Blonde gf sucks and fucks her bf on live webcam

Blonde gf sucks and fucks her bf on live webcam
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Going to Church Bruce returned to the Bucket of Blood after dinner with his wife. She went back to the brothel, to capitalize on the Saturday night action.

He walked back to the hotel and watched the tourists wandering around the streets of historic Virginia City. He thought about going up to his room but, he decided to walk back through town again. He didn't want another drink but, he went into the old Bucket of Blood saloon anyway. He watched people for a while and had a soda water. He decided to go over to the brothel and see how his wife Carla was doing.

She had already taken on two double parties and a single throw. It seemed like a big night in town. He noticed a man in work coveralls entering the brothel as he walked in. The silver mines beneath the town were back in operation now and this man had just gotten off his shift it seemed. Bruce nodded at the Madam and took a seat in the parlor to watch the line up.

The miner stood attentively viewing the girls. He noticed Carla as a new one in the line and stepped over to make his choice. He led her by the cashier and swiped his credit card. Carla led him off to one of the rooms and Bruce smiled at her quick step.

She was busy tonight. The miner was a foreman on the hard rock operation down below. He supervised drilling and blasting while other groups came in to muck out the ore. He was a Geo-technical engineer and looked at the bracing, shoring and safety structures. He signed off on every blast and kept things moving and accident free. He brought his own condoms for safety and personal sensitivity.

Carla examined his equipment and washed his dick with a hand towel. He admired her conscientious methodical ethic. She was a hot babe but, safe practices made him feel comfortable and relaxed with a stranger.

His dick was stiff and ready. He showered after work at the mine and the jumpsuit he wore was not the one he worked in. He shaved his cock and lubed his rubber on the inside for a better feeling sensations. It was almost like going bare. Carla worked his glans with her hand and then took him in her mouth. She pulled up the blood flow to the surface until his dick glowed like a red hot poker.

The miner just sat on the edge of the bed and let her do her thing. She sucked the tip and then took him to her throat and played his balls while she sucked him. Then she stood him up and turned around and stuck his dick in from behind for a stand up fuck. He stood at the perfect height to slide in with no maneuvering needed.

She had a good eye for positions like that and he started pumping in like a slow locomotive getting up a head of steam. In and out all the way and back he penetrated. The head of his dick felt the cervix and she shifted to put him on her g-spot.

Mmmm that's good she said. She did not always get a real thrill from her throws but, this man had an even tempo that had her dancing like a jazz routine. He held her hips and pulled against her spot as he sensed his effect on her.

He liked to make women cum and if he could make a whore come that was a real accomplishment. The had to fuck all night and kept things moving regardless of any personal pleasure. Her gasps told him he had her going and he stayed on his mark not wavering as he got her to shake and shiver uncontrollably.

She was the pro but, he was playing her like a violin. He pulled his dick with the tension of a horsehair fiddle bow rubbing against the upper wall of her vagina. He felt the contours her interior membrane through his thin latex sheath.

His fingers reached for her distended nipples. They were over-sensitized from her suckling clients earlier and constant suction schedule to induce lactation.

He knew what she was up to and his fingers gripped and squeezed below the surface to stimulate the spongy tissue beneath. Carla's head shock from side to side.

She was getting a professional fucking by a real skilled stud.

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This man had her triggered and tickled inside and out. She started to come again and again and he would not let up. He paused if he got close himself and then started probing out every notch on her pleasure maps. His dick went up and down every inch of her pussy like and punched her ticket like an old computer data card. Her orgasm multiplied and her circuits overloaded until her fuses blew and her wires melted.

Then he pulled out and removed his condom. Turning her around he lay her on the bed. Then he squirted his load on her tits and rubbed the juice into her overused nipples. His cream soothed her inflamed glands but, he had set her cunt on fire. He had satisfied her like few men ever had. Even Bruce did not get her like this every time. He was an real technician and he wiped his dick of and got back in his white coveralls again.

