Busty Kacey Kox horny and likes fucking her prof

Busty Kacey Kox horny and likes fucking her prof
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Catholic School I hate my life, I hate my father, and I definitely hate Catholic School. My name is Angelica but everybody calls me Angel. Don't let the name fool you. I'm almost fifteen years old. I have light red hair that is kind of a blend of red and blonde but I escaped all of those freckles that usually go along with red hair. Mom always called it strawberry blonde! My hair is soft and hangs almost to my waist but it is thin too and I like to keep it in a ponytail.

I like the way it swishes when I walk. If I twist my head quickly enough I can swat some boy right across his face with it. If I shake my hips just right when I walk I can really get it into motion and I get all of the boys to check me out. My breasts are rather good at 32-B, my waist is 22, and my hips are 34 but that's only because I have a great ass.

I know because all of the boys tell me so. I'm also very pretty. On top of all of that I'm the biggest flirt in my school. Oh don't get me wrong I put out too but I'm not a slut. Not yet anyway!

I do manage to get caught quite often doing something wrong. About once a month dad used to threaten to send me to Catholic School but mom always managed to talk him out of it. Usually all it took was some really good sex. I used to listen through my bedroom wall. Once I even put my web-cam on the floor and looked through the crack under the door but I almost got caught so I didn't do that again. Then mom died in a car accident and my attitude got even worse.

One morning during first period the gym teacher caught me with my tongue in Amber's pussy in the shower. The dyke was just pissed because it wasn't her pussy that my tongue was in. Oh it had been in her pussy on many occasions but just not that one. That's what really pissed her off. She thought she owned me. She didn't! So when dad was called into the Principle's Office there I was faced once again with Catholic School and no mom to protect me.

That very morning I was enrolled in Catholic High School. Dad had been all set for that. He was just waiting for me to fuck up and I did. While I finished out the day in my public school, cleaned out my locker, and said goodbye to all of my friends, dad was getting everything ready for me at home. After school when I got home I found out that my room had been emptied of almost everything.

My room had even been re-painted. He took all of the clothes out of my closet and my drawers. My makeup was all gone too. My room looked like a fucking nunnery. I had a small plain bed, a small dresser, a wooden chair, and a desk. That was about it except for a big crucifix hanging on the wall.

All of my posters were down from my walls and ceiling, my rug was gone, and my fancy curtains were now plain white. The lock on my bedroom door was now on the outside. My phone, computer, and Internet were gone or shut off. I was in hell. I opened my closet and found a dozen white button down shirts all the same, a dozen black and blue plaid pleated skirts, and several ugly ties all the same too. There were four black patent leather belts hanging on the inside of my door and six pair of black patent leather shoes on the floor, also all a like.

I was really in hell. I opened my dresser drawers and found three dozen white cotton panties all alike and not a thong in the bunch. The next drawer had a dozen bras also white cotton and also all a like.

The drawer below that contained at least four dozen pair of socks, the big kind that come up almost to the knee. I was in hell for sure. I wanted to call the Fashion Police.

Then dad said to me, "Get out of those clothes you are wearing and give them to me! Including all of your jewelry! You will find acceptably earrings in your desk drawer!" At least he politely left the room and waited out in the hall for me to change.

I started to cry as reality had set in. I had definitely crossed the line and not for the first time either. This was like jail. I undressed and threw my clothes out the door. I'd be damned if I'd fold them neatly and hand them to him. Then I lay on top of my bed and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I had no idea what time it was because I didn't even have a fucking clock.

I turned on my light switch and found a note on my door that I hadn't seen earlier. It read: If you need me just ring the bell but only once please. It was even signed love, Dad. Fuck that shit I pushed that damn button a hundred fucking times but he didn't come. There were metal bars on my window and I couldn't open my door because there wasn't even a fucking doorknob on the inside.

