Legal age teenager licks weenie and gets bonked

Legal age teenager licks weenie and gets bonked
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It was the night of a friend's 40th birthday party and I was getting dressed to go out with her and twelve of her closest friends. Her husband had rented a mini-bus to take us out to dinner, followed by a trip to a dance club for some dancing and drinks. We were headed to the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach to start the evening, so I was a little excited about what the night might bring.I had borrowed a hot little dress from my friend and tried it on for my husband.

"Hot, totally fuckable, but not too slutty," he comment and gave me a wink. I knew what that wink meant. We had been kind of been flirting with the idea of hot wifing for a while now. I still wasn't quite sure if this was just a fantasy of his or he was considering it and wanted me to think about it as well. The idea of hot wifing, when the wife is allowed to play alone with the consent of the husband, was a new idea and I wasn't sure how I felt about it yet.

We had been in the 'life-style' since we had met eight years ago and enjoyed 'playing' once or twice a month as our scheduled allowed. "I got you something to wear for your big night out," he said, handing me a little box. He had always been a little lame on giving me gifts, not that he wasn't generous, I think he just worked under the belief that if someone wanted or needed something, they would simply buy it for themselves.

I opened the tiny box and saw the cute little anklet inside. "Was this for real?" I thought, does he really want me to do this? He had told me the significance of a woman wearing an anklet; it meant she was a hot wife and was available to 'play' with other men.

Basically, anklets are worn by married woman who are allowed to indulge in extra-marital sex. "Are you sure you want me to wear this while I'm wearing this dress." I said, suggesting to him that I would have no problem hooking up with some hot guy if the mood struck me.

"No, I not sure, but I want you to wear it anyway. I think it will be a turn on for you, wondering if the guy you're talking to saw it and knows what it means." He had a point there and I decided to give it a try and see what came of it. We would sometimes use this scenario during sex, telling each other hot stories about me being out alone and hooking up with a random stranger.

This was the context he had used to say that 'if we ever were to consider it, there would have to be rules', or guidelines as he called them. He mentioned three rules he would want us to follow: 1. Who ever I played with had to be a total stranger.

2. No personal information was to be exchanged and there would be no future contact with him. 3. I would take pictures and videos for him to see. If ever there would be a night to test our interest in the hot wifing world, tonight would surely be it.

I was beginning to get a little excited thinking about the possibilities. I started getting sexually aroused and was looking forward to the evening out even more than I had been before this exchange. What if I met a hot guy, could I do it? I wasn't sure what the answer was but just thinking about it was turning me on. After dinner, we all went to the lobby bar for a few drinks before we were to head to the dance club.

My friends were finishing the two bottles of champagne Michelle's husband had purchased as part of his gift. I decided to go up to the bar and order a cocktail. There was an open seat and I grabbed it, ending up next to an attractive middle-aged guy. As the bartender was walking towards me, I looked over at the drink sitting in front of him. "What's that," I asked.

"Grey Goose martini." "Good choice," I said to him. Then "I'll have what he's having" I said to the bartender. I had learned from my time in NYC how to get guys to buy you a drink and this one had worked 100% of the time. Not only are you complimenting their good taste, but no guy in the world could hear those words and not think about what Meg Ryan was doing in When Harry Met Sally. With that said, I would have ordered a Grey Goose martini even if I were paying for it myself, had a wanted to spend the $35.

"Bobby," he said as the bartender turned away to mix my cocktail. "Allie," I replied. "Bachelorette party?" he asked, motioning towards my pack of friends. "No, 40th Birthday." "Not yours, I'm sure,". "No, no, I have a few more years until that awful day," I said jokingly.

"Ah, it's not that bad," he said with a warm smile. "But let me know in ten years." "Five," I smiled back. He was handsome in a gentlemanly way. He was sitting down, so it was hard to tell how tall he was but he had a decent body from what I could see. "Are you a guest of the hotel, Mam?" said the bartender when she returned with the martini. "No," I said, pretending to look for my purse. "You can put it on my tab," Bobby said to the bartender.