He smiled and then put three one hundred dollars bills on her boobs for a tip. Carla was a wet mess and the sperm covered cash decorated her like the fucked up whore she was. She laughed and winked at him as he left. She was a pro but, this mining engineer specialized in precision deep drilling.

Bruce sat in the parlor of the brothel and spoke to the madam about the busy traffic. She told him it was a big night and Carla was taking on lots of high end clients, regulars and newcomers. She offered Bruce his choice of any girl on the house. Bruce wanted to fuck his own wife later but, a treat on the house was hospitality that should not be refused.

He looked over the line up and thought about his choices. Then he noticed a fresh face he did not recognize. He nodded to the madam and she brought the girl over to the parlor sofa. She introduced Stephanie to Bruce. Stephie was a college girl from the University in Reno.

She was a dance major and had worked as a showgirl in Vegas and started with Disneyland, when she was younger. Now that had been in Nevada she wanted to learn choreography to work on the big shows.

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Going to school was the way to move up in the arts and working at the brothel had more flexible hours than the casino shows for a college girl.

Stephanie was smart and practical as much as she was beautiful and sexy. She was a long legged blonde with bigger breasts than his wife Carla.

Her sexy figure was pin up or Hollywood material but, she really loved dance. Her stance on the line up got his interest as much as her figure. She just projected sexy thoughts without saying a word.

Bruce thought she was a great girl with brains and not the usual type of brothel girl. They went to a room and she stripped for him slowly while he sat on the bed.

Bruce had her lay down on the bed and then he took off his clothes and knelt over her. He placed her hands on his cock and then took her breasts in hand and felt the warm mounds of glandular softness. He rubbed the skin under tension so her flesh vibrated like the skin on a bongo drum. He played her boobs with exploratory deftness. He found the understructure of milk ducts under her nipples and squeezed gently to stimulate her responses.

The electric contact went straight to her pussy and she smiled and looked him in the eyes as he tuned her body like a piano. His control made her wet and hot. Next Bruce slipped his hard dick between her boobs and rubbed them together over his shaft. He grip got her boobs heated and that heating rod between her breasts melted her even more. She was ready to come from his hands and dick on her tits. She looked him in the eyes and winked. He was having fun getting her off and taking his time about it.

She knew her boss would give her a nice payout on a house job and just let go and enjoyed her guests attention. "This is great." she said, "It's been a busy night and now this part does not even seem like work. I am really glad to meet you. I hope we can get together after work later if you have time." Bruce was not expecting an invitation from his hooker but, he liked the girl and enjoyed just talking to her earlier.

"I am staying over at the hotel in room 23. Here is my key so just come over when you get through." Bruce had not asked his wife about bringing over a prostitute from the brothel to their honeymoon hotel but, he wanted to see Stephanie some more. Bruce continued to work his dick on her tits until he started to throb from his balls up his shaft.

Stephanie felt the extra heat and pushed her tits together even tighter on his dick. She was really turned on by this tit fuck and had already come.

Now she just wanted to see him shoot his load and watch the pleasure on his face. Bruce moaned and squirted hard on the hookers tits. She milked out all the sperm and rubbed in on her big breasts and laughed. "That was a great time, Bruce.

I'll be sure to drop by later." Bruce cleaned up and got dressed. He let Stephanie take her time returning to the parlor and went back to the sofa to watch his wife take on another visitor. He was back before she was so, she did not see that he had left the room for a session of his own.

She came out in a half hour later with a hand full of cash stuffed into her bra. Her lingerie outfit did not have pockets or a purse for her tips and she had a big gratuity this time.

She walked over to the Madam and told her she was calling it a night. The Madam nodded and winked at Bruce. The house was having a big night and Carla had already done her fair share of the work. Carla and Bruce walked back to their hotel, enjoying the starlit mountain air of Virginia City. They went up to their room and Carla showered. She showed Bruce her haul of tips. She had nearly $2000 for a the afternoon and evening in tips alone and close to that much in her share of the fees.

