Dude fucks nurses pussy in hospital hardcore and european

Dude fucks nurses pussy in hospital hardcore and european
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KNOCK KNOCK The rapping at the door startled her for a moment. She smiled broadly as she quickly turned off the adult movie, stashed the vibrator away in the bathroom, and hurried toward the door. She peeped through the hole and saw him as if for the first time. She had woken up that day. just HAD to have it. It. Well, MANY "Its". She went to work and mindlessly went through the motions, but her body and all her senses were tuned into that tiny piece of flesh between her legs.

By mid-morning it was obvious to her that she simply couldn't stay at work any longer. she took a half day off and hurried home. After a quick mindless climax, brought on by simply rubbing her forefinger over her damp slit and the pearl right at the top, she jumped online. And she KNEW it. There he was. His profile was skimpy at best, but it said the things she wanted to see. sexual without being totally piggy. attractive in a sort of geeky way.

The type of guy who would have been a nerd in high school. But she knew what nerds were BEST at. She zipped him a message and a picture, along with a proposition for an afternoon of delight. Five minutes of quick chit chat later, he was on his way over, and she was on top of her bed, propped up by pillows, and hungrily stroking a buzzing toy back and forth over her burning vulva.

She had told him that she would start without him, and she was. She just HAD to have it. She knew she was being about as slutty as could be, but she thought she had chosen wisely. As she opened the door, he swiftly walked through and shut it behind him. A quick up and down glance and he was pushing her up against the wall, kissing her hungrily. He had soft lips, and he knew just how to nibble down her neck.

He reached her cleavage, covered by a red lacy teddy, and he looked up at her. She knew what he wanted, and she obliged, pulling at the drawstring that held the delicate fabric together and it released the bountiful mounds inside. A small moan emanated from his throat as he cupped her tits in his hands and swiftly latched his mouth onto one dusky pink nipple.

He bent over her, still standing there in the foyer, pushing her against the wall, as he suckled and pulled at her tits with his lips. She moaned, and she knew that she was about to climax. she was THAT excited today. At her sound, he looked up at her, nipple still between his lips, and grinned.

She could watch him roll the point between his teeth and felt his tongue flickering ever so quickly across the very tip. And when he applied just that much pressure with his fingers to her other, somewhat neglected nipple, she cracked her head against the wall behind her as she suddenly orgasmed just from the tit play. Not a word had passed between them yet, but neither seemed to care.

He pulled his head up from her breast and looked around at the apartment. "Bedroom?" he asked. She smiled, and she led him through the hallway. About halfway there, he grabbed her from behind, snaking his hands around her shoulders, and clasping onto her exposed tits. He ground his pelvis into her ass, and she moaned again. His hands felt so good, pulling and pushing and kneading her breasts. She could feel the hardness of his cock against her bottom, even through his jeans, and she groaned at the feeling.

He pushed her forward, into the bedroom, and he instantly sat on the bed, pulling her by the hand to stand between his legs. From that position, he was able to ravage her breasts mercilessly. He sucked and bit and licked and kissed first one tit, and then the other. He lifted the heavy globes up and licked that delicate underside that is so often overlooked.

He took one mammary between his hands and as he suckled at it, he kneaded it like he was trying to get milk from it. She couldn't stand the wonderful feelings emanating from her chest region. She couldn't believe how sensitive her nipples and areolas were just from his touch.

When he pushed her tits together, turned the nipples inwards and rubbed them against each other, she yelled and orgasmed so hard she thought her tits would explode with the pleasure. He pulled away from her, and stood up, stripping his clothes off. She liked what she saw. he was a little chunky.

like he could hug her tight. and his cock was not long, but a thick spike standing straight out from a small bush of light brown hair. After she had taken stock of him, he reached forward and pulled the opened teddy off her pale skinned body. Then the red lace g-string came off, and he lifted it to his face and smelled the wet spot that had totally soaked through the crotch.

He smiled and moaned as he looked at her and inhaled her womanly scent. He gently pushed her down on the bed, positioning her so that she was propped up on the pillows again, and he settled his body down between her bent legs. They kissed for a long time, and then he began his magical work on her tits again. After he brought her to another climax just through his intense nibbling and suckling of her nipples, he kissed his way down to her hidden treasures.

