Amazing brunette cant live without her mans wiener

Amazing brunette cant live without her mans wiener
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Ashley was a young girl growing up in the suburbs of her small hometown. She was a fun-loving kid that was constantly bubbling with happiness and energy. Ashley lived with her mom and dad in a moderately sized house.

Her sister used to live with them, but she had since moved out with her boyfriend. Ashley looked stunningly beautiful for her age. She had sparkly blond hair that dropped down just below her shoulders. She had deep brown eyes and a very pleasant face to look at. She had large breasts for her age; a large C cup. (Almost a D.) She had a succulent, curvy body and a nice round, perky ass.

It was 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon and Ashley had recently gotten out of school and she was texting her friend, Rachel. Rachel was unlike Ashley in that she was very shy, and didn't go out much. Ashely had recently broken up with her previous boyfriend and vented to as many of her friends as she could.

Rachel was a very pretty girl as well. Her eyes were like emeralds and her hair was a velvety brown blanket that dropped nearly to her butt. She had perky and round D cup breasts and a tight, firm ass. Her body and legs were very smooth and sexy. "Who do you have to babysit??" Ashley complained over text. "I have to babysit the Robinson's kid." She explained. "His family has an emergency to attend, but they can't take him because it's adult only apparently." Rachel continued.

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Ashley groaned in annoyance. "That's so stupid! Why can't they get someone else to do it?" Rachel said she didn't know. Ashley thought of convincing Rachel to ditch, but she knew Rachel never would; she's been an angel all her life. "What if I go over there?" Ashley compromised. "The kid's mom said I couldn't invite anyone else over…" "Ugh, don't be such a downer!" Ashely complained. "She wouldn't even know I was there!" "I don't know, Ashley…" Rachel admittedly, really wanted Ashely to come over, but she was conflicted because she didn't usually break the rules.

"Well how about this," Ashley began. "How about I go over there anyways. That way, if I get caught, I'll take the blame. Sound good?" Rachel was unsure, but she gave in. She felt both relieved and uncomfortable at the same time. Ashley put on a pair of short shorts that barely covered her butt, a bra, and a shirt that was one or two sizes too small, making her breasts press against the fabric. She knew she was only going to one friend's house, and that there would be a kid there, but nonetheless she prepared herself.

Ashley asked when her friend had to babysit, and it was at 6:00. Ashley spent the time doing chores around the house among other things.

She even sneaked a couple sips of her dad's beer that was in the fridge.

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It was 5:55 and Rachel was making her way towards the Robinsons'. The kid she was babysitting was named Jake and she had seen him around town sometimes. He didn't look bad for his age. He was not fat, but he wasn't small either; he had a chunky build.

He had short brown hair and, Rachel thought, the cutest little butt she had ever seen. She arrived at the Robinson's at 5:59. She waited and then knocked on their door at precisely 6:00. The Robinsons answered the door with cheerful smiles. "Hello!

It's nice to see you!" Mr. Robinson exclaimed, meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson got straight to business explaining everything. "Make sure he's in bed by 10:00 and as for food, we've prepared dinner for today, and tomorrow. We'll be back Sunday at 5:00, so you don't have to worry then. Just take the food out of the freezer and let it thaw when the time comes." She briskly explained. She looked tried and stressed. She explained the instructions over and over until she was positive Rachel understood them.

Mrs. Robinson seemed almost suspicious of Rachel and constantly reminded her not to throw a party while they were gone. This didn't help Rachel's anxiety considering Ashley, but she supressed that. Mrs. Robinson left Mr. Robinson and Rachel and got into their car. Mr. Robinson told Rachel not to be too nervous, because Jake was very well behaved. "There's some booze in the fridge if you want as well." Mr. Robinson said with a cheesy, dad-like wink.

"That's ok Mr. Robinson" Rachel said shyly. "I don't drink." "Of course, you don't." He said with a delightful smile. "Jake is up in his bedroom. Probably playing those games of his." Mr. Robinson said this in a very paternal voice that didn't mean anything due to the friendly smile he bore on his aging face.

