Medical sex gay movie first time He gets some rod from both

Medical sex gay movie first time He gets some rod from both
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Looking down at the laundry basket, taking a drink of her beer, she could just kick herself for using up all of her vacation days. At this moment she could be hanging out with her roommates in front of a nice warm fireplace at the ski lodge. But instead she gets to spend Saturday evening with laundry. Well at least it would give her some much needed time to get a few things done. She had just put the iron way and was folding up the last of her work bandanas when she thought she heard the door shut.

She reached over and turned the radio down, and listened for any other sounds. Had she locked the door when she had came in from work? She thought she had, but could not be positive. Laying the unfolded bandana on top of the basket, she made her way towards the front door. She hesitated at the kitchen door. Talking to her self in a loud voice,"I locked the door, no one is in there" she shook off the feeling and told herself to stop being so damn silly. But just as she stepped into the dark room, the feeling overwhelmed her, as she turned to run the hands grabbed her.

At first her mind stopped working, her body took over and she started fighting, pulling at the arms that were enclosed around her neck, kicking as they drug her back into the kitchen. The light from the room gave her a false sense of security, trying to catch her breath, her voice trembling,her body shaking. She had to calm down, had to get control of herself. "What do you want? How Are you? Please do not hurt me, I have some money in my purse, I have a credit card. Just take whatever you want!" She could not stop the tears from streaming down her face, the arms tight around her, she tried to squirm out of the grip that was holding her.

He forced her to turn and look at him, yet she could not look at him, her eyes lowered looking only at the worn out work boots that covered his feet. The brutal force as he yanked the back of her hair bringing her face up close to his caused her to loose her footing, she fell into him, his scent overpowering, her body froze next to his. Pushing her back away from him he grabbed her chin and brought her face inches away from his. "Look at me bitch, look deep in my eyes, because after I am done with you I not only want you to remember what my cock feels like I want you to remember my eyes looking down at you as I use your body!" Her mind could not grasp what he was saying, her body trembling.

His eyes burning deep into her soul, she had to scream, why couldn't she scream, he was going to rape her, why the fuck couldn't she scream!

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He picked up the bandana from the basket. He rubbed it over her face, pulling her to him he kissed her. She tried to turn her face, but his grip was to strong.

His lips pressed hard on hers, his tongue forcing itself in her mouth, she tried to bite him, but before she could he bit down hard on her lip, she cried out as he pulled away from her. The tears mixed with her blood dripped from her face. "Open your mouth bitch, if you do just as I say I'll take what I want and leave you in one piece, If you fight me I'll take what I want but the outcome for you wont be a pretty picture! Your choice." She opened her mouth and as he shoved the bandana in he licked the blood from her top lip.

A tight grip on her arm he pulled her around the room, as he rummaged through the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Her mind still in shock, trying hard to comprehend what was going on and assess her situation, needing to anticipate his next move,all she wanted was to stay alive.

Searching like a wild man, throwing contents from the drawers on to the floor, until he found what he needed. A spool of butcher's twine and a carving knife. Pushing her hard she fell, the back of her head striking a chair as her body hit the floor.

She watched as he cut the twine, her eyes begging him, shaking her head, through the gag she was pleading with him, the tears rolling down her face as he skillfully wrapped the twine around her gagged mouth. Her breathing had become labored and her head spinning, she was going to pass out.

When she came to she was having difficulty breathing, her head was pounding, and her arms felt numb. She realized she was face down on the kitchen table, and in a urgent panic she began to struggle, fighting like a wild animal.

He slammed hard into her back and pulled at her wrist's bringing her to the understanding that her hands had been tied behind her back.

Through her gagged mouth she began to scream, over and over the muffled cries, the begging until her mouth became so dry and her throat raw. exhausted her body shaking she laid her head on the cool surface and whimpered like a hurt animal. He clutched at her hair pulling her head back, he leaned into her and in a calm deep voice he explained to her what he was prepared to do to her body.

As his voice whispered in her ear she could feel her skirt being lifted, the cold steel of the knife pressed against her skin as he cut her panties away. His hand grabbing between her legs, spreading them for his obscene yearnings.

Brutally he inserted fingers into her, the pain from this assault made her body pull away, but his hand grabbed her hair tighter and pulled her body closer to him. She felt the need to be sick her as he made her accessible for his savage needs.

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The pain tore through her as he brutally demanded her body to willfully accept his hardness. With every attempt at invasion her ribs grinded into the table edge causing her body to arch towards him.

Thrusting himself harder against her growling like a beast until her body gave away to his carnal desires.

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He pounded against her, forcing her body to take in all of him. Through the gag she cried out begging for it to be over, begging for the pain that racked her body to cease.

And in one last violent thrust he left in her his seed, she could feel the warm liquid between her legs as he slipped from her. He laid himself over her, his breathing heavy, his body bearing down on her. His scent strong like that of a wild animal. As her mind swirled and her body ached she fought to stay conscious. The relief she felt as he pushed himself from her also brought to her mind what would he do next.

