in another minute. I plan to use it whenever I use this funnel." I released Gerald's wrists and clipped the cuffs behind his back.

Then I helped him waddle to the middle of the living room floor. I lay Gerald down on his back. "Now, Gerald Tina has a special gift for you.

She's been holding it for you all day, but I think I should go first, don't you? You might want to rebel at this—that's why I have your balls so nicely exposed. Give us a hard time and we'll be pleased to give you a nice kick.

Right, Tina?" She laughed and nodded her head; poor Gerald lay there fearing the worst. "Now, darling you'll understand why this ball gag has this hole in it." I pushed the end of the tubing into the hole.

I had placed a red line on the tubing so I would know when to stop. "OK, Gerald so far you've been good, but that was the easy part. Look up—recognize this…it's my pussy and I have to tell you…I really have to go. Of course, I could just use the toilet, but then I'd have to leave the party. Hold still and drink—drink it all. If you don't, Tina is going to give your nice balls a little kick…maybe even more than one.

When I'm done it will be Tina's turn. Aren't you thrilled to be able to realize your fantasy this way?" Gerald shook his head wildly and I could hardly keep from laughing. "No…no…you don't have to thank me. I'm sure you'd do the same if our roles were reversed." I leaned down to kiss his forehead.

I stood, spread my legs, and positioned the funnel. My golden gift flowed down into the tube and straight into Gerald's mouth. He shook his head wildly so I signaled Tina to give him a boot.

"I warned you," I scolded, "want another? Then keep your head still and do your job—drink." A minute later I was done. I'd normally wipe my pussy but I wanted Gerald to do that once Tina was done. Tina and I switched places, but first she gave me her camera. Tina had been holding it all day; it poured from her into the tube. I could see that Gerald was having trouble keeping up so I pinched the tubing temporarily.

When he had caught up I released the tube and Gerald finished with Tina's pee. I completed the exercise by giving Gerald a quick drink of fresh water. I removed the spreader bar and his gag, allowing Gerald to sit up or kneel.

"Gerald, I could use another orgasm, but I think you should do Tina first. Make sure you thank her for allowing you to service her." Head down in embarrassment Gerald mumbled something incoherent.

I whacked him a good one, telling him, "Speak up; we all want to hear you." "Thank you, Miss Tina for your wonderful gift and the opportunity to serve you. May I please lick your pussy and bring you to an orgasm?" Tina laughed and spread her legs; Gerald began once he had moved between her slender legs. He did better with Tina than he had with me earlier—practice, I guess.

He started at her asshole and licked up…maybe twenty times before ramming his tongue into her hot hole. Tina loved every minute of it. I was getting hot just watching. Tina writhed as Gerald's tongue sought her G-spot and found it. After about ten minutes he moved his attentions to her clit.

I watched silently as he sucked her big hard clit between his teeth. When he sucked really, really hard Tina jumped from the chair and came, spraying his face with her juice. I told him to do a good job of cleaning her pussy; he crawled to me when he was done. I spread my legs, exposing my hot hairy pussy.

Gerald rushed to it, sucking the entire organ into his mouth. I was shocked at his aggressiveness, but I loved it. I was turned on from watching Tina and now I was on the receiving end of his surprisingly talented tongue.

When he sucked on my clit I came hard—really, really hard. I collapsed on the chair exhausted. I ran my hand through his hair and leaned down and kissed him. "Thank you, Mistress," he replied. Unsteadily, I rose from the chair, "Time for your reward, Gerald," as I lifted him and led him to the home office. I sat him down, hands still cuffed behind his back.

I selected a site I wanted him to see—Cuckolded Husbands—set the kitchen timer and left. Tina and I talked about the rest of the evening as we kissed and stroked each other. When the timer bell rang I turned off the computer and led Gerald to the bedroom. I uncuffed him and moved his hands to the front of his body before reattaching the handcuffs. I led him to the shower and hooked his arms to the chain I'd had installed there.

I told him I would blindfold him because I wanted to use a depilatory on his skin and I didn't want it in his eyes. Tina and I entered the shower naked, but with vinyl gloves on our hands. We spread the depilatory cream over his entire body, even his cock and balls—from his neck to his toes. Then we turned the shower on and rinsed his skin.

We talked to him to soothe him and to let him know that we weren't going to hurt him. When I was sure the depilatory was off him we removed the blindfold, allowing him to see that we were naked.

"I'll explain why we're naked in a few minutes, Gerald, but I will tell you it has to do with one of your fantasies." We dried him and led him to the bedroom. I put him on hands and knees, and reaching behind him placed his balls into a humbler. He would have to stay down or run the risk of tearing off his testicles.

I clipped his wrists together, ankles together and ran a short chain to connect wrists and ankles. Then Tina and I climbed onto the bed. "This, Gerald, is one of the consequences of jerking off and ignoring your wife for more than three months.

Tina has been after me for ages; I'm giving in to her tonight. Now stay there and watch as we make love." I leaned into Tina and kissed her gently.

She returned the kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth. It was only seconds before we writhed together on the bed, our limbs entangled. Tina cupped my sex while she suckled on my big hard nipple. My head went back in ecstasy as I groaned with pleasure. Tina pushed me back and climbed on top, switching into a "69" as she attacked my wet pussy and hot hard clit.

I had never eaten a pussy, but was about to. I knew what I liked and assumed that Tina would enjoy the same things—I was right. I licked her labia and tongue-fucked her tunnel, drinking in her nectar before attacking her clit with tongue and teeth.

I massaged her breasts and nipples with such force I was afraid I'd bruise her. Meanwhile she was doing all the same things to me. When she came I thought she'd twist my nipple clean off. I followed her a minute later.

We lolled and relaxed on the bed for a while, gathering our strength. I noticed Gerald watching, mouth agape. "Did you enjoy that, Gerald?

I certainly did. Be careful not to move too much—don't want to rip your balls off, do we?" Eventually I got up and removed the humbler, allowing Gerald to shuffle on hands and knees to the foot of the bed. Using a chain I secured him there.

Dando para o novinho pauzudo

Before turning in I tied a thin strong cord to his scrotum, fastening the other end to the headboard. Gerald couldn't move much and if he tried to make any noise I could pull on the cord—that would shut him up for sure.