"Thanks," I said as I turned back towards the bar. I raised my glass towards his and said "Cheers". When I was walking up to the bar, I had noticed him talking to two guys next to him and I had assumed that they were together.

"Boys night out?" I asked. "Yeah, these two are old friends of mine and we came down for the weekend to play some golf." "Nice," was all I could think to reply. We continued to make small talk and somehow ended up talking about smoking some pot. "I have some nice stuff up in my room, clean mellow buzz. Wanna sneak up for a few hits?" I suddenly felt a little flush and could feel a sight tingling between my legs. I knew where this was going. He might as well have asked me if I wanted to suck his cock, which, judging by my reaction, I did.

"Sounds like fun, but I'm married and I don't think that would be such a good idea." "I don't blame him, I'd be very protective of you too if you were my wife," he said as he very obviously took a very slow visual walk down my long legs and looked directly at my new anklet.

My heart was pounding out of my chest and I had a million thoughts running through my brain. Did Mike give me the anklet as a way of telling me he wanted me to do this? Did I have his approval and consent to follow through on it? I was hoping both were true.

I took a deep breath to compose myself, because this fantasy of ours was about to become a reality. "Well," I said with a gleam in my eye, "he might not mind. We're pretty open sexually," giving my anklet a little shake for him to see. Then I took my own walk down his body and looked right at his crotch.

It took all my courage to do it and I was a little embarrassed but Bobby just smiled. "Let's go up, a few quick hits and we'll be back before your friends know you're gone." "Ok, but I need this to be very discreet. I'll meet you at the elevators in a few minutes." He just smiled as I picked up my drink and headed back to tell the girls I needed to call home to check on the kids.

His room was actually a beautiful suite with a living area and separate bedroom.


I sat on the couch while he went into the bedroom. My heels were so high; they pushed my knees up above my waist on the low couch. If I moved an inch, I think he would be getting an eyeful. I sat motionless, feeling very naughty about being in a strange man's hotel room. He came out of the bedroom with a lit joint and handed it to me. It was very sweet tasting and I could feel it going right to my head as I held it in my lungs.

I handed it back, he took a small hit and lowered his hand back towards me. As I reached up to take it from his hand, he gently pushed my hand away and moved it closer to my lips, gesturing that he wanted me to take a hit while he held onto it. As I moved my lips closer to his hand, I was looking straight at his crotch again and his very noticeable bulge.

I licked my lips to make sure they were good and wet as I put them to his fingers and sucked on the joint, leaving them there just a bit longer than was needed and kissing his finger ever so gently as I moved away.

"This stuff can sneak up on you if your not careful", he said, seeming to move a bit closer. "I think it already has," I said. "Stoned already?" he asked with a grin. I've read that there are new strains of weed on the market with some of them designed to increase libido. Well this guy must have found some.

Call it increased libido or call unbelievably horny, but I was suddenly ready to go. I looked up at him as he moved another step closer. "You want to know how I can tell I'm stoned?" I said. "Sure," he responded, "how?" "I get this irresistible urge to suck cock," I said as I reached up and tucked my fingers into the waist of his jeans. "Funny", he smirked, "I can tell I'm stoned when I get this urge to have my cock sucked." I reached up and began to rub his cock through his jeans and watched as it grew further down his leg.

Closer still, he pushed one of his legs between mine. As my legs spread open, my super short dress rode up to reveal my thong, which I was hoping was not visibly wet already. His crotch was now right in front of my face. I playfully bit his cock through his jeans as I reached up to unbutton them.

Just as I popped the button on his jeans, and as if the two events were somehow connected, there was a loud knock on the door. He looked down at me and shrugged his shoulders with a quizzical look on his face.

