La tubera Ana dice que le gusta puro tubo

La tubera Ana dice que le gusta puro tubo
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Ricky felt two inches tall as his older sister screamed. "I saw you smoking pot and drinking beer in the side yard tonight! Now you're calling Cheryl to come over and screw you? You must be out of your fucking mind! I have your car keys, and you will get her on the phone and tell her to stay home. Do you understand?

Then you will strip naked, and come and see me in my bedroom." "What's up with this," protested Ricky with a kind of whine. He was a brand-new driver, and under his 18-year old sister's care while their mother was out of town. Built like a fireplug, and what they call "full of potential," Ricky was gentle as a bear. He had a little of the usual teenage acne, but his strong, square features, short, black hair, and the appearance of whiskers over the summer made him look older than he was; and the girls were starting to notice him.

They weren't the only ones. Varsity football coaches who had passed on him last year were considering asking him to try out for the team, one was thinking of asking him to the prom.

"Shut that hole," Margaret said, who was not impressed with her brother's rising social status. "It's my way, or Mom and Dad." Ricky considered. His father was a pretty good guy, but he didn't live with the family since the divorce. If his mother called his father, and Dad had to do punishment by phone, it was always over the top and Mom would enforce it; punishments like taking his phone for two weeks or locking up the video game box for a month. Mom knew how to work it and had played that card a couple times, but Mom had never demanded his naked body in her bedroom.

The teenager thought maybe he was going to be spanked by his sister and he was kind of afraid.


Exactly four minutes after he made his call to Cheryl, Ricky showed up at Marg's room wearing nothing but a towel because he knew he was guilty. He didn't want to get his license yanked, so he was ready to cooperate. Margaret was only an inch shorter than Ricky's 5'10 and had luscious, wavy, brown hair, cascading well down below her shoulders.

She had a full hourglass figure with a slightly rounded tummy because Marg liked chocolate bars a lot. She was young and hot and she knew it and men loved to look when she walked by. Tonight she wore a blouse that rode lewdly open, and Ricky tried not to stare at his sister's big titties stuffed into her bra, and her lily-white stomach, bare all the way down to where her hips flared wide and framed a grown-up pubic mound scantily covered with white, lacy panties.

The boy could see Marg's pussy outlined under the tight panties. He knew his friends called this "camel-toe." Feminine when she wanted to be, Margaret was also a first-child.

She could order you around like an Amazon and you had better listen to her when she did. She looked like a goddess when she stood with her head held high. Her torso was athletic, her breasts full, and long, smooth, legs completed the picture. She beckoned her brother inside the bedroom. "Sit on the bed," she told him. Ricky nodded, his sister had always held sibling power over him in their household. It was approved and accepted by their parents that the college-bound Margaret knew best about most things.

Her brow furrowed and she got right to it. "Ricky, when you drink and do drugs, you know it does bad things to your DNA. Do you understand?" "Well, my coach said…," Ricky began. "Shut up you little bastard," said Margaret and slapped him hard in the face. Ricky was completely under his sister's spell.

He didn't really feel the slap. His sister's naked belly and little panties were in his brain like a fever; he barely seen this much of his girlfriend Cheryl yet. Marg continued to look at him. He hoped she wouldn't slap him again; she was pretty strong, besides, it was degrading. "I'm doing this because I love you.

Just remember that," said Margaret. "Ok," said Ricky. "Because your plan didn't involve driving, I'll go easy the first time. You need to understand about how wrong it was to do try and arrange that little meeting in my house," Margaret continued.

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"And for that, you are restricted to driving only to and from school for a week. I'll get it approved with Mom and Dad." And Ricky knew she would. He nodded in agreement. Sissy narrowed her eyes and continued, "When you get stoned and drunk, your semen could make an autistic baby.

Did you know that, mister? Ricky started to reply, but his sister held her finger up. "Poor little baby! Anything at all could be wrong with it. In my opinion, honey, you should never, never, ever, put drunken sperm into a fertile woman's vagina; it might get her pregnant with messed up DNA." Ricky's eyes grew wide and he said, "Marg, I promise we'll always use a condom when we do that." "Very good, Rick.

