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Private cum tribute from young guy huge load and pre leaking
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It is believed by many that when mankind learns to accept its true nature and come to terms with its instinctual needs and desires, true freedom will be attained. In the animal kingdom there are clearly defined roles, that of the hunter and that of the prey.

We humans have similar roles, being animals ourselves; however, unlike the antelope, the prey in our species often has trouble accepting that role: it takes a tiger to show them how. She was frightened. Of course she was; she knew how she must have looked to those guys she just passed, the ones whose eyes devoured her like a tiger does an antelope. But it was her own fault; she knew far better than to be taking the long way home, the dangerous way. As she passed the men she heard a low growling noise, one that a human could make, but shouldn't.

She looked up and locked eyes with one of them only for an instant, but that was enough. He appeared to be the leader from the way the others stood about him, and his eyes glowed bright green with the cold fire of a hunter who has found his mark. She let out a quick, almost inaudible gasp, and though her eyes were focused on his she thought she discerned a slight sadistic grin, though she could have imagined it.

As she moved on, she quickened her pace slightly, and the words of her math teacher, a nun at her catholic school floated through her head again: "You're such a bright young lady. I'm glad to see you know what you want out of life. You have more sense then many of the other girls your age, who wander the streets at night looking for trouble." She had scoffed at these words in her head when she heard them.

More sense? More like less nerve.

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This was the thought that had driven her to call her mother and tell her she would be walking home. She knew did know what she wanted though, or thought she did, as she stood outside the school before beginning her walk, rolling up her dark blue plaid uniform skirt.

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Her skirt was already an inch and a half above her knees, half an inch too high, but then the nuns didn't make much a fuss until two inches. As she stood there rolling the waist up to make the skirt shorter, she started to feel strange. The air reached her thighs differently and made her more aware than usual of her long and slender legs.

It was a warm summer day, but with her skirt just an inch above mid-thigh her legs felt cooler and more exposed. She started to become aware of feelings she knew all to well, but usually kept buried until alone in her room. A fire started growing in her chest and flowing outward. She had felt this before, too often in fact, when her father scolded her, when he yelled at her though, until recently she was able to ignore it, her father didn't yell too often. She knew the boys across the street were watching her and though she didn't acknowledge them she wanted to keep their attention.

Putting her tie in her purse she unbuttoned one, then two, then three of her shirt buttons. She could feel their eyes follow her hands and glare at her chest and cleavage, and she felt a rush like a cool flame flowing through veins, down her chest and up her legs. And that certain sinful place began to grow warmer and moister as the cool summer breeze stroked it through her panties and blew over her ass which was mostly exposed as she wore a thong.She almost unbuttoned one more button but that would be crazy she was already being crazy!

Besides it was time to start walking. "What the hell is she thinking?" That was the first thing to go through my mind as I saw her coming down the street.

This is not the place for a girl like that, at anytime of the day, much less late afternoon. But my eyes couldn't leave her. She was beautiful, stunning, fresh and pristine. I caught myself sizing her up as if she were a cut of meat. Beautiful slender legs, silky white skin, full and flowing jet black hair, and those luscious, new, yet fully rounded.I stopped myself there. "This is not some bar slut throwing herself at you!," I told myself. "This is some lost little girl." The problem was, she didn't look lost.

She was breathing heavily, clearly nervous but, she walked with such determination. Then she looked at me, only for an instant, but in that instant I saw more than fear, though fear there was.

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I saw fascination, even a hint of desire. "It takes a really sick person to see desire in a look like that," I told myself. I was about to say something, some smart ass comment to set the boys off laughing, but all that came out was a low bestial growl, but the next thing I knew I was following her.

My eyes never left her body, and now they traveling up and down and all around her, undressing her and ravaging her. Those beautiful breasts.probably 34 C's, i was too good at guessing that shit. But that beatiful bubble butt, not too big or too small.I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but I do all sorts of things I shouldn't.

After I had taken a few steps, one of the boys said "where you goin man?!" all I did was raise a hand, that was enough to tell him.

All my muscles moved themselves, it was like I was on autopilot. I noticed I was moving more fluidly and quietly then ever before, and the only thing I could think of, was her, and that look in her eyes. His eyes were still haunting her.

She couldn't let go of that bright green glow, or of the feral, predatory look he had given her.


It sent shivers down her spine. As she rounded the corner into the dark alley, the last piece of her long trip through the "wrong neighborhood," she heard a wrapper crinkle behind her, as if someone had stepped on it, and she knew he had been following her.

Suddenly, instead of running, she froze, she stood, glued to the spot, shivering. But what bothered her the most was that she was no longer shivering just with fear, but with some entirely different emotion as well.

She felt her legs shake, and for some reason the shiver ran down her her spine and her tailbone. As it did this she felt a pulse in her pussy, and it began to moisten more I saw her freeze and it threw me off. I had never done this before, usually they throw them selves at me or they are passed out. Shouldn't she run? Shouldn't she try to mace me or something? No.


She just stood still, shaking. I walked up and threw my arm around her waist. I ran my fingers through her hair and rubbed my face up against hers, breathing in her perfume, it was so very sweet.

I wanted to say something witty like Hannibil Lecter, but again, all that came out was a low, animalistic growl. Once more I paused, thinking about what I was about to do, and then just as one would expect a scream, or a cry for help, a single tear dropped down her face, and a small squeaky "please" escaped her lips, and I could almost swear I heard her breathe "just do it".

As he growled again with his arm around her she almost collapsed, She knew she should fight or run or something but all she could do was tremble and squeak. And for some reason her pussy pulsed again.

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This time it was really wet, she could feel her panties soaked through and a bit of her juice began to drip down her leg. It was warm but the trail it left got cold after a few seconds. The anticipation was killing her.

