Lacie is a classy hottie

Lacie is a classy hottie
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Liz Beck "Liz Beck," I exclaimed when I saw here. She came around from behind the counter and gave me a big hug. "How have you been?" she asked. "Not bad and how about you?" "OK, just working." Let me give a little history here. Liz Beck had worked for Dr. Parson for as long as I know. I have been a patient of his for probably 15 years. Liz is mid forties, is a single lady who is sort of plain but has a pleasing body.

Her breasts are big and her butt just the right size. She has aged a little but still is OK. She took me down the hall into a room where I would met with the Dr. I was there for an exam of my urinary track which would include running the camera up my penis. "You know the drill, strip from the waist down and lay back on the table." I did so covered only by a sheet.

"I've got to put some medicine in your penis but it won't hurt," she said as she took my friend in her hand. I have failed to mention that I am very well endowed, in the neighborhood of 12 inches when fully erect. This is the first time Liz has been the nurse taking care of me. She was very good at what she was doing; in fact so good I was beginning to get hard. She kept my cock in her hand as she administered the medicine but it seemed to me that she might have stroked it more than necessary.

Not that I'm complaining. Finally she pulled the sheet over me and laughed because there was a tent there. As she turned around to face me she had a big smile on her face. "The other girls have told me what a package you have. I'm glad I finally got to see for myself." She said the Dr will be in shortly and started to leave the room. Then she turned around and came back to me and said, "I want to stroke that and kiss it and lick it and suck it and fuck it." "What time do you get off work," I asked.

"At 5 and then I go for a run and take the bus home." "I'll pick you up and take you to my home because I want your hot pussy pressed to my face." "But I should shower first!" she replied. "No NO," I said back to her, "I want that hot, sweaty pussy that tastes like a real woman, not a mouthful of bath soap." "OK, pick me up at the bus stop at 4th and Ivy.

I generally get there about 5:30. And what's wrong down there?" she asked as she nodded towards my now very erect meat.

I just smiled and rolled over on my side so the tent wasn't quite so tall. She left and in a few minutes the Dr came in and the work was done. I was quite eager and the time seemed to drag until l left my place to pick her up. When I got there she was waiting, stretching her legs and sort of cooling off. Her shirt was wet as were her shorts and I immediately got a hard on just thinking about the good times that were about to roll.

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"Get in here," I ordered, "My tongue is as hard as my cock." She reached over and rubbed it and a gal standing there saw and got a big smile on her face. On the way home I asked Liz if she was a squirter. She replied that she had only squirted a couple of times because usually her lovers weren't that interested in her enjoyment, just their own. "Well that's about to change because I won't enjoy our love making if you don't enjoy it too." I got a nice smile.

As we pulled into my driveway I hit the button on the garage opener and drove in and closed the door. We were both quite eager so cloths were left where the fell as we stripped on the way down the hall to my bedroom. We kissed and played lickyface and then I thru her to the bed and spread her legs. I am always turned on by the smell of a sweaty body whether it's male or female and I was not disappointed.

Oh and that strong flavor was so mmmmMMMMMmmmmMMgood. My tongue explored every area of her hot cunt and licked down to her rosebud and spent some time there. Her hands were on the back of my head pushing my face harder against her pussy as I tongue fucked her and soon her climax erupted, not as big as I wanted but nice. I slipped up beside her and kissed her.

She enjoyed her own taste and licked my lips and inside my mouth.

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Her hand was gripping my cock and she soon moved down to work on it. I have had blowjobs from a lot of women over my years but this girl was so good I damn near shot my load in the first couple minutes.

Somehow she knew I was about to and would quit sucking and start licking up and down the shaft and even down to my asshole. She took all of my cock deep down her throat and I couldn't hold back, blasting a big load for her to swallow.

We laid there for a few minutes and cuddled. I looked at the clock and it told me it was almost 10 o'clock. We had been at it for about 4 hours. Now I was really tired.

"Would you like something to eat?" I asked. "After that big load I'm not sure I'm hungry," she replied with a smile. We went to the kitchen and I fixed a bite to eat. While we were finishing I asked her if she wanted me to take her home. She replied yes, Sunday afternoon.

I replied, "Damn woman, I don't know if I can last that long." Her hand squeezed my cock and after a bit it started to grow. "Oh I think you probably can," she said. "Are we going to spend more weekends together?" I asked. "Well duh," she uttered, and then "but only if you want to." We talked a bit more about stuff in general and then I said, "I think we ought to start a bucket list of things we'd like to do." "Like what do you have in mind?" she asked.

