TS Giselly Araujo riding on latino cock

TS Giselly Araujo riding on latino cock
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Part 2 --- I return to my slut, completely filled and used. I lean over to her and say "How was that, exactly what you wanted?", she replies "Yes and so much more" I pull everything out of her.

All of her holes are gaping open, cum is dried on her face and hair and I think to myself she never looked sexier. Aimee takes a shower and when she is done we both fall asleep. We both wake the next morning. I turn and look at the clock and it displays 9:30.


I roll back over and look at Aimee. She is even beautiful in the morning. She looks at me and says "It is finally Friday, when do I start?" I look back at her and said "Well are you sure you want to do this? I can still cancel" Aimee replied "No are you crazy, this is going to be great." After hearing her so excited to be used like she is going to be, all concern left me.

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I looked at her, kissed her lips and said "You are starting NOW!. Go take a shower. I will have your rules and clothes layed out for you.

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Aimee gets up without hesitation and walks to the shower. I hear the shower turn on and I get up and start her rules for today. Rules: 1. You WILL do whatever anybody wants. 2. You WILL be available for anything at all times. 3. When you are not being used you will kneel on the side of the couch and wait until you are wanted. 4. If I call you over you are to stop imediately and crawl to me. 5.

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You will not leave the room with anyone at anytime. I walk to the closet and find what will be the first thing she wears today.

I look through what she has. I find a red and black corset that the chest is is a couple of sizes to small and she is constantly falling out of. A pair of lace top black thigh highs and a pair of 8 inch black platform shoes that have a strap that goes around her ankle. I lay all the clothes and Rules on the bed and I walk out of the room to make coffee. The shower stops and I hear her step into the bedroom.

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I finish make the coffee and turn the switch on. I walk to the bedroom to find her putting on the clothes I layed out for her. I stand at the door and ask "Everything is good?" she replies "Everything is great!".

I walk back out to the kitchen to let her finish up. About an 30 minutes later I hear her walking down the hall. Her heels making a clicking noise as she walks.

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She steps into the doorway of the kitchen, I look up from the newpaper and see what she has thrown herself into being a prositute. She has done her hair all big, her make up is on thick and bright. She totally fits the part and my cock gets hard from looking at her. I ask her "Were the rules clear?" "Yes they were sir, what would you like me to do?" (I love it when she calls me sir) I look at the table and there is nothing on it.

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I tell her "Come over here and lay on the table on your stomach." The table is a rectangle shape and is just a little smaller then her. She gets on the table and her head hangs off one end. I walk in front of her and pull my cock out of my pants. She looks at me and says "Wow that is huge, I don't know if I can get that in my mouth." Knowing that she is playing her part I say "Well you don't have a choice, it will be in your throat." With that she opens her mouth and takes only a quarter of it in her mouth and swirls her tongue around the head.

I let her do this for a second and then I push the rest into her mouth. I feel the tip of my hard dick enter her throat and she begins to gag. I pull back out of her throat and push forward again into her throat. I pull completely out of her mouth and ask "Do you like that slut?


Do you want it harder?" "Yes sir, I am your slut, I am here for your pleasure, do with me as you see fit" After hearing that there was no stopping me.

I thrusted my entire cock into her mouth down her throat. I start to fuck her mouth, slamming my cock down in and out of her throat.

I grab her hair and thrust hard into her mouth and hold her head in position. While my cock is down her thoat i ask her "Do you like being used?

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Just wait until he have your ass and pussy filled at the same time." I continue to push in and out of her mouth. There is spit coming out of her mouth and down her chin. I command her "Grab the heels of your shoes." Before she has a chance to reach back and grab hold of her shoes I slap her ass and leave a nice hand print.

She moans and immediately grabs the heels of her shoes. I start to really fuck her mouth now. Thrusting hard into her throat, stretching it open. I pull out of her mouth and say "Where do you want my cum" "Whereever you want sir" "Wow you are a really good slut" After a couple more minutes of fucking her mouth I pull out and spray cum from her forehead down to her chin.

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Some cum drips onto the table and Aimee imediately licks it up. Aimee looks up at me. She is covered in cum, her eye makup and running down her face. She says "Would you like anything else sir" "No i am ok for now, just go clean yourself up, your clients will be showing up soon."