Alluring and blondie cristin caitlin gets fucked by stranger masturbation pornstars

Alluring and blondie cristin caitlin gets fucked by stranger masturbation pornstars
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Felicia * * * * Felicia never liked to think about struggles as something that couldn't be overcome in some way-- whether by determination or intelligence, but as a woman, she had learned that not every answer could fit neatly into one of those two categories.

When her mother had died, her father had taken to the bottle and Felicia, being the only child, had been expected to take over her mother's duties. All of them.

It wasn't the feeling of her father pressing down on her at night that bothered her, it wasn't even the sickley-sweet kiss of cheap mead that filled his mouth when he was muttering in her ear as he thrust into her again and again. It was the crying he did when he thought she was asleep. The quiet prayers that went unheard and the moments where she lost all notion that he had been her father rather than the strange drunk who used her and couldn't shoulder his own burden. She was tired of it. She wanted out.

She had needs too, she hurt just like he did but she had no one to turn to. Just a string of meaningless lovers who all wound up using her for the same thing before they eventually left her. Oh, but she was clever, yes she was. The plan was hers and hers alone and so diabolically evil that it made her stomach lurch at the mere idea of it, but how else would she get her father to snap out of his fog than to buy the farm herself and threaten to evict him if he didn't stop using her?

Felicia bobbed her foot in the back booth of the Primrose as she sipped her tea. It was the same booth that the half-elf woman had left her gasping and panting in. It was totally accidental that she'd chosen that booth-- of course-- but she could still feel the woman's powerful presence lingering in the satin covered seat.

That woman-- Sarah-- gods. . Everything Merite had said about her was true. Even down to the part where she abandoned her lover after giving her a taste of something she had never tried.

Something, secretly, she wanted to explore more. Her ass tightened at the thought of the woman's thumb palm deep in her.

Every part of Felicia tingled at the thought of Sarah's insistence, of her need and hunger. It wasn't her own pleasure she sought, but that of others. Merite had been right about that, too.

She enjoyed pleasing her lovers so that she could pull from them their deepest held desires. To hear them cry her name. . to come in her arms. Again and again. Felicia had done just that. Her chest burned with the thought of the exotic woman's fingers spreading her open, of places they shouldn't have been. Sarah. . Felicia whimpered involuntarily.

Her thighs clenched together against the moisture warming her skin as she swallowed back and bit her lip at the thought of the woman's intrusion.

She wanted those arms around her. She wanted to feel. . to be loved like a real human being and not like a hole in the bed stuffing. Sarah, Felicia imagined, didn't cry in bed and she knew the elf woman would give anything to make her climax. But then, just as she had seen, Sarah would run out on her, just like she had every other lover she had. The mere thought of her forbidden touch made her breath come faster. Women didn't think these kinds of things about other women if they were true ladies, but still.

. What if? What if she could give Sarah what she wanted, surely she would stay with her. She would love Felicia for who she was, not what was between her legs-- not that gender was any barrier for the elf, from what she had heard, Sarah has absolutely no reservations one way or the other.

Even across species. . Felicia sat in the darkened booth, day dreaming about the different things the elf would show her for nearly an hour before the waitress came by and offered her a refill on her tea.

Felicia politely declined and, just as the woman was turning away, she gathered up her courage. "E- Excuse me, miss? Does the name Isira mean anything to you?" The older woman cracked a smile, shifting the tea kettle from one hand to the other as she reached up and removed a necklace engraved into the shape of a closed lotus flower.

She touched the back side and it opened so smoothly that it could have been the real plant. "I do indeed." She smiled warmly. It was at that moment that Felicia saw something a little unusual in her eyes. Her soft, caring eyes were looking Felicia over as though she was expecting the teen to do. . something. When she didn't, the woman set the kettle down on the table and leaned towards her. Felicia backed up in the booth and smiled weakly. "Someone.

. Someone said I should offer my prayers to this Isira out, if. ." The woman chuckled a hearty, inviting laugh. "She never changes." Felicia frowned. "B- But, miss--" "Sweets. Let me tell you, that woman is trouble." The woman picked up the kettle and tucked her Lily pedal between her ample cleavage.

"I've a good mind to go to the temple myself, but the priest there's kind of. . Creepy." "Can you tell me about this goddess?" Felicia leaned forward, pointedly ignoring the slanderous remark on Sarah's character. "See, this woman owes me some gold yet, and. ." "Gold, is it? What is she paying now?" the woman's gaze turned scrutinizing in the way only a mother who'd caught their child doing something wrong could. "Honey, there are better ways to make--" "No!