Bruce gave her a foot massage as she lay back on the bed. The extreme stiletto heels she wore got the men turned on but, they were hard on her feet. She closed her eyes and relaxed, as her husband unwound the tension. Bruce stood up for a moment, to turn down the lights and put some music on the radio. He resumed his foot massage, which helped him to relax.

He kissed his wife's feet and sucked on her toes. Carla purred and moaned from the slow sensual attention. A key turned in the lock and Stephanie quietly opened the room's door. She vaguely recognized Carla from the brothel and quietly entered the room closing the door silently behind herself.

She looked at Carla's distended and swollen nipples. It was clear she was getting the sucked many times each day to induce lactation. As Bruce sucked on his wife's toes Stephanie began to suck on her nipples.

Carla knew something good was in store now. Her pussy moistened from the direct neural link to her breasts. Bruce kept her toes in his mouth and rubbed up the inside of her legs with his fingers and traced her cunt lips. "Oh yes!" Carla moaned. She opened her eyes in the dim light and saw Stephanie sucking on one breast while she fondled the other.

Bruce began to finger her slit now and hook his digit inside and seek out her g-spot. His wife shook her head from side to side and began to babble with delightful enjoyment.

Stephanie switched nipples in her mouth and put a finger in Carla's mouth to be sucked on. Bruce continued to finger bang his hot wife while the brothel girl sucked on her tits. Then he gave up sucking her toes and began to eat her out. Carla was in heaven with lips on her breasts and on her clitoris. She had come from the fingering and she came again and again as her heat built up. She had spent most of the day pleasing others and now was her turn.

Bruce paused from his pussy licking. He pulled her down to the end of the bed and knelt on the floor to pump inside her. He stuck his smooth shaved dick slowly into his wife's soaking love tunnel. He worked his way deep and slowly pulled out. Stephanie shifted her attention from Carla's breasts and started licking her the junction of Bruce's dick and his wife's pussy.

The helping tongue drove Carla mad. She shook and thrashed. Bruce hit her trigger points inside and Stephanie pushed her pink hot button on the the outside. She came so hard now that she jerked her knees up and put her legs around Stephanie's head, holding her in the place that felt good. Bruce held out for a while longer but, the incredible heat being generated was too much to withstand. His balls tightened up and he felt contractions working their way down his deep dicking member.

He felt his juice rising and he pulled out and let Stephanie take a taste. She could see what was happening and took a squirt on the face before she sucked down his dessert treat and swallowed most of it. She lay down next to Carla and began kissing her and sharing her mouthful of sperm. Bruce pulled down Stephanie's panties from under her short skirt and began to eat her out next.

She was a strong legged dancer and her muscles pulled on his tongue inside her pussy. Bruce wanted to fuck her too after tit fucking her earlier but, he would have to wait now having just shot his load in her mouth.

Stephanie stiffened her legs and tightened up her whole body. She shook and came from Bruce's skillful tongue work. Now Carla sat up and then turned around on the bed to join her husband in double tonguing the naughty Nevada dancer girl. Carla licked her pussy from above and Bruce licked between her legs. They surrounded her clit and slowly pressed their tongues together and squeezed out a string of body melting orgasms.

The bed shook and then quieted.

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Stephanie was spent and done in by the last burst of pleasure. They all crawled under the covers together and held each other with Carla in the middle. They fell asleep and drifted into the stars in their dreams. Live was good to them in every way. Before the early light of dawn Bruce woke up with his morning wood stiffer than usual.

Even though he had been well sucked his dick wanted more before sunrise. Carla felt him against her leg and felt their new girlfriend on her other side. She knew Bruce would want to feel that tight pussy on his bare dick and she eased herself over Stephanie to give him access to her fresh tight body. Stephanie was as smooth shaved as Bruce and his fingers played around with her pussy lips until she was well lubed and awake. She kissed him and he felt her nice big breasts and nipples.