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She moaned when she heard his indrawn breath as he took in the sight of her hot pink pussy. She imagined what he was seeing. her flesh all shiny.

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lips engorged and thickened with arousal. the wet spot that she knew was already on the sheet from her previous orgasm. the dark reddish hairs that lightly fringed her vulva that were damp with her juices. and of course, her rather large and erect clitoris. Suddenly, he lunged forward and buried his face in her. He first ground his entire face in her wetness, smearing it over his cheeks and chin, nose and mouth. Then he began slowly tracing up and down the outside of her inner lips with his tongue.


They were so thick and bright pink that he couldn't control himself and he sucked one into his mouth and pulled on it with his teeth. When he bit her pussy lips, she bucked into an orgasm again. The sharp sting of his teeth contrasted with the soft caress of his tongue and the contrast was enough to send her over the edge yet again.

She panted as she watched his head bobbing back and forth between her thighs. His eyes rose to her face as he felt her calm down from her latest climax.

He met her gaze as he used his fingers to pull her slippery lips apart and then he stroked his tongue up and down the sides of her clit. She began to pant again and as he felt her body tighten in another climax, he sucked the tiny pearl into his mouth and suckled on it like he had suckled at her nipples. She practically screamed as she closed her thighs about his head, holding him in place as she reached for her strongest peak yet.

She clamped her hand over her own mouth as she came hard, not wanting to disturb her upstairs neighbors with her shrieks of pleasure. Unbelievably, she stayed at that apex of delight for long moments, as he refused to let her clit slip out of his mouth. The suction was incredible and she wanted him to stay there forever.

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Finally, though, her body relaxed and he released her pearl from his mouth. He once again gently licked up and down, around and around her entire pussy.

Her juices were flowing quickly, and she heard him swallowing several times, which sent shudders through her body at the thought.

As he circled around and around her opening with his tongue, she felt it building again.

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He could tell by her facial expressions that she was about to come again. As her dark lashes fluttered down over her deep brown eyes, he saw her reach her hands to her tits and begin pulling at her nipples. She was so excited, he could tell, that she probably didn't even know how hard she was tugging at them, but she was pulling the substantial orbs out from her body by the deep pink tips of them.

He felt her entire body tense as she was about to erupt, and he thrust his tongue as deep inside her as he could and shut his eyes to concentrate on the sensations. As she felt his oral digit penetrate her and his teeth come to rest around her inflamed hole, she climaxed again. She felt her pussy walls spasming around his tongue as he wriggled it inside her tight passage.

She was almost silent in her passion this time, although her mouth opened, no sound came out beyond a small mewing noise. She finally sighed and relaxed again, and he slipped his tongue out, once again just gently licking up and down her wetness. He watched her face as her eyes fluttered open and he hungrily observed the flush that started somewhere around her tits and had spread upwards.

He could tell that she was tired, but he wasn't done yet. She wanted to come her brains out, and he was just the man for the job. She couldn't even frame a coherent thought by this point.


All she could do is twist and writhe on the bed. a slave her passions, and his talents. Her whole body was on fire, and she was torn between wanting to stop, or just keep orgasming over and over and over again. She had felt like she couldn't get enough today, but maybe she had reached her limit. She felt a sharp pain on her inner thigh and looked down at him, still between her trembling legs. He had nipped her sharply and now was laving the spot with his tongue.

She was mesmerized by that tongue, thinking of all the wonderful things it had done to her so far today. As they stared into each other's psyche's, his finger began to slowly slip inside her wet passage.

Without losing eye contact, they both moaned at the feeling. He was excited by the incredible heat and wetness that was her cunt, and she was equally thrilled by the roughness and hardness of his finger as it slowly penetrated her.

He once again bent his head, closed his eyes and began his circling of her clit with his agile tongue. As he did so, he added another finger to his questing inside her body and slowly began searching for that spot.

She didn't know which sensation to pay attention to more. His mouth felt so good, just lazily caressing her little pearl of responsive flesh. But his fingers felt incredible as they slowly scraped along her sensitive walls, spreading themselves and her along with them.