I gave him a knowing smirk as I stood up to pull my dress down. He buttoned his jeans as he walked towards the door. I knew who was at the door and it sure as hell wasn't room service Bobby opened the door and tried to act surprised to see Rich and Scott walk in. "Though you might be up smoking without us", said Rich with no surprise on his face as he saw me put the last adjustment on my dress.

They both looked at me like fresh meat thrown in front of timid lions and nodded sheepishly in my general direction. "Hi guys, Allie," I said as I shook each of their hands. "Nice to meet you." They both replied. "Allie was just about to take a hit", said Bobby. "Of what?" Scott said with a silly grin, trying to be as provocative as possible. I was definitely feeling the effects of the pot and it was making me feel very hot and flush. I was beginning to feel like a very lucky girl, my favorite group sex is me and three guys and here I was, alone in a hotel with three somewhat hot guys who were obviously looking to work together to my benefit.

I looked at Scott, then at Rich, and finally back to Bobby. I didn't have a lot of time, so if this were going to happen, I would need to take the lead and move quickly. "His cock," I said boldly. I could see Rich and Scott were momentarily stunned by my response.

Probably the answer they dreamed of but never thought they'd get. I walked directly between them, took one of each of their hands and put them on the hem of my dress. "Be careful", I said as I raised my arms above my head, motioning for them to pull the dress up and off, "it's my girlfriends' dress". They carefully pulled the dress up and over me head. I was now standing in the middle of the living room wearing just a thong and high heels.

I walked over to Bobby, who was watching this play out, not remembering the burning joint in his hand. I took the wrist of his hand with the joint and brought it up to my mouth. The movement had the affect of moving him very close and I put my other hand inside his waistband again.

I took a slow hit of the joint, leaned in to kiss him on the lips and shotgun the smoke into his mouth. "Now, where were we," I said, siding down his chest and on to my knees as I again began to unbutton is jeans. I pulled Bobby's cock out of his pants and, wow, what a beautiful cock he had.

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Not the biggest, not the thickest, not the longest, it was just one of the best-looking cocks I'd ever seen. Even in all the porn I'd watched in my life, this was maybe the best looking cock ever! It was about 7-8", above average girth and perfectly straight, light brown with a large, smooth head.

I wasn't lying about my craving to suck cock when I'm high and I took his beautiful cock first in my hand, then into my mouth and started sucking and swirling my tongue around the head.

I pride myself on giving great head and really wanted to impress Bobbi with my skills. I was slurping and sucking his beautiful throbbing cock, trying my best to get his entire shaft down my throat. He was thrusting his hips to meet the rhythm I was setting as he put his hands on either side of my head and began face fucking me in earnest.

I could feel his cock on the back of my throat and let out a little grunt with every thrust. I reached up both hands and grabbed his firm ass cheeks and pulled him towards me, slobbering and grunting, doing my best cock slut impersonation. He was moaning loudly to show his appreciation. After a few minutes of this, I pulled it out of my mouth and licked my way down to his balls.

I could feel him shutter a bit as I took each of them into my mouth for a gentle tongue bath. He had been taking his clothes off as I was blowing him and was now only left with his jeans around his ankles. I helped him step out of them and looked over at the other guys in the room who were watching the show as they were rubbing their cocks through their pants.

I picked up my phone from the coffee table next to me and looked at the time. "Listen guys," I said from my knees, "I have to be down at the limo in 25 minutes to meet my friends.

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That doesn't give us much time." I took Bobby's cock into my mouth and started sucking and stroking it to keep it hard. Looking back at them, I continued, "So here's the deal, I need you guys to take pictures and videos of our little time together to show to my husband. It's an iPhone so you all know how to use it. My phone only and no face pics except mine.

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OK?" "I'm a pretty good photographer," said Rich "I'll make you look like a porn star if you want." "That's exactly what I want," I replied. "Wow, lucky guy." muttered Scott. "Why don't you guys take your clothes off," I said to them as I stood, taking Bobby's hand and leading him to the bedroom, "and meet us in here." As I stopped at the foot of the bed, Bobby came up behind and wrapped his arms around my waist, letting one hand dropped down to the front of my panties.