Mr. Robinson left for the car and in no less than 30 seconds the Robinsons had driven off into the dusky distance that would later become darker as winter approached. Rachel went inside and took off her coat and shoes. She was wearing an appropriate shirt and navy-blue sweater over top.

He pants were a little more revealing, but not unacceptably. Her butt looked round and it bounced when she walked. She decided not to check on Jake just yet and instead went to the kitchen. She saw a frozen pizza that had already been cooked and cut into pieces and put on a tray. A role of paper towel was placed right next to the pizza, a convenience that would only be left by someone with close attention to detail.

Rachel was startled by a loud knock at the door. Did the Robinsons forget something? She thought. She opened the door and to her surprise it was Ashley.

"What are you doing here?!" Rachel said, panicked. "What? You agreed to it." Ashley said nonchalantly. "You said to come at six, right?" Ashley asked, retaining her casual demeanor. "I said that I babysat at six, not to come at six! You should've waited a little longer…" Rachel explained. Rachel was not sure if she was more surprised that Ashley arrived so early, or that Ashley actually arrived on time. "Well… Sorry. That makes sense I guess you're right." Ashley admitted.

"It's ok. The Robinsons left already anyways. Come in!" Ashley came inside and took off her coat. Her shirt was pretty thin, and the outline of Ashley's tits were quite visible.

"You know that there are no guys here right?" Rachel said jokingly. "What about Jake?" Ashley joked back. "HE'S TOO YOUNG!" Rachel exclaimed through smiling lips. The two girls giggled a little bit and went to the living room and sat down. Ashley turned on the TV and Rachel went to check on Jake. She found what Jake's room was probably because there was audio playing from the other side. She opened the door to find Jake playing video games.

Jake was startled and he paused his game and looked over. "Woah! Uh… You're my babysitter, right?" Jake questioned. "Yea. I'm just gonna be babysitting you for a couple days while your parents are away." Rachel explained. "You are barely older than me!" Jake said disapprovingly.

"I don't need a babysitter…" He continued. Rachel was a little annoyed with this, but she held her composure. "Well your mom asked me to babysit.

Don't worry. I won't get into your business too much." "Whatever." Jake said and he continued gaming. Rachel sighed and told him that there was pizza downstairs and to ask her if he needed anything. Jake just shrugged her off. Rachel thought that he probably didn't even hear her. Downstairs, Ashley was sitting on the couch with pizza and beer. Rachel made her way downstairs to the kitchen for some pizza herself, then went to eat it in the living room with Ashley. "What are you doing?

You can't drink here!" Rachel said as she realized what Ashley had. "Aw come on!" Ashley complained. "Why not?" Rachel thought of an answer, but she remembered that Mr.

Robinson was actually ok with it, so she let it go. "Never mind, what are you watching?" Ashley began to explain to Rachel about a show that she had started watching and their discussion went on for a while. Despite the fall weather, the Robinson's house was quite warm, so Rachel removed her sweater. Her rather large breasts were not fully covered by her shirt. The shirt was thin, but big, so not much cleavage was showing.

Ashley's shirt on the other hand, left a lot of her rack out in the open. Ashley's shirt was also pretty small and didn't leave too much to the imagination. The shirt was small enough so that it didn't quite reach her pant line.

"Damn, girl!" Ashley exclaimed. "You don't look bad at all!" Ashley was grinning. Rachel smiled back and delivered the same compliment to Ashley. Ashley finished her pizza slice and got up to go to the kitchen to get another. Jake was in his room concentrated on gaming when his natural urge for food aroused.

He decided to go to the kitchen for some pizza, which he didn't need help to get. There he met Ashley. The moment he laid his eyes on her they went directly to her breasts. Ashley noticed the kid was staring and snapped him out of it. "Hey! Quit staring!" She snapped. Jake leapt out of his trance and looked up at her. "I wasn't staring!" He retorted.

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"Sure, you weren't" Ashley responded coyly. Jake ignored this and grabbed a paper towel and some pizza slices. Holy fuck this girl is hot!