I didn't sleep much that night. Tina woke me several times and I know I woke her at least once. I thought we spent half the night moaning, groaning, and shaking. I don't know how much sleep Gerald got either, and I didn't really care. GERALD Oh, damn! I was so fucked! I wished I was dead! If Marge had come in and caught me in the act I could have talked my way out of most of it—like it was just a one-time thing or something like that.

Instead, she showed me this fucking list of every site I'd visited over the past month and a DVD of my jerking my dick over and over while watching these BDSM sites.

Oh…I was so fucked! She ran over all the sites and topics I had invested so many hours in and when she was done with that she turned on the TV. There is nothing so humiliating as seeing yourself jerking off on a 51-inch screen! That's what I thought at the time, but I was wrong…so very wrong. I'd be humiliated much more and much worse over the coming weekend. When she was done she told me I would have two choices—either give up all this completely or allow my fantasies to become real as her slave.

She told me the coming weekend would be our testing ground; I'd have to decide on Monday evening. What choice did I have?

She had me by the balls. Then things got worse when she brought out this stainless steel cock cage. "Do you blame me?" That's what she said. Truthfully—I couldn't.

We hadn't had any form of sex in the more than three months I'd been jerking off to the BDSM sites. I was reluctant but I stripped off my pants and boxers and put it on. Marge used this funny shaped wrench to tighten two screws that secured the pieces together. There was no lock and I knew that hack sawing stainless was almost impossible—it was stronger than any saw blade and could be cut only with either a torch or pneumatic shears.

Wonderful! I was now my wife's prisoner. The worst part of this was that it started so innocently. Marge was out shopping one Saturday afternoon and I was surfing the web. On an impulse I did a search for some porn and later for BDSM. I found the BDSM fascinating. The idea the people could do such unthinkable things to each other, even to people they loved held me spellbound.

I sought out site after site. The following day I was back. I spent every spare minute the following week looking at one site after another. There were plenty of free sites so I never had to spend a dime. There were videos, photos, and plenty of stories. I was hooked. I found myself so stimulated I began playing with my cock and it eventually, of course, led to masturbation. Some days—more than I care to admit—it was two or even three times a day that I jerked off.

My sex life with Marge died, replaced with perverse masturbation—relief that came at the expense of the suffering, pain, and even death of others. Sure, I knew it was all fiction, but to me it was real and I was getting off on it big time. Now I had been caught and I had to pay the piper. What choice did I really have? If I rebelled Marge would divorce me and all this would become public. My boss was a real straight arrow—he hated porn and anyone involved in it—and would fire me in a second despite all my success as an account exec.

Worse, he knew everyone in the industry and would blackball me. I'd seen it happen last year with a newbie who thought he could fool him. I was jolted back to reality when Marge told me to strip. I knelt and she fixed strong leather straps to my wrists and ankles. She fastened them together and I was stuck—bound in an uncomfortable position, something I would experience many times—and worse—over the coming days.

Then she made me eat her pussy. I had never done this before; I considered it unmanly—something only a sissy would ever do—but I had no choice. She hit me with a crop several times when I was slow to respond. I was surprised to learn that I actually liked the taste and more importantly that I truly enjoyed the idea of bringing her so easily to a sensational orgasm. She had me prepare dinner and allowed me to eat after her from a big dog bowl.

I made a mess pushing the bowl all over the kitchen, but it wasn't all that bad—I did get to eat and Marge had cut the steak into tiny pieces which made my job so much easier. I cleaned up, but left a small scrap under her chair and a few drops of water by my bowl. I wanted to see how seriously she was taking all this business about being dominant—big mistake! She found both and tied me to the table for punishment. Unfortunately, her best friend Tina phoned and came over before my punishment.

Now I was really humiliated. When she fondled my ball sac and rubbed my hairless ass I thought I would die. Then Marge paddled me in front of Tina. I was mortified. After punishment she bound me tightly into what I recognized as a spreader bar and pushed a piece of surgical tubing into my ball gag.

She and Tina both pissed into a funnel that ran straight into my mouth. It was disgusting. Worse—Marge promised me she would do it again straight into my mouth. I did get to watch a half-hour of a cuckold video before the night's main event. She pulled my balls into a humbler and secured my wrists and ankles so I couldn't move.

Then she made me watch and listen as she and Tina made love. Believe me, it's much more fun watching online. When they were done she removed the humbler and put me to bed, chained to the bed frame. I cried more than I slept; I heard them making love over and over all night long. A perfect ending to a perfect day! CHAPTER 2 -- SATURDAY MARGE I woke early—around five--and I had to pee. I woke Gerald instead of walking to the bathroom. I rolled him onto his back, squatted and whispered my instructions not to spill any.

He nodded, opened his mouth, and moved his mouth up to seal his lips against my pussy. It was a second or two before I could relax and let go. Ahhhh, the relief was worth waiting for. Once done I whispered again for Gerald to clean me.

He licked me repeatedly; it felt so good I moved to my knees and straddled his face. He obviously knew what I wanted—he fucked me with his tongue and sucked my clit several times, nibbling at the same time.

I came so hard in spite of the evening's festivities that I squirted for the first time in years, covering Gerald's face.

I leaned down to kiss him and taste myself. I thanked him and returned to bed. Just before tucking myself in I heard Gerald whisper, "Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Mistress." I fell back asleep in seconds.

I woke again with Tina's arm over me. I moved it aside and went to check on Gerald. He was awake so I unlocked him and led him to the bathroom. I leaned on the vanity while he relieved himself; the chastity cage meant he had to sit just like us girls. I could order a urethral insert that would allow him to stand up, but I was afraid it might do permanent damage. I'd read that the urethra was the most sensitive surface on the body.

When he was done he kneeled in front of me, inviting me to piss in his mouth. For some reason it no longer appealed to me; I sat on the toilet. I sent Gerald to the kitchen to make coffee and get the breakfast started. When he asked what he should make I merely replied, "Surprise us." I returned to bed and kissed Tina awake.

She looked up dreamily, kissed me back and whispered, "Best night I've spent in years. Where's the slave?" "Making our breakfast; don't tease him this morning, okay? He's in there naked doing what I've told him.