No, gods. . No." "Okay, just saying, you're too cute to be doing that. Especially here. The temple is in the merchant district. It's a two story house, don't let the outside fool you, it's a real temple." "Yeah, but what about the deity herself?" "Put it to you this way, sweets." She leaned forward, placing a hand on Felicia's shoulder. "If Sarah was a priest of Hers, she'd be an arch bishop or something." Slowly, that hand slid up the curve of Felicia's neck.

For some reason, the girl couldn't convince herself to stop the woman even as she cupped the girl's cheek and leaned in. Barely a hair's breadth away, she whispered in a thick, husky voice "If you want to learn more, I could show you a thing or two. ." "I- I- I- I think. . Maybe I'll find out firsthand?" "We could do that, too. And what's better? I have two hands." She chuckled. A blush was creeping over her own cheeks as the girl squirmed.

"Ma-Maybe later!" Felicia pulled away. "I need to find her--" Without thinking about it, she bounded out of the booth and made for the back door. Sarah would be waiting for her. ~#~#~#~#~ Was she insane to think she could change this woman?

Maybe. But she didn't care any more. She wanted someone to believe in, someone to hold on to and be held by. The fact that the woman was well off didn't hurt either. Maybe she she could fix everything in one go. Maybe. . Maybe. Felicia fluffed out the ruffles on her common dress and straightened out her bodice as best she could so it would push her already full breasts up that extra little bit.

Her dusky, sun tanned skin only accented her generous cleavage and made her just that much more aware of what Sarah had touched that day in the Primrose.

She still had the mark on her shoulder shaped like the elven woman's teeth, but her father hadn't noticed. Thankfully. She had called Felicia a good girl. Good girls don't make a sound, she had whispered as her thumb worked inside Felicia's firm, shapely butt. Did that mean, then, that she should present herself more? Would it make her look too eager?

Too desperate for attention? Felicia threw caution to the wind and made her way out to the merchant's district. Early evening festivities were beginning outside a two story plaster and wood home that looked half rotted out but was alive with activity; men and women of all types danced in the warm glow of a huge bonfire, telling stories and laughing while a hand full of people in tawny robes distributed wine and food to the poorest looking among the party goers and moved on to others.

A gypsy troupe played music that filled the entire street with merriment and the door to the 'temple' was wide open.

She wasn't good with large crowds of people but the few she met were extremely pleasant and cheerful. A man grabbed her by the arm in a friendly manner and tried to get her to dance with him and two other women near the fire but when she gently brushed him off he respected it and bid her to have a good evening-- it was uncharacteristic but welcome. Maybe that was what happened when a goddess appeared; people learned manners. The only person who looked as though he wasn't having fun was a man in soft, loose leathers standing near the door with his hand on the pommel of his sword as though it were a cane.

When she past he inclined his head deeply and Felicia could see just how attractive he was. Gods, he was gorgeous. And strong looking. . She smiled coyly and slid in past him. The foyer was every bit as loud and raucous was the outside with people coming and going, chatting, reading fortunes and exchanging drinks. Felicia thought she caught a glimpse of a man sitting on another man's lap but before she could make a better judgment, a kobold strolled past in tawny robes whistling to himself.

Felicia jumped out of the way letting out a scream of surprise. She crash landed into someone who spilled his drink over someone else on his way to face diving into the other person's lap. The kobold winced and skittered away cupping the side of his skull that had been facing the sound.

The girl backed up towards the banister, pointing and trying to mutter a warning. Why was no one else panicking? She wondered. They were looking at her like she was the monster! The little reptillian humanoid turned to look at her with his beady eyes.

. his lips curled into a grin and a soft chuckle issued forth. "Ss-okay! Happenss all the time!" He advanced on her and she stumbled back up the stairs, shoving off with her heel trying to get purchase as her heart slammed against her ribs. "I'm sorry!" He said abruptly, holding out his hands in surrender. "Didn't mean to scare you!" "M- Monst--" He sighed, covering one eye with his clawed hand. "To you we all look the same, yes? Worry not!" he made a sound that seemed like a cross between a purr and a hiss.

"My name is Keitar! I run this temple! You are welcome here if you bring peace, all right?" The little creature smiled again, took a measured step back and motioned to her to signal that it was her move next. For her part in it, she sat looking at the creature, shaking from adrenaline, unable to focus.

What else could possibly have gone wrong. A kobold? Running a temple? Gods was this the kind of insanity that past for normal in the city? Felicia got control of herself and rose shakily. "T- Thank. .You?" The creature smiled with his sharp teeth and nodded.

"Plenty of wine!