He thought. Who is she? Ashley opened the fridge and bent down to get another beer. Her butt stuck up in the air, the bottom of her ass was visible under Ashley's short shorts. Jake shamelessly looked over and ogled her butt.

His dick stirred in his jeans. He imagined going over to her and grinding his meat on her ass. He refrained from doing so, however. She stood up with a beer after what seemed like a little bit too long and caught Jake staring again. Jake quickly glanced away but Ashley knew full well he checked her out.

She was quite surprised at this, as she didn't think a boy this young would behave like this. She was even more surprised when Jake awkwardly tried to hide his growing erection.

She was however, impressed by its size. She was about to comment on him staring, but Jake started talking first. "What's your name?" He asked calmly. "I'm Ashley, I'm here with Rachel to babysit you… I guess." "My mom said Rachel wasn't allowed any friends over…" Jake said quietly.

"Aww! Did your mommy say so?" Ashley teased. "Well, I'm pretty sure you're ok with me staying you li'l perv." Ashley continued. Jake went slightly pink at this. "Whatever" he muttered before heading back to his room. Ashley went back to the living room and told Rachel everything.

"Oh my god Ashley," Rachel started. "This is why you don't dress like that!" Rachel said, but in good humor. "Please" Ashley said laughing. In all honesty, Rachel thought Jake looked adorable, and found herself oddly aroused at the mention of his erection.

"You said he had an erection too?" Rachel implored timidly. "Oooh! Looks like someone else in this house is a little bit excited!" Ashley said devilishly. Rachel blushed.

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"No! That's not what I meant! I was just astonished is all!" Rachel said, feeling slightly insecure. "Uh huh. Anyways, yea he did! I was stunned by it too!" Ashley explained. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "It was pretty big too…" Ashley said with a wink. Rachel gaped at this and laughed quite a bit. Ashley joined in as well. The two continued casual conversation for a while.

They talked about boys, TV, gossip, Ashley's recent breakup, and many other things. Every once in a while, Rachel went to check on Jake to make sure he wasn't doing anything bad. He never was, and only got annoyed when Rachel interrupted him every now and then. They were never bothered by the boy, and they had a great time.

After a while Rachel stopped checking on Jake. Jake would still come down for pizza, but that was gone after a while too. Ashley had convinced Rachel to have some booze as well.

The two had gotten kind of drunk and were getting pretty silly. At one-point Rachel looked at the clock, and to her astonishment, realized that it was 10:30. "Shit!


I have to tell Jake to go to sleep!" Rachel exclaimed worriedly. "Oh, don't bother!" Ashley said casually. "Do you really think he'll listen? Besides, who actually goes to bed when they're supposed to?" Rachel considered this and realised she was too drunk to care so she didn't bother to check on Jake.

It was 11:00pm and the girls were in the guest room. Maybe it was because of alcohol, maybe it was because it was late, either way they started to get a little bit horny. "I wish I brought something sexy like you're wearing." Rachel said happily.

"Your house is only 5 minutes away…" Ashley started. "You could go get something then be right back!" Rachel considered this but said she couldn't because her parents were there and they would be suspicious.

Ashley volunteered to go instead. Rachel considered this as well and decided it would be ok as long as Ashley didn't rat her out. Ashley walked in the mildly cold, fall temperature to Rachel's house. When she got there, Rachel's dad told her that Rachel wasn't there. "Oh, I'm just here because I forgot something here yesterday." Ashley lied. "You weren't here yesterday…" Rachel's dad countered. Ashley felt a small amount of panic, however, she had weaved her way out of situations like these before.

"Oh? Really? Sorry, I guess I forgot the last time I came over, since I usually come here every day and… so… anyways, I forgot something here nonetheless." Ashley said clumsily. She thought that there was no way he would fall for it.

Rachel's dad could probably tell she was drunk. "Whatever. Typical teenage girls leaving things everywhere." He said condescendingly. Ashley let out a sigh of relief and went up to Rachel's room. She picked out the skimpiest outfit she could find. Later, Ashley returned with the clothes and gave them to Rachel. "Wow!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Do you like them?" Ashley asked playfully. Rachel just smiled. Not only was she drunk, but also slightly horny, so she didn't care that the outfit Ashley brought was barely even an outfit.