He'll get enough humiliation tonight. I want him to work all day here in the house and outside—that's what slaves do, right—and the place certainly needs it." "Okay, lover—whatever you want. But, first how about…?" Tina leaned down to lick my cunt. She had me going in less than a minute. She lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge, tongue up into my pussy. It wasn't long before I was grinding into her nose and chin.

We kept going even when Gerald walked in with coffee. I was afraid I'd spill it so I had him put it on the dresser. Good thing, too—I collapsed onto the floor thirty seconds later, much to the amusement of my licking partner. I rose slowly from the floor, unsteady on my feet for a good three minutes. Coming hard almost always does that to me. I passed a cup of coffee to Tina and took the other for myself.

By the time we were able to walk to the kitchen our meal was just about done. Gerald poured the scrambled eggs into a large bowl; I passed it to Tina.

There was a large pile of crisp bacon cooling on a paper towel in another plate. There were several English muffins toasted and buttered with a choice of jams. Finally, was a large pitcher of hot coffee. Gerald sat at my feet after serving. I helped myself after Tina had filled her plate, making sure there would be enough for Gerald. He sat at my feet, but I turned him so he faced me. I tousled his hair and fed him scraps from my fingers, allowing him to lick them as he rested his head against my thigh.

I had fed Gerald completely by the time I finished my meal. I outlined my plans for him today. After cleaning up the breakfast mess I had him spend an hour dusting and vacuuming the living and dining rooms. He cleaned both bathrooms and all the bedrooms, changing the bed linens in the process. He worked like a slave all morning—OK, he was a slave, but he still worked hard, something he had never done in the past. Tina left mid-morning after eating me to yet another orgasm.

I didn't reciprocate—I'd figured out I wasn't really bisexual. I enjoyed receiving—who doesn't?—but eating a pussy just wasn't for me. I stopped Gerald just after noon and fed him. I made his favorite—Virginia ham on rye and allowed him to use his hands while eating. He still ate on the floor; I noticed immediately that he automatically leaned his head against my thigh, rubbing it with his cheek.

After lunch I sent him outside to weed and edge our plant beds. He worked there diligently for almost four hours. I brought him in to shower at five—it was almost dark then anyway and Gerald was exhausted.

I led him to the shower, giving him twenty minutes to wash and dry himself. I sat him on the floor after and explained what would happen tonight. "Remember, Gerald, when I told you about the young man I met at the library. He always seemed to show up on the days when I was volunteering and I told you I thought he had a crush on me. You thought I was much too old, but, Gerald, I am only 32 and I learned he was 24.

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He kept coming back day after day, week after week. We began talking and I learned quite a lot about him. He's a grad student at the university and he doesn't think I'm too old for him, at all. In fact, I phoned him this afternoon and he's volunteered to help you with your cuckolding fantasy. Wasn't that nice of him? Of course, that means he'll get to fuck me, but I don't think that's his motivation, do you? I will bind you next to the bed and I'll take steps to make sure your head is up at all times.

I'll check on you regularly to make sure you're watching us—oh, I do hope he has a big cock—and at the end I'll want you to clean his cock with your mouth.

No, don't complain—humiliation has been one of your fantasies for a long time. Then I'll allow you to clean out my cunt—to drink his semen from my pussy. I'm guessing he'll laugh, but that's OK, isn't it? That's as far as I've planned, but we can play the rest by ear, can't we?

Now, I've prepared a nice dinner for you." I'd made my favorite chili which I love and Gerald can take or leave. "Gerald, I made this for you because it's easy to eat and it's nutritious, too.

You worked hard today—harder than you've worked in a very long time so you need something solid in your stomach. One thing I can guarantee you, if you choose to continue like this I'll have you in great shape in no time.

Now eat and be quiet." When he was done I asked if he wanted seconds—he did. Then I had him clean up and we were off to the bedroom to prepare for the evening. I brought in the bench I use at my make-up mirror. I padded it with several towels and had Gerald lie face down. I secured his chest with a long wide leather belt. A second fastened his thighs. I checked to make sure they weren't too tight before continuing.

I cuffed Gerald's wrists behind his back and tied them down to the bench with a short rope. Next I added a strict posture collar to his neck. This would force his head up, but I wasn't done. I clipped his ankle cuffs together then tied a long thin leather lace to the base of his balls.

I bent his knees, lifting his ankles almost to his waist then looped the leather from his balls over the ankle chain and tied it off to his collar, tying a strong knot to the D-ring at the rear. Now Gerald was truly hog-tied. He had to keep his head up or run the risk of tearing his ball sac and injuring himself seriously. "Now, Gerald I'm taking a quick shower and dressing for the evening. If you promise to keep absolutely silent I will not gag you, but if you make a single sound I will beat you without mercy.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress I'll be silent. You don't need to gag me." I took a shower and dressed in my sexiest outfit. It was new, something Gerald had never seen before. It was a black corset that ran from just under my breasts to the top of my pussy. To look my best in it I had shaved my pubic hair.

I wore black fishnet stockings that were held up by garters that hung from the corset. I also had shiny black shoes with five-inch black stiletto heels. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and added some slutty make-up. I was ready a few minutes before the bell rang at 7:30. David was fairly tall, maybe 6 feet 2 inches and in good shape at maybe 180 pounds. He had pleasant features, but I wouldn't have called him handsome. His face, surrounded by thick black hair, was symmetrical with light blue eyes and full sensual lips.

His one weakness, I thought, was his nose which didn't seem to match his face. It was slender and pointed, much like a woman's.

I opened the door and welcomed David—he seemed nervous. "Is he here? Will there be a problem?" "Relax, David. Yes, he's here—in the bedroom—and he's securely fastened to my make-up bench. He can't move without pulling his balls from his body.

I've given him instructions that he is to watch us, but to say nothing. I'll want him to clean your cock and my pussy once we're done." Regaining his confidence, David continued, "You know, Marge, how much I've admired that fine ass of yours. What's going to happen if I fuck you there? Will he still clean us?" "He'll do what I tell him, but I'm not promising you my ass. I've never done that and I'm not sure I want to now.

We'll see," I said patting his cheek. I kissed him quickly and led him to the bedroom. "Gerald, this is David. He's here to help you with your fantasy.