I cried some more. Finally I had to pee so bad that it hurt and I didn't even have a pot to piss in as they say. So out of desperation I rang the bell just once and waited. Dad came right away and opened my door for me but I stood behind it so that he couldn't open it up all the way. He said, "Hi Angel! What can I do for you? Are you hungry yet?" I looked around the door and told him that I had to pee.

He told me to get dressed first unless I just wanted to parade around in front of him naked. I thought about it and I damn near did but then I decided to put on a blouse and skirt with nothing else. I tapped on the door and told him that I was ready. He opened the door and gave me an approving smile.

He told me to come downstairs after I went to the bathroom. When I did dad warmed up my dinner in the microwave. I looked at the kitchen clock and saw that it was almost nine at night. I must have really cried myself to sleep. As I ate dad explained that he would drop me off on his way to work and pick me up on his way home every day. He said that like most parents he worked eight to five so the Catholic High School operates from seven-thirty to five-thirty unlike my old school that was about eight to three.

He said that it does not close down for the summer either however he could take me out for a vacation when he takes one. That was so fucking polite of them! He said that the Catholic kids got a much better education and practically earn an Associate's Degree by the time they graduate from high school.


Big fucking deal it was still a jail. The next morning a bell went off in my room and woke me up. A few minutes later dad knocked on my door and opened it. He told me to take a shower, comb my hair, and get dressed for school. When I came down to breakfast it was only six-thirty. I had been up since before six. Crap! I ate breakfast then dad took me to school.

He parked and walked me inside. Every girl there was dressed just like me. Shit! Every boy looked like some damn Holly Roller that goes door to door forcing their religion on everyone else. As we walked in there were two Nuns watching as every girl knelt on a pad to prove that their skirts touched the floor before they could go to their class.

I too was subjected to this humiliation. Wasn't wearing these ridiculous clothes torture enough? I wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt this long under normal circumstances. Two nuns also scrutinized the boys. Dad and I were ushered to the Head Mistress' Office by a very polite boy that looked just like all of the other boys. He was cute, stood up straight, and his hair was short and combed.

We were greeted by the Head Mistress, Mother Superior. She introduced us to Father Tom and to Sister Mary Margaret. Sister Mary Margaret was to be my homeroom teacher, she taught Religious Education. I tried to listen to the long list of rules but I got bored and kept looking around the room. Dad signed a few forms and handed over a check for my tuition. Then Dad was escorted out to his car. Sister Mary Margaret took me to my first class.

Sister Mary Margaret was young and had a pretty face, what you could see of it that is. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She even made that penguin outfit look good. I wondered if she had taken a vow of silence until the bell rang, then her ruler hit the desk, and we were told to take out our bibles.

I managed to get through the first two classes but that was just a miracle. In my third class I got caught talking to another girl and we were both sent to Mother Superior. We were told to put our toes on the line on the floor then to lean forward and hold onto the desk.

My posture was corrected. I was to keep my ass over my feet. It was funny until I felt my skirt being lifted up over my back and saw Father Tom standing there watching. Then I felt a heavy yardstick hit my ass. It wasn't too bad but it sure got my attention.

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The other girl received a hit. Then it was back and forth for a count of ten each. Then the bitch felt my ass to make sure that it was warm enough and even asked Father Tom to inspect our asses too. Mother Superior had just felt both of my cheeks with the palm of her hand but Father Tom slipped his fingers between my legs coping a real feel of my damp pussy. That fucking pervert! Two more times that first day I was taken to see the Head Mistress and both times it involved having me bend over, my skirt lifted, and Father Tom watching.


I got twenty swats the second time and thirty the last time. I swear that Father Tom poked my wet panties into my pussy with his finger that last time. When dad came to get me he got a full report from Mother Superior. He tried to talk to me on the way home but I ignored him. To hell with him! He was the one that put me in that jail in the first place. He was mad as hell at me by the time we got home. He took me into his computer room. There on the floor in front of his desk was a line just like the one in the Head Mistress' Office.