Now one more word and I'll hit you upside the head with a shoe. But that is the point in general, little brother.

My point is at this time in your life, you don't even want to take the chance of the condom breaking and that drug-addled semen working its way up inside her. That's just not very nice, or very moral, if you think about it.

And if I even suspect you of trying to do that again, I'll tell Daddy you stole his beer." Ricky squirmed with embarrassment and nodded quickly. "Dude, said Margaret, "You need to wait awhile anyway, until you know what's up.

You need a better way to do it when your seed is dirty, and today you're going to learn so that you'll remember." Ricky was still sitting on the bed and Marg backed into her brother as if she were going to sit on his lap and began to move her hips in a circular motion. Around and around she went, brushing him, brushing his groin over the towel and before long she felt the tip of his growing penis against her plump bottom. What Marg was doing for her brother was becoming very close to a lap dance.

As it became even more lewd, Ricky's member was now fully erect under the towel. His sister taunted him over her shoulder.


"Oh, nasty boy! You like me to rub my butt on you, don't you! Oh my God!

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You like it when your sister teases your cock! What if I raised your towel and then spread my legs for you? Then you would have access to my hairy, little pussy. Have you ever seen a mature female's vagina, little brother?

I don't think you're ready.

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Do you think a sister would do that with her brother? Oh, you can dream on," she said with a snort of disgust. "At least not with what you've ingested tonight. There's another road for you, brother dear; a really, dirty, road." Margaret backed up and gently lowered herself until the chubbiness of his growing member was wedged in the valley of her ass, and then sat fully in her brother's lap.

They enjoyed this for a moment. Then Marg jumped up and took the towel with her. Rick's cock, suddenly relieved of the weight, jumped up too almost fully erect and continued to grow in front of their eyes. The sibling that remained sitting on the bed was still going along because of fear, but he was also a normal boy who had stroked it to orgasm a couple times this summer while he watched his big sister lounge on the patio chair in her tiny bikini.

His friends thought she was super-hot and had likely spanked it to her also. Still, he was mortified that a pearly drop of wetness oozed from the tip of his purple cockhead, ready to slide down toward his stomach at the arrival of any more fluid from his balls.

"Oh my God," She laughed. "Aren't you so excited by your big sister's body, you naughty little man? Somehow I knew you would be. Oh," she breathed, leaning up to him. "I need somewhere to sit, but it's so lumpy here." She leaned in unashamedly against her brother's chest and laid her cheek against his cheek; they held the move to deliciousness.

Slowly she turned her face and kissed her brother on the lips and allowed him kiss her back. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue to his briefly, then back again, then swirled it inside his mouth and watched his eyes get big, then glaze with lust.

Marg broke off the kiss and smiled wickedly as she reached back and unhooked her bra. She held Rick's eyes as she dropped it on the floor. Marg pressed her naked breasts to her brother's chest and lay against him as if in a slow dance and murmured pleasure to only him.

She kissed him and nibbled on his ear. The pair remained like that rocking gently, breathing together, not wanting the moment to end. Ricky felt the hard points of Marg's nipples and her heart beating against his.

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He began to be afraid he would ejaculate on his sister. Margaret pushed her brother backward so he lay on the bed looking up at her. She let him adjust his erect cock and she lowered herself slowly atop him, no towel this time, only panties between them. "Don't touch," she said, "Hands on the bed." Her ample ass was the engine that fueled the bump and grind into her brother's crotch. Their movements with each other were far more suggestive of a husband and wife than brother and sister.

They enjoyed the warmth and scent of each other's body. Only Marg's flimsy panties came between their naked bodies and those were soaked with her poon on the inside and Ricky's pre-cum on the outside.

She had teased her brother's cock to the point of exploding beneath her and she could feel her thighs getting sticky where Ricky had pressed his cock down before Marg lay on him.