He started kissing me on the neck and shoulders, whispering in my ear and telling me how hot I looked. His ridged cock was pressing against my ass and I began to push back against it, moving up and down on my toes to feel it rub against my ass.

He reached his thumbs into the band of my thong and slowly pushed it to down to my ankles, planting little kisses as he went down. I stepped out of my thong and turned to meet him as he was standing back up.

I spread my legs a bit so his cock would come up between my legs and against my now aching pussy, and then squeezed my thighs around it. We were kissing lightly but the intensity was beginning to increase as he started driving his hips into mine and sliding his cock in and out of my thigh gap.

Lights were beginning to flash in my head as the flood of sensations became almost overwhelming.

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Then I saw the light of my camera shining towards us and realized that Rich was following through on his promise to take pics and videos. As if this all wasn't hot enough, I began to think about how hot it was going to be to show Mike what I was doing. I thought about grabbing the phone and texting him a picture as he'd mentioned in our sex chats, but was too wrapped up in the moment to do it.

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I turned Bobby around and pushed him back onto the bed. I got between his legs to suck his cock again, thinking it might need a little work to stay hard. It didn't, he was rock hard, so hard I thought he might have taken a Viagra with the expectation of getting lucky tonight. I sucked it anyway just for good measure before I started moving up his body, kissing and licking my way up until our mouths met in a hot wet passionate kiss.

He was a great kisser, something I consider very important. I was starting to grind my soaking wet pussy against his massive hard on and sat up to slide back and forth on it. Rich and Scott were on either side of me, groping and fondling my tits and ass.

I could feel their hard cocks brush against my arms as I continued riding on top of Bobby's cock. Scott was giving a little moan each time his cock touched my arm. These guys definitely needed some attention as well. "You guys should stand up." I somewhat commanded.

They didn't seem to take notice of my tone as they both quickly stood up and positioned their cocks close to my waiting mouth. I started sucking and stroking them, taking one in my mouth while stroking the other, back and forth, between the two while still sliding my wet pussy on Bobby's cock. I started pulling them closer together, trying to put them in position to take both their cocks in my mouth at the same time. They realized what I was trying to do and started working with me to fill my mouth with their cocks.

I was rubbing and stroking them together as they began thrusting their cocks in and out of my mouth. Bobby was growing a little impatient and I could feel him trying to adjust our position so he could slide his pulsating cock in me. With one cock in my mouth and one in my left hand, I grabbed Bobby's cock with my right hand and lined it up with my dripping wet pussy.

I raised my hips and slid the head of his cock between my lips and started pushing down on the rest of him, feeling every inch as I slid down and buried him inside of me.


The feeling of having all three cocks was so intense, I thought I was going to explode in ecstasy. I pushed down and started working it deeper and deeper into my pussy as I alternated my mouth between Rich and Scott's cocks. I could feel Bobby's cock going deeper with every thrust until his cock was totally consumed by my hungry pussy. He was starting to really fuck me now, his thrust getting harder and faster and I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

Rich got on his knees behind me and I could sense him lining up his cock, I just wasn't sure which hole he was aiming at. I enjoy anal on occasion and DP is definitely one of those occasions. Just as I was preparing myself for the initial pain, he pushed his cock hard into my already filled pussy.

"Arghhhhhh, oh god," I cried out. The feeling was so intense, it wasn't pain, it just felt like intense pressure. The deeper he went, the more intense it got. "Ohhh god," I cried out again as the orgasm ripped through me. My whole body was shuttering from the intensity of it as I collapsed on top of Bobby. They were both pushing their cocks into me as far as they could, sending my orgasm to new levels with each thrust.

Rich pump his cock into me a few more times and pulled out to shoot his hot load all over my back and ass. It felt wonderful to have it dripping down onto my still quivering pussy.