She had plenty to play with and he slowly got her worked up and turned on. Finally she guided his dick head against her opening and let Bruce put the tip inside.

She had a dexterity that had to be felt to be understood.


Stephanie gripped his glans and squeezed it tightly inside her labia. Then she pulled him slightly deeper and flexed her muscles down her love tube. She was tight but, even more than that she had a strong gripping squeeze. Stephanie worked her muscles inside and pulled on Bruce's shaft. He felt every ripple and contraction as she bore down. She brought him close and pinched him back so he could not squirt.

Her skill and her strength had him helpless to control his ejaculation. Finally she let him have it, her contractions pulled up from the base of his dick to the tip and she took his semen inside and held him close. She was a pro and he loved it. He kissed her deeply and his wife kissed his neck at the same time.

The huddled on the bed together again and Carla called room service for coffee. They sat and watched the sun rise and thought about what to do next. Bruce mentioned that they could go to church with Jenny and meet some of her Mormon friends.

The woman who had been donkey fucked would surely be there and it seemed like a good place to make more new friends. None of them were devout church goers but, there would be the social picnic afterward and they would not have to memorize verses or sing in the choir. Carla and Stephanie made out on the bed while Bruce drank more coffee. The two party girls locked themselves in a 69 position and eat each other out for more than an hour.

It was still early so they decided to meet Jenny at her ranch and go to church from there. They drove down to the valley and found Jenny in the barn as expected. She had one of her little stallions fucking her energetically while another watched from his stall. Carla was ready for some more horse dick so she slid the lower board on the gate and moved the bench up to the penned stallions cock.

She knew the routine by now and the miniature stud got hard as soon as she opened the lower board on the gate. He hard poled her as soon as she slid her open legs under the gate.

"Hi Ho Silver!" she murmured to herself as the little stud dick stuffed her full of horse meat. Jenny kept taking her stallion on her hands and knees. Her second round of beast dick was being used by her new friend so, she would have to do with what she had for the moment. She slowed her rhythm to make the horse last a little longer but, he soon blew a gasket and shot his fluids in and on her in a copious volume.

She could never get enough of this and she bred her herd constantly to supply her needs and her business. Stephanie observed with interest but, was pretty well satisfied at the moment. She checked the other stalls and noticed the donkey was stiff and ready.

Bruce told her about the widow who took on the jackass and Stephanie giggled at the thought of a donkey dick at work. Jenny hosed the horse sperm off her body out on the step and went inside to shower.

Carla had her stallion serviced shortly and went inside to join Jenny cleaning up. Stephanie was dressed like the hooker she had been last night and Jenny found a church dress for her to borrow. Carla had something more presentable and Bruce looked fairly businesslike for the occasion. Jenny herded the donkey up the ramp into the bed of her crew cab pickup and told the others she would drive them to church. She took some back roads and cut across neighboring property to short cut her way to the little church.

A few families were there and it was about 11am when the choir began singing inside. Everyone sat down and Jenny and her friends were near the back rows of pews. The minister spoke about the importance of family and having many children to carry on God's work.

Women were expected to bear children and men needed to keep up their part of the breeding any way necessary. He told stories from the old days when men had numerous wives and said that if they had to do such things again it was their duty to make every woman pregnant if possible.

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Jenny knew her dad would fuck her until she had a baby as soon as she felt like it. She liked sucking him off for now and he was satisfied and worked hard on his horse breeding and horse logging.

He missed the services but, he would probably make it for the picnic in the afternoon. The woman who had fucked the donkey lived near the church. After the services Jenny drove the jackass to her place and unloaded him into her paddock.

They went back to the church and sat at the picnic tables outside. John arrived with his horse trailer and two Clydesdale draft horses, a stallion and a mare.

The mare was not in season and the stallion looked around idly at the congregation from his trailer. Another rancher brought a mare to the pen with the donkey from his house down the road.