"I'll go change into them." Rachel said as she headed to the bathroom. On her way there, Ashley gave her a firm slap on the ass to which Rachel responded with a giggle In the bathroom, Rachel began to strip out of her clothes. She removed her shirt, leaving only her bra covering her beautiful breasts she unclipped it and her boobs came free.

They bounced a little bit. Her large tits had little pink nipples on their tips. Rachel squeezed one and moaned a little bit. She slipped off her pants exposing her smooth, sexy legs. She then removed her panties revealing her tight, naked ass to the air of the bathroom. She slipped on the miniskirt that Ashley had chosen for her. It barely went below her butt. She realized that there had been no panties or bra in the pile of clothes Ashley brought. Rachel was undoubtedly turned on by this, and her almost naked pussy started to get a little bit moist.

She put on her new shirt and discovered it was way too small. It went up a only a little bit past her nipples, leaving a lot of cleavage in the open, and the shirt ended above her belly button. Jake looked at the time. 11:30. Ashley had been on his mind since he first saw her. He didn't focus on her too much, but when he did his penis got hard. He realized he needed to pee, so he paused his game and went to the bathroom. He was greeted by Rachel and he was immediately taken aback.

Her tits were big. Bigger than he thought they were. He noticed that she was carrying her previous outfit in one hand and that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Oh my!" Rachel yelped. Jake was staring at her boobs. He eventually realized she said something and snapped out of it. "Uh… Hi Rachel." He said in a voice barely above a whisper. "Hi…" Rachel said nervously. Jake's dick was getting hard, and it was very obvious under his jeans. This sight turned Rachel on.

Why am I turned on by this? She thought. He's so young! It's because I'm drunk that's why. It's Ashley's fault. She tried to convince herself. "Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Rachel asked. She could see that Jake was having troubles not staring at her breasts, and this turned her on even more. "…Uh… Ya. I just had to go to the bathroom." Jake said absently. His boner had gotten even bigger now, and he quickly ran to the bathroom and closed the door.

Rachel felt embarrassed and really hoped that Jake wouldn't tell his parents about her horrible babysitting. Rachel went back into the guest room with Ashley and told her what happened. "Did anything else happen?" Ashley asked. Rachel was confused.

"Nothing else happened." Rachel said simply "Bullshit." Ashley snapped, but in a friendly way. "No way had nothing else happened!" Ashley continued.

Rachel felt guilty. Noting else other than the awkward interaction happened, but she knew she was withholding some information. "Come on!" Ashley urged. "Spit it out." Rachel sighed and gave in, despite her embarrassment. "Well as you said he is quite the peeping tom. He had a pretty firm glance on my boobs most of the time." Ashley smirked. "Well of course he did! Look at these things! I bet he wants some melons for dessert!" Ashley snickered. Rachel blushed but laughed all the same.

It was funny after all. Suddenly Ashley looked at Rachel slyly. "Why don't we go check on him? See how he's doing?" Rachel was surprised. "Are you serious?

Dressed like this?" Ashley considered this then decided. "You're right she said." Ashley stood up and unclipped her bra from under her shirt and took it off. Her breasts were now pressing against her shirt even harder.

"This is more appropriate!" She laughed triumphantly. Rachel was amazed. "Are you crazy?" Rachel shouted. "Oh relax." Ashley reassured. "C'mon, let's have a little fun!" Rachel thought for a moment. She was admittedly pretty horny, and doing this felt very naughty to her. It made her want to do it even more. And as much as she didn't want to admit it, she was turned on by the boy, and she wondered if Ashley was as well.

She inevitably decided to go along with it, deciding that it was ok to have a little fun. The two girls were outside of Jake's room. They heard some game audio inside, but there were no lights pouring out from underneath the door. They stood side by side their nipples hard and poking through their shirts. There tits were very firm and round. Ashley's butt looked supple under her short shorts, while Rachel had nothing covering her ass.