Would he just leave or would he, she refused to let the thought enter her mind. His demeanor seemed to have changed, which gave her hope that he had gotten what he wanted and would just go.

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She could deal with that, the rest she would come to terms with later, right now she just wanted him gone. Grabbing her tied wrist he drug her through the house, once in the bedroom she began to think he was going to repeat his acts over again, kicking and screaming she fought with everything she had. And when the realization hit her that his plans were to put her in the closet, her heart raced,she wildly shook her head, tried to crawl away, begged through the gag, crying, screaming.

No one would find her for days, she would die.

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Her eyes filled with tears as they begged him not to shut her in. But as he closed the door the dark slid over her. She slumped on the floor sobbing her body shaking uncontrollably. She had lost the ability to think, her mind shut down. She rocked back and fourth trying to comfort herself. After a time the tears dried up and she began screaming through her gagged mouth, kicking at the closet door, survival mode had replaced fear. She fought at the door with her feet, banging her shoulders hard against it.

Over and over she battered her body. If she was going to die at least she would go down fighting. Her efforts were lost in the thickness of the door, slumping back on the floor, she began to giggle to herself. When her lifeless body was found it would be black and blue, they would say 'poor girl put up a good fight, but in the end the door won out.' She was exhausted, her hands and arms were numb, her mouth dry, her body agonized in pain her mind despondent.

Slipping into a far away place memories from yesteryear's flooded her mind. She began humming a song, her body danced around in the open air, laughing and dancing, singing to the music that played in her mind. She was not alone people were everywhere. Someone grabbed her hand and twirled her around. It was such a wonderful day, she laughed and fell on the soft grass. When she looked up she was looking into those eyes, the hand that reached out to her was the same hand that had held her against her will.

No it is a beautiful day, her friends are all here, He is not here, but yet the scent of him from that day lingered in her memory.

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She shook her head trying to erase the thoughts of the day, they were mingling with her faraway memories. But she was looking up at those eyes, yet they were filled with sweetness, warmth, caring. She was confused, sure that her memories of that wonderful day had become tainted with the days events. She allowed the music that played inside her head to comfort her, the glow of the warm sun on her skin.

Drifting peacefully into a day so long ago. Somewhere in her mind the sounds grew, she tried to focus but she was to exhausted.

She felt her body being pulled and lifted, but still she could not comprehend the situation. The voice was barely audible and the words were jumbled. She began to giggle, she was being rescued by someone who did not speak English. The rope was taken from her face and the gag pulled away from her mouth.

She felt the water dribble down her chin as the glass was brought to her lips. She tried to reach for the glass, but her hands were still tied. She felt the touch of warm lips on hers, the heavy scent came back to her as she felt the gag being placed back in her mouth. The night had come and was ready to depart, how long she had been in the closet escaped her.

The darkness had cooled the air, her body shivered as he lead her towards an old car. She looked up and down the street, the thought of breaking loose, running as fast and far as she could filled her mind.

But what real chance did she have, she had no shoes on, her arms were tied, her mouth gagged, he would probably catch her before she got ten feet from him. Then what would he do to her, put her back in the closet which would end up being her tomb.

As he opened the car trunk her body began to shake and tears streamed down her face. Pulling her close to him forcing her to look into his eyes, his voice calm and steady as he spoke"Get in." She tried to move, tried to obey his words, but her body froze! The angry in his eyes grew wild, grabbing her hair pushing on the back of her head he shoved her face down in the trunk, the side of her face and shoulder made contact with a sharp piece of metal as she landed.

Her whole body now consumed with a dull aching pain, if it had not been for the warmth of her blood dripping down her neck she would have had no idea that her face had just been cut open. The putrid smell of mildew mixed with gas and oil filled her senses, she fought to stay conscious as the car moved into motion. Her body slamming into the sides with every turn and every stop.

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She tried to keep count of the stops and the left and right turns. But it was hopeless, she had no idea where the car was heading, all it seemed to do was keep her mind busy and her thoughts from wondering into a dark place.


She did take notice when the road became rough and her body constantly being bounced up and down, she tried to keep her head turned side ways so the front of her face would not take the full onslaught of the trunks metal.

She was rolled on to her back as the car came to a stop. Time passed slowly as she laid waiting for her fate to open up the trunk.

Footsteps on gravel made their way closer, light poured in on her as the trunks hood bounced open. Soft fabric touched her arm and tugged her out and to her feet.

Her eyes hurt from the sunlight, her legs unwilling to hold her weight she fell hard to her knees. The soft hands grabbed at her hair and pulled her to her feet, holding her in place she looked up at the face.

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The darkest eyes bore into her as she looked upon the face of Santa Claus. "It's your lucky day, you get to star in a movie with Santa Claus." His voice was emotionless and when he spoke the fake white beard that covered his chin moved up and down in a very bizarre way. She tried to keep up with his strides as he drug her towards an old neglected cabin.