He paid John for the stud service to produce a home bred mule. John donated the fee to the church and the minister nodded favorably.

They ate fried chicken and potato salad and the donkey fucked the mare in the pen making a loud commotion during lunch. A tall woman whispered something to John and he nodded but, said nothing aloud. Jenny told her guests that the tall woman was the preachers wife and they lived in the house adjoining the church.

She had six children and apparently could have no more. Her oldest three were young adults but, they still lived at home. The three boys were all in high school. The oldest boy was 18 and a senior in school. He was pretty athletic looking, like a football player. Jenny told them he rode at the broncos at the rodeos.

He could rope pretty well too. Jenny went on that the tall wife was a veterinarian that knew everything about farm animals&hellip. Stephanie daydreamed about some young high school dick. The minister's son was handsome enough to be in the movies and she choreographed some sex ideas like a dance routine in her mind. She moved over to his table and reached under the checkered tablecloth and felt his dick.

Then she took his hand and put it under her long length church skirt borrowed from Jenny. She put the lad's hand up against her shaved pussy so he would know where her thoughts were leading. The minister and his wife had a couple of milk cows and one of them had just given birth very, late the ,night before.

John summoned Bruce to get up from the table to go over to the farm buildings next to the church. He took Bruce to see the tiny calf and the cow tired from her overnight labor.

John knelt down next to the calf. He explained that the new born calf had no teeth yet and only had one thing on its mind&hellip. He whipped out his dick and stuck it in the calf's mouth and the little critter started sucking powerfully and instinctively.


The cow had given her milk but, the calf would still suck anything in his mouth right now. John did not last long with the frantic calf sucking him off. He told Bruce to take a turn. Now was the best time he said. The were toothless for some days and ready to suck. Bruce wasted no time in pulling out his dick for a try. These farm folk knew all the tricks and everyone was busy at the picnic for now.

He got hard just thinking about letting the little calf suck him, It was better than he imagined. The calf had a large strong tongue and powerful jaws that would someday graze tons of hay and grass. Now they just wanted to suck on Bruce's stiff dick which was about the size of the cows udder teats. The cow mooed and the calf suckled until Bruce felt the inevitable stirring in his balls. His sperm did not care if it swam down the bovine throat or up a tight pussy.

His load was ready to shoot and he shook on his knees as the calf took his ejaculation down like an sip of cow milk. He was licked clean and then he got up and returned to the picnic with John. John announced that the calf was a healthy one and the congregation nodded knowingly at their return.

The minister's wife Joanne went to the trailer with the draft horses. A small door in the side afforded access to the floor on one side. She tied the Clydesdale stallion's front legs to steel rings on the front of his stall and then moved to tie his rear legs to the tailgate securely. Now the big stud was bound firmly in a steel box and could not move or thrash at all.

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The naughty veterinarian now began to stroke his huge horse dick inside his skin sheath. The big pink head quickly appeared and she licked horse dick while she rubbed the sides to bring him fully erect.

The horse cock was over three inches across and had to be more than two and a half feet long. She spit and licked and rubbed and it filled with blood and stuck out hard and ready. She pulled her skirt over her back and knelt under the beast to feel his huge dick against her pussy.

Giving birth to six children had stretched her out and the horse dick head fit into wet gash with a little effort. She controlled her position and took in about a foot of horse meat and then slid him out most of the way. She squeezed down on the big dick and used her hands on the shaft that would not fit inside her.

He filled her so tightly and the heat made her begin to come. She loved a huge horse dick and had worked her way up from ponies to the biggest draft horses. In vet school there were whispered lessons from the knowing instructors but, real experience had to be learned a little at a time.

The big stallion loved some tight human pussy and he calmly pushed against her back strokes. After only a couple of minutes she felt his horse cock swelling even harder and sensed the contractions that were pumping his juice from those grapefruit sized balls.

