Babe plays with a giant toy

Babe plays with a giant toy
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Inside Me ----- 10 -- Wow, I woke up before Ean for once. I woke up Friday morning to him sleeping. He must have really been worn out from the day before. Being with him naked all day, I was in an incredibly playful mood, and I was relentless on him. We both lay naked under his sheets. I really didn't want to go to school that day but knew I had too. Montana and Bentlee were coming over right after. Right then would be my last time alone with Ean. I had a dream that night about the first time.

That time Ean made me get naked in front of him. It seemed childish to me after everything that had happened, but at the time, wow.

He cummed on me. It was the first time I saw his penis. His cum squirted all over my chest. I didn't know what I liked best, watching him cum on me, or feeling him cum in me.


My hand subconsciously made its way to Ean's penis. He was on his back. He was soft. It felt so amazing under my small fingers. His thing was so small, so soft. Then it started growing.

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Wow. I was feeling it grow. I was blind to it from the covering blanket and sheet but I could feel it. Bigger and bigger as I struggled to fit it all in my hand. Soon it outgrew me and I had to move my fingers up and down to feel the whole thing. I had to do it. As gently as I could, I rolled out from under the covers and off the bed. I quietly ran into my room and looked through my new clothes to find what I was looking for. I picked them up and smiled. I dubbed them the nine-year-old underwear.

They were my underwear. I wanted him to cum on them. I wanted to see his face after he cummed and I showed him what he just did it on. I quietly ran back into Ean's room. He was still asleep. The sun was just barely peeking through his curtains. As gently as I could, I pulled the covers off the bed to reveal my big brother's naked body. I was only fourteen.

I was allowed to pull childish stunts like that. I thought might hang them up on my door while mom was away. If I told him to leave them alone, he would. Montana and Bentlee would give him the hardest time for it. I crawled over his abs and held myself there with my legs.

I was certain he would wake up while I was doing it and I had to block his view from what was going on. The panties were almost silky soft. His penis was softening but I had it hard soon enough again. The skin on it was also surprisingly almost silky soft, so smooth. They glided together perfectly. For maybe two or more minutes, I was entranced with stroking his penis.

It was so cool. Watching it disappear and reappear under my panties. I wondered and hoped that I could make him cum in his sleep.

"Oooooh, Maeghan. Why, what are you doing?" Nope I guess. "Just making sure you're well pleasured before I bring my friends over after school." "What about you?" "You don't have to worry about me wanting to relieve myself with my friends." I smiled to myself. I somehow though didn't think that it would do much when those two girls walked in and hung all over him asking for everything a guy could want. I felt Ean's finger tips lightly move over my butt cheeks.

Slowly, his middle finger made its way down into my butt crack. He stopped. He stopped as his middle finger rolled into the indention my butt hole made. His other hand wrapped around me just under my belly.

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What was he doing? Then both hands started pushing into me. His index finger shifted down replacing his middle and was pushing into my butthole. "Ean, wrong hole, that's the wrong hole!" I begged. He just pushed harder. Slowly, I felt my fighting body loose the battle. Painstakingly, his finger broke into me and started slipping deeper inside me. All I could do was exhale and stop stroking him. "Keep rubbing me, please." He sounded enthralled.

I obeyed as I felt him entering my rectum. His finger wasn't that big but it felt huge in there, in that little tiny hole. I was happy that it was just his finger. I was happy that it wasn't his penis. Ean was breathing harder.

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I could hear him. As the head of his penis played peek-a-boo with me and my rectum was being penetrated, I started to get turned on a bit. He was all the way in me. Feeling around inside me. He was feeling the inside of my butt.

I felt violated but horny. His hips were bucking a bit into my panties. He was so turned on by what he was doing. He started to almost pump his finger in and out of me. It was a major violation of me but I couldn't just make him stop. He was so happy; I could tell he was seconds from cumming.

He was right there. He was showing his power over me. Over his little sister. His finger tensed inside me as his penis swelled.

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I pulled the panties up over the head and stroked him with my other hand. I could feel it. I was feeling the shaft of his penis as he went into sexual high. Amazing. The panties in my hand bubbled and stained as I could only imagine sperm shot from him into them.

Again and again. I gripped his organ tightly with my small hand feeling it all. My eyes watching my panties shake with the pounding of his semen. That little piece of fabric. The little pink and purple hearts. Something only a nine-year-old would wear. I wish he could last forever but he died down soon.

I pulled the panties away as they began dripping his cum onto my hand that gripped him below.

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I wiped as much of the semen on any clean part left on the fabric. Ean slowly removed himself from my rectum. His other hand rose to my tummy and started pulling me back as my butt fell to rest on his abs. I let myself fall back as I squeezed the last of his juices from him onto my underwear and rested it dirty side up on my hips.

My head fell next to his off his shoulder onto the pillow. "Was that the wrong hole? I did think it was a bit tighter than usual," Ean said sarcastically.