Before reaching the door he shoved her down on the dirt, the white gloved hands taking the gag from her mouth she watched as he pulled the baggy red pants down to expose his cock, trying to scoot away from him he laughed at her, "think you will get far? What I am going to do for you is let you take a piss, and while your pissing you are going to suck my cock.

If you even think about biting down the first thing I'll do to that pretty face is knock out your front teeth. Do you understand the rules?" She was trying to grasp the words he spoke to her, her mind trying to fit the piece together. The blow across the face brought her back, his hand on the back of her head his cock hard against her lips, "open up." Her mouth was so dry and as he shoved himself in her she began to gag, and as she gagged she could feel the warm liquid run down her thighs.

He pulled himself from her and wiped himself off on her face. "Damn I think you could use something to drink, that was like fucking a dry pussy." She thought about her life as he drug her into the cabin, she knew nothing would ever be the same, she just hoped that she would see another day. Pushing her through the door she feel across a chair, from on the floor she looked around the cabin and the true horror of what he said sank in.

"Are you ready to make a movie?" As he untied her hands he spoke, his voice was callous and cold as he explained what was expected of her.


She would be raped and violated in whatever way he felt would make the audience happy. Hardcore was always in high demand, and brought in the most money. His words slipped through her, she looked at her wrists, in some places the rope had cut deep in her flesh and other places were swollen and already turning a dark blue mixed with red.

her right sock was covered in dried blood and as she reached down to pull the sock from her wounded foot, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. The pain tore through her body bringing about from the depth of her soul a horrific scream, she had no control she could not stop the surging noise that erupted from her throat, he had moved away and was standing behind a camera filming her screams.

As he began to walk towards her in a frenzied state she looked around the room for anything to stop his repulsive attack, she tried to stand but he caught hold of her, pulling at her waist, she could tell her fighting seemed to excite his actions, the more she fought the more hostile and detached he became.

His hands ripped at her clothes leaving her exposed and vulnerable for his disgusting acts. He forced her on to the floor, his body covering her, his breath hot against her neck the wetness of his tongue licking at her ear.

He pried her legs apart she could feel the soft gloved hand stroke her inner thigh before his fingers slammed into her. With violent velocity he moved his hand in and out causing her body to push forward with every ruthless thrust of his hand. She could feel him crudely forcing himself into her as her screams concealed the guttural moans that escaped his lips every time he immersed himself deep in her. His teeth sinking deep into the flesh of her shoulder as he pulled her hair forcing her face towards one of the cameras, she shut her eyes tight and bit hard on her lip, until she could feel the blood drip down her chin.

In her mind she counted over and over again, numbers, letters, words what ever kept her from thinking from feeling! His restraint showed when he withdrew from her body and turned her on her back. Rubbing the thick hardness across her breast circling it around her nipples, her own scent drifting towards her.

Licking his lips, glaring down at her, slowly playing his sick game as he brushed the head against her closed mouth, She shook her head trying to rid herself of him, until he got tired of playing. Holding her nose until she opened her mouth gasping for breath he then began his assault, Pushing himself down her throat, she gaged and chocked with each thrust, not having any affect on him he maintained his rhythm as he squatted over her face forcing her to take his full length.

Slowly he pulled himself from her mouth, stroking his demon, she watched the blackness in his eyes, she prayed he was done with her, she knew he was not! Seizing her hair he pulled her to her feet, his face close to hers, his kiss raw and indifferent as he pressed his lips onto hers. Her body motionless, her mind waiting for what lay ahead. The fake white beard vulgarly tickled at her face as he whispered for her to bend over and grab her ankles.

Just standing paralyzed, her body would not obey her mind. she had heard his words but they had no meaning to her.

He spun her around, dizziness overtaking her, grabbing for her legs to steady herself, the soft filthy gloved hands holding her hips, understanding what was about to happen to her body she tried to lunge forward, the hands clamped down harder reinforcing the grip he held on her hips.

Her struggle was short lived, as she felt herself being held open. Her body shook as her tears fell, his unwavering rigidness placed against the tight opening, with barbaric intensity he impaled her, the hardness of his demon ripped through her body, bile rose in her throat as his hips pounded her flesh.

Tearing at her soft opening with each brutally assault. Everything around her began to spin, then only darkness. The taste of the cold liquid on her lips brought her to a semi conscious state, her mind as numb as her body, she drifted in and out as the cold water washed over her body. The glare of the sun filtered in, she rubbed her eyes, blinking, trying to focus her sight, as she struggled to understand where she was. Under her naked body she could feel the cold porcelain, the realization that she was laying in a bathtub, no ropes no gag, her body free.

Slowly she climbed out, her body aching from the abuse it suffered she steadied herself, hesitant of what might be around the corner, she took in a deep breath overcoming her fear she walked through the door. No one, and nothing was in the room, it was void of life, all the camera's gone. Before her just a empty dilapidated room. By the door she noticed the tennis shoe and under them a stack of folded clothes. As she picked them up she realized that they were hers, they were the clothes she had been folding.

The feel of something familiar next her skin gave her comfort, as she opened the door and stepped out of the darkness and into the light.