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Buff und Dreifaltigkeits Vergnügen  post Yoga Sex Teil 3
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Disclaimer: this is an introduction of a series for my 1st story.I do apologize if I won't meet ur expectations.but if ur in for some romance and good sex read.I suggest you read this as well.

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. Natalia never ever considered herself as pretty or attractive.she simply hates how she looks like.she hates seeing herself in the mirror with that jet black thick wavy hair that she has to keep in a bun just to manage it.she hates her tan skin coz she never got to play snow white, always the evil stepmother.she hates her oversized black eyes which she thinks are too large for her small round face.she hates her chubby cheeks that doesn't seem to blush no matter how many times she pinched them to almost slap her face to do so.she hates her long neck for she's always teased as mama goose.she hates that she is born short with a 5ft flat height.she hates her voluptuous figure when she badly wanted to be skinny like those blonde dolls.and she hates the fact that she doesn't have anyone to blame for her physical misfortune.for she blames her appearance for not being chosen to be adopted, ever.

She grew up in an exclusive for girls orphanage and stayed there until yesterday, 1st of december.her 22nd birthday. Her birth of date was carefully embroidered together with her first name on the bib that she was wearing when she was left in the front gate of an orphanage during a snow storm during the night of december 1980.and its her one and only treasure that she carries wherever, whenever.a link to her past, to where she came from, to who she is.

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Although Natalia is pessimistic when it comes to herself.she wasn't the type who really dwells on the past especially the ones she has no clue of at all.she recognizes the fact that part of her wants to know it but she is also convinced that she cannot bring the past back and so she must look forward thinking that she might stumble on her past along the way.a possibility.and she will remain Natalia Acres, a last name taken from the orphanage's name, Golden Acres.

And as a way of moving forward and a way of gratitude to those who run the orphanage for letting her stay longer, she agreed to work for one of the orphanage's donors.a job which is a mystery in itself. . November 30, 2002 A luxury car entered the front gate of the orphanage.Natalia together with the younger orphans were picking up vegetables at the back of the main house of the 5-hectare property of the orphanage.totally clueless of the happenings.so it startled her when the head mistress herself came rushing to the backyard, screaming her name.before she even had to chance to answer, the head mistress was already dragging her towards the house and to her office.the youngsters were left shocked but wasn't able to follow them to satisfy their growing curiosity with what just happened because the cook and assistant to the head mistress guided them back to the backyard.

As they entered the office, Natalia was greeted by another older lady who introduced herself as the secretary of the lawyer for one of the orphanage's sponsor.Natalia got even more confused.and before she can even ask, she heard the woman asked the head mistress if she can take her now.fear was instantly very clear on Natalia's face.but calmed down upon hearing the head mistress told the other lady that she should bring her back before dinner.


It's not as if Natalia has never been out of the orphanage's compound, not often though, but its definitely her first time to be going to the "city" and of course in an expensive looking car.the orphanage is in a little town 20 minutes away from the city.the town consist of 50 families mostly families who run their own farms and small shops in the town's proper.so she is both stunned and frightened how suddenly busy her surroundings became.but Natalia, despite being home-schooled and the lack of time for proper learning in the orphanage, she is very intelligent and very talented.but the fear of losing a family "again" prevented her to go to college and decided, actually begged the head mistress to let her stay when all orphans are only allowed to stay until they are eighteen years of age.

Seeing how Natalia tightly clasped her hands together, almost pale by it, the old lady sensed her nervousness and she pitied her already.but dismissed the feeling quickly and continued reading the papers she had been working on since they left the orphanage.it was Natalia's record.and little did Natalia knew.she was consumed by the sights to notice.

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Natalia was expecting they'd be stopping in one of the tall buildings anytime soon.but they have already passed those and they were heading to more like a residential area where houses are big and lawns trimmed.and before she can ask again, they stopped in front of a palace-like house.before she can even react, the lady announced that they have arrived to the lawyer's house.and hurried to follow her.

Natalia of course had never been exposed to such luxury, the car ride was already overwhelming having used to riding just bicycle when running errands around their little town.so entering a house adorned with wealth and beauty was simply an exaggeration for her.but she remained tact, literally ignored everything but this old lady, and waited what was yet to happen.

As they entered the front door they were immediately greeted by another old lady in a maid's uniform and ushered them directly to the office and left as soon as they stepped inside, closing the door behind them.


Natalia was getting more confused and anxious but stayed calm.and followed the secretary to two huge leather chairs in front of another huge wooden desk.and what Natalia noticed and got her wondering was that there's no chair behind the desk.the moment they got settled comfortably, they heard the door opened.the secretary immediately stood and Natalia followed frantically and turned to face the door.and there, an old man on his wheelchair.that answered her.pushed by the same old woman in maid's uniform.he gestured them to seat and they did.

When the old man was properly positioned behind the desk.he was down to business. "Good afternoon.Natalia Acres is the name, right?" Natalia nodded although he was obviously asking his secretary, who also nodded and went back to writing as he continued speaking.

but was now facing her."Very well.I'm sure this is confusing to you.wondering what does a sponsor's lawyer need with you." Natalia just nodded, anxiously holding on to his words."Ms.

Acres, as mentioned, I represent one of the orphanage's sponsor's since my client wanted to remain his identity confidential." (Natalia noted "wanted") "and his identity will remain confidential.however, there have been changes to the situation." ("He" Natalia noted again but was getting more confused though she's coming up with an idea of her current situation) ".and well Ms Acres, to let you know, my client supported a lot of institutions, mostly orphanages" (there goes the past tense again, Natalia noted "supported") ".and one of the institutions that my client gave most support is the orphanage where you belong." He paused for a moment as his secretary put a folder on his desk.took it and started reading.the continued.