The scent of male ejaculate began to pervade the bedroom. "That big dick of yours is so erect with all that dirty sperm. All your stupid, little, babies need to be born, right?" she laughed. "And I know you need to spurt that hot, dirty, load out, but you are not going to be allowed just yet.

You need to be punished." "I am saving you from a life of misery by creating this memory for you," she whispered to him. "Mmmm," she cooed. Do you like this?" she asked, naked with her brother from belly-button to lips, "I do." Ricky was not able to say anything intelligent as his heart hammered and his hips began a primal rhythm. She let him thrust his fullness against her body a few times, saying, "oh, oh, oh" each time he pumped upward. Little brother had become more of a man since the last time she had seen him naked, that was for sure.

Margaret knew her brother's full attention was on her, as well of some of his sperm. As he began to reach around to embrace her, she stood up abruptly. "Do you want to care for a helpless brat all your life?" Margaret turned and yelled in his face.

"Of course you don't! You need to wait for awhile. You want to keep yourself clean so that you can make a healthy baby with a clean partner.

Get it? And only after you talk it out thoroughly, have a good income, and after you are married. Then on your honeymoon, you mount your wife and put your dick in her pussy. It's that simple. Only then are you allowed to cum your babies into her womb. Those are the rules in my house. "I'm not drunk," Ricky said right before Margaret slapped his face hard. His ears rang. "What the fuck is the matter that you don't understand, you dumbfuck? What you wanted to do with your girlfriend was an abomination, Ricky," said the 18-year-old.

"I'm going to show you what to do with her right now." She peeled her wet panties off and bent over so that her big ass was mooning Ricky. Her hands went back to her brother's ears and she pulled his face in right between her butt cheeks. "You better not fuck this part up, baby boy, because dad and I will be merciless," said Margaret. "Sniff it." "What?" said Rick. His voice tickled her sphincter and she almost laughed. "You get your face up in my ass and sniff my shithole now or your life is over," said the female sib with an appropriately firm voice.

Ricky's could see Marg's swollen vulva and smell the wet sex in between and couldn't help but want some. Her candy-like sexual aroma triggered all of those primitive urges, but he thought he'd better not get too far off task. The closer he got to his assigned task, the more savage became his sister's essential essence.

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The sweet, secret, lure of her pussy was gone now, overridden by the closeness of her bowels which smelled like a camping toilet that hadn't been cleaned.

The boy's head spun and he couldn't breathe. Marg grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face out of her butt crack to address him. She looked her brother right in his eyes. There was a smudge of her poop on his nose.

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He looked up at her quietly, accepting, trusting that Marg knew best. "This is where the immature seed goes, bro," said Margaret. "All the party boys can put it right here. You are going to get over my dirty butt-stink and learn to plant any defective jizz into a woman's butthole, or even a man's butthole if you want," she said devilishly. "That way, you are not saddled with a child for the rest of your life." Margaret punished her brother.

She made her Ricky sniff a lot more ass. She farted in his face and tried to shit in his face too, but she was constipated so Ricky licked and licked and licked her until you could dine off of her puckered little shithole. She pulled her brother up by his hair and flung him across her bed. "Ass in the air, boy," Margaret commanded. "Bend over and take this like man," she said firmly. Rick complied. It was really ripe back there like she knew it would be.

Guys are guys and just do not clean as well; Marg didn't care. This was about Ricky, not about her. She pulled a small vibrator from under the cover that was already lightly covered with Vaseline and got right to the prostate exam. Marg raped her brother with a small vibrator because she wanted him to remember, but didn't want to hurt him. Ricky bore it bravely as his sister put a pillow under his hips to better access his anus. She grunted with mock pleasure and spoke sweet nothings in his ear as she violated him with gentle thrusts of her dildo.

He was made to smell himself on the toy then it was back up inside his virgin hole where she made it pump and wiggle for another five minutes or so. She licked his ear and fingered herself to climax. Both knew they would never say anything about this. When she had finished with the rape, she wiped her brother's shit on his butt cheek and cleaned the vibrator with his boxers then tossed them on the floor.

