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Big tit latina swallower
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Wonderful things can happen to boys in puberty and this is one that happened to me! This is what really happened, most men through out there life meet a number of women that really impress them.

That has certainly been my case, and of course I married one of them.

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The girl in this story is one that would make an impression on anyone. Her name is Louise Carson. Who is she you ask? Well when I was in puberty, Louise was Marys younger sister. Mary was my age 15 and Louise was about 14 at the time.

Mary was the one, all of us geeky boys lusted after, she was the looker, but would never give any of us the time of day, let alone go out with us.


Mary dated older boys the ones that had cars. Louise on the other hand was more of a tomboy, and easily hung around with us and was pretty much one of the guy's.

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This had started to become a problem that summer when the "T" shirts she wore started to show her breasts, and the nipples started to develop way before the rest of her breasts, becoming quite noticeable. Late one evening the conversation got around to kissing and French kissing " the rage at the time". Louise, bless her heart volunteered to let us practice on her, so that we all could learn how to do it, correctly?.

We were up in the rafters of Richards big old two car garage one of our favorite haunts, well .let me see there was was of course Richard, Gary, Bob and me.

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We had all been taking turns and giving it are all, you know trying to do are best, tongue deep, deeper. When things kind of got out of hand, it is really hard to kiss someone like this, and all the feelings during puberty that go with it. Especially when these hard little nipples seemed to always be in the way, so it did not take very long before some serious groping started. Louise did not seem to mind at all, and on numerous occasions, would after some heavy kissing almost always take her "T" shirt off as do to her small breast size almost never wore a bra!.


This allowed us to see feel and touch these most wonderfully interesting things we had all wondered about her nipples, well they were shaped just like candy kisses but were somewhat larger. They were on top of young white creamy breasts that were just starting to develop.

It was wonderful, and although it was so long ago it is still a very vivid memory. One time I remember she had just taken off her "T" shirt and in her haste to get it off had unbuttoned several on her jeans, and as Richard pulled her back and down to kiss on her it had allowed her jeans to come down farther that any of us had ever seen!.


For me this had been one of the most interesting and mysterious places of the female anatomy. In my day, I am really dating myself, there were no porn shops or HBO. Our source for pictures of naked women was somebody's father or older brother who had left these magazines around, we did have smoke shops and those places had girlie magazines, and the bare breasts in them allowed us to figure this part out, and now with Louise and her beautiful young nipples this question was easily and wonderfully answered.

But the area below the belly button now this was another matter, all of the girlie magazines in those days had this area conveniently air brushed out.

I had begun to think that this was how it was down there!, but swimming suits of the day, on many of the girls and even on older women also revealed pubic hair as well as some interesting creases and small bulges in this area especially when they were wet, so there must be something more we reasoned?.

So now you know my mind set and interest when the thin pubic hair followed by a swollen wet little clitoris appeared in the opening of her jeans, as she was not wearing any panties. Louise at first had not noticed what had happened.

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So I was easily able to see first hand, and up close what this was, and how this wonderfully mysterious thing now, was no longer a mystery. It was a natural thing for me, to just lean over and start kissing this flat area between her belly button and where her pubic hair started, as I went closer to this mysterious place, Louise jumped up pushing Richard off of her and proceeded to start slapping the crap out of me!.

I was shockedscared and did not understand what I had done that was so wrong, with both of us visibly shaken she had warned me in no uncertain terms to stay the hell away from this place!.

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Again you have to remember that back in my day they did not have birth control pills and that if a girl got knocked up, they either got married or went to a girls home for unwed mothers to give birth and usually give up the child.

This of course was our sex education and Louise, new little more than we did, and like us was unsure as to just how it all worked, and was so terrified at the possibility of getting pregnant that this area was off limits. We could do what ever we wanted to her breasts and nipples but boy you better keep those hands or anything else away from that little muff.

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So now you know what I am talking about in the way of nipples and clits and how certain things effect ones ideas and interests! I am definitely a pussy man!