"Should we knock?" Rachel whispered. "Hell no!" Ashley declared as she opened the door. Rachel was caught by surprise at her friend's boldness, but she went with it. Both girls looked inside and were shocked to see Jake sitting butt naked on his bed with his dick in his hands. He noticed them and let out a yelp and covered himself with a blanket.

"What do you want?!" The boy cried. Rachel and Ashley exchanged glances and decided to go in. "Nothing…" Ashley purred. "Whatcha doin'?" Ashley asked. Rachel giggled at this. Jake looked at the two. He was embarrassed, but he kept his cool. "I'm kinda busy…" He said.

"Oh, I can see that!" Ashley remarked. Rachel couldn't believe what she was doing, but she loved this, and she was very horny so she went with it. Ashley went and sat down beside Jake and beckoned Rachel to come over. Rachel sat on the other side of Jake and the boy's face turned red. He took a couple deep breaths and relaxed. "What do you guys want?" He asked. Rachel leaned on her side, in towards him and put her breasts right in front of him. Ashley got on her hands and knees and crawled up to Jake placing her tits right in front of Jake.

Rachel's pussy was very wet at this point and it was dripping onto Jake's bed. Ashley was also very wet and the dampened crotch of her short shorts was evidence of that.

Jake's cock was fully erect and it was standing upright and making a rather large tent under the blanket. Jake leaned back against the wall and put his hands behind his head then grinned. "Ok. I think I know what you girls want." Jake said cunningly.

"Getting pretty confident, huh?" Rachel cooed. Jake nodded. "Well why don't we remove this blanket, big boy." Ashley said as she stared at his cock under the blanket. Both girls grabbed one end of the blanket and slowly pulled it away, revealing Jake's penis.

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The girls gasped. It looked to be 7.5 inches. Perhaps a little more. "Holy shit that's big!" Rachel exclaimed. Jake smirked at this. Ashley quickly took off her shirt revealing her big perky tits to Jake.

Ashley's nipples were erect and pointing right at the young boy.


Ashley's boobs were not as big as Rachel's, but they were still a decent size. Jake's eyes lit up at the sight of her boobs. Ashley laid down on top of Jake's legs and kicked her own legs up to take off her short shorts and panties. Her vagina was dripping wet. Ashley maneuvered herself then lowered her tits around Jake's cock and started giving him a boob job.

She slowly rubbed her tits up and down the length of the boy's thick shaft. Rachel decided to strip naked as well.

This didn't take her long since she wasn't wearing much. When Rachel took off her shirt, her boobs jiggled before settling into place.

Ashley opened her mouth and took in the head of Jake's manhood, while keeping her beasts around the rest of his shaft. She swivelled her tongue around the tip all the while jerking him with her breasts. Jake put his hands on the back of her head and enjoyed the show. Rachel massaged his pelvis and balls while this was happening. After a nice, long ten minutes of this, Jake said he wanted to feel Rachel's tits on his cock. Rachel and Ashley happily obliged and switched places.

Rachel wrapped her large breasts around Jake's dick and put the head of his penis in her mouth and began to blow him while giving his head some blowjob action. Ashley massaged his balls and pelvis as well. Rachel continued to rub her tits up and down Jake's rock-hard penis while sucking on the tip of his cock for another 10 minutes.

After this, Jake had decided that he wanted to make the girls cum.

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"You know… I think you guys should get something out of this too." Jake offered. The girls' pussies were soaked at this point and they were very horny, so they agreed that they wanted to cum. Jake scooted his butt down and lied on his back, and got Ashley to sit her pussy on his face. Ashley obediently lowered herself onto Jake's eager mouth. Jake enthusiastically tongued Ashley's clit and pussy. Although he was young, his tongue worked magic on Ashley's pussy, making her quiver and squirm while he ate her out.

While Jake was occupied with eating Ashley out like a porn star, Rachel tended to his dick. Rachel took in as much of the penis as she could, only getting about halfway down his length. She got the rest with her left hand, and massaged his balls with her right.

Rachel got a pretty good rhythm going, using her hand and mouth the get his entire cock. She went at a moderate pace and after about 5 minutes of this Ashley started to let out moans and whimpers.

