Impure foursome with wild euro babes

Impure foursome with wild euro babes
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Girls for Daddy By Blueheatt &hellip.I was very young when I got a girl crush on my daddy. It didn't pass like just a phase I was going through. Over time it grew into a secret, hidden sexual lust in me to have my daddy have sex with me. I quickly discovered it felt so good to rub my pussy and think about my daddy. When mom up and left, poor daddy didn't have a woman to sleep with. I saw opportunity to 'help out'. I waited until he was good and asleep and got up and crawled in bed with him.

He didn't wake up. I slowly snuggled up to him and he must have had a dream going, because he put his arm around me and pulled us closer. I was loving this. Soon he began to give me little kisses and rub my back. I got 'extremely' horny for the first time in my life.

I felt wet between my legs as I enjoyed all these new feelings. At that time all this was new to me. I felt a lump growing bigger between his legs. He slowly rocked it back and forth between my legs. That felt real good and exciting.

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I hoped he wouldn't wake up and keep this up, but he rolled over and that was the end of it…I thought&hellip. I continued to sneak in bed with him after he was asleep.


Some times nothing happened&hellip.but other nights, we pushed my pussy with his hardon. He had on shorts and I had on my tiny nightie. It was sneaky, fun and got me real horny which I liked.

He would wake up with me in the bed with him, but didn't say a word about it. Where was it going to go from here?&hellip.I'll let him tell his side of this story… "I had sex dreams like any guy." I was a very sound sleeper…but lately, I kept dreaming about having sex with a small woman in my dream.

I didn't know who she was but the dreams were very real and I kept waking up in the morning with a real big hardon. Linda was to young to even think about having anything to do with this.

I figured she felt secure sleeping in my big bed, so I let her do it. One night I was having that same wonderful dream of going to fuck this small woman, but never did, and it slowly woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes.

I went in to shock to find myself with my arms around Linda and my hardon between her legs. She was moving her pussy back and forth on my hardon. I released her and rolled over away from her. I tried to forget that ever happened.

There was no way I could put that out of my mind. The next night Linda got in my bed like she regularly did now and turned the light out. We had a little talk about sex.

I tried to explain about men getting hardon's during the night and not to pay any attention when this happened. I explained that… "if she was my wife or girlfriend that would be different and we would… a…have sex."…and &hellip.and&hellip.oh shit.

It was here. It was time to tell her the full story about sex." ---- It's me, Linda again&hellip. I watched daddy squirm and carefully try to explain things I already knew most of. I scooted close and smiled and deliberately ask the most intimate questions I could. "What's this right here daddy?"… I pulled down my tiny panties and put my finger right on my clit.

"It feels good when I rub it daddy." I watched a tent rise above his cock. I wasn't going to let this golden opportunity slip away to get him hot for me. I was still very young but I was hooked on my daddy making me ohhhh… so horny&hellip. His eyes were wide with the site of my pussy.

He tried to hide his hardon but I didn't let up. "Feel it daddy"&hellip.I took his finger and put it on my hot little clit. "If I was your girlfriend, could we have sex daddy?"… He gave up and closed his eyes and tried to gather his breath.

I moved his finger up and down on my now wet pussy. I raised one leg and pushed his finger in deeper and began a steady rubbing. He gasp and whispered…("&hellip.we have&hellip.(swallow hard) we have to set &hellip.some rules.") He said 'If'… I was a 'girlfriend', and not a daughter, who came and got in the bed at night, then&hellip.'things' would be…a&hellip.

ok to go forward. 'If'…you somehow changed…a… your looks somehow, you could be my girlfriend and&hellip.well&hellip.we could…do 'things' in the dark and…a& would be…a… different then …but it would have to be the most top secret thing ever." I got out of bed and left. I put on one of mom's old wigs and one of her old bra's.

I even found one of her old robes and put everything on. 'I'… was going to be daddy's new girlfriend. I came in his bedroom clopping with her old high heels. You could still see with the street light. I paraded around for him. I felt my little tits inside the big bra. He watch, he still a big tent. I put lotion on my legs and arms.

I acted like a grown woman getting ready for bed. I slowly took off the robe, then the bra and panties and shoes. I played with the hair on the wig and left it on. I slipped in bed under the covers. I snuggled up to him put my bare leg over him touching his cock. I took his hand and put it on my hair. I said quietly: "…hi…my name is Tina, and Linda told me you need a girlfriend." That was the beginning of just 'one' of daddy's new girlfriends.

I became…Tina. Tina was a bold aggressive girl who began kissing him and in went her tongue to tease his. His hands began to feel her tits and she felt his cock for the first time. I had watched porn vids and knew just what I wanted to do. My heart and his were pounding as we got totally excited and wonderfully sexually turned on.

His cock was big and hot to the touch. I made a turn to go down and put his warm cock on my face and lips. His hands pulled my butt cheeks to his face. He lifted my leg and I felt my first super tingles of his tongue going up and down my slit.

He stopping at my throbbing clit. I squirmed hard as his tongue traveled around it. I kissed up his cock and kissed the tip, and he jumped with a spasm jolting his cock. I managed to get my lips over the head of his cock, and sucked on it. He had licked and sucked my clit so sensitive, it tingled my whole body. His gentle finger slipped inside my slick pussy. I couldn't take that… and had my first real orgasm.

My pussy twitched inside and a wave of pleasure went though my whole body. It took my breath away and made me moan. I knew the high point was when a guy had cum come out his cock, and I wanted to do that.

I jacked and sucked hard as we both squirmed. I wasn't expecting it so soon and his hot cum shot out in my mouth, shot after shot&hellip. He jolted as he licked my clit and we both moaned. I was as shook up as he was. ---- I woke up…&hellip.