Fuck! Upon his command I assumed the position. Dad lifted my skirt up onto my back then the bastard dropped my wet panties to my ankles. He had a shorter ruler than Mother Superior had used. It was an eighteen inch one. He proceeded to hit my bare ass much harder that Mother Superior had.

I cried for real that time but he didn't stop. He gave me fifty strokes then he fingered my pussy like Father Tom had and it wasn't by accident either. My own father finger fucked me for a good ten minutes and gave me two orgasms. Then he hit me ten more times and told me to go to my room. I stepped out of my panties and left. When I got up to my bedroom I found some T-shirts on my bed and a note that said: Angle I thought that you might need something other than your school uniform to wear around the house and it was signed love dad.

How sweet of him! I put on one of the T-shirts. It was white and it was cotton but at least it wasn't a uniform. I didn't even put on any panties or bra. I was so excited that I tried to run downstairs to give him a hug but I couldn't open my door. So I rang the bell only once.

When dad opened the door I jumped up into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist like I used to. I kissed him and thanked him for my T-shirts. He put his hands on my tender ass to hold me up and found that it was still bare. He never said a word but he felt me up again and I didn't mind that time. I think he put every one of his fingers in my pussy, even his thumbs. He fingered my clit and gave me an orgasm too. Then he asked me to help him with dinner.

Later I got to sit on the couch with him and watch television too. It turned out to be a nice evening.

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I got better in school and dad was right it was a lot better than my other school. I really liked Sister Mary Margaret. All of the kids did. I still got sent to Mother Superior occasionally and Father Tom got mush bolder. He would make no bones about slipping his hand down into my panties and dipping his fingers into my "Angle Food!" I actually started to look forward to getting spanked and fingered.

Some of the other girls admitted that they liked it too. I made friends but only with the girls the boys were strictly off limits. About two months into this Catholic Schoolgirl thing I found out what a turn-on it was for older guys. Dad took me shopping for some "weekend" clothes as he called them.

It was either wear my Catholic Schoolgirl uniform or one of my T-shirt so I chose my uniform. The men couldn't take their eyes off me. They looked at me as if I were really a virgin. Hell I lost that to Billy when I was thirteen years old. Come to think of it I hadn't been fucked in months thanks to my new school and dad keeping me a prisoner at home. Anyway I took several opportunities to flash the older guys my lily-white cotton panties, my little girl panties.

They went nuts! I even saw lumps form in their pants! It was cool! I had power! Dad let me pick out a few very conservative dresses to wear to church and a few very sexy outfits to wear on Saturday's. I couldn't believe that he let me so I picked out the shortest sexiest skirts and tops possible. He didn't mind one bit.

I was hoping that he would blow a gasket. After he paid for the stuff he asked the clerk if I could change into one of my new outfits to wear to lunch. She said that I could and even helped me take the price tags off from them. I put on a low-rise blue jean skirt that was down to my pubic hair from the top and almost up to my pubic hair from the bottom too.

I chose not to wear any panties. I also chose not to wear a bra either. The little top that I put on just barely covered the bottom of my breasts. I looked in the mirror to determine just how high I could lift my arms before I showed off the underside of my breast and how far I could bend over before showing the world most of my bare ass. I didn't have to do either one very much at all. I had a fabulous weekend and must have gotten carried away because first thing Monday morning I failed the skirt to the floor test.

Damn it I had rolled the waist up too far and got caught. Straight to the Head Mistress! There were three other girls there too. We just smiled at one another. Shortly two other girls joined us. Six girls were too many to punish all at once so Mother Superior chose two other girls and me to assume the position against her desk.

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Mother Superior quickly realized that I hadn't worn any panties that day. She asked, "Angelica! Why didn't you wear your panties today?" Like a smart-ass I replied, "I didn't want them to get in Father Tom's way when he finger fucks my pussy!" The other five girls cracked up but a smack on the desk from her yardstick shut them up in a hurry.