My butthole felt weird. I didn't know what to think of it, it wasn't like after using the bathroom, but it wasn't a bad weird. It was almost like a little stinging but not quite. It wasn't bad though, it was resting bare on my brother's abs. "What are those?" Ean asked looking down to my underwear. I smiled and reached down lifting up the corner so he could see better. "Little girl panties that you jacked off with." "What? Maeghan!" I smiled. "They're mine, so you can't touch them.

I think I'll hang them on my door for the weekend." "So, I guess your friends do know about us then." "Yeah," I said regrettably.

"Is that ok?" "I could get in a lot of trouble if they tell anyone else. I could go to prison and be ordered never to see you again." My heart rate skyrocketed. I never thought of that. I would die if that happened. No! They wouldn't tell. They liked him too. Why would some stupid law do that to us? I know other people shouldn't do it but this was us. Why would they treat us the same as real rape.

Ean must have seen my discomfort. "Don't worry. I trust them. I trust you. Everything will be ok." He turned his head to mine. I turned mine to look at him and he came in for a kiss. His tongue parted my lips and we went fully into making out. I didn't know how he did it but I forgot all my worries right then. I was on my back, lying completely naked on my naked brother with my panties lying on my hips stained in his cum. My head was bent backwards and making out with him.

He reached over and touched my pelvis; I bowed in a little from the feeling. He grabbed my panties and balled them up before tossing them off to the side on his bed. We were making out, tonguing at each other, if that's even a word. His hand reached down and engulfed my vagina.

I moaned onto his tongue. His cupping became squeezing; pulsing squeezes. Slowly, one of his fingers broke into my slit. My butt lifted a little. We were two passionate lovers. So young, so innocent. I was living, actually living a story better than anything I had ever read in a book.

There was no great adventure, no epic battle, no maniacal sex. I was laying on Ean. He was fingering me, rubbing me. We were kissing. I didn't know if books didn't have that feeling or if they just couldn't put them into words. I can't put it into words. All I could think as he slowly massaged me, as the deep feeling slowly built up inside me, as we so delicately danced our tongues with each others, all I could think, amazing.

"Ooooh," I moaned feeling his finger pull out of me after a particularly deep penetration. I wondered what it felt like for him, pushing his finger so deep into his sister. My hips wanted to rise. What it felt like to feel my lubricant coat his finger, his palm. That feeling was getting much stronger deep in me.

What did it feel like to have a fourteen year old girl lying naked on her back on top of him? My stomach had so many butterflies in it getting ready to explode. What did it feel like to be making out with me? Oooooh, so close. Because I knew, I knew exactly what it felt like to be me, feel his finger in me, his palm on me, his body below mine, my tongue in his mouth. I knew how it felt all too well. "Mmmmmmmmm!!" I exploded into his mouth. I lost it. My body tried curling into a ball from the orgasm but Ean stopped it.

He easily overpowered my weak muscles and held my body open and sprawled out. The orgasm just reacted with more force. It was my orgasm and Ean was showing it that he was in control.

No. I wanted him to stop. My orgasm didn't like it. I wanted to be curled up safely in a ball as the amazing pressure and pleasure washed over me. But I couldn't be. My entire body was forced open to take the full force of the power. An amazing stinging sensation took me over. It was like an incredibly high note pitched through my body. I jerked up and down in Ean's hands. My mouth had broken from his and I struggled for air.

What was it like for him to be so easily holding down a writhing girl in the middle of an orgasm? I sure as hell knew what it was like to be that girl. So much power flowed through me. I could feel it coming. That familiar feeling. It wasn't that strong but I could feel it nonetheless.

And then it happened. From deep just below my tummy, like a wave, my entire body flared and died. I felt it wash up my chest and then I was out. I opened my eyes to Ean kissing me. I was on the bed now and he was laying off to the side with his chest propped up on mine. I could still feel the tingle in my pelvis and especially in my vagina. Ean looked at me a little shocked. "Wow, only out for about a minute this time." I smiled back to him.

"Why, what were you going to do to me while I was asleep?" "Ooo, it's too late now, you should have faked it if you wanted to find out." I glared into his eyes smiling. "Well, now that you're awake, I guess I have to tell you to get ready for school." I sighed.

"Well, I guess that we need another shower together then." "I could just bath you right here, I've got loads of this liquid down here," he said pulling his hand from my vagina. I gasped to myself as he cupped my breast.

His hand was soaked. "I didn't, um, pee again?" I asked embarrassed. "No, this was all you and all natural. Although, I wouldn't have minded if you did pee." I looked away from his gaze embarrassed. "You know, you haven't gone since last night, maybe I could squeeze it out of you in the shower." "No, it's still too tingly down there." "Well, I still want to watch you pee. Anything to do with that hole is going to fascinate me.

Except maybe your period, I don't really want to watch that." I couldn't meet his eyes.


He was just listing off all the most embarrassing things I did. I was thankful he didn't want to watch my period. Maybe, I might be able to let him watch me pee, but only because he seemed to get so excited over it.