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I looked around and it was morning and he was gone to work. I couldn't wait to tell my best friend Lita what had happened. I spotted her at school and made her swear to never ever tell what I was about to tell her. I told her very quietly as she got really turned on with my story.

Then…she began to smile and whispered in my ear. ("…so your daddy pretends he has a new girlfriend, and it's really you just changing your looks? You gotta let me have a sleepover with you."…) She gasp out of breath as I at first looked at her puzzled&hellip.then I caught on&hellip.she continued, (".Please?…he'll never say anything if a 'new' girl shows up in the dim light.

Your daddy has always been so sexy to me…Please!") I told her I would have to think about it, but the idea was a real turn on to me…wait!&hellip.ok…let's do it! We giggled and set a time to have her sleepover. We got some cheap wigs and sexy clothes from the thrift store and hid them in my room. I told daddy that Lita was sleeping over this weekend. He nodded ok while watching TV. Lita was a sexy popular girl at school.

I had noticed daddy eyeballing her when she had slept over before. She noticed it too and loved the attention from him. She made sure to wear sexy nighties and stroll by him slowly to let him look at her growing hot body. Friday night came.

Lita and I were having a big sexual high waiting for daddy to go to bed and go to sleep. Both our pussy's were wet. The risk of this was making us mega horny. Finally it was time&hellip. She put on her wig and a slutty looking night gown, no bra and no panties.

We both entered his dark room. I stood in the doorway to watch. I had told her everything I did to get him aroused. It was a warm night and he had no covers over him. She carefully turned and held his rising cock. He slowly rolled towards her and pulled her pussy to him.

She started a slow jack on his cock as he started licking her pussy. It was so sexy and tense, I had to rub my own pussy as I watched. He knew just how to lick her as she moaned and squirmed with a jolting orgasm. She jacked faster while she sucked the head of his cock&hellip.he moaned and cum came shooting out his big cock in her mouth and on her face.

They both moaned and tried to catch their breath&hellip. We did it. He slowly rolled over and went to full sleep. Lita snuck back out and we went to my bedroom. Lita, and I were so hyper with her first real sexual experience.

We were young and of course next…we want to have full sex with him now. I said: "He's my daddy, I want to be first." We started planning right then for that night. The next day we put on our tight sexy shorts, no bra's and paraded around daddy all day.

We both hugged him and rubbed our pussy's on his legs. He tried not to react, but we saw the bulge in his jeans. The evening came and we put on our sexist nighties and paraded some more&hellip.then he waited until Lita was out of the room and hugged me. He whispered: ("…could you call 'Tina' and ask her to come over late tonight? ") My heart raced as I gasp and said: (…"Yes daddy! I sure will!") We wondered if he was hoping for a night visit from a 'girlfriend' that night, and he sure was.

Everything was working out perfect.

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I just knew he liked visits from Tina and&hellip.(.daddy interrupts.) "…Hold on daughter& weren't there…how would know what went on in my bed with my 'girlfriends'???…better let me tell what your daddy was doing in there…right?" "Yes daddy" "Tina was my favorite girlfriend of all time. She was so special. Another sexy 'girlfriend' showed up last night and of course, I could tell it was not Tina&hellip.I'll make her my #2 girlfriend.

She was hot and sexy also. I hoped…they both would show up some night&hellip.and they did." "Ok, continue and tell what 'Lita' told you she and her girlfriend 'Tina' did that night…" ----- Well ok,…'Lita' said Tina was to go in first and try and have full sex with him&hellip.then Lita herself would try.

They both went all out with the perfume, wigs and sexy nighties. No bra's or panties of course.

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He had the covers off only this time he was completely naked. This time Lita stood and watched in the doorway. Tina crawled in his bed and moved up to him.

She took his hand and put it on her tits.

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She then slowly crawled on top of him and took her nightie clear off. His cock was big, hard and now sticking up between her legs. Tina had the jitters as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

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She put her arms around his neck and started kissing him. Their tongues met and began to wander together as they kissed. He started feeling her butt cheeks and her wetness was slick as he started slipping his cock in her.


The quiet moaning began as it inched deeper in her pussy. Tina was in heaven with this as the motion between them increased.

She brought her knees up and let his cock rub right on her clit. His hands gripped her butt firmer as the excitement built up and up. Tina was having orgasms but something big was building up in her. She started to moan and get dizzy. She was losing her breath and then her pussy contracted around his cock as she let out a big moan&hellip.she suddenly climaxed and shook. His cock touched the bottom of her pussy and a hot blast of cum filled her pussy. They both moaned as he fucked her real fast&hellip.

more shots of cum kept coming.

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Her pussy kept contracting around his cock as they both shook and squirmed. There was just no way she could ever describe the feeling &hellip.She slid her body back and forth on top of him to get all of this feeling she could. They gasp for air and held each other tight.

Lita watched and got weak in the knees as she orgasmed with her fingers in her pussy… I now knew what after glow was. I drifted to sleep somewhere…I don't know how much time passed, but I woke up with Lita under my daddy and they were rocking the bed. The slapping of their body's together was awesome. Her legs were up and daddy was fucking her deep and fast.

They were not quiet as the grunts and moans got loud. He was feeling her tits and she had her arms around his neck kissing him. She started a steady pulsing moan and pulled on his body as he let out a grunt and cum came pouring out of her pussy…it gave me mega tingle to witness it. They both gasp for air as they kept fucking until they ran out of strength to fuck anymore&hellip. ------------------------------- Did I get it right daddy? "Stop writing and come with me&hellip.'Tina'.

" ( …god I love it when he picks me up and carries me to his bedroom&hellip.)