"If I have to do this again, I will use a strap-on and make you feel like a real girl," Marg explained. She reached underneath and cupped her brother's nuts in her hand. To his embarrassment, his erection began to return. He had not had his come yet. The humiliation had kept him mostly flaccid while his sister had explored the most personal parts of his body without his permission.

Marg kept her down hand there until it was evident that Ricky was still excited, sore asshole or not. She smiled and gave his erection some encouragement with couple of strokes.

His slick sheen clung to her fingertips. "You took the punishment, bro," said Marg. "It's time for the pleasure, honey. Go wash your face and mouth out, hurry up." Her face was flushed and her eyes glowing little slits that would lead the holiest man into temptations of the flesh. Her brother returned, now smelling of shit and mouthwash. On her knees, pussy hanging down like a delectable deli-order, Marg presented herself to her brother.

"Put that dirty child my bottom, Rick," said his sister firmly with a voice that shook slightly. "Mount your sister like a man. I want your filthy seed to bubble up out of that ball sac, and shoot up into my turds. Ooh, yeah. Doesn't that make all the little babies in your balls tingle with delight?" she asked with exaggerated sweetness, and indeed, Ricky's sac tingled with delight. "My dirty ass is all that your drunken child deserves," she said.

"I wouldn't take it in my pussy. How does that make you feel little brother? You should know the reason by now. My precious little sex hole is for making babies, and we will not do that. I know you don't like the smell of my ass and you almost gagged while you licked me there, but I'm going to teach you to be responsible," she said triumphantly.

"This is what you need to do. Do what you're told, Ricky. Do this thing to me now." Ricky felt a lust growing for Margaret that had yet to be satisfied and he had no trouble staying hard. He used the Vaseline his sister directed him to and soon his swollen genitals were lubricated and ready for the sex act to be performed. "Oh, god, oh mount me, Ricky and plant your dirty seed. Don't use the baby-making hole, use the love-making hole," said the young woman carried away with lust, "Plant the retard in sissy's butt." And Ricky, like the good boy he was, pushed his thick penis up into his sister's warm body while she grunted and swore.

Ass permeated everything.

The young man held his big sister's wide hips and kept pushing until his member was fully inserted, then paused as he felt himself swell up even more once inside her.

Instinctively he pumped, gently at first, then harder. The halls reverberated with the sounds of brother and sister, in bed, in bliss, practicing sodomy. "Ooh, god that feels good," said pretty Marg. "My ass smells so dirty. What did I eat yesterday?" she wondered aloud. "Something yummy and rich," guessed Ricky. "Oh God, Margaret, I want you," he moaned. Brother and sister made love like the Greeks in sister's bed. Brother's erection was covered with sister's loose, brown, bowel movement.

"Stay deep inside me, you dirty boy," she said and squeezed his organ with her sphincter muscles. "You're going to use my asshole like a vagina tonight. I know you want to. Oh, dirty, incestuous, little brother, I want you to mate my asshole. Oh, fuck your only sister." Ricky had never heard Margaret speak like this.

A bead of sweat dripped from his temple and he felt a discharge come from his penis and felt Marg get a little slicker inside her butt. That was okay, there was a lot more where that came from. They kept fucking and Marg's long hair clung to the sweat on her back. She reached around and grabbed her brother's testicles and taunted the babies inside him. "Oh, come out to mommy," called Margaret sweetly. "This is not mama's asshole.

It's my vagina and I'll let you swim up and fertilize my egg. You'll be my precious little baby," she lied. "Come out of Daddy's big dick right now! Ride the squirt up into Mommy's womb, little baby. I'm ready to be your loving mother. Oh such precious, little babies," she panted. "Wanna suckle Momma's milky breasts?" Ricky's testicles began to tingle and the lovers squirmed together.