Music and art in the shrine if you wish to join!" "Uh--" She swallowed, finally getting her mental footing as she took stock of the place. "I. . Do--" oh hell with it. "Do you know someone named Sarah Kettar?" There were a few glances her way. Mostly by men in casual tunics with small swords hanging from their belts. The kobold eyed her a moment longer, considering his reply before he spoke. "I may! But I may wonder why someone so beautiful wishes to see her!" Heat burned her cheeks as she became the focal point of the room's collective gaze.

She stammered. "I- I-" A deep breath, and she was going again. "I'm, er, a friend of hers. Sort. . of. . erm." Felicia rubbed the back of her neck. "She told me that I should offer my prayers to Isira if I wanted to see her again." That earned a couple of laughs from people around the room. "Sounds about right," a man said.

"I see. ." The little kobold mimed stroking a beard he didn't have and split into another grin. "She's upstairs." "T- Thanks." "Don't forget! Women, men, wine and art!" With those words he turned on his scaly little foot and wandered off into the long side room.

"Who wants a muzzle ride?" Felicia tried to keep the mental image from taking root while she gripped the rail and started up the stairs on shaky feet. As she reached the top, she could hear the slow twangy throng of a mandolin being played. The semi-circular landing had been blocked off by three doors each decorated with finger paintings of Lilly flowers in full blossom.

Checking each door, the teenager heard noises that set the fine hairs on the back of her neck on edge.

Things that set her imagination on fire and finally, at the farthest right door, the biggest room in the house, she found the sound of the mandolin. Felicia had visited the fairs that would come through her village when she was young and had seen some of the traveling jugulars that played, but never with this kind of solemnness. Sarah's singing voice was unmistakable; that haunting siren song that lingered in Felicia's ear like a pleasant suggestion and a quiet promise.

But something was different. Very different. Felicia leaned against the door to listen. "-zon crying, the tears she left behind long ago." The steady playing slowed a little as her voice picked up. "The albatross was flying, leading her daydream-- of the time before she became one of the world's unseen. A prince in the tower, a child in the field. Life gave her it alllll. ." Felicia closed her eyes like a junky getting her fix of the woman's voice. The sadness in her voice resounded to the girl's core but she just couldn't imagine anything else other than that voice, the things she would say to her, the love she could speak.

But there was love in that voice. A pained, empty love, something missing. . "Now her love's a memory, a ghost in the fog. ." Sarah strummed her mandolin, stroking the chords and making Felicia's heart sink. "She sets the sails one last time.

Saying farewell to the world. . Anchor to the water, seabed far below-- grass still in her feet and the tears begin to flow." Sarah continued her playing, steady and slow, something in her tune sounded final and Felicia reached for the door, prepared to throw it open and hug the woman.

Damn the farm, damn the money. She needed a hug just as much as Felicia did. Just before her finger touched the knob, though, the woman's voice picked up again.

"This is the long-forgotten light at the end of the world, horizon crying the tears she left behind so long agoooo~~" She stroked the instrument a few more times, trailing off into silence that lingered like a weight in the air.

Felicia pushed herself, turned the knob and stepped in. Sarah was sitting against a tousled bed wearing nothing more than a long shirt that left her pale legs exposed.

She had the mandolin in her lap and her hair was hanging loose from her head, framing her face like a coppery waterfall that parted only for her. The elven points of her ears were poking out either side further accenting her sharp, exotic features.

But her glasses were gone, sitting atop the nightstand. The woman smiled up at Felicia through her wispy bangs. She wasn't sad at all, she was smiling as though she had just won a contest! Suddenly Felicia felt exceptionally foolish for barging in, for assuming this woman needed anything she could offer.

Her gaze instinctively slid to the elf's legs when she moved and Felicia felt all the more foolish. Sarah had a thick body type, chesty-- though not as much as Felicia-- and fleshy in her legs with a well curved stomach and generous hips that Felicia imagined were often the subject of much holding.

She looked more human than elven but one look at her face and all illusions that she had the same blood Felicia did was gone. Felicia stammered, tried to smile-- oh gods, this had gone so much better in her head. Sarah crossed her arms over her instrument and rested her chin on her hands so she could look up at Felicia.

Somehow she seemed. . submissive yet expectant. She wasn't about to open her mouth, though, expecting the teen to do the work. It took her a moment to realize this, but when she did, she blushed even deeper. "H-h-h-" "Mmm?" That sultry murmur turned purr made Felicia's knees weak. "Hi?" Sarah smiled. Now what? Felicia swallowed. "M- Miss Kettar, I wanted to.