They continued like this for a while then Ashley's moans started getting louder and more frequent. After a couple minutes, Ashley was nearly screaming and about to have an orgasm. "Ohhh FUCK!!! Yes… yes… yes… Oh baby eat my pussy it feels SOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!" Ashley screamed. Eventually she couldn't last any longer and came on Jake's face. "Oh… oh… oh… FUUUUUUCK YEESSSS!!!" Ashley was screaming. "I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!!!" Ashley screamed as she clenched her legs down and squirted her cum all over on Jake's face.

Ashley, sat on Jake's face, convulsing from the wonderful orgasm the boy had given her. After a couple minutes Ashley's orgasm died down and Rachel took Jake's cock out of her mouth and switched places with Ashley. She slowly lowered her pussy over Jake's mouth. Jake snatched her by her hips and immediately brought her down onto him and started eating her out. His tongue roamed around her pussy licking and flicking all her sweet spots. He brought his tongue up to her clitoris and paid special attention to flick his tongue across it very well.

This caused Rachel to let out small gasps and moans. Ashley, meanwhile, lowered herself onto Jake's massive penis and engulfed the whole thing and started bobbing up and down on it. "Fuck this feels amazing…" Rachel moaned. "How are you so good at this?" Rachel said through gasps as Jake's tongue was swirling around her clit. Jake slowly moved his tongue to Rachel's opening and started to tongue-fuck her.

This caused Rachel to scream. "AAAAHHHH!! Oh Fuuuuuck…" Rachel screamed as Ashley continued giving Jake the blowjob of his life, using her hands to massage his balls while her mouth moved up and down on his cock at a moderately fast speed.

Ashley twirled her tongue around the head off Jake's dick and moaned into it as well. After around 10 minutes of this, Rachel's moans started getting louder, and eventually she was screaming with pleasure.

"AAAAHHH AAAHHH AAAHHH AAHHH!!!!" Rachael screamed. "Holy fuck, Jake your tongue feels so good on my pussy!!" Rachel said through gasps. The boy returned to circling his tongue around her clit and moaning into it.

"FUCK!!!! You're gonna make me CUUMM!!!" Rachel screamed and moaned and rocked back and forth on top of Jake's nimble little tongue until she couldn't handle it anymore. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Rachel screeched at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed. Her legs convulsed violently and her whole body shook for a few minutes. After her convulsions subsided, Rachel got off him and Ashley stopped blowing him, then sat up. "You made us both cum." Ashley said with amazement.

Jake smirked at this. "Rachel, can you believe this little boy and his cute ass made us cum hard?" Ashley asked. Rachel gave a simple nope as her response.

"I haven't had my orgasm yet!" Jake boasted. "Why don't we have some more fun? I bet I can make you girls cum again." Jake offered with a grin. Ashley and Rachel exchanged glances. The thought of this boy lasting even longer than he already was on top of making the girls cum again really turned them on.

Why would they say no?

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Jake and the girls stood up and got off the bed. Jake's long, thick manhood pointed straight forwards. Somehow it looked even bigger now. He beckoned to Ashley and told her to bend over.

Ashley bent over and supported herself by putting her elbows on Jake's bed. She stuck her butt in the air and pointed it right at Jake's throbbing cock. Jake went up to her, grabbed his dick and stuck the tip inside of the girl's her pussy.

Ashley let out a sharp moan at this as his thickness was more than she expected. Jake grabbed on to Ashley's waist and slowly started to push his cock further inside of her. He went all the way in, then all the way out. Ashley whispered a soft fuuuuck… as he did this. Jake now started to fuck Ashley in long, moderate strokes.

Rachel went behind Jake and pressed on his pelvis while he fucked her best friend. Jake fucked Ashley like this for a very long time. "Fuck your pussy's tight" Jake said under his breath. "Yea?

Do you like fuckin' my tight little pussy?" Ashley cooed. "Fuck ya I do! Your pussy feels no nice around my dick." Jake responded as his pace quickened.

Rachel was starting to get really horny again and she wanted Jake's cock inside her so badly. Jake started increasing his pace until he was thrusting in and out of Ashley's tight pussy in long and fast strokes.