"Well maybe go to a bar and pickup a gal or guy to join us. I'd like to watch another guy fuck you and then lick his cum out of you pussy." "Or maybe watch you give a guy a blowjob while I'm blowing you?" she said. "And me watch you lick a gals pussy while I fuck your ass," I offered. This went on and on with her getting fucked by two cocks and me having a pussy on my face while I was getting ridden cowgirl style. She was still stroking my cock and it was hard. She made the first move getting up on the table and putting her pussy right in front of my face.

She laid back and pulled her legs up by her head so her pussy and asshole were right there, ready to be licked. And I accommodated her pushing my tongue deep in her cunt and pushing it around and then getting it a little way into her rosebud.


After kissing and licking her awhile I stood up and pushed my rod deep into her asshole. She moaned as I fucked her hard and fast. I was about to cum so pulled out and moved so I could push my cock down her throat again. She gripped it and sucked and when I came I thought my balls were going to explode. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 11. I said to Liz, "Come on, let's get dressed and go for a night cap at Eddie's." Eddie's is a nice little neighborhood bar with good music and usually a good crowd.


I was sure we could find someone that wanted to join us in some great sex. It didn't take long to dress but I pissed Liz off when I wouldn't give her the time to shower. We could hear the music from the parking lot as we entered and started doing a little dance on the way in. The place was booming so we just stood at the door and checked things out. I spotted a gal by herself at a table. There was only one drink so I was pretty sure she was alone.

Although no the most beautiful thing in the world she had a nice body and seemed OK. Clothes were better than average and appearance OK. I took Liz by the hand and led her over to the gal. "Are you alone?" I asked.

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"Yes," was her reply. "May we join you, there doesn't seem to be any other tables." She looked us both over and finally said, "Sure," as she pointed to the chairs across from her. "I'm Ben and this is Liz," I said. "I'm Sally, glad to meet you," she replied as she stuck out her hand. I looked her straight in the eye as I shook it and kept hold of it. She got a little smile as I did and I was hoping that meant what I wanted it to mean. She shook Liz's hand and gave her a smile too. The waitress came by and I ordered three drinks.

We chatted found out that Sally was divorced and living alone for about the last three months. She rarely went out but decided tonight she would just to see what would happen. There had been several guys come by but for one reason or another she wasn't interested in getting to know them. Liz and Sally carried on a conversation while I just studied Sally. Her comment about not getting to know the guys had me sort of encouraged. Finally I said, "Are you interested in getting to know us?" "Yes," she replied, "You both seem to be nice people." Our drinks were finished so I said, "Would you like to come to our place, it's a lot quieter and the drinks are free." She laughed and said, "Free is good." "Are you into girls?" I asked.

"I haven't been." "But you might be?" "Maybe." "Well let's go find out, OK?" I pushed my chair back, Liz stood up and Sally grabbed her purse and away we went. Nothing was said on the way home but as soon as we were out of the car and on the way into my house I asked, "What would you like to drink?" We were standing in the kitchen and I was starting to get hard looking at this girl under good lighting.

"No, I think I've had enough for right now," she replied. With that I took her arm and pulled her to me and pressed my lips on hers. Her tongue pushed into my mouth which sort of surprised me but taking that as a go signal I brought one hand around and caressed her breasts. Liz came up behind her and in just seconds we had her down to bra and panties.

A few seconds more and Liz and I were likewise. Liz took her hand and headed for the bedroom with me right behind them. I was a lot surprised because Liz just sort of took over. She pulled Sally down on the bed and their kissing began. It was like they both had done it before. Liz helped Sally out of what she had on and Sally returned the favor. I just watched these two who had both said they had never done it with another girl before go after it like it was very natural.

There was a lot of kissing and tit playing and nipple licking and then fingers found cunts and fucking started. I was watching a porn movie in the making.

The next question was who would go down on whom first. My answer came almost immediately as Liz rolled Sally over on her back and slipped down between her legs. I really enjoy feasting on a hot pussy but after the first few stabs with her tongue Liz almost out did me. My cock was hard and throbbing so I moved up and slapped Sally's face a few times.

She grabbed it and took a lot down her throat. She sucked awhile then stroked awhile and she had a big smile on her face. "Get on her and fuck this hot pussy," Liz ordered me. I did and in a couple strokes had all 12 inches deep in the hot cunt." Liz moved up and kissed Sally and played with her boobs. Then she ran her hand down and was rubbing the spot while my cock worked just below. The smile on Sally's face was very telling, telling me that she was truly enjoying having sex with us.

I was about to cum so started to pull out. Sally wrapped her legs around me and stopped my leaving and said, "I'm on the pill so don't pull out. I want to feel your juice in my pussy." I accommodated her, shooting one of the biggest loads I have ever shot. Liz knew what was going on and started trying to push me off of Sally. I thought you little bitch you want first taste of this freshly fucked cunt. Instead of rolling off to the side I slid down so I was between Sally's legs with her cunt right in front of me.