. t- to ask you if you'd had been able to roust the coin we'd agreed upon?" The woman sat upright and pouted playfully. "For a moment I had thought you had come to see me, ah well, I'm entitled to be wrong once in a while." The girl bit into her lower lip. "I--" "It's on the bed, dear." She flicked her head towards the bed she was sitting against. "I--" Felicia glanced at it and then the woman.

"I. . Should I?" She smiled again, reclining against the bed. "That, my good woman, is entirely up to you.

Perhaps you'd prefer I do the work instead, hm?" Felicia fidgeted under Sarah's gaze for no other reason than the heat of the woman's presence made her uneasy-- she was sweating. Her thighs clenched against the worst of it. Yes, just sweating. She could just go over there. . pluck her coins off the bed and. . and save the farm. Felicia eyed the pile of clothes ringing the bed-- she couldn't step on them, of course, which left where Sarah was sitting the only possible approach.

They looked at one another for a moment before Sarah's smile turned private, like some inner joke had reached its punchline. Maybe at Felicia's realization. She tiled her head up slightly as Felicia approached. The girl's knees trembled, her pulse raced and with each bit of distance she closed between them, she could feel Sarah's gaze roaming her all the more. When she was standing in front of the musical elf, Felicia closed her eyes and sucked in a breath.

"M- May I pass?" "I would stop you from nothing you wanted to do, sweetheart." Sarah leaned back just a little bit more and set the mandolin to the side, giving Felicia a brief glimpse of her vulva-- dusted in a tiny sprinkling of coppery pubic hair and a group of freckles atop her public bone. Moisture glistened against her lips in them muted light right before Sarah adjusted her shirt to cover herself.

Felicia looked away, cleared her throat. "In fact. ." Sarah sat forward, sliding up to her knees. Her thick legs looked even more impressive as it filled out her hourglass shape. She arched her back forward, pressing her ample chest up as her shirt slid upwards, revealing a dangerous amount of her skin to Felicia's gaze. "I may introduce you to things you'll not want to live without." You already have. Felicia whimpered without thinking as Sarah's delicate hands touched her thighs through the dress.

She traced her fingernails up her leg until she came to Felicia's hips, looking up at her in the picture of warmth and concern. How could someone so powerful, so demanding look so coy and innocent? Felicia shuddered a whole body shudder that left her breathless, her generous cleavage heaved with each deep breath she forced herself to take while the elven woman slid her hands up either side of her chest, stroking her in worship as Felicia's thoughts became fuzzier.

She wanted this. But what about the farm? What about her father? Sarah's hands trailed down her sides again, stroking the flesh underneath her dress while she turned her gaze to the girl's body. She planted a kiss atop her thigh, then the other, her stomach. . Her crotch. Her lips lingered there and her eyes turned up to Felicia.

She was asking permission. Even now. Felicia gritted her teeth in mock resistance. She knew it was a lie even as she tried to turn away. Oh, but her hand knew better. She reached for Sarah's head, running her fingers through the woman's copper locks. She wanted to hold her, to caress her, to know what it was really like to be held. Sarah would show her these things and so much more, if only she could show her that she was worthy. Felicia swallowed back on her anxiety.

. She grabbed a hand full of Sarah's hair and pushed her head back. They looked at one another. The teen, shaking like a leaf in a storm and the strong, confident half-elf prostrating herself with unwavering confidence. Felicia's grip slackened. She couldn't be what Sarah wanted. She looked the woman in the eye and tried to muster all her courage.

She could be. She could do this. "I want my money, Sarah." "You know where it is." The woman smirked. "Get it." "Mmm. . I think I will." Sarah's hands trailed down Felicia's legs and slid up her skirt, carressing the backs of her trembling, sweaty thighs until she found the teen's undershorts.

Her moves were confident. Silky smooth. Knowing that she didn't have to ask, she didn't have to do anything but take. . And take she would. Felicia whimpered as a Sarah grabbed her butt with both hands and kissed the teen's stomach. All the while she was looking up with a catty grin. Felicia sighed and let her go, swallowing hard against the lump in her throat. She looked up, her eyes involuntarily closing while the elven woman's attentions became more focused on her.

Her fingers pressed against Felicia's most private place-- a place only Sarah had been. She leaned forward at the touch, forcing herself into the elf's grip. The teen braced her hands on the elf's shoulder's. "O- Okay. ." Gods, why was she so weak-- No. Not weak. Sarah would stay with her if she got what she wanted. "Sarahhhh?" Felicia whimpered when a finger prodded her open, teasing with that tingly sensation of pressure. "I've missed you too, sweetheart." The elf murmured, withdrawing suddenly and grabbing her shorts with both hands.