Ashley was moaning and screaming loudly and frequently. Jake's balls slapped against Ashley's pussy each time he thrusted which caused her to moan even more. Ashley's tits bounced up and down as along with Jake's thrusts. Ashley started to scream very loudly and it looked like she was about to orgasm. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OOOHHHH FUUCK, Jake!!!! Your cock feels so good inside of me you're gonna make me cum!" Ashley screamed as Jake continued to fuck her quickly and roughly.

Jake was starting to let out little, boyish moans as well. Soon Ashley tensed up and yelled as she came for the second time that night. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ashley's pussy contracted around Jake's dick as she came and squirted her juices all over him. Jake slowly moved his dick in and out of Ashley's pussy while her orgasm subsided.

Her whole body was still convulsing after a couple of minutes. Finally, Jake took his manhood out of Ashley's pussy and let Ashley recuperate. Ashley sat upright on the bed, still breathing heavily from the sex. Jake wasn't done yet. He took Rachel and lied her back on the bed and brought her butt to the edge of it. Jake positioned his cock at Rachel's opening and popped his tip into her opening. Rachel let out a muffled yelp at this.

Jake leaned forward to stick his cock all the way in. Rachel let out a high-pitched moan at this. Jake got straight to business and grabbed Rachel by her hips and started to fuck her at an already quick pace. The boy's round little butt rose into the air then slammed back down surprisingly fast, impaling Rachel with his member over and over again.

As Jake's pelvis slapped against Rachel's, the boy reached one of his hands to caress and pinch Rachel's breasts and nipples while he fucked her. Ashley sat naked on the bed, still numb from her orgasms.

Her round, perky breasts pointed forwards as alive as ever. "That was really good sex, Jake! Your big cock felt so good inside my pussy." Ashley complimented. "Thanks! Your tight pussy felt amazing around my cock!" Jake casually responded as he continued to fuck Rachel at a quickening pace. Jake's thrusts started to get faster and faster making Rachel moan more and more. "Watching you fuck looks so sexy! Your thrusts are so powerful and your butt looks so cute!" Ashley continued.

Jake smiled at this and started fucking Rachel harder. "Ah… Ah… Ah… AH AH AH AH AH!!!!" Rachel cried as Jake started to relentlessly pound her pussy.

Rachel's big, firm tits were bobbing up and down very quickly. After 10 minutes of getting rapidly fucked by Jake's thick cock, Rachel couldn't control of herself and she was bellowing and screamed in pleasure.

"AAAAHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! FUCK ME JAKE, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME SCREAM!!!!" Jake started pounding her like a piston and Rachel was finally brought to an orgasm. "FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!" Rachel tensed up and wrapped her lags around Jake. Her whole body was shaking in euphoria. Jake continued to slowly fuck her until her orgasm died out a couple minutes later. Both girls sat on the bad facing Jake with his huge, still hard cock sticking out.

"Will that thing ever go down?" Rachel moaned. "Ya. I'm pretty close." Jake said as he walked towards the bed. "Come here and make me cum." Jake ordered. Both girls leaned towards Jake's dick and started playing with it. Neither of them could fully wrap their hands around it. Ashley and Rachel both moved their mouths along the length of his shaft, paying close attention to the head. "Yea… just like that…" Jake moaned.

After a bit of this, Ashley put his dick back between her breasts and started giving the boy a boob job. "I really want to see your big dick cum, little boy." She teased. Jake smirked at her and told Rachel to come help. Ashley sucked on the bulbous head of Jake's penis, so Rachel played with his balls, and pressed on his pelvis, trying to make him cum as fast as possible.

Jake started to moan and grunt a lot. After several minutes, Rachel offered to put Jake's dick between her tits. "Yea I would love that!" Jake groaned. Ashley switched places with Rachel. Rachel put Jake's cock between her tits, which almost completely engulfed it. Rachel rubbed her boobs up and down Jake's shaft, while Ashley played with Jake's balls. This went on for a while then Jake said he was gonna cum. Both girls put their mouths on the tip of Jake's dick and moaned.