"I guess it's shower time now, don't want to be late for school," he said. "And don't pee until I tell you too." Getting ready for the shower was simple enough, we just walked to it and turned the water on before getting in.

It was starting to get annoying holding in my urine. I just wanted it out. It was the only thing disrupting my thoughts of being with Ean. The water was soo warm. Ean stood behind me with his arms draping down over my chest and his soft manhood pressed into my back. He kept bending forward and kissing my cheek and nibbling at my lips.

He wasn't as playful as our first shower together, he was more serious, our relationship was becoming more serious, and increasingly fast. I almost felt sad for him. He wanted to be in a serious adult relationship, one that could lead somewhere. But he was stuck with me, his little sister. I couldn't lead him anywhere. "Cheer up Maeghan," he called past my thoughts. I felt my whole body lifting up. He was picking me up from under my knees with my back pressing into his chest.

Then he pulled my legs apart and guided my vagina into the stream of falling hot water. All I could do was gasp as the hot water pounded into my organ. "Ean, it's too tingly right now," I cried insecurely. It was more sensitive than usual but it did feel so spectacularly amazing. "Well, when you've emptied your bladder, I'll let you down." "I can't," I cried, "I can't pee when something is teasing me like this." "Push," he whispered into my ear before taking the lobe between his teeth.

My head tilted to allow him easier access to my ear and I tried my hardest to push it out of me. I was fighting a tremendous feeling pounding into my mound to drive out an enormous urge to pee. If only the water was colder, it would have been so much easier I thought. I could feel it starting. But the water was so hot, and it wasn't easy, but it was so much better. I kept pushing. I had to break past the first few trickles, then my body's natural process would take over.

I could feel it starting. A little pump, a splat, one more spurt, and then my mouth droned open in moaning as the full stream poured out. I was staring up to the ceiling feeling myself use the bathroom as hot water rained onto my private part with my older brother holding me in the most provocative position I could imagine.

"Maeghan, look, look at it. Look at yourself." Reluctantly, I looked down and obeyed him. There I was. My young naked body sprawled open by my brother.

I was pretty powerful too. My stream of urine fought back pretty hard against the shower's water. The liquid squirting from the crack between my legs shot up the path of falling water at least a foot and a half before arching forward into the open air. The sound of my lone urine stream pounding into the bathtub floor before us melted with the falling water from my butt.

But I could hear it. It was very distinguishable. And I just kept going. It felt so wonderful to let it all pour out of me. "It's beautiful," Ean said looking down my body. "You're so weird," I remarked as my bladder died down.

"What, don't you like when I cum?" "That's different," I said defiantly as my peeing became a trickle down my butt crack. "If you peed cum, I would be all over you every time you went to the bathroom." Ean set my body down. I turned toward him and silently picked at his firm skin below his chest. I didn't really know what I was doing but I just felt like doing it.

Ean was mine; I could do what I felt like to him. I loved it so much. It meant nothing but it was everything to just play with his stomach. I looked up to his face smiling coyly.

I was playing with his chest for no apparent reason, I was wondering what he was thinking and I couldn't help but smile. His gaze moved up my body to my smile. He smiled. Ean smiled. It was a smile unlike anything I had seen on him before.

Then he gripped my shoulders and moved in to kiss me. I stumbled back into the wall but he kept kissing me. "I love you so much Maeghan," he gasped out trying to breathe before pushing back into my lips.

I got really scared all of a sudden and pushed back. "No, stop it. No Ean." Ean pulled back from me immediately. He stared at me confused and so hurt.

"I'm sorry. I'm just your sister. I want you to love me, but you were right. I'm your sister. We can't get married. You need someone else.

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Don't waste those feelings on me." "Maeghan," he said so sadly; so confused. The shower water pounded into his abs and fell to the ceramic floor. Besides that, it was silent. I was alone holding myself up with the wall. Ean stood before me alone in the water.


It was all wrong. Everything was wrong. I was confused. I pushed forward and hugged Ean. "Please don't leave me. You said it before.

Another girl. Just please don't leave me. I don't want you to give everything up for me, there has to be another girl for your future but please, please don't leave me behind." "It's ok, I'll never leave you.

Everything will be alright." Ean had pulled himself together. Everything fell on him. He told me to do what I thought was right, do whatever I wanted; if I failed, he would protect me. I failed. I never knew I would feel like that. I never knew I would be able to understand Ean that much, see how much I was actually hurting him without him even knowing it.

I understood why Ean always preferred planning things out then. As I hugged his strong body in the shower, I realized why he was always so reluctant with other people, when other people's emotions came into play. Ean pulled back. I looked up to him staring at me. "Ok little sis, time to wash up and get you to school." He reached over and grabbed a bottle of shampoo.

He called me little sis. It wasn't erotic, it wasn't playful, it was what I was. He said it to remind himself who I was. So he could carry on without wanting to do anything more to me. I felt a cold splotch grow on my scalp as Ean squeezed the shampoo onto me. I loosened my hold on him. e.l. hanes Only 2 chapters left.