She pulled them down, still looking up at the teen. They both knew who really owned whom. Felicia ran her fingers through her owner's hair, gripping her skull with both hands. She was beautiful when she was looking up at her like this. She tried to articulate that when the door opened. A startled yelp escaped Felicia's lips as she tried to grab her shorts and scamper away in one move. Sarah grabbed her, though.

Grabbed and held her firmly planted while she sat up on her knees and peeked around her waist as though the girl was a shield. Felicia looked over her shoulder, trembling all the more. In the door stood an elf. A full-blooded elf with olive skin and tumbling waves of blonde hair that framed her deeply slanted eyes in a frame of beauty the likes of which she hadn't ever seen up close.

Her blush matched Felicia's, every shade of crimson and ruby glittered across both their faces. It was Sarah who broke the silence with a chuckling laugh. "Come in, dear!" Looking up to Felicia, she smiled and said. "This is Tessarie. A. . friend." "I- I--" Felicia stammered.

The two elves exchanged some words in flowing elven as Tessarie shut the door. They both seemed to be talking about her, Tessarie's blush gradually faded until she was smiling a weak, awkward grin. Sarah started to stand up, grabbing two handfuls of Felicia's dress on her way up. The girl panicked but in a second Tessarie was standing behind her with her small hands wrapped around her tummy, head on her shoulders.

Her skin was soft and she smelled of lilac as she kissed the nape of her neck. Sarah was looking at her-- she was just that tiny bit taller and Felicia had to look up to her.

Sarah kissed her. Deeply. Unashamedly. Felicia melted into it, begging for some kind of stability. Sarah provided it. She held her firm, close, sharing her warmth just as the elf did behind her. They pressed her between them until her fear melted between their shared warmth. She whimpered. She whimpered and surrendered to the copper haired beauty.

Sensing the change, Sarah gently guided her to the bed and laid her down atop the covers. She kissed Felicia again, lavishing her tongue with the attention of someone who'd been given a drink in a desert. She was intense, powerful and demanding but so warm that Felicia couldn't begin to resist.

She'd lost any hope of it. She didn't want to any more. Still half draped over the bed, she became acutely aware of the blonde elf's little lips kissing her knees. Kissing her thighs. A warm, little tongue brushing against her goose bumped inner thighs while Sarah slid Felicia's dress over her head. Her large breasts jiggled when freed from their linen confinement and Sarah continued until the dress had Felicia's arms outstretched over her head.

She laid there in full surrender, unable to stop the women even if she wanted to. She stopped pulling the dress up, leaving it covering her eyes. Unable to see, Felicia whined. Sarah kissed her deeply right as the elf kissed her lower lips. Her little tongue pierced the pedals of her womanhood with deft, powerful strokes that sent ripples of pleasure through every part of her being. She arched her back whimpering a moan into the half-elven woman's mouth.

She gave it back in kind as she saddled Felicia's stomach, pressing her damp lips down on her to keep the girl pinned against the bed. Sarah's hands slid down her arms to cup Felicia's breasts, her mouth sucking the breath from her lungs and giving it back in hot, steady waves.

Felicia whined even louder when the elf between her legs attacked her most sensitive spot. No one had done to her with their mouth and in mere seconds, she was in heaven. Her mind a haze of lust filled passion that the woman on top of her was eager to indulge, sweeping her up in her strong arms, kissing her deeply. Lapping at her tongue even as Felicia tried to breathe. She couldn't see, she couldn't do anything but feel the two elves having their way with her.

Her breath came harder, pulse pounding in her ears while the hot breath of the half-elven woman parted her lips.

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Their tongues lashed one another and she cried out again and again as the skinnier elf between her legs sucked on her clit, attacking it from every angle with her tongue. She didn't stop. She didn't slow down and she kept that pressure on the young human girl until she couldn't feel or think of anything but the two of them. In moments, she was doing things she had never done before.

She wrapped her legs around the elf between her legs, clenching her thighs against the woman's sharp cheeks and moaning out Sarah's name in heavily accented Cobil.

Her native language came flowing through her lips as a senseless babble as the two women drove her to the second most intense orgasm she had ever had. She thrashed, whinning as her body tensed and she arched back against the weight atop of her.

Unable to see, she slammed her eyes shut against the tears welling up there. She pushed against the bed and screamed out; wave after wave of pleasure slammed into her body until she broke, whimpering an exhausted cry. Both of the women stopped their attention, holding her from ankle to neck. Sarah kissed her throat and breathed across her sweat moistened skin.

"Gooooood girl." That's right. Felicia swallowed. She was a good girl. "Nggghh." Was all she could muster for a response. The elf between her legs kissed her mound again, sending a ripple of pleasure through her. Sarah followed it up with a kiss all her own. Felicia panted hard, the two slid off of her, taking up positions on either side of her naked, sweat slicked body and kissed her neck from opposite angles.

