Hottie blonde danis first car fuck adventure with a strangermark

Hottie blonde danis first car fuck adventure with a strangermark
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A few years ago i was 22 and i worked for a local IT firm, my manager was a right bitch at the time.

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She was about 37 years old but had a nice enough body and an ok face but was a real power bitch and would alway have something to say about how you could do more. She would always wear cleavage tops and skirts and i would often wank off in the toilets after catching a glimpse of her panties or a view of that chest of hers.


One week she had intended to place petty cash funds in the bank but instead used it to pay her overdue mortgage, i knew this because i did the bank run and would regularly look at the deposits made and this week, no petty cash, but i kept this to myself. The next week she called me into the office and told me that i had left the company short on petrol reciepts and would need to find some soon or she would report me, i paused for a moment and replied saying that i knew she had taken the petty cash and that i could prove it(bluffing!), and also that she was not using me to cover her robbery.

She paused with a look of fright on her face and then proceded to come clean, knowing that i wasnt a fan of hers she asked me not to tell, that she would lose her house and job. I remarked that it would make me as guilty as her if i didnt say anything, she said she would give me £1000 if i kept quiet, i told her that her lack of money was the reason she was in this mess and laughed. I got up to leave the room and just as i got to the door she said "What do you want then.".

I stopped and returned to my seat. Coldly i replied "Show me those tits of yours.".


"What! fuck off and go then." she said. "Ok then." i said, "No wait.if i do this were even ok" she replied ,"Yeah sure". She took off her coat and started unbuttoning her blouse, murmuring "fucks sake." every now and again.

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Jesus i couldnt believe she was doing it, i was already hard at the though of seeing those tits. Button after button opened until her blouse came off with anger.

There she was sitting with her bra on huffing and puffing until with one quick movement she took her bra off and threw it on the chair beside her, she staired at the wall with anger and embarressment while i got a long look at those 34C tits, finally getting to see those pink nipples, i felt like pulling myself off infront of her.

About 20 seconds went by of silence, then she abruptly broke it "Right you had your show.", "Hold on, im not settling for just that." i said, "What then!" she yelled, "Give me a blow job." fuck it i thought i might aswell see how far i could push this. "No thats enough of this shit, get out.i dont care who you tell" she replied. "Ok ok, but if you jerk me off then ill leave and tell nobody, anyway ive a girlfriend and you could hang me just as much as i could you, think about it 5 minutes of a hand job and were even" i was thinking on my feet.

She looked like she was about to cry. "right then ." she groaned. She stood up and put her blouse on, doing up 4 buttons and walked over to me."Quickly, get that fucking thing out." she mumbled. I stood up, undid my pants and pulled both boxer shorts and pants totally down, proudly exposing my erect cock to her and sat back down, my cock now really hot and throbbing.

She knelt down and grabbed my dick and started yanking forcefully at it while keeping her head constantly turned away from the action. About 3 minutes went by, her still pulling away at my dick and me trying not to come too soon when she stopped and said "Come on your taking too long!.", "Maybe if youd keep quiet id cum quicker" i replied.

She continued with the job at hand.

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Another 20 seconds went by and i reached down to touch her tits, "Get your fucken hands off me" she said with distinct anger in her tone, "If you want me to come quicker." i replied ,"Just fucken hurry up then.", she said and she open her blouse with her free hand, still she stared at the wall away from us.

I reached down and grabbed her warm breast, letting her nipple brush against me fingers, i pulled her top back so i could watch myself squeezing her tits and nipples. At this stage we'd been at this for about 10 minutes and i thought id up the action, so i told her to stop, that i wasnt enjoying it and that she should put her clothes on, "Fine, but if you tell anybody ill let your girlfriend know about this." she said.

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"Fuck that, were broken up months now, what do i care" i was lying through my teeth. Now she was worried "Ok ill try harder, anything you want." she was almost crying. "Right if you want me not to tell just suck my dick.simple as that" i said.

"Ok ill do it " she composed herself and put her hair in a pony tail. "And take all your clothes off, i need to be aroused if its going to work" ha, if only she knew i nearly shot my load twice already and she would be home by now. She took off her clothes without argument, wow she had a great ass for her age and her pussy was really pink in color with a trimmed black bush, her pink flapps below gave away her age and probably her sexual past but fuck me, now i was horny but also in desperate need of a piss.

I figured that if i excused myself to go to the toilet she might change her mind so i held on to it and in a way it stopped my from cumming too soon. She knelt down in front of me and took hold of the base of my cock in her right hand, then she lowered her head and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her lips enveloped my head and her tongue pressed against my glands as she slid the head of my cock in and out of her mouth, "God this is fucking great" i thought.

My own bitch of a boss, now knelling infront of me naked sucking my dick. She only took the head of my cock in her mouth but i wasnt about to complain.

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About 5 min minutes in her she stopped and started to pull me off again, her head rested on her left handeyes to the floor and her right hand pumping away."Not this shit again." now i was annoyed, "Your taking too long" she said"It takes as long as it takes.ok" trying not to sound to loud.

"Bend over the desk, this will take 2 minutes and we can all go home" i dont know why but i was pretending i also was fed up, far from it. She got up and without arguement bent over her desk, face down, her face covered by her long hair, legs straight and slightly apart.

I stood up and spat on my hand, spreading it over the head of my now dry cock, i wasnt expecting her to be moist afterall. I grabbed my cock and pushed it between her lips and into her warm cunt.

Then i grabbed her hips with both hands and started to fuck her doggy. She did lift her head once to warn me not to cum inside her.

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"Yeah right" i thought. I banged her hard, my balls beating against her pussy lips and my hips slapping against her ass. I was seconds away from cumming so i slowed my pace and without a sign that i was, i started to pump my cum up inside her, keeping the same pace and not letting her now i did. I had one final message for this bitch that treated me like shit this last year, so while i was still semi hard i withdrew and turned her around, "Im about to cum open your mouth" i said.


She knelt down and opened her mouth only slightly and kept her eyes tightly shut. That piss i was dying to take, well nows the time, she was expecting some kind of facial but instead i pushed my cock into her mouth and released the hold on my bladder. At first she did nothingthinking i was just shooting my load, but she soon got the hint when her mouth filled up so much she gaged and spewed it out all over her chest.

She bent forward and started gaging while i continued to hose what now must be half a litre is piss, all over her head. When i was finished i got dressed, she just sat there, totally drenched with steam rising off her naked body and cum dripping from her cunt.

I reached in my pocket and placed the letter of resignation that i had intended to give her that day on her desk, strange how things work out.