Pov beauty gags on two fat cocks

Pov beauty gags on two fat cocks
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This is what happened to me at my 10 year high school reunion. All the names have been changed. I was at my pre-reunion dinner when I heared my name. "Will" I heared in a sweet voice.

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I turned around to see a set of strangly familiar, but yet lovely, blue eyes. " I'm sorry" I said "but do I know you?" She smile so sweetly and said " My name is Amy." I must have looked dumb founded.

" You know me as Mike" With a bit of blush in her voice. "Mike Jones?" "The guy I use to play D&D with?" "The one and the same" she said. I was suprised to see "Amy" since the last time I saw her she was a he and I was killing his 10th level fighter! " "Well I see that ten years has changed you a bit" I said with an approving voice.

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Amy stood at 5'7" at 120-125lbs with long blond hair nicly tanned skin and the most beautiful set of blue eyes. She laughed at me. " I would hope so! I have spent enough money in doing so!" What I could see it was worth every dime.

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" Are you going to the big party tommarrow?" Amy asked. "It would have been a waste of time and money for me if I didn't." I replied. "Great! I will see you then" as she almost skipped away from me.

I thought to myself this is going to one hell of a reunion. The night of the big party came where I meet alot of old friends and caught up on old times. There were some friends that wern't there because of various reason.

Chris couldn't make it because he couldn't afford to travel. Carl was just missing. The reunion board was unable to find him. Doug had died in the gulf war back in 91'. Chris, Carl, Doug, "Amy" and I use to hang with each other and play D&D, camping, talk about anime you know the normal geek stuff. John was the only other person from our group that showed. You can guess he was the geekest of the geekest, but now he is a rich geek! Lucky bastard! "To bad about Doug" I heard from behind me.

I turned to see the blue eyes of Amy again. "Yea" I sighed "Landmine is what I hear" Amy looked at her drink and took a deep breath. "War sucks." "Yes it does" I replied. I told my expriance there and Bosnia.

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"Still serving?" she asked. "Nope" I pointed to my foot " They don't like one footed soldiers" Her pretty blue eyes opened wide and almost filled with tears " I'm sorry! I didn't know!" I chuckled a bit and said "Now we are even" She has a pretty smile I thought as she playfuly hit me "Trud" she called me.

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Later in the evening Amy came to me and asked if I could take her home. She had too much to drink and didn't want to drive. "What are friends for?" I awnsered. After a nice drive and great conversation I got her to her house. She invited me in for a cup of coffee, Even as kids I always drank coffee.

It was kinda nice to know that Amy remembered how much I liked it. Amy made some coffee for me and said she was going to change into something more comfortable.

She returned in a pair of old sweats and t-shirt(you all thought some type of sexy outfit didn't you*L*). We chatted about all sorts of things that night. Things like when did she realize that she was a she and not a he, confusing isn't. She told all about her college years where she was confused and scared. "Mary was her name." Amy stated "She is the one that took me by the hand and guided me." "Guided?" I quered.

"Yes guided me." she said with a sly smile. Mary was the one that told Amy about transgender and all the confusing bull that goes with it.

"Without Mary" Amy paused " I would have killed myself" "Kill yourself!?" I asked. "Trust me. This isn't an easy life" Then she laughed " Not to mention all this cost money!" She stooded up as if she was modleing herself. "Worth every dime" I said. It got so late that night she offered me to sleep on her couchwhich I did. "Oh my aching back" I bitched late that morning. " what are you complaining about" Amy said as she poured the coffee.

"You forgot already didn't you?" She looked at me, confused at first, then a wave of realization came to her. "Oh Damn! I forgot you were blown up!" she almost looked like she was going to pass out! "Injuried" "Huh?" she replied "Injuried is the proper way of saying it. Blown up makes sould cartoonish" Amy felt so bad she offered to buy me dinner that night.

And who am I to turn down those pretty blue eyes. Since I don't drink I picked Amy up at her house. She came out wearing a simple black dress with a sexy red shirt and black stockings. I thought to my self "wow is she hot." Ready to go?" she said. While she was getting in the car I noticed that she was wearing stocking and just a hint of bare skin had shown itself. Once again I thought to myself "Damn she is hot." We when to some Blues bar and grill that overlooked the L.A.

Basin. It was great. Everything was great. The food - great. The music - Great. The coffee - Great but most of all the company, Amy, was Great. "Lets dance!" she said while pulling me to the floor. "Its a slow kinda dance so you don't have to worry about your foot." Well lets see what we have here. I have one footed, D&D Player that is so white I could be tranlucant.

"What are you doing?" Amy asked. " I think its called dancing" She looked at me like i had a third arm growing out of my head. "No. I would call that having a fit or something"" What are you saying?" I stated. "I'm saying you are not dancing" She came close to me and grabed my hips "First you have hips. Move them abit" Like this?" I said. "Better" She replied.

Alittle time had past and I found myself slow dancing with Amy.

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Not saying a word, just looking into her blue eyes. "Do you want to go back to my place?" Her voice was almost shaking. "yes" was my reply. The 30 minute drive back to her house was without a word. Once I pulled into her driveway she reached over to me and said " I always thought of you" then her soft lips touched my lips. Once inside of her house we began to kiss each other deeply. Our tounges dance with each other, slowly like the way we danced on the floor that night.

Each step we took towards the bedroom our kissing became deeper and more lustful. I almost ripped her top off in the hallway! "My God you are beautiful" I said between kisses. Her well define breasts heaved upward and I could see how erect her nipples were against the sheer fabric of her bra.

"Less talk" She almost demanded. By the time we had made it to her bedroom I was naked except for my feet. She was wearing a red gaterbelt and red cotchless panties. I could see from her erect cock that she was enjoying herself.

She sat on the edge of her bed and said "We can stop if you like. I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to" As began to crawl on top of her i said "The only thing I want to do is make love with you" Then I kissed her deeply. We kissed every square inch of each others body and caressed each other until we were mad with lust. "Please I want you!" Amy rasped. I but some lube on my swollen cock and crawled back on top.

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I began to ease myself in to Amy. "Oh My." Amy's voice trailed off. I had almost losted it then But I stoped and kissed her. Her soft moan filled my mouth. I began to go deeper into Amy then pulled back out.


This was a soft slow action we did. I felt Amy's excitment rub against me. Looked down so I can watch myself go in and out of her. "Man she is so Hot!" I thought. I also notice how much precum was comeing out fo Amy.


This was getting so close. Amy's "Oh Gods" turned into incoherant gurnts and moans. Her legs wrapped around me tightly as the words "I'm Cumming" flew from her mouth. I felt her cock twitch and realease against my belly. She scratched at my back and thrashed about like a mad woman!

I couldn't take any more. I felt my cock begin to twitch as I called out to God.

It felt like I was never going to stop. After a short time reality came to me and we both enjoyed ourselves. For two weeks while I was home we had fun with each other. Ten years had past since then and I was going to go to my 20th High School reunion but Amy died since then.


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traffic took her life but I will never forget Amy. I hope you have enjoyed the story.