They used their hands to jerk him off as fast as they could. Within seconds Jake let out a loud moan and said he was cumming then he pulled his dick away and started jerking off towards the girls.

"FUUCK!!" Jake moaned. Rachel and Ashley pressed together and stuck out their tits and faces for Jake to cum on. "AWWWW yea!!" Jake yelled as he squirted his boy jizz onto the girls. He had a hefty load and he covered their tits and faces with cum. Jake rubbed his dick across their naked tits while shooting his spunk, then he went to their faces.

First Rachel's then Ashley's. When Jake rubbed his dick along Ashley's face, while cumming on it, she took the whole thing in her mouth and swallowed the rest of his semen. When Jake orgasmed, he supressed the convulsions and stood solidly, while cumming on the girls. The threesome spent the next few minutes cleaning each other off and cleaning Jake's dick off. Afterwards, Ashley said she had to go to the bathroom, leaving Rachel and Jake alone in Jake's room.

"I think you're my favorite babysitter." Jake said. Rachel smiled at this. "Aww…" She smiled back. Jake and Rachel leaned in for a hug and Rachel noticed that he was starting to get hard again.

"Wow! You have a lot in you!" Rachel gasped. Jake just looked up at her still naked body. Jake was still naked too, and his dick was nearly fully erect. Rachel got on her knees and started slowly jerking the young boy off. She was still very horny, and definitely didn't mind a round two. Once Jake's cock was fully hard, Rachel gave him a blowjob. After a minute or so, Ashley came back into the room to see the blowjob in action.

"Woo!!" Ashley yelled. Rachel started moaning around Jake's dick in response. Jake just grabbed the back of Rachel's head and enjoyed himself. "This looks like fun!" Ashley said as she knelt down beside Rachel. Rachel moved to the side and gave Ashley some room to play with Jake's manhood. The girls took turns blowing and jerking off Jake as well as giving him boob jobs. This went on for 20 minutes until the girls were too horny to keep doing this.

"I need some cock in my pussy." Ashley moaned. "Sure can do!" Jake answered. He went over and lied down on his bed with his thick cock sticking straight up. He told Ashley to come ride on his dick until she came.

"Sure thing!" Ashley complied. Ashley crawled onto the bed and faced her ass towards Jake then lowered her pussy onto his dick. She started to fuck him, reverse cowboy style. She started off at a quick and hard pace, slapping her ass down onto Jake's manhood.

Rachel, not wanting to be left out, crawled over to Jake and sank her pussy onto his mouth. Jake happily ate out Rachel's pussy while Ashley rode his cock. After a couple minutes all three of them started moaning, with the girls moaning and screaming together. Ashley started pounding her ass on Jake's cock and letting out loud moans of pleasure. Jake continued to eat out Rachel and make her moan as well. This continued for 15 minutes when both girls came at the same time.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They both screamed at the top of their lungs. They really enjoyed having sex with Jake, even though he was a little boy because he was able to please them so well. Jake let the girls' orgasms subside. After a little bit, they were ready to continue. This time, Rachel rode on Jake's cock and Ashley got eaten out.

The threesome continued with this for 10-15 minutes when both girls screamed as they came again. Ashley rolled off of Jake and lay beside him in a stupor. When Rachel tried getting off, Jake held her down and started fucking her really quickly. "AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!!" Rachel started screaming.

Jake started moaning really loudly and said he was gonna cum. Jake got onto his knees and started fucking Rachel doggy style. He fucked her ass as fast as his little body could and after a couple minutes he came and squirted his boy cum inside of her.


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Ohhhh!! Oh Yea. Oh fuck yea&hellip." Jake moaned as he came inside Rachel's pussy. The boy's dick pulsated as it shot spurts of cum into Rachel's pussy. Rachel was sexually exhausted at this point and just sat on all fours, panting. After Jake's cock finally stopped spurting cum, he pulled out and lay down on his bed. The girls lied down beside him and snuggled up to him. They fell asleep shortly after, then woke up at around 12pm. The next day, the girls decided to invite some friends over.