"we heard that you have gone beyond the allowable age." This time Natalia panicked and immediately interrupted the old man."Oh, no, please don't kick me out.the place had more kids than ever.I'm sure head mistress will need extra hand aside from the cook and her assistant, now that three more had been added to the number of children.you don't need to pay me, I will work hard for my stay.please please don't kick me out, I beg of you, please let mr.let our sponsor know that I will be a great help." She pleaded and almost out of breath as she finished her speech.

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Both of the elderly looked at her earnestly, but she saw that they were amused than worried of her pleading.and she returned they're gazes but still pleading through her eyes. And to bring her out of her misery.the lawyer spoke. "Oh Ms Acres, you are greatly mistaken.we are not here to kick you out." He saw her relief.

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"However, there really had been changes in the situation." He took a deep breath "My client passed away last weekend." Natalia, was utterly shocked, tried to speak but found it hard to speak out her worries which is for the orphanage.as if reading her thoughts the old man continued talking. "I see you are worried, the orphanage will still get support each month.my client is very rich Ms Acres." Stating this as if she has every right to know.Natalia, dismissed the thought but wondered why was she there in the first place.

"The real situation is why you are." Natalia is literally on her seat's edge, finally, she thought. "Before my client passed away, his trusted assistant who looked after the property where he lived also passed away.actually it is a property that has been with their families for generations.it is expected that only trusted employees get to work there.however, the said estate is now passed on to my client's sole heir." "How does it concern me?

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Why am I here?" Natalia thought. "Now.it is included in the last will that the support for the orphanage where you come from will continue as long as one of orphans, legal of age, and not set to be adopted, will take over the care of the said estate." He waited for her to react, when he heard none and saw that she won't attempt to react anyway, he continued.

"Unfortunately, aside from you, the oldest is still nine years of age." Somehow seeing her in a state of understanding, "Yes, Ms Acres, we are here to hire you." . December 2, 2002 Tears continued to pour as the limo took her away from her family. It may be an orphanage, but the people there were the only family she had.but she's leaving for them and constantly reminding herself of that somehow made her at ease.

She wasn't able to get enough sleep since he left the lawyer's house.and crying since last night drained all her energy, she fell asleep as they drove further. .It was dark.but she knew she is in a garden.the dark red rose surrounded her and slowly melted and pooled around her feet.she was mesmerized as how red they were and so she touched one.and fear engulfed her as she felt how sticky they were.she knew then.blood.and before she can even scream.cold air wrapped her body.she closed her eyes, and felt his hand on her shoulder.shaking her.huh?

Shaking her?.then she heard voices and loud noise. She was dreaming. The hand on her shoulder was that of the driver, standing outside the limo, waking her up.and as the surrounding cleared around her, right outside the limo, behind the open door on her side, standing was the secretary who she didn't get the name until now, and the lawyer just far ahead.

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As she got out, that was then she noticed where the loud noise came from, on the other side of the limo is a small plane, engines already running, ready to take off.and she gave the lawyer a scared look.he just nodded back at her, knowing exactly what her question was going to be. She had no choice.she was already informed that the estate is in another place and to keep it confidential, she won't be informed until she arrived there.with a huge, final sigh, she walked slowly towards the unknown.

.They flew towards the setting of the sun.all overwhelmed her.but instead to enjoy the experience.she put on d eye mask and went to sleep.anxiety drained the life out of her.she never felt so tired in her life.all she wanted was to stop thinking, and she did. She was awaken by the captain speaking in a very foreign language.maybe to keep the location confidential, she rolled her eyes to the thought.still can't believe that there are people living like this.and she went with the flow and kept the mask on as she felt the plane landed that night.

She was again ushered to another limo nearby.rolling her eyes on the exaggeration for her relocation.noticing that they landed on a single runway surrounded by mountains. She got into the limo and she felt cold.very cold.she was very nervous.

And not far away from where they landed, less than five minutes away to be exact.they entered a huge, tall brass gate.it was mechanical, so the only person she saw after landing is the driver. They drove to what looked like a forest surroundings, but the road is still paved.as they drove further, Natalia was fidgeting.eager to finally see the house of this estate.but it was a long drive.felt like they were driving for an hour.she was getting tired when finally they were nearing a clearing.and to her delight, they were driving along the coast.the shore was still, glistening as the moon reflects on it.Natalia was never been to a beach before, she only saw them on story books.so it was dreamy for her.

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She felt that they were driving up a hill and the shore remained calmed below.and they stopped.and her mouth dropped.on top of the hill was a huge mansion.bigger than the orphange, bigger than that of the lawyer's.and it shines bright as the huge moon seemed to sit on top of it.the driver, who she hasn't heard speak, opened the door for her.as she got out, the enormous two-door entrance opened, and two older ladies emerged.one went directly to get her luggage from the driver, and went back in immediately.the other, waited for the other and the driver to disappear before talking.

"Welcome home Ms Natalia." The woman smiled shyly. "My name is Ramona, one of your servers.please do come in, I am sure you are tired, your room is ready." Natalia was just to stunned to speak, but was following the old lady up the steps to the house.

The moment she stepped in, she was surprised, not by the lavish interior adorned with white and gold decors but surprised with what se suddenly felt.all these times she was nervous.but that very moment, she felt she was finally home. As she heard the entrance door closed behind her, her heart did one powerful beat, a beat that almost cause her heart to explode out.little did she know what was awaken with that single beat.


To be continued.