Black teenager vag ozzes cum

Black teenager vag ozzes cum
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She was staying at a friend's house. Well, that's what she had told her parents, anyway. They never had to know! Leah put the finishing touches on her hair and make-up. This was going to be fun! Her parents were so protective, they'd flip if they found out she was going to a party. With a small bottle of vodka in her bag, which was also stuffed with pyjamas to make the illusion more convincing to her parents, the slim girl called out to them as she left the house.

"See you guys tomorrow, have a nice evening!" Not even waiting for their response, she darted out the door and into her friend, Stephanie's car. Pulling her drink out of the bag, she grinned, passing it to Steph.

"Brought you a present!" "You're too good to me, you know that?" Leah giggled, nestling into the front seat. Kicking off the tracksuit bottoms she was wearing to hide her party clothes, she gave a sigh of relief. Her jet black hair was pinned up and her dress barely covered her ass. She looked good and she knew it. Her figure was slim, and boys often joked that puberty had left her behind.

Not entirely accurate, but she didn't get too lucky in the boobs department.


Barely a B-cup, they weren't her favourite asset. Her legs though, they were a different story. Long and slim, they gave her an amazing stance, curving nicely into a tight, round butt. The party was nearby. Pulling into the drive, Leah eagerly clambered out of the car and up to the front door.

Greeted by someone already putting a red cup in her hand, she figured if they night progressed like this, she'd have a good time. Music was blaring and people were already dancing.

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Quite a few folk were already drunk and the odd couple or two were making out in the corners. A college party at it's finest, basically. Stephanie had already met up with her own boyfriend, leaving Leah to scout around on her own and explore. She didn't know many of the people here, but it was the college she intended to go to, so it would be a good way to make friends. Hopefully ones with benefits.

Slipping into the crowded living room, her hips started to sway to the music. It wasn't long before a pair of hands were on them, pulling the slim girl tightly against quite a built guy.

Not like she was complaining, he was cute. Downing the rest of her drink, he handed her another from behind him, making sure to keep the stream consistent. Four drinks in- or was it five. She couldn't remember, Leah felt her head spin a little. "Gotta. sit down. hah- haha." Her partner obliged, pulling her onto the couch and into his lip.

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Ohh, she liked where this was going. Deciding she'd try get a little bit sexy for her new friend, the small teen attempted to straddle him. This. didn't really work. Slipping, Leah fell to the ground, laughing wildly at her mishap. She felt herself being pulled up, but instead of managing to get back upright, she was bent over his knee. God, she was so clumsy. Her dress had been pushed up and her tight ass and panties were on display for the whole party.

There were a few whoops and hollers, and one party goer even gave it a quick slap. Figuring this wasn't the best position, Leah tried scramble up. Strong hands prevented that, keeping her bent over his lap. What the hell was going on?

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There was laughing. People were talking loudly but she couldn't find out what was so funny. A brief action answered her question, however. A prodding between her legs, nudging right against her pussy through her undies.

What the fuck was that? She felt hot breath against her inner thighs before a long tongue starting lapping eagerly. Was it a dog?! Before she could even try swat him away, Leah felt two paws close around her waist and a furry weight on her back. "Fuck, little bitch gonna get humped!

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Ha! Ten dollars says she loves it!" "Shit, look, he's getting a boner!" The shouts weren't wrong. Leah felt the tip of his cocking rutting frantically against her panties, trying his hardest to break through the fabric barrier. This was humiliating. She was wriggling and protesting, but between the paws holding her and the stranger's hands keeping her down, there was nothing she could do.

"P- Please! Get him off! This is fucking weird! Get him off me!" Her pleas were only met with laughs. "Pull down her panties, man! See if he fucks her!" Her face flushed.


Mostly with embarrassment but partially because of the booze. She was pretty out of it. Everything felt surreal. Her head was spinning and her attempts to regain control were getting more and more weak. Feeling a hand roughly tugging at her undies, she gave a small yelp. They were yanked down and her pussy was completely exposed. The humping became more frantic. The German Shepard was mostly hitting between her thighs, missing his mark completely. It didn't matter to the cheering crowd, however, they were just happy to get a show.

Whimpering and sobbing at this stage, Leah just wanted to go home. Her arms were pinned tight and the feeling of the dog's slippery cock between her legs was horrible. She hated every second of this. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she felt a hotness prodding at her pussy lips. No. No, please, no. With a powerful thrust, the animal shoved it's cock right into her tight cunt.

Shouts and claps sounded around her and withing seconds, the large dog was ramming her like a bitch. It's cock pounded into her, making sure she knew her place.

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He was making her his, and she could do nothing but endure it. Tears streamed down her face but nobody cared. She could feel his cock swelling inside her, stretching her pussy further than it had ever been before. She was shaking and wriggling, which only made him cling tighter, keeping hold of his bitch. She felt the unthinkable. His knot was growing and it fucking hurt. He was using her as breeding stock, as somewhere to dump his gross seed.

She was going nowhere fast and she knew it. Giving a cry of protest, a cock was suddenly shoved into her mouth, shutting her up.

Her hair was grabbed and her head was being pulled back and forth like a toy, her throat stuffed with the erection.

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The knot in her pussy had grown the size of a tennis ball and she knew she was bleeding. She felt hot streams of liquid shooting into her pussy, the dog truly showing her her function now.

His cum poured into her, and she could almost swear her tummy was bulging with it. This was too much. People were taking photos, filming, and even masturbating at the sight. Stephanie was nowhere to be seen, probably upstairs with her boyfriend. Forced to endure this, Leah had lost her will to fight. Lying across a lap, the dog was tied to her and a man was roughly abusing her throat. Minutes passed and the animal finally managed to pull his cock out of her.

It burned. Before she could enjoy the relief, however, a guy's cock had replaced it, not even letting the dog's cum leak out of her. This was going to be a long night.