With the haze of orgasm still fresh in her mind, she wasn't sure but she felt something hard and hot was pressing against her thigh. She struggled to remove the dress from her eyes, eventually getting it into a pile on the other side of the bed. When she looked down, she saw the elf-- Tessarie-- laying across her side with a massive penis poking from between her legs.

The elf's unnatural cock twitched when Felicia brushed against it. Felicia's eyes widened and she whimpered, trying to scoot away. Sarah bit her earlobe. "Don't think so," she whispered. "It's not her fault." Felicia swallowed, suddenly feeling vaguely ashamed. Tessarie's gaze was downturned. "S- Sorry. I. . I just didn't expect that." The elf swallowed and shrugged, snuggling into her shoulder.

"It's okay, no one does.

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. ." "Sweetheart." Sarah kissed Felicia's ear. "Do you believe in give and take?" She looked at the woman with a hazy expression, bit deep into her lip. "I-- I-. . I guess?" "Good." Sarah climbed off the bed. "Lay down." Felicia looked between the two elf-bloods and swallowed. Carefully, she climbed over the bed and laid down. At that point she realized she had her high heel boots on and went to remove them, stopped when Tessarie put her hand on the back of her calf.

"It's okay," she said with a smile. Sarah rooted around in a bag beside the bed and for a moment Felicia watched her until the elf with the massive cock was straddling her.

The teen tensed up, suddenly aware of her vulnerability. The elf kissed her shoulders and started massaging her, whispering a soft elven chant. She leaned in and whispered against Felicia's ear even as her thick cock slid to rest between Felicia's ass cheeks.

"We're going to take care of you. .

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Don't worry." Sarah, meanwhile crawled up on the bed and started massaging the girl's calves, starting up her thighs. The two of them massaged every part of her body until she was little more than a puddle of goo in their arms. Both women laid down on either side of her again and kissed her. She rolled over, inviting them both to her body now. Her inhibitions fell away when the two women started massaging her again.

This was what it was like, Felicia imagined, to be truly loved. To be the center of both their worlds. She swallowed, looking between the two of them. Which one of them was she supposed to reciprocate to? Sarah had been her first woman, but Tessarie had the-.

. She swallowed again and reached for the elf's cock, taking it gently. The woman sucked in a breath and wrapped her arms around Felicia's waist, pulling her close. Sarah rolled Felicia into the elf so they were face to face, whispering in her ear. "Good girls know how to show respect to their elders, sweetheart. Are you a good girl?" She wasn't.

She didn't know how to use her mouth to please someone. But she had learned a thing or two about other ways to pleasure someone. Sarah pressed a finger against her ass, cooing in her ear. "Are you a good girl?" So, too, had Sarah it seemed. Felicia arched her back and brought her arms around the elf. She leaned in and kissed her, pushing her onto her back. Was she really going to go through with this? Silently, she wondered as she straddled the elf, sitting on top of her cock.

She was, it seemed. "Ohhh," Tessarie sighed out a whimper of her own as Felicia ground forward and back on it, trying to slick her juices across the monstrous appendage.

It would never fit in her, no way at all, but the thought that she could give her pleasure made her heady. "D- Don't worry. ." The elf sighed and arched her back, pushing against Felicia.

Sarah straddled the elf behind Felicia, laying both her hands against the girl's shoulders and pressing her down so their breasts were squished together.

Felicia didn't hesitate, she leaned into the woman and kissed her. Deeply. Passionately. The woman arched her back, pulling her forward as Sarah lined up the bulbous tip of Tessarie's cock with Felicia's dripping pussy. "Are you a good girl, sweetheart?" She kissed Felicia's ass playfully.

"I-I-I-am!" Tessarie's cock pressed into her opening, opening the pedals of her vulva into full bloom. Felicia startled as the massive cock opened her in the way her father never could have dreamed. She was so unlike any human man-- she split the teenager in half as she pushed inch after inch into her soaked core.

Felicia whined and groaned as the woman slid into her, opening her to reaches she never had felt. Her pussy tightened around her like a vise while she struggled to breathe.

Too much. Gods it was too much.


Sarah's finger was pressing against her sphincter a second later, dampened with some kind of warm fluid that she smeared all around her forbidden opening. The woman pressed her shoulder into the teen's back, shoving her forward even when Felicia looked back at her meekly. "I'm- I'm a good gi-- gahhh." Tessarie's cock slid in a little more. A touch more and she plowed into that spot that always hurt with big men.