Liz made a move and soon our faces were side by side and our tongues were dueling in that hot pussy for the first taste of my cum. Needless to say the pussy was completely devoured in a matter of minutes. It was licked clean of her love juice and my cum. Liz kissed me and explored my mouth with her tongue hoping I guess that I might not have swallowed it all yet.

Sally just laid there I think more or less passed out. I kissed Liz and said, "I want a cock to suck tonight. Let's head back to the bar and see what we can find." Sally said, "I really need to shower." "No, No," I replied, "I want us to smell like hot sex.


Maybe that will help us find someone who is really ready." I had not looked at a clock and didn't realize that we were getting there probably well after closing. The lights were off and there was only one car in the parking lot. I stopped and as Sally if she knew of any place that would be open this late. She said no and I was completely bummed out.

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Then I noticed the door to the bar open and a man came out, locked the door and headed for the car. Sally said with a little volume, that's Eric the bar tender. She explained that he had been very nice, actually flirty with her earlier and bought her a couple drinks. Without any further words she opened the door, got out and ran over to Eric. She talked with him for a minute or so then put her arms around him and kissed him. She came over to us and said, "I'm going to ride with him so we'll follow you.

I explained sort of everything and he is so ready." My cock got instantly hard thinking that in a little while I would hopefully be giving my first blowjob. I drove a little fast until I noticed Eric wasn't keeping up and Liz told me to slow down so we didn't attract a cop. I did and we got to my house without incident. I pulled into the garage on one side and pointed to the other side and Eric got the message and pulled in beside. I lowered the garage door and got out of the car. This was the first time I had seen Eric up close and first time I realized he was black.

Instantly I thought how good is this, my first blowjob will be on a black cock. Sally was completely undressed by the time we got to the bedroom and Eric had only his t-shirt on. Liz and I managed to shed our cloths so there were four horney people just about to do something about it. I noticed Eric checked out my boner and I looked down at his. It was very impressive, very close to my size. I knew he expected some attention from me so I reached for his cock.

He grabbed my wrist which shook me a little but then he said, "I know what you want to do but I just want you to not expect the same from me.

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I have had blowjobs from a couple guys but have never even touched another guys cock." "And nothing is expected," I replied. He released my wrist and I continued taking hold of his hard cock and stroking it. I almost got to my knees but decided to wait a little while. Liz and Sally were cuddling and finger fucking each other. Sally spread her legs wider and looked at Eric. Then she pointed at him, then down at his cock and then at her pussy.

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The message was understood and in seconds that big black meat was buried in her little white pussy. Liz got down behind him and licked and sucked his balls and fingered his ass. I felt left out so slapped the side of Liz's face with my cock and then pushed it down her throat. She sucked awhile and then told me to lie on my back.

She mounted my hardness and fucked me every way a woman can from the top. She laid down on me and worked her cunt up and down on my dick and then sat up and did merry-go-round and up and down and wow.

Eric was pounding Sally missionary style when Liz said to Sally, "I have never been DP'd, can I borrow Eric for awhile, I'll loan you Ben later?" I realized right off what was going to happen so thought I would start getting Liz ready for another 12 inches. There was a tube of lube on the stand next to the bed so I squirted some on her asshole and started fingering her, starting with one finger and then two. Sally said OK so Eric moved up behind Liz and in short order had replaced my fingers with his cock.

The first moan out of Liz was full of pain as the black cock filled her asshole. But after getting used to it she moaned in pleasure. I could feel it on my cock as it moved in and out. We both fucked her for a while and then getting close to cumming I just laid there and enjoyed the feeling. "Where do you want it?" Eric asked as he pulled out. "In my mouth." I said, "All of it." I felt his hot cum hit my tongue and there was a lot of it. After he was mostly done he just left his cock in my mouth.

I closed my lips on it and sucked a little. I swallowed his load and then began sucking more. He let me have my fun for a few minutes and then pulled out.

I got to thinking that this had been a different experience. Usually one would suck a cock before getting a load but I got my reward first.

But I still wanted to suck it. Liz rolled off of me and Eric and Sally joined us on the bed. We all just sort of relaxed for a bit, fully sexed out.

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The girls dozed off and I almost did but Eric said, "I've got to get out of here; my shift starts in a couple hours. Will you take care of the girls?" "For sure," I replied with a smile.

But when do I get some time with you?" "Come in any day around 2, that's when I take my break. We'll go upstairs to my apartment." The next chapter of my adventure will be about my afternoon with Eric and his friend.