Apparently Mother Superior wanted to set an example because she had the other two girls stand up and get back in line with the other girls. I knew right then that I was in for it. With my skirt up on my back and my bare ass sticking out nicely I got hit, and I got hit, and I got hit some more.

I tried not to cry but I knew that she wouldn't stop until I did so I let the tears flow. She had counted out one hundred strokes. The other girls were shaking in fear that they might be next.

Then Father Tom got to finger fuck me with all of the girls watching him. He was too sexually excited to stop there. Father Tom pulled out his fingers and put in his cock. Yes he fucked me right there in front of five witnesses plus Mother Superior too. No one said a word. When he cum and pulled out Mother Superior shoved some Kleenex into my pussy to catch any dripping.

The other girls were sent back to class untouched. I was taken to the Chapel to pray for forgiveness. What did I have to forgive rolling my skirt waist or being raped? I knew that the other girls would be too scared to tell anyone about what had happened so I just stayed in the Chapel until dad came in to get me.

Throughout the day girls would come to pray about one thing or another. I was making things up in my mind like them praying for a good grade on a test or for their period to arrive soon to prove that they weren't pregnant. It was fun and it kept me going. After lunch Trudy the girl that had been next to me at the desk and then had gotten a last minute reprieve came in and knelt next to me.

Trudy held her hands in front of her and bowed her head. Then Trudy whispered to me, "How do you feel?" I replied, "Not too bad now but I was pretty sore right afterwards though!" Trudy said, "Well maybe you should not have rammed your ass into that ruler repeatedly then!" Trudy giggled and so did I.

Then to my surprise Trudy reached down between my legs and pulled out the Kleenex releasing a gob of Father Tom's cum. It hit the floor and we giggled again. A Nun in the back of the Chapel cleared her throat and Trudy left me.

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The ride home was pretty quiet but dad did ask what had happened and I told him, even the part about Father Tom fucking me if front of witnesses. Dad asked me if I had been a virgin and I told him about Billy over a year before. He asked me about the other boys that had fucked me and I told him about some of them. He asked me about the girl I got caught with at my other school and I told him.

It seems that confession is good for the soul. The more I told dad the more he wanted to hear. He didn't get mad at me either. As we sat in the car in the driveway dad started crying. He missed mom even more than I did. He said that he missed the closeness and the sex the most. Mom had been a very loving woman and had taken care of all of his needs since they had first met. I told dad that I sort of knew how he felt and that Father Tom had been my first since I started going to that Catholic High School.

Dad smiled at me.

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Then I said, "Dad I could take care of you like mom did! I wouldn't mind!


Really!" Dad said, "Angel that thought crossed my mind too! In fact I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Would you like to try it for a couple of days to see if you like it?" I replied, "There is nothing to try Daddy! I already like sex, I'm no virgin, and Father Tom's big cock fit so I'm sure that yours will!" Dad smiled and said, "Father Tom has a big cock!" I smiled back at him and said, "Yeah a whopper!

Playing with it must be his only recreation! That and finger fucking all of the girls in school!" Dad laughed and we went into the house.

He took me right to his bedroom. He asked me not to remove my uniform because he wanted to fuck me in it. I knew that uniform had power over men, I just knew it. I asked Dad if I could ride him. I explained that it had been a long time since I could fuck myself on a nice stiff cock and that I really needed it.

I told him that lately I had only been getting rammed and that it was not really satisfying my needs. Daddy smiled, undressed, and I climbed on. He was so hard and it felt so good. I rode him and let his cock massage my clit as I did. I twisted and giggled that I was getting screwed. I jumped up and down like I was on a pogo stick.

I made small circles on Daddy's cock with my pussy pretending that I was stirring something special. I was too, myself. I noticed him looking at my breasts and then he played with my nipples. I love to have my nipples played with even if I had to do it myself. Soon I was reaching between my legs and fingering my clit. In no time at all I was cumming like a racehorse. Dad thrust up at me occasionally but other than that he just let me ride.