That last squeak almost threw me over the edge. I was rock hard now and every breathe was a raspy labored growl. Finally I threw back her hair and kissed her neck. As she lightly and breathily moaned I lost it and bit into her. He was biting her! She couldnt believe this was happening. She had seen her friend's brother's porno and knew that this happened but she had no idea it really did feel this good. Her knees went weak and she almost fell, but that strong arm was still around her, which for some reason made her feel better about this.

As her knees buckled her ass rubbed my cock. That was it, I couldnt take it anymore. I started rubbing her ass furiously with my cock for a few seconds before turning hr around, pushing her against a wall and forcing her legs open with right one, rubbing my dick up her left leg up into her crotch. I rubbed her furiously and she kept making these noises that were somewhere in between moans and sobs. I could tell she was getting off but whether she wanted it or not was a mystery to me.

Then again, I didnt care. After what seemed like an eternity of rubbing and biting and growling he ripped open her shirt and broke the hook on her bra, throwing it open. The night air flowed over her breasts and made her nipples tingle making her soaking pussy ache even with his hard dick against it. As he dropped his head nad began to bite and suck she moaned and groaned with satisfaction and stubborn resistance, which in her reasonable mind would have made no sense, but her reasonable mind was nowhere to be found.

All she knew was she wanted more. Just as she thought that, he backed away an inch or two and she fell too her knees, staring at the ground, tryin to make sense of it all.

Then she heard the sound she had been anticipating the whole time, a slow but deliberate zzzzip. I whipped out my hard cock and the look in her eyes was fear.and wonderment.had she never seen a dick up close before?

who gives a fuck. I smacked her in the face with it my seven inch manhood to elicit a squeak or moan, just enough to open her mouth so I could force it in. I knew she would bite, if she was going to fight me she had plenty of oppotunities by now. I also knew she would cooperate so i fucked her mouth for a minutes or two.

That beautiful round silky white face looked magnificent with my cock moving in and out of it. I got the first couple pulses and knew it was time so I went in once more, as far as i could until her nose was almost touching my neatly trimmed bush. I heard a little gag, then i pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the ground.

As her back hit the ground she could still taste his precum, her jaw was sore and she wondered how she had let that happen. She had never even thought of sucking dick before, but then, had she really sucked it? it didnt matter, he was already on his knees, pulling off her thong. As i pulled off her panties my cock twiched hard at what i saw.

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She was shaved. Those beautiful porcelain legs flowed uninterrupted into beautiful porcelain lips. I stroked her pussy with my finger and she shook all over, she had never been touched before. I spread those silky white, soaking wet lips to reveal them most beautiful shade of pink. I licked it for a minute or two, basking in the sweet musky scent of an extremely aroused virgin, tasting the salty sweet juices that kept flowing.

Finally i rose to my knees again and pointed my rock hard cock at her pussy she wasnt looking yet but when i touched the tip to her lips and held it there for a moment rubbing, she looks into my eyes and bit her lip in fear and ecstasy.

I thrusted once and she gasped loud, only the tip was in, once more and she squeeled, a little past the tip, the last time i thrusted hard and i heard her scream as my cock slid into her tight, tight virgin pussy, it felt like a warm water ballon filled with lotion strapped tight as can be around my cock.

She was crying and moaning and bucking against me now, sighing ridiculous things like "no!' while all the while she was fucking me back. I knew it hurt her, but it also must have felt amazing, i knew it did for me. She was feeling the most complicated mix of emotions in her life. It had hurt like hell for a few seconds and still did, but now for some reason, though the pain was there it was completly dwarfed by the inexplicable pleasure of this rock hard cock thrusting and stretching her cunt.

every thrust into her sent wave after wave of pleasure rolling through her body as her pussy stretched to fit him in. She was being filled, in more ways than one. She could feel them warm mixture of her juices and blood trickling down into her asshole and couldnt care any less. Just then he started to move faster and the waves of pleasure hit her in quicker and quicker succsession.

She could hear him breathing deeper and grunting, and she knew he was close, so was she. He sped up even more and just them her enitre body exploded with warm, tingleing. electric fire. She screamed as she came harder than her fingers had ever even dreamed of making her cum and just then he grunted loudly too and she felt him stop moving and push into her farther as a warm liquid of a consistancy she had never encountered before filled her.

As I left that alley and lit a cigarette, I began to think about what had happened. How much trouble I could get in if this was ever found out. I couldn't believe that I had just done that. I mean, sure, the crazy broad had actually been moving like she liked it.

Maybe she had been asking for it dressed like that around here, looking at me the way she did. But the question I was faced with was: would it have made a difference to me?

I acted like a complete animal. Then I remembered a debate I had started in English class one day in highschool, one of the few days I went to class, my point had been: Humans are animals, nothing else. After he was finished, he threw her to the ground and walked away.

Lying there in that alley way, trying to find the strength to stand, a shuddering sigh escaped her lips. Slowly, tears began to flow from her eyes. But these were not tears of sorrow or of shame, though she knew fully that most women, let alone girls, would be bawling uncontrollably by now.

These tears were a gift, they washed away those words from her math teacher that praised her for things she did not feel in her heart. These tears quelled the fire that ached and burned her alive when she brought her fathers anger on herself just for the hell of it. As she straightened her shirt and began to leave, she looked back at the alley, and exhaled slowly, then, wiping her tears she walked away.

A similar phenomenon to the aforementioned is this: many humans are equally incapable of accepting their role as hunter, it often takes the right prey at the right time to show them how. When the tiger learns to freely hunt, and the antelope fully give, then the world will be at peace, and we can all truly live.