Finally, he turned them just the right way, and she unexpectedly screamed at the feeling. He knew he had found her g spot when she suddenly tensed and he felt her entire body jerk. The little rough spot inside was sometimes hard to find, but when he found it, he loved the way women went absolutely insane with desire. And this one. well, she was practically crazed with lust anyway, so he was dying to see how high he could push her. By the second little touch of her g spot, he felt her pussy clench tightly and then spasm around his fingers.

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Her little sexy moans had erupted into full fledged screams, and he could hear the hoarseness of her voice from all the noises she had been making till now. As she felt him flicking his fingers over that spot inside her time and time again, she didn't stop climaxing for long minutes.

She didn't think it was possible to come that hard, that long, but every time she started to come down, he did something else to send her back over the edge. Little variations. like pulling her g spot between his fingers and rubbing it that way.

Like once again sucking her clit into his mouth and pulling on with his teeth. Using his free hand to reach up and pull on her aroused nipple. Blowing cool air across her overheated cunt.

It all combined to send her higher. She could feel herself losing control, and she knew she was squirting her juices into his mouth.

It didn't happen often, but when it did, she was like a firehose. It was when he added the third finger and then took her clit between his teeth and rolled it back and forth while he fucked in and out of her, rubbing her g spot every time.

well, THAT was what made her hit her highest peak. The sensations in her pussy were too much. She felt her entire cuntal area melting.

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Clit, lips, inner passage, even her little brown rosebud clenched before she totally lost control, banging her head against the headboard and clamping her thighs around his head and hand. She actually thought that she would never be right again because she really felt like she was on fire between her legs. There were orgasms, and then there were ORGASMS!

This was the most mind-blowing climax of her life. As her entire body pulsated with sensation, she began to pull away from him. He couldn't believe how hard this chick was coming.

He was proud of his oral skills, but he had never seen a woman who came so hard, so much, and THIS was almost too much. He slurped away, drinking down the secretions that she was squirting each time his fingers slid inside her.

He desperately held on; her pussy was snapping so hard at his fingers, he couldn't help wondering what it would feel like to have that around his achingly hard cock. His mouth was pressed hard into her vulva, and he wouldn't let that tiny piece of flesh out of his teeth until he knew that she was totally, 100% satisfied. Her hands grabbed his head, at first pushing him harder into her swampy wetness, but then he felt her begin to try to pull him away. She couldn't take it anymore. She knew she couldn't.

It just felt TOO good. Was that even possible? But if she didn't get away from his incredibly maddening hands and mouth, she was worried about what might happen. And then, she peaked again, and she thought nothing at all as she fainted dead away from the intense pleasure of it all.

He looked up at her as he felt her body shake with yet another climax, but he felt something different this time. Her eyes were shut, and she was panting like a bitch in heat, but her hands had fallen to her sides.


He pulled his hand out of her snapping cunt and his mouth away from her pulsing clit and he reached up and pulled on a nipple. No response. His breath drew in quickly and as she moaned, he realized what had happened. His aching cock exploded without even being touched and he sprayed her with his forceful spurts of semen as his brain registered.

She had blacked out from the sensations he had given her. He was able to bring her to that ultimate peak of satisfaction so that her body had to shut itself down before it overloaded. He panted himself as he recovered from his own climax, and he was relieved to see her begin to shake her head back and forth as she moaned.

When her eyelids fluttered open and she saw him, they both smiled the smile of the satisfied. He went into the adjoining bathroom, wet a cloth with warm water and then gently cleaned himself off, rinsed the cloth and returned to the room to clean her up.

He slowly smoothed the wet fabric over the gobs of white sticky sperm that clung to her skin, and then gently cleaned between her legs. Her pussy was a bright red, almost angry looking pussy, and she moaned softly as he touched her. After rinsing the cloth again, and setting it out to dry, he returned to the bedroom.

He climbed back onto the big bed, snuggled next her still naked and relaxed body and softly suckled at her nipple in a way that he knew made her feel comfortable.

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She cupped his head and looked down at him. "Thank God its Friday, eh babe?" he looked up at her. She smiled at him tiredly. "Indeed. I am sated.

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For now," she replied and she wickedly grinned at him as she slowly drifted off to sleep.