What do you say to him?" "Thank you, David. I appreciate your help. I hope you enjoy yourself." David laughed, "Oh, I'm sure I will." He turned back to me and kissed me passionately, "You look fantastic, Marge—incredible, in fact—nothing like the librarian I know." We laughed together as I began to unbutton his shirt. I slipped it down his arms and into a chair. Then I unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of them as I hooked my thumbs under his boxers.

"Oh my God," I thought, "his cock is beautiful!" I reached out tentatively. It was long—almost eight inches—and thick—I could barely reach my fingers around it. I couldn't wait to have it in my pussy. I was already oozing. I pulled now naked David into an embrace, rubbing my breasts into his hairy chest.

I checked quickly and Gerald was looking, eyes wide open. I reached down and stroked his magnificent organ as I led him to the bed. I fell back, pulling David to me. I was almost ready, but he pulled me vertical so he could remove the corset. "I love the feeling of a woman's skin against mine and your skin is so soft." He kissed his way down my neck to my breasts. They're not huge, but they are more than proportional to my slender frame—a solid B-cup, making my 32-25-33 body stand out in a crowd.

David suckled my left breast while he fondled and massaged the right. Next he kissed his way down my body. I looked again at Gerald; he was red with embarrassment, but he never took his eyes away. I gasped when David took my pussy with his tongue and lips. His tongue was long and strong. He found my G-spot when he fucked that tongue into me repeatedly. I came readily even though Gerald had sucked me six times and Tina another five just over the past twenty-four hours.

His tongue felt like magic in my cunt. I was breathing hard when I sat up suddenly and pushed David onto his back. I kneeled between his legs and licked the tip of his rock hard cock, slurping up the drops of pre-cum there.

I next took the head into my mouth, licking all around it and sliding my tongue down the ultra sensitive underside of his shaft. It was David's turn to groan and he did not disappoint me. "Oh God, Marge I need you.

I need to fuck you so badly. Please!" I backed off his cock and reached to the night stand where I had laid a box of condoms. Gerald and I always used condoms when we fucked—I was not ready to have a child with him. He was irresponsible and lazy—maybe someday, though. I carefully rolled the condom down his shaft then leaned onto my back and spread my legs, taking my ankles in my hands. I looked again at Gerald—he looked on fascinated. Maybe it really was his fantasy!

David slid easily into my cunt. I was so wet and so turned on. In seconds he was balls deep into me. I appreciated his length, but his girth was incredible. My cunt had never felt so full—so stretched.

Slowly David began to fuck me, pulling out almost, but not quite, all the way before thrusting back into me again. I wrapped my feet around his waist and met every thrust with one of my own. I could feel my orgasm coming and I could sense that he was close, too. Please, I prayed, let me cum before you do! And then my prayers were answered—I shook and shuddered as it hit and rolled through my body just seconds before I could feel the warmth of his cum filling the condom.

He collapsed onto my heaving chest trying to recover from that sensational orgasm. He rolled over still breathing hard seconds later. I sat up and removed the condom. I walked to Gerald and told him to open his mouth while David looked on fascinated. I reversed the condom, allowing his semen to drip into Gerald's mouth.

I pushed the condom into his mouth and told him to clean it out. It was empty when I pulled it out a minute later. I then moved my cunt to Gerald's mouth. No command was needed; he licked and sucked my cunt clean. I patted his head, kissed him and returned to David in the bed. David shook his head, "I will never understand how a man could allow his wife to do something like this, but I'm glad he did. This has been a wonderful experience, Marge—one I never thought would happen." "I won't bother to explain all the circumstances to you, David but this weekend is kind of an experiment in which Gerald is experiencing all his fantasies.

It's my gift to him. You see I do love him very much. He can be a little weird at times and this is one of those times." I reached out to stroke David's semi-erect cock. "I'm ready to try that something new you mentioned. Just try not to hurt me…please." "I'd never hurt you, Marge. You know that. Got some lube? I'll need it to get you ready." I looked again at Gerald.

He looked like he was about to speak so I held my fingers to my mouth to remind him—silence! David lubed a finger and slid it effortlessly into my butt. I'd never even thought about doing something like this—I felt as perverse as Gerald!

Soon David was pumping two fingers into my ass. It felt divine. My whole butt was tingling. David moved swiftly behind me and slid his hard cock into my dripping cunt. He pumped me so hard I barely noticed when he moved a third finger into my asshole.

He pumped my pussy with his cock and my ass with his fingers. Then, in a quick motion he withdrew his fingers and moved his cock into my ass. Oh fuck! It felt so damn good. He placed his hands onto my hips for leverage and fucked me sweetly. I felt as though I might explode—and then I did—in an explosive orgasm that went on and on and on. My ass felt one mini-explosion after another even after the orgasm had expired as David pounded me. He slowed down for just a moment and I knew it was coming.

Would I feel it, the hot searing cum blowing into my rectum? I hoped so and suddenly the moment came; I could feel his cock engorge as he drove even deeper than before. And then he bathed me in his cream. On and on it went for him; it felt that his very body was turning inside out and pouring into my slutty ass.

I fell forward, David on my back. I could feel our sweat intermingle, our heart beats joining as one. It was an incredible experience. I turned my head to see Gerald staring at us—I wondered what he was thinking. Slowly David rose, his weary body recovering. I pointed him to Gerald with the comment, "Gerald, clean and thank him." "Thank you Mr.

David for taking such good care of my Mistress. May I please clean you with my mouth?" David walked slowly to Gerald and, shaking his head, thrust his cock deeply into his mouth. Gerald gagged, but actively used his tongue all over David's cock, tasting, I'm sure, the succulent flavor of my ass. David pulled out a minute later to find his cock sparkling clean. "Uh…thanks…uh&hellip." "Gerald," I helped as I slipped into a robe.

"Yeah, thanks Gerald. Hopefully, I'll see you again under similar circumstances." I chuckled as David began to dress. I walked him to the door. 'What are the chances we'll do this again?" "I honestly don't know. I'm not the kind of wife who cheats and the only reason we did this tonight was because I wanted to enable his fantasies. A lot will depend on the decision he makes on Monday—whether to go back to our regular lives or to continue like this." "Well, I'm voting for more of this.