Bobby continued fucking me as I recovered, eventually pulling out without cumming. Without Bobby under me, I collapsed face first into the bed, cum trickling down my ass and pussy. I open my eyes and look at the clock on the bedstand, 11:45. I still had fifteen minutes. Rich was gentleman enough to grab a towel and wipe his cum off my ass.

I'm not sure if he did it for me or for the other guys.

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I rolled over to find Bobby and Scott's hard cocks just above me. "What's your pleasure guys," I asked with a wicked grin. "You, on your hands and knees," said Bobby. "Do you want my mouth or my pussy?" "I've already had both," he said as he grabbed my ass and spun me around.

He started rubbing his cock up and down between my ass and my pussy, using my pussy juice to lube both holes.

Scott's cock pushed back into my mouth and I started sucking him as I was pushing my ass back hard against Bobby's cock, still not sure where he was going to put it. His teasing and the big cock that seemed to be face fucking me was getting me hot again, I only needed Bobby to pick a hole and slam it in. Already having shot his load, Rich was now a full time photographer, taking pics from every angle.

I've heard guys call it a triple play when they can fuck a girl in all three holes in one night and Bobby got his triple play. He was playing with my pussy while he was putting first one finger, then two fingers up my ass. After a minute or two of me moaning on Scott's cock, I think he got the idea of what I wanted. He wet his cock with saliva and pushed my ass down a bit, finally filling my last hole.

He didn't slam it into me, but he didn't work it in slowly either. He just pushed it in with one long and slow stroke, going all the way down until his balls were slapping against my pussy. I made some muffled moans as he started rocking me back and forth between their cocks.

It felt amazing and I absolutely loved every second of it. I could feel the pace quickening and knew they were both getting close to blowing their loads. First Scott let out a load moan and pushed my face further down his cock.

His load shot into the back of my mouth as I tried to suck down every drop. I kept sucking it until he was almost limp. Spent, he got off the bed and sat on a chair next to the bed to watch the grand finale. The bed was now open and I fell forward onto my face with Bobby's cock still buried deep in my ass. I put a pillow under my stomach to push my ass further up and give him a better view of the action. He slowed his pace and his stokes became somehow more sensual.

Deep, slow, affectionate stokes. Suddenly, he pulled out and rolled me over on to my back, leaving the pillow that was now under my ass.

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With my pussy pushed up like this, it was perfectly aligned with his cock and he wasted no time putting it in. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs as wide as they would go. The idea that I was totally exposed to this stranger sent me over top. My hips thrust as the orgasm overcame me and I thought I might have momentarily lost consciousness.

Bobby was pounding me furiously and I came to just in time to watch him pull his cock out and shot his load all over me, some even reaching my neck and chin. He must have shot six or seven ropes of cum onto me, most landing on my tits and stomach. He grabbed his cock and drizzled the last few drops directly onto my pussy, as if he were staking a claim or leaving his scent.

When he finished, I reached down and slowly rubbed his cum into my pussy lips and used it as lube to finger myself.

We shared that sweet moment for exactly five seconds. I looked up at the clock, 11:57. I had three minutes to get cleaned up, dressed, say my goodbyes and get down to the valet parking area. I needed to move fast. I grabbed the towel from the floor and said goodbye to Rich and Scott who were still recuperating on the chairs next to the bed.

I went out to the living room, wiping cum off me as I walked. I fixed my hair and make up in the mirror behind the wet bar. Now came the hard part, I needed to worked as fast as possible to get the dress back on my sweaty body without ripping it. Bobby came out of the bedroom to help and carefully pulled it down as I slithered back into it. Done, 11:59. Bobby walked me to the door and gave me nice smile and a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Can I get your number?" he asked. "I had a great time Bobby and I'd love it if we could do it again, but we can't, it's against the rules.

You guys have a great weekend." I kissed him on the lips and ran out the door. I got off the elevator just in time to see the girls heading out towards the limo. I filed in behind them as if I had been there the whole time.

No one was the wiser and I had a great story to share with my husband. And, I hope, some great pictures too.