I must take a quart of sperm to even fill the dick's passage all the way to the end. Joanne clenched her legs and that stallion humped as he blasted out a fountain of seed that made her ears pop. The minister's wife moaned and shook her tongue hung out as she panted and the horse spunk kept coming and coming.

She was full and overflowing with stallion sperm. She caught her breath and disengaged herself from his huge fire hydrant and picked up the towel conveniently hanging inside the trailer. Fucking this huge draft horse was a dangerous and messy thrill but, she was addicted to huge horse dick and had to have it when she could. Most of the congregation filtered away by now. Bruce was calf sucked and the minister's wife was horse fucked. People took their leftovers away and the minister's girls cleared the remaining serving dishes back to their house.

Madge, the woman who fucked the donkey at John and Jenny's ranch, helped clear tables. In the kitchen of the church house she offered her big breasts to the preacher for dessert. She had big jugs and huge nipples almost as big as the milk cow.

She kept her lactation flowing and enjoyed the arousing feeling. She liked getting her breasts sucked on a regular schedule. Her over swollen milk bags needed to be emptied and the preacher took up the task on one. His youngest adult daughter came in with some serving dishes and she joined him sucking the woman's other breast. The pressed their faces into the old matron's bosom and received her gift of fresh milk.

Madge moaned and thanked them for giving her that pleasure she craved. Stephanie and Darby, the preacher's oldest son, had gone into the empty church. She kept his hands on her wet bare pussy as she felt is hard young dick throbbing to his heart beat.


She bent over into one of the rows of pews and lifted her skirt and bared her ass to the young man. He pulled down his slacks and let her guide his teen dick into her hot slit. His muscle was as tense as a car spring and she help him in her clenching box like vise grip pliers. The locking muscles of her professional pussy clamped down and worked him like the milking machine that milked the family dairy cows.

Darby moaned and groaned in ecstasy. He had fucked his sisters but, they did not have the muscle tone and skill that this trained dancer could engage. She shook her butt and wriggled and squeezed. His athletic strength gave him an incredible hardness like nothing she had ever felt.

She had fucked many guys at the brothel and in college but, none like this high school rodeo stud. He barely needed to move as she contracted and pumped him to the point of inevitable release. Darby's legs started to quiver and shake like a sewing machine and his knees started to buckle. Stephanie pulled loose his semen and from his gland and took his sperm seed deep inside her chute.

He shot and squirted and pumped her full. Then Darby crumbled to the floor like a he had been shot with a gun. She weakened him and took his energy into her belly. He gave and she took it all with a giggle of pleasure. His hard rod and tickled her deep and his shot made her come in synchronized pleasure. Their hard tensioned simultaneous heat gave a satiation that exceeded their normal pleasure level and gave them a powerful electrical pleasure.

Darby had never shot so hard and Stephanie loved his hard young dick and his throbbing come shots. The high school boy felt like his dick had been unscrewed and drained like a high pressure fitting. Stephanie could unscrew a soft drink bottle with her tight pussy and he felt like she unscrewed his brains and drained them out of his balls. The preacher and his daughter suckled the lactating Madge until her milk gave out.

Then the father and daughter began making out and groping each other in the kitchen. The preacher started finger fucking his girl and she stroked his old dick with an experienced hand. They went to his bedroom and lay together as a couple; he needed to breed his daughter and she wanted to have his child.

Slowly the fondled and felt as the removed all their clothes. Then he took his girl missionary style on his bed and deep stroked her and fucked her like the wife that she was. His daughter-wife would be the sister mother of her own child.

To him the child would be his grandchild too. She loved fucking her daddy and it was her duty to give god more children to follow their faith. He needed to have more children and his horse fucking wife had damaged her inner womb and could not get pregnant again. She took on huge draft horses, donkey dick and dog fucked to get that good pleasure feeling but, she let her husband fuck the girls to build up their family and congregation.

They fucked for different reasons but, they all fucked, man, woman and beast.