Tessarie frowned, murmuring an apology. "So- Sorry." Sarah pressed her shoulder down on Felicia, pinning her firmly as she slid her finger into the girl's ass. "Are you a very good girl, sweetheart, or are you just pretending?" Felicia whimpered loudly and grabbed for anything she could find-- poor Tessarie's shoulders became the object of her attentions.

"I'm a good girl!" She dug her fingers into the elf's smaller form while Sarah pressed a second, much more insistent finger into her ass. "Ahh!" Pleasure lit up every part of her body as the two thrust into her gently. "Ohgodspleasewow--" "I think you're just pretending." Sarah purred. "After you--" she grabbed a hand full of Felicia's hair and yanked her head back.

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"Were so naughty to me, how can I believe you?" "Please!" Felicia babbled in her native tongue. The two thrust into her again. Gods it was an exquisite stretching. Sarah seemed to understand and she added a third finger, pulling her head back farther, forcing her to arch her back.

To present herself. Like a good girl. As the third finger opened her all the more, the elf pulled back and thrust into her harder, ramming her massive cock into the little teen's abused snatch. Tessarie howled out a moan of such pleasure that it made her cock vibrate inside Felicia against her most sensitive internal spot.

"Go-- Good. . Girl." The elf whimpered. "Can't hold." She sighed as she grabbed Fleicia's hips. Sarah wasn't far behind.


She leaned in and sunk her teeth into the girl's shoulder, pulling her fingers back and replacing it with something thick, heavy. . A narrow tip that pressed against her ass and in seconds was opening her up with slow, confident force. "Mmmmhhhhh" Sarah moaned in her ear. She was a good girl. Felicia arched her back, pressing her chest into Tessarie. She couldn't handle the elf's cock but she could help her enjoy the ride-- she could be a good girl.

Sarah, meanwhile pressed the narrow tip of whatever toy she had into her ass and almost immediately the shaft that penetrated into her an inch started to swell. Felicia's jaw dropped at the feeling of being stretched open. The intruder swelled in her ass even as Sarah slid more of it in. A haggard cry moaned deep in Felicia's throat as she threw her head back, eyes wide. "Good girl." Sarah's hands fell to her shoulders as she pushed down on the girl harder. Shoving more into her ass.

Felicia could feel both of the thick intruders rubbing against one another in the thin wall of flesh between her vagina and asshole. It was amazing, blistering heat and pleasure-pain that made her toes curl in her boots. Both women holding her as her pendulous breasts rocked forward and back under the gentle thrusts of both women. "Gods, I love virgins." Sarah moaned in her ear as she pressed even more into her ass.

Felicia clawed at Tessarie's shoulders as she took Sarah in further than anyone had ever penetrated her body. Inch after inch of the massive cock swelled in her ass until she felt Sarah's hips slap into hers. She whined and cried but she didn't buck. She was a good girl. She was a good girl. She groaned this out even as Sarah cooed in her ear. Tessarie's hands clenched on her hips and she moaned something in elven.

"Not yet." Sarah said in a husky, lust laden voice. "We have to know if she's a good girl." "I- I am!" Felicia whined into the pillow beside Tessarie's face. .She arched her back against Sarah and pushed against her, taking strength in the woman's presence around and inside her. "Immagoodgirl." "Mmm." Sarah sighed against her ear. "How good are you?" Felicia rolled her hips a little.

Both the cocks inside ground against her. She arched her back. Holy gods, that was too much. . Sarah grabbed a hand full of her hair, taking the invitation and started pulling back. "I want you to be our good girl." "I-will, I will, I will." She whimpered and cried as she started to ride back against both the cocks. Now that her body wasn't aching, she could get some momentum against them. She rode as best she could but every time she started to push back, Sarah surged forward to meet her.

Sarah made sure she got a full dose of the monstrous cock now plugging her ass. Felicia cried and whined as the two started to thrust into her on their own. They used her, they plowed into her and ground against each other inside. She was a good girl-- Sarah stopped, abruptly and pushed Felicia down against the elf. She was panting. They all were. "S- Sweetheart," Sarah's thighs clenched against Felicia's flanks as she mounted her at a higher angle, shoving the cock even deeper into her ass.

At her eager, hard moan, the woman wrapped a hand around her throat and bit into her shoulder. "We want to come in you." What could she say?

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What could she do? Tessarie was quivering. She thrust forward. Sarah groaned. "Immagoodgirl~~" Felicia moaned deeply and slipped her fingers around Sarah's hand, intertwining her fingers. "Immagoodgirl" Sarah sucked in a breath, pulling back and plowing into her. "That you are.