It was weird being with you while he was watching, but you're incredible. I hope we have another chance together." "Yes…me, too, but it's not strictly my decision. I'll let you know the next time I see you at the library." I leaned into him and we kissed passionately. Then I let him out the door, closing and locking it behind him. I returned to Gerald and removed him from the bench. I held him while his circulation returned and his muscles regained their strength.

"You were excellent, Gerald and you have earned your reward, but not until you've cleaned out my ass. Now, lie on the bed while I straddle you." I pushed him to the bed, laid him down and climbed over his head. I positioned my asshole over his mouth and relaxed my sphincter as though I was moving my bowels. I could feel a big blob of cum drip from my ass. It was followed a few seconds later by another.

I reminded Gerald to swallow and checked before I climbed off. He did fantasize about humiliation and, truthfully, I couldn't think about anything more humiliating than sucking another man's sperm from your wife's ass. I pulled Gerald up by his handcuffed wrists and led him to the bathroom. I gave him some mouthwash and water to drink. I sat him on the toilet and watched while he peed.

I pulled him up and took him to the computer. I selected a "Gals Fuck Guys" site and set the timer. I left to remove the sheets and replace them before making the bed. I jumped into the shower for a quick wash wondering how I'd like an open marriage. I chained Gerald to the foot of the bed, giving him a blanket and pillow, before kissing him good night.

I fell asleep quickly, completely sated by the evening's activities. I wondered if I might like anal with Gerald. Maybe. GERALD My Mistress woke early; I was awake—I didn't sleep well. Watching her with Tina was disturbing.

I began to wonder if my fantasies were worth all I was going through. Mistress Marge needed to pee. She straddled my face and peed directly into my mouth.

I can't say I enjoyed it—the taste was terrible and it's hot which makes it even worse. The best part came when she was done and asked me to clean her pussy and give her an orgasm.

It must have been intense—she squirted over my face. I never knew she could do that. I thanked her for allowing me to serve her then I finally managed to get a few hours sleep but woke when my Mistress rose from bed and took me to the bathroom to relieve myself. I offered to drink her pee, but she turned me down, sending me to make breakfast. I returned to the bedroom with coffee just in time to see Tina eating her pussy. I was embarrassed by all this lesbian activity; it was fun watching it on the computer, but it wasn't fun in real life.

I served my Mistress and Tina and assumed my position on the floor. She turned me around and fed me—little bits of egg and bacon from her fingers. It was a loving gesture not unnoticed by me.

I rested my head on her silky thigh. I cleaned up the dishes and she made me work on the house—dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. I never did this kind of work; this was woman's work. I found it demeaning at first, but after a while it began to appeal to me, much like eating Marge's pussy.

She fed me a sandwich around noon, allowing me to use my hands—amazing how we take some things for granted. In the afternoon she had me work outside edging and weeding the beds around the house. I had never noticed how seedy the outside of our house looked in comparison to others in the neighborhood.

I rarely did this work either, complaining after Marge had nagged me incessantly about it. I was exhausted when she took me in around five. My hands were blistered and my muscles cramping from the exertion. I was fed chili—not my favorite at all—but it was a hearty meal that I could handle without any silverware. After dinner she unloaded a bombshell—she was going to fuck some young kid she'd met at the library.

Not only would I have to watch, but I'd be called on to clean her pussy and his cock, too. She hogtied me onto her make-up bench and tied off my balls so I could barely even breathe, let alone move. To make matters even worse, if possible, she dressed in some slutty outfit I'd never even seen.

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My cock bulged in its prison. When she brought the kid in I was mortified. It was bad enough in front of Tina—I knew her—but this guy was a stranger—younger, taller, and better looking than I was. When Marge dropped his pants I realized he was also bigger than me, too.

Marge had warned me not to look away. My head was forced up by the posture collar—again much more fun on the computer screen than in real life. I dared not close my eyes unless I wanted a beating to make last night's seem like child play. So I watched; they seemed to have such fun and enjoyed each other. I missed making love to my wife. What a fool I'd been.

What a fool! So I watched them fuck until she orgasmed and he came a few seconds later. It got worse—infinitely worse when she made me clean out the filthy condom, sucking out his seed and swallowing. I was totally humiliated, or I thought I was. After I cleaned Marge's cunt she went back to the bed and let him fuck her ass. I couldn't believe it! I'd just as soon skip the details, if you don't mind, but once done I was required to suck and clean his cock, removing the shit that had stuck to it.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, but again I was wrong. Marge—my Mistress during this weekend—laid me on the bed and straddled my head, dropping his cum from her ass into my mouth—two big blobs of shitty semen. Now I was certain—I had been reduced to a nothing—a cipher—nothing but a tool for my Mistress' use. Even watching some asshole being beaten on the computer couldn't raise my spirits.

I went to bed a broken man. CHAPTER 3 SUNDAY MARGE I would have enjoyed sleeping in, but I had a responsibility to Gerald to treat him like a slave. But…I thought…couldn't I do both? I skipped from bed to find Gerald sound asleep. He wasn't used to all that work he did yesterday. If he chooses to remain a slave I'd make him work hard, lose weight and replace it with muscle. Our house, long an eyesore in the neighborhood, would become a showplace, painted with new shrubs and flowers, a freshly mowed lawn every week.

Ah, well…maybe. "C'mon, Gerald time to get up." I roused him, unlocked his chain and led him to the bathroom. I watched him pee and let him shower.

I gave my instructions while he was drying. "Make coffee, Eggs Benedict, English Muffins with butter and jam—enough for two—and bring it all to the bed on a tray. Now, off with you and don't take all day. Throw on a robe and bring in the newspaper. Do that first then naked again." "Yes, Mistress," he replied as he hustled off down the hall.

I relaxed back in the bed, fluffing up several pillows so I could sit comfortably. I pulled up the blankets and reflected on the past two days. I could already see a change in Gerald. He was more responsible than I'd ever seen him, not that he had any choice—I'd seen to that.


Today I would work him hard, just like any slave, and then I'd humiliate him again. Then I'd be done. I'd give him his options tomorrow, maybe as early as noon. So far I had no idea what his decision would be. He brought me the newspapers. It had been years since I could read them in leisure. Sundays were always so hectic between church, making the Sunday dinner, and getting my clothes ready for the coming week. Perhaps Gerald might actually help me in the future. Well, I could always hope.