After a dozen orgasms I was satisfied but Daddy wasn't. Not yet anyway! That's when I started doing the sexiest dance that I knew of right there on top of him. I envisioned myself doing a lap dance for him. I was really getting into it too then I felt something warm splash inside my vagina. My Daddy was cumming in me. This was something I had wanted ever since I saw him on my tiny web-cam that day.

I was the happiest girl in the world. I was good for a couple of months after that I swear. Then Trudy and I got caught. Once again I was in the shower in gym class blowing into Trudy's pussy.

We were giggling too loudly and attracted suspicion. Damn it, you can't have any fun in a Catholic High School! Trudy and I were sent to Mother Superior. This time Dad was called and told to come into the office to get me. Trudy had cried and begged for forgiveness so she got fifty lashes and sent to the Chapel to pray until school ended.

Me I got stuck in a chair in Mother Superior's office for the rest of the day. When Dad arrived Mother Superior sent for Father Tom and Sister Mary Margaret.

I had to tell everyone exactly what I was doing to Trudy in the shower. Mother Superior wanted details too, all of the juicy details. I figured that she needed something to masturbate too later in bed. I said, "I was giving Trudy pussy farts!" Mother Superior asked, "And what pray tell is a pussy fart Angelica?" So I told her, "That's when I seal my wet lips on Trudy's wet pussy lips and then blow air up into her pussy! When it escapes it sounds just like a fart!

You know! A pussy fart!" Mother Superior said, "Show us! Demonstrate it for us! Give Sister Mary Margaret a dozen pussy farts!" I looked at Sister Mary Margaret and she was white as a ghost. I actually thought that Mother Superior would stop me before I got very far so I went to Sister Mary Margaret and knelt before her.

I started to raise her habit up to her waist when Mother Superior stopped me. I knew that she would stop me. Mother Superior said, "Angelica! Don't expose Sister Mary Margaret like that! She is a Nun after all! Put your head under her habit! And get on with it!" As instructed I crawled under her habit. Sister Mary Margaret helped me out by covering me with her habit after I got in. I think I knew why she had turned white as a ghost.

She was not wearing any panties and had some Kleenex stuck in her pussy. I couldn't see too well but I was sure getting a good feel. The aroma said that she was totally excited too. As I got in between her legs Sister Mary Margaret asked Mother Superior if she could sit down.

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Yes she could. So Sister Mary Margaret sat on the edge of the chair and leaned back for me. I managed to get all of the Kleenex out of her pussy and tucked it into my bra. I placed my mouth on her pussy and I blew but nothing happened. I said, "Mother Superior!

It's kind of dry down here and she has an awful lot of hair! Can we do this in a shower?" Mother Superior replied, "Angelica if it needs to be wet then you wet it! Is that clear?" I said yes and started licking Sister Mary Margaret's pussy. I fingered her clit too. It took no time at all to make her cum but it wasn't enough and I was running out of spit.

Soon Mother Superior was giving me the ruler to my ass about every thirty seconds to help speed things up. I think it was out of desperation to help me that Sister Mary Margaret squeezed my shoulder and then let just a little pee flow from her bladder into my mouth. I thanked her by kissing her inner thigh then I moistened her pussy lips.

I pinched her inner thigh to signal her that I needed some more and she provided it for me. Soon I blew air into her pussy and Sister Mary Margaret expelled it making a farting sound. She giggled. I got another hit with the ruler again and gave Sister Mary Margaret eleven more pussy farts and I made her giggle every time.

Finally I pulled my head out from under her habit and smiled up at Sister Mary Margaret. Of course being the smart-ass that I am I looked at Father Tom and asked, "Don't you want to fuck me again! Or did you fuck too many other girls today?" Needless to say that me got me fifty lashes and not with a wet noodle either. Dad managed to get me out to the car before I said anything else. The End Catholic School 113