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. ." She held the teenager there and buried that wonderfully thick cock into her ass harder. Harder. Tessarie threw her head back into the pillow and whined out the most hoarse cry of ecstasy that Felicia had ever heard.

The pressure in Felicia's ass became even harder as Sarah pounded her, now unabashed. Felicia's ass made a dull fap fap fap noise as Sarah crashed into it again and again.

Deeper and harder than before, every time reaching into previously unexplored depths until she groaned out and locked her legs against Felicia's flanks and shoved the cock the deepest had it gone yet. Tessarie and Sarah both moaned out loudly. Both their cocks swelled inside their young lover, plugging her openings as the first hot blasts of seed plowed into her.

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Felicia arched her back, proudly accepting them both as Tessarie moaned her name in her right ear and Sarah called Isira's in her left ear.

They came. Hard. Both of them throbbed and splashed her insides with hot cum. With each thrust more plunged into her. Tessarie thrashed out and arched her back until she slammed into Felicia's cervix. The girl yelped but she couldn't move, pinned under Sarah.

Sarah helped her forward a bit, thankfully, and a load of the elf's cum poured from her previously plugged vagina. She stayed like that for minutes while Tessarie emptied into her. Sarah's orgasm had tapered off more quickly, leaving Felicia with a load deep in her bowels and a warm, wet sensation between her shoulder blades. After the elf finally stopped coming, Felicia sighed and laid herself between them, exhausted and content.

Ecstatic, even, that she had been the cause of both their orgasms. She laid her head down beside Tessarie and sighed into her pointy ear. "Gods." Sarah kissed her shoulder. "Good girls get their rewards.

." A bag of gold clinked on the pillow beside them. Felicia eyed it, wondering if that was really what she wanted any more. ~#~#~#~#~ She woke up with Sarah cuddling her several hours later in a dreamy lust fueled haze. Every part of her ached but she didn't care. She lost herself in those bright green eyes for such a long time that she was barely aware of its passage until finally the woman kissed her deeply.

"I have to go," she said. "W- Where?" "A place you'd dare not tread. I'll be back soon, though," she smiled but the doubt in her eyes was evident. Felicia frowned. "B- But. ." The woman placed a finger to her lips. "Don't." She kissed her finger. "Life will take that light from your eyes much sooner than you expect if you concern yourself with what could have been. Live this moment, own it.

. . Love it." Felicia wanted to cry. How could she say something like that after all they had shared? "B- But, I'm a good girl." "Exactly." Sarah cupped her chin and kissed her tenderly. "You're too beautiful to see hurt touch those eyes, even for a moment." She kissed her again, much deeper this time. They lost themselves in that kiss that never seemed to end but all too soon it was over. Sarah broke it off and hugged her.

"You have all you need now, beautiful." Felicia wrapped her arms around the elven woman and hugged her tightly. "Will you wait for me if-. . If I came with you?" To her surprise the woman smiled. "All right. I'll be outside the south gate before nightfall." # # # # Felicia wandered, slightly bowlegged, into her soon-to-be home to find her father slumped in the chair with a bottle laying across the floor with a drizzle of alcohol staining the carpet. The crust of mead drool that glazed his stubbly face had hardened into an amber color that cracked his sweaty, pale skin.

His massive gut bounded as he snored in the chair, head cocked off to the side with the rolls on his throat bulging like shackles of fat. She looked on, wondering if her father had waited for her to come home. How long he had been out. . She found, surprisingly, that she didn't care. There was no urge to clean up after him, to coddle him to bed and promise him it was going to be okay.

She eyed the coin pouch and then her father. It was more than just the ache between her legs that made her want to cry. # # # # It was outside of the south gate, wearing her only travel cloak and sitting on a small backpack, watching the sunrise that she realized Sarah wasn't coming. She had been trying to protect Felicia from herself, but some part of her had expected it. She knew that Sarah would be looking out for her again like she had last time.

She was loved. Felicia made her way to the Isira temple to find it mostly vacated. All the revelers and dancers had gone during the night, one of the acolytes said. When she asked about Sarah, the woman fidgeted. "I'm not supposed to tell you. ." "Wh- Why not?" She swallowed and shifted her weight. "They're worried you'll follow them." "Please! I gave up everything for her!" Felicia felt tears coming to her eyes.

"I have to know where she is!" The young woman frowned and considered her for a few moments. "T- They went to Desrol, miss. . To fulfill their quest. ." "Desrol?" "It's to the west, miss, ahm-- far west." "What.

. What quest?" Felicia felt a sudden wash of fear. That look Sarah had given her. . "They're off to kill a dragon, miss." Felicia tore out of the temple as if it were on fire, wondering how fast she could get to Desrol or even where it was."