It was perhaps a half hour later that Gerald returned with the tray of food. I had him kneel next to me and fed him as I had done yesterday. He was almost like a young child or faithful dog as he licked my fingers clean. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, motioning him to cover my cunt with his mouth. I washed his breakfast down with my urine. I kissed his head once I was done and resumed my position in bed.

I gave him his instructions for the day and told him to get to it. I would check on him shortly. I gave the kitchen the once over—it was spotless. Apparently he had learned his lesson well.

When I went outside I found him trimming the shrubs as I had ordered. I watched as he raked the trimmings. He continued this work after lunch and I stopped him just after five.

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It was almost dark. I allowed him a shower and fed him, a nice roast beef that I cut into small pieces and fed him from his bowl with some mashed potatoes and gravy. After dinner I set him up to watch his BDSM video while I prepared for the evening's fun. Gerald gave a double take when I walked in to turn off the computer thirty minutes later.

He couldn't take his eyes off my dick. It was long, thick, and black, swinging back and forth with every step as it hung from my strap-on. "I did it last night, Gerald now it's your turn. I'll gag you if you make a commotion so be quiet." I led him back to the kitchen where I tied him to the table as I had done Friday night. Tonight, though, I had other ideas for his ass, although I wouldn't complain about reddening his cheeks if he objected too much.

I tied him tightly, spreading his legs with the spreader bar at his ankles. I rubbed my hands over his butt cheeks, relaxing him—I knew he was nervous…I would be, too. I pulled on a latex glove and dribbled some lube onto his anus. I pushed it in with my finger. I realized then that my fingers were much thinner than David's.

I'd probably have to push four into Gerald to come even close to the dildo's diameter. Fucking Gerald's ass with my fingers was fun, but I really wanted to fuck him—to humiliate him once again.

It wasn't long before I had three fingers in him; it was about then that I noticed his moaning. I added some more lube and pushed that fourth finger into his ass.

I thought he was ready. I used my other hand to rub the dildo with lube. I pulled my fingers out, noticing Gerald's groan of disappointment. Only seconds later I aimed the hard vinyl cock at the small space created by my fingers.

I pushed and the cock's head slipped past the sphincter. I was in and could take my time now. I pushed slowly now, arching my back and forcing my hips forward. I repeated several times until all eight inches was buried in his rectum.

I humped him for a few minutes before changing my angle. I stood tall, pushing the dildo down and contacting his prostate. I saw what I wanted to see less than a minute later.

Gerald was being milked—semen leaked from his cock onto the floor, but he never had an orgasm. He experienced not even an iota of pleasure from the fucking I was giving him. I pulled out when his leakage stopped. I untied Gerald, had him kneel in front of me and told him to clean my "cock." I checked his work a few minutes later and gave him the OK. Then I pointed to the floor—he was mortified when he saw the semen.

"Your mess—you clean it up. Use your tongue and do a good job." He was really upset, but when he saw the expression on my face he fell quickly to his knees. I pointed out a few drops he missed and he reluctantly licked them up. It was still early—too early for bed so I took him to the bathroom to clean his butt. I washed it with a hot wash cloth and a little soap. Most lube is water soluble so it was a quick and easy job. I had fun washing Gerald's balls.

When I was done I led him to the living room. I sat down with my book and had him sit at my feet. I wasn't surprised when he laid his head on my thigh. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his cheek. Around eleven I led him to the foot of the bed where I once again chained him to the bed frame, gave him a pillow and blanket, and kissed him good night.

He was asleep before I turned out the light. GERALD My Mistress woke me; I'd slept surprisingly well that night despite all the humiliation I'd had with David—watching him fuck my wife was bad enough, but having to clean him and eat his cum out of Marge's ass was disgusting!

I couldn't believe I actually fantasized about this! What the hell was I thinking? She led me to the bathroom where I relieved myself and showered. She gave me a specific menu for breakfast and I went to make it. She ate in bed and, once again, fed me with her fingers. Funny, I'd never licked her fingers before this weekend; I found it incredibly sensual. I probably would have gotten a hard-on if I wasn't locked in this damn thing. I had been wearing it less than two full days and I already hated it.

After breakfast I was sent out to work in the yard again. I couldn't believe how much yard work there was. Maybe I should have kept up with it. I trimmed almost all the shrubs, raked the cuttings and bagged them for the trash. I couldn't remember the last time I had done this. Around five I was allowed to take a shower, eat from my bowl and watch a video of some guy getting fucked by a hot woman.

I almost fell off the chair when my Mistress walked in with a strap-on. That thing looked fucking huge! I couldn't believe she was going to put that thing into my ass. She tied me to the table, fingered me, and fucked me. It hurt a bit at first, but in time it felt pretty good. At one point she stood higher and pushed that big vinyl cock in me at a different angle. I didn't know why until later—when I looked down and saw my semen all over the floor.

I had to clean the dildo and then she showed me the semen. I knew what to do before she even told me; I kneeled and licked the floor clean.

I took a shower wondering what she had for me next—it proved to be the best thing of the entire day. I sat at her feet while she read. I leaned my head against her smooth thigh—it was heavenly. When she ran her fingers through my hair I felt everything was worthwhile.

She put me to bed and I fell asleep almost immediately. CHAPTER 4 MONDAY MARGE I woke early, but let Gerald sleep. I lay in bed thinking—what should I do today? Should I work his sorry ass hard or just have our discussion after breakfast? I wished I knew what to do. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. When I woke again I had a plan. I never said it was a good plan, but it was a plan.

I leaned down the bed—Gerald was still asleep so I got up, peed, and took a quick shower. He was awake when I walked out of the bathroom naked. I got him up, sending him to the bathroom. While there I grabbed the shaving soap and razor; I handed them to him and pointed to my groin. I lifted one leg onto the toilet, opening myself to him. He carefully applied the soap and moved the razor over my labia.


He shaved my pubic area just as carefully. He washed me once he was done and looked up at me. I gave him a look as if to say, "Well?" He took the hint and dove into my cunt tongue first. I knew I had to move—there was no way I could maintain myself in this position. I backed up to the vanity and sat on it, my legs spread almost 180 degrees.

