Blonde whore lovita fate gets impaled and creamed

Blonde whore lovita fate gets impaled and creamed
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twink - a true story 6/12/2008 12:16 am I'm out of town on business, in a strange town, stuck in a downtown hotel without a car, toys or any other implements of destruction. My quick searches online tell me that the local gay bathhouses, and het strip clubs are too far to walk, and my upcoming early morning schedule precludes me from planning anything too late into the night. Knowing that men tend to be less discriminating sluts than women, I post an impromptu ad in the men seeking men section of my favorite online meat market - "bisexual dominant Daddy looking for a twink".

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Within minutes I begin receiving responses. Guys are such sluts. Unfortunately, most are simply the usual disembodied cock shots with the usual one line "let's fuck" introductions. Even worse are the "let's party" intros, despite my specifying that I'm drug free and expect the same in any play partner.

Hey, I don't mind sluts, but I'm a discriminating slut who expects a potential trick to read what I've written. Soon however, one reply catches my eye. "The boy in question" was the subject line, the e-mail was articulate, and the photo showed a cute, young looking twink with a boyish face and long, blond hair. Definitely a possibility. After a couple of quick e-mail exchanges, we get on IM and begin chatting.

It soon becomes clear that the boy in question, we'll call him "hole", was looking for someone to molest him. He had no interest in fucking or being fucked, or giving a blow job.

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But he wanted a Daddy to molest his cock, balls and ass. He wanted humiliation. He had given away all his toys in "a fit of purity". "Oh my" I thought to myself, "he definitely has buttons just begging shamelessly to be pushed." After reassuring each other that we were both serious, and not online wankers looking for cybersex, I gave hole instructions to follow before coming to my hotel room.

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He was to drink plenty of water so that he would show up at my door with a full bladder, and he was to wear loose fitting shorts with no underwear. After agreeing on when he would show up at my room, I made a quick run to the drug store across the street to pick up supplies, nitrile gloves, lube and an enema bag.

A quiet knock on my door, a quick look through the peephole shows hole standing in the hallway. I let him into my room, he's taller than me, well built, a bit older looking than the photo he sent me but still at least 10 years younger than me. All in all one fucking cute twink. We quickly size each other up, quickly cruising each other, sidling closer till we're touching. Looking in his eyes, my hand drifts down to reach into his shorts.

Inside I find a large meaty cock that's starting to quickly fill with blood. Grabbing his scrotum above the balls, I squeeze tightly and twist. The response I get from his cock tells me everything I need to know.

Releasing his balls, I unzip his shorts and drag out his fleshy cock. Cupping the head in my hand, I instruct him to piss in my hand. "Don't piss all over yourself, or all over the floor. Just fill my hand with your piss." A quick look of surprise passes over hole's face, then a look of concentration. "Having a bit of performance anxiety?" "just a bit Daddy".

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Shortly though, he succeeds in filling my cupped hand with warm, yellow piss. After he stops, I raise my piss filled hand to his mouth and he begins sucking greedily on my piss soaked fingers.

Reaching down with my other hand, I grab his rapidly stiffening cock and squeeze. Still sucking the piss off my fingers, I lead him by the cock into the bathroom.

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Once in the bathroom, I instruct hole to remove his shorts and shirt. I hand him the enema bag, "Fill it up, we'll use your own piss for your first enema." More fucking performance anxiety, but he finally manages to half-fill the bag. "Get on your hands and knees and stick your head in the toilet." Like a good boy, he complies, his lean ass spread wide open in front of me.


Putting on nitrile gloves, I smear a liberal gob of lube across his ass, quickly slipping a finger in. Arching his back, he quickly clenches his asshole tightly around my finger.

"Go ahead and clench fucker, it's just going to hurt more if you clench, and this is definitely going to hurt you more than it hurts me." I can feel that his ass isn't clean inside. After loosening up his hole, I slip the enema nozzle in and open up the bag, quickly draining his piss into his eagerly waiting bowels. As the enema bag drains, I reach down with my other hand and roughly jerk his blood-filled cock, gripping tightly, feeling the veins squirm and slip underneath my hand as it slides back and forth.

The loud, incoherent groans escaping his throat, as well as his throbbing cock tell me I'm on the right track. Once the bag is drained, I pull the nozzle out and finger fuck his hole.

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"Hold it in fucker. you don't want to make a mess." An incoherent "yes Daddy" escapes his lips. Taking pity on him, I allow hole to get up and sit on the toilet, evacuating the piss from his bowels. As he strains to empty his ass, I reach down with one hand and finger fuck his hole as my other hand squeezes and twist his balls. As I finger fuck his ass, I can feel the shit coming out of his ass.

As I reach around to jack his cock, I smear some of his shit on his cock.


Low incoherent moaning is all that he can manage at this point. Once I'm satisfied that hole is finished, I instruct him to get back in position as I refill the bag with water from the bathtub. "Hot or cold water boy?" "your choice Daddy." I give him two quarts of cold water. This time, after filling his ass, I straddle his back and run a stream of my own hot piss across his shoulders and back.

I then reach around and begin pinching and twisting his nipples.

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They're tiny, rock hard and almost impossible to grip with the lube and piss covering his chest. Moving down, I grip his scrotum with one hand and cock with the other and pull in opposite directions. The harder I pull, the harder his cock becomes and the more incoherent his moans become.

"What are you thinking boy?" "i'm trying not to cum Daddy." This time I finger fuck his ass with two fingers as he's emptying the cold water out of his ass. Third time's the charm. This time he takes the two quarts of warm water quickly, without any struggle. "Stand up." Standing in front of me, his cock is sticking straight out, glistening with piss, lube and pre-cum.

"Bend over and touch your toes fucker." A brief look of panic flashes over his face, but like the good hole that he is, he complies. Struggling, he grabs his ankles. As he starts groaning, I tell him to stand up straight. His face is red, and sweaty, but his cock is still rock hard and twitching.

"Give me some jumping jacks fucker." This time the look of panic stays on his face as he struggles to comply. The jumping jacks are delightful to watch. His face is beet red and drenched in sweat, his rock hard cock is bouncing up and down in time with his body, and his eyes are pleading with me for mercy.

When I think he's on the brink of losing it, I tell him to stop and relieve himself on the toilet. As he strains to release the last of the water from his ass, I gently squeeze his balls in one hand, and fuck his ass with my other hand.

Looking down, I notice the piss hole of his cock wide open, leaking cum on my forearm. "Excuse me boy, is that cum or piss that you're leaking on my arm?" "probably a bit of both Daddy." "you need to clean that up." He hungrily sucks and licks up his mess from my arm. "Do you want to cum, fucker?" "please Daddy, can I please cum?" "Go ahead and get it over with." After filling my gloved hand with his cum, I raise it to his lips.

"Lick it clean fucker." "but your hand is dirty Daddy." "Is that a problem, fucker?" A quick look in my eyes confirms for him what he needs to do, and he greedily licks my hand clean. "Good boy." A very good boy, and a very good night in a strange town.