He had stopped thrusting but remained plugged deep into her shitter. The smell that Ricky objected to only minutes ago lingered in the air and intoxicated both of them. "Plant our dirty child, right here," Margaret half whispered, half grunted to her brother. She held her ass cheeks wide and lay still, letting the pace slow.

She wanted to feel his child squirt out. She grabbed her brother's hand and put under her plump tit. He squeezed and lifted and was thrilled with the weight of it. Ricky found the big nipple and squeezed, making his girl growl with lust. As Ricky sodomized his sister, he caressed the side of her face. She turned her head and let him pet her while they swirled tongues. This lit the fuse to the final fireworks. The semen inside Daddy's erect penis begged to come out into Mommy's birth canal for the chance to be born into the world.

"Oh, honey. My dearest brother," Margaret moaned. "Please cum your little girl or little boy into my body. I'm waiting. Put the child inside your Sissy's dirtyhole." Brother began to cum and Sister came next while she received blast after blast of her male sibling's semen.

Margaret continued to moan while Ricky removed his cock from her clinging asshole. Shit and cum from both of them stained Marg's bed. "Watch me abort our child," she said, and farted out a sperm bubble from deep in her used colon.

They both laughed. Evidence of the incestuous love-making flowed down Marg's thighs. She scooped their combined orgasms onto her finger and ate it. When she went to the toilet later she shit her brother's child out into the filthy water along with the mess of two-and a half days worth of constipated food.

A part of Margaret was worried however. The ovulating woman knew it was possible that if any of her brother's warm seed had come into contact with her vagina, it could be swimming desperately toward the egg in her fallopian tubes.

Somehow Margaret knew all that pent-up jizz inside her brother's testes had her heard her when she had done her nasty tease and called to his babies. She hoped her body wouldn't betray her and try to get pregnant. She cleaned herself as much as she could with a douche, and when later in the month her period came on time, knew thankfully that it was enough. Somehow a miracle happened that Margaret had not become impregnated with her brother's baby while she taught him a lesson.

That would not have been fair at all. Ricky was happy with the gift of his sister's love and her warm anus. He was a good boy and learned his lesson. Unconsciously he made a vow to try and stay clean so he would be worthy of all of his sister's love.

And whenever he felt that he had some defective seminal fluid inside his balls, he made his girlfriend lube her little back door so he could use it like a vagina, just like Marg showed him. Margaret really did love her little brother with all her heart and was happy to teach her brother the right way to fuck.

She could hear when he took his steady girlfriend into his room and locked the door and made the young woman raise her hips in the air for the anal sex that would follow. Marg rubbed her clit and once even put her toy up inside her dirtyhole while she listened at the wall to Cheryl panting like a little animal as Ricky took his time to ream and spunk her fanny. And although Marg could get any guy she wanted, her incestuous thoughts returned to her brother yet again tonight.

She couldn't help it. After all, that day she had taken brother's virginity in two different ways. She hadn't really thought it out or planned it like that, but she had given him a valuable life lesson anyway, hadn't she? Marg remembered the semen drooling out of Ricky's dick-hole before she had even touched him.

Yum, and the wonderful way he smelled, and the cute way he moaned as she had shown him her love. Sleep impossible now, Margaret squirmed in her bed for awhile with these memories and her new fantasies of full-on intercourse with Ricky. Because of the warnings she'd given him, she thought maybe he hadn't gone that far with Cheryl yet. Maybe she'd better implement her plan in a hurry. Marg rolled and fidgeted. And she wanted to remember to start taking her birth control again.


The woman could not take anymore of her own teasing, so she rolled over and reached into the nightstand. Moments later, with fingers busy on the outside, vibrator humming and plunging inside, Marg gave in to her passion and began to call her brother's name as she lay with her legs spread approaching orgasm. Her tongue hung out and she started to contract on her toy as she remembered the way Ricky's drunken sperm was between her legs that day! Ooh yeah! And then it oozed all the way through her sheets to make a dirty, permanent stain on her mattress.

But at least the couple had not suffered the humiliation of an incestuous pregnancy.