Gerald crawled to me, drank my juice, and tongue fucked me to a fantastic orgasm. I held his head in my cunt for many minutes as I recovered. I told him to make breakfast—fried egg sandwiches with bacon. I'd meet him in the kitchen. Ten minutes later I was there and so was the breakfast. I sat Gerald between my legs and fed him bits of sandwich when he wasn't licking and eating my pussy again. I came just as I finished the food. "Clean up, Gerald then I want to see you in the bedroom.

You have fifteen minutes." I was sitting on the bed when Gerald crawled in. I motioned him to sit right in front of me. "Gerald, I could continue this for the rest of the day, but, truthfully, I've run out of ideas so I think the time has come for you to make your decision. I will abide by your decision whatever it is. We can continue the way we have all weekend with you as my slave and I will allow you thirty minutes of videos every day.

We'll live out your fantasies as we have these past few days, or we can go back to our "normal" relationship. However, if you ever watch anything remotely like those perverse sites again it will be divorce and public humiliation for you.

I know what Mr. Seymour thinks of porn; I'm sure he'd fire you in a heartbeat. As I said, I will go along with your decision. Do you need time to make it?" "No, Mistress, I found that having fantasies is one thing, bringing them to life is something else. I thought I would enjoy them, but I didn't. I hated being humiliated and watching you with Tina and that David was more than I could bear.

I apologize for ignoring you and your needs while I was acting the fool. I'd like to go back to normal, whatever that is, but…there was one thing&hellip." "What, Gerald?" "No…never mind…it's not important." "Very well then, why don't you get dressed? I'll be in the living room." I bent down and kissed him on the lips.

I had been reading my book for almost fifteen minutes when I heard a noise in the hall. "Is that you, Gerald?" I heard some mumbling so I put the book aside and rose. I took two steps, turned into the hall, and stopped short.

My hands went to my face. "Oh my!" I exclaimed. Gerald was there--still naked with his collar on his neck and his leash in his mouth. His head was on the floor in total submission. He shook in terror. I knelt next to him, rubbed his back, and lifted his chin with my finger.

He looked at me fearfully. "Is this what you couldn't talk to me about, Gerald? There was no reason to be embarrassed. We are married, you know. Come on, we need to talk." I pulled the leash from his teeth and led him into the center of the living room. "Stay!" I ordered as though I was speaking to a dog.

I walked to the couch, stripped off my blouse and bra, and dropped my Capri's and boy shorts. I sat, spread my legs, and tugged on the leash. I stopped Gerald inches from my pussy. "I want to be sure I understand, Gerald. You opted for normal--not to be a slave--but you want to serve me…to be submissive to my dominance.

Am I right?" Gerald just nodded. "Very well, Gerald I told you I would accept whatever decision you made and I accept this one. I will continue to be your Mistress, but you will be my submissive, not my slave. As a submissive you will have rights. I won't torture you, but I reserve the right to punish you if needed. "Now, listen closely—tomorrow you'll leave for work at the regular time. When you return you will find your collar on a hook by the door.

You'll put it on, walk quickly to the bedroom where you'll strip. You'll return to the living room crawling where you will show me respect by kissing my feet and then you will adore me. What do you see right in front of your face?" "Your pussy, Mistress." "Right…the embodiment of my power and authority over you…my womanhood. You will adore my pussy until I have an orgasm then you will spend an hour working around the house. I will have a list of chores for you.

"Now, one other thing, you will go to work tomorrow 'commando,' that is without underwear. You are not a man now so you will not wear a man's underwear.

I will go shopping tomorrow to buy you women's panties. These, along with the chastity cage, will remind you of my authority over you. Wait here a minute." I rose and walked into the closet, returning with my tape measure. "Stand!" I wrapped the tape around Gerald's hips—37 inches.

"OK, kneel. That's so I will know what size to buy. Don't be upset, Gerald. You haven't been much of a man for a long time, but you will be one again. I will build you into the kind of man I want—the kind of man our children will be proud of and look up to. Yes, Gerald I am ready now to conceive. We will make love every night until I become pregnant, and maybe even beyond that.

You will be a man again before I give birth. I will make you work every day and I'll control your diet. You'll lose weight and gain muscle. Do you accept my authority and control over you, Gerald…now and forever?" Gerald lowered his head to kiss my feet as he replied, "Yes, Mistress." "Very well, Gerald now I want you to stand. I removed the chain from my neck and opened his cage. I released his penis and removed the restraining ring. I massaged his balls and the merest touch of my hand caused him to become fully erect.

I didn't know when I had ever seen him longer or harder. "Stand still," I told Gerald, "Keep your hands at your sides." I leaned forward, taking his hot hard organ into my mouth. I licked around the head and when I took him deep he groaned uncontrollably. Seconds later I felt him shoot over and over in my mouth.

I cleaned his cock with my tongue and told him to kneel. "Open," I commanded and when he did I kissed Gerald with more passion that we'd seen in months—maybe even years. He willingly accepted his own cum from my mouth and licked it from my oral surfaces. I broke the kiss, commanding him again, "Stand." I replaced the cock cage and tightened the screws before replacing the chain around my neck.

"Now, Gerald you no longer have to worry about anything. Momma will take care of you. Come and sit in my lap. You're my little boy and I'll always take care of you. I put his mouth to my teat and allowed him to suckle for almost an hour. GERALD I had a good night's sleep for the first time all weekend. The sun was high in the sky when my Mistress woke me. She took me to the bathroom as I wondered what diabolical things she would do to me today.

Instead, she had me shave her pussy and eat her to yet another orgasm.

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An orgasm…what a wonderful thought…I wish I could have one. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast—fried egg sandwiches. I had just finished when she arrived. She fed me from her fingers as she had done at other meals, seating me this time between her legs so I could eat her juicy pussy yet again.

She told me to clean up the mess and meet with her in the bedroom. I crawled in and she told me she had run out of ideas—the experiment was over.

A big part of me was relieved.

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I hated the humiliation and seeing that David fucking my beloved wife was terrifying as much as it was exciting. Watching was like being in your own porn flick, but I was so afraid she would enjoy fucking him too much—more than she ever enjoyed sex with me.

I was offered time but I had already decided—I wanted to return to our normal lives…well, almost. The problem was I couldn't find the way to tell her that I loved her dominance of me and that I wanted more than ever to spend my life serving her. When she left me I felt paralyzed. I couldn't get dressed; I couldn't speak.

Mindlessly, I crawled into the hallway. Somehow I had found my leash and put it into my mouth. When I reached the living room entrance I stopped. I couldn't move another muscle. I was terrified—what would Marge say?

What would she do? Would she be revolted by the sight of me? Would she throw me out—divorce me? No wonder I was shaking so terribly. And then she found me…and she was all tenderness. She told me she would accept my decision whatever it was. She soothed me and led me to the living room where she told me what I should expect—how I would dress, how I would behave, how I would adore her pussy and kiss her feet.

I would gladly to all those things so she would know how much I love her. That's when she lowered the boom—she wanted to conceive! She would remold me into the kind of man she wanted me to be and she would do it quickly—in less than a year. I'd have to work—hard—to satisfy her. I'd do anything and I proved it when she sucked me to an orgasm then kissed me as I sucked my own cum from her mouth.

She told me that was the last time she'd suck me off…from then on my seed was going into her pussy. EPILOG I bought Gerald a dozen pairs of feminine panties from Victoria's Secret. I made him try them on the following afternoon.

I could tell he was embarrassed, but I reminded him that this was but an intermediate step, one he had to pass through on his way back to being a man—my man—again. Once a week I applied the depilatory to Gerald's skin, keeping him hairless. That, too, was a reminder of his past sins.

I worked him every evening before dinner, but afterwards we always made love. Gerald was not as big as David, but there was a big difference—I loved Gerald. We made love that Monday night and it was just as it had been years ago before we were married. We were nervous—never before had our coupling meant anything but a means for mutual enjoyment.

Tonight and every night we would try to conceive. We showered together as we kissed and hugged. I removed Gerald's chastity cage and cleansed his organ thoroughly. Gerald knelt before me, kissed my feet and then my pussy. I turned around and he licked my ass. Amazing—one weekend and he was almost totally broken.

I doubted there was anything he wouldn't do for me, and just four days ago he barely knew I was alive. I should have recognized how submissive he was years ago. I led Gerald to the bed by his hard erect penis. I lay on the bed, inviting Gerald to join me.

He fell into my arms. I cradled him on top of me, as one would with a young child, and allowed him to suckle my breast. I thought this would help to break him further—infantilize him, all the way to the bottom—so I could rebuild him the way I wanted. Gerald would be a man, but one that respected and adored his wife, one who waited on her every desire, one who anticipated her every need, one who lived for only a single purpose—to serve his wife. I pulled Gerald around on top of me as we kissed for several minutes.

"Are you ready now, Gerald? Are you ready after all the months of neglect to do your duty and take care of your wife?" "Yes, Mistress." "Very well, Gerald, you may fuck me, but I will want you to hold your orgasm until I have given permission. You will cum, but only when I say so." "Yes, Mistress." I placed his cock at my opening and pulled him into me. We thrust together slowly at first as we kissed and held each other.

I moved his hand to my nipple; I moved my hand to his tender testicles, rubbing them as we fucked. Gerald broke the kiss, pulled back a few inches and whispered, "I love you, Mistress.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, Mistress." I smiled my approval; I knew I had Gerald right where I wanted him. We had moved together for almost five minutes, going slowly so as to hinder his cumming. I had waited more than three months for this and I was going to make it last. After eight minutes I could feel a tiny rumbling deep within me.

I quickened my pace and in a minute we were fucking like dogs. "Cum for me, Gerald. Fill me with your seed." Gerald took four deep thrusts and came violently within me. A few seconds later my own orgasm arrived; its power overwhelmed me. I lay there panting, holding Gerald to me, "Stay inside me, Gerald.

I don't want your semen to leak out." We lay there for almost thirty minutes before I ordered Gerald to rise and lick out my cunt. We made love every night for almost a month except while I had my period then we continued in earnest and the second month my period never came…we were pretty sure I was pregnant. During this time I worked Gerald hard. He dropped almost twenty pounds the first three months. His flab was replaced with muscle. His posture improved and his back, once weak and gimpy, gained strength and flexibility.

My favorite improvement though was his cock. As he lost weight it seemed to gain length and girth. It was probably nothing more than an optical illusion, but it helped Gerald's ego tremendously. As I promised I had gone shopping for Gerald's new panties. I went to Victoria's Secret at the mall and sought the assistance of an attractive salesgirl. I told her I needed panties to fit someone with 37-inch hips—my husband.

Once we stopped laughing she brought an assortment for me to inspect. She suggested some with some extra room in the crotch—for his penis and balls. Apparently, I was not the only woman to buy these for my husband. I made Gerald try on all the panties that evening. He was embarrassed, but the next morning he put them on even though I had not yet removed his men's underwear from his drawer.

I never did remove them—there was no need. I asked Gerald about it one day; he replied that I had told him to wear the panties.

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He was just following my orders. Our house was painted inside and out. He mulched the beds for the first time in years, applied fertilizer and weed control in the lawn. He planted new annuals every season. He mowed the lawn faithfully every week, at least. It wasn't long—a few months at most—before he no longer needed direction from me. Gerald began to take pride in his accomplishments. He had begun his climb back.

I invited Tina to visit often, but I would not allow her to humiliate Gerald as she had that first weekend. She always saw him naked and he always treated her as he treated me—with the utmost respect and consideration. However, I never again had sex with Tina, nor did I allow her to pee in Gerald's mouth. I still did that occasionally, like if I was in the middle of a TV show I was especially enjoying, or if I was engaged in some activity that I needed to stay with, but it was the exception rather than the rule.

I treated these episodes as tests for Gerald. I did invite David one more time. Gerald answered the door naked which probably scared poor David terribly. He brought us drinks and snacks and he did clean both David's cock and my cunt. I did it just after my third month, mostly as a way of telling David good-bye. I gave up my volunteering at the library; I planned to be a full-time mother and I wouldn't see him again. I know Gerald was relieved when I told David, but he didn't gloat. I would have beaten him if he had.

Gerald was exactly where I wanted him when I gave birth. He reminded me of the reformed Scrooge from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." He was promoted at work and, not surprisingly, credited me with his success. I was in the hospital for two days; when I returned home with our daughter I removed all the panties from his drawer. Gerald was a man again!