Anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings

Anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings
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Anna was 15, though her family always said she looked 19, with long blonde hair hazel eyes and slim figure standing at 5' 11 and 38D breasts she took after her mother. Though Anna was an early developer she had always been shy and self conscious about her body, being the tallest in her class she was always singled out for the jokes and teasing from her class mates.

Only when she was home could she really relax and be herself, most of the time she'd watch TV with her family or if there was nothing on she'd be in her room on the computer playing games or talking to her friends.

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One Friday night Anna's parents told her that the whole family were going to her aunts for the next day, Anna did not get along with her cousins so that night she decide to pretend to be ill, the next morning her mum said that as she wasn't well she would have to say at home and have her mum's friend who lived next door check on her every so often.

Shortly after 9am her mum, dad and brother all left for her aunt's house, feeling smug about getting out of going Anna went back to bed. After a while Anna started feeling bored so she went on her computer and started talking to one of her friends, after a while Anna couldn't understand why the pauses between replies from her friend Susan were getting longer and longer, so she asked.

Susan made her promise not to tell anyone else, and then went on to explain how Susan's older sister had used her computer a couple of times, well the last time she had not logged out properly and Susan had found that her sister had been in an adult chat room, feeling curious Susan join the room and got chatting to older guys, Susan then admitted that she was on the room now and that's why the pauses were getting longer.

Anna couldn't believe it so she dared Susan to tell her the room name, and when Susan did Anna join it to see if Susan was telling the truth, almost right away Anna found Susan's name as she had posted a picture of herself on it as well, as Anna started chatting to Susan on the room Anna received an invite to chat from someone she didn't know.

Feeling nervous Anna answered and got chatting to him. He said his name was Mike, he was 52 and he hoped she didn't mind him talking to her, Anna didn't mind so she told him so, chatting for a while Susan found that Mike didn't live too far away from her and that he was divorced, as they chatted Mike suddenly asked what Anna looked like, describing herself to him she asked what he looked like, all of a sudden an invite to webcam came up, 'I'll show you if you like' was Mikes reply.

Anna knew her webcam would show her and before accepting she remember she was naked so quickly pulled on a tee shirt and nothing else. Accepting the invite Anna saw the chat box change and the image of an older man appear, Mike looked younger than 52 and nice, so Anna told him so. Mike replied that if he had seen Anna in the street he would never have thought she was 15, she looked much older.

As they chatted Mike kept complementing Anna on her looks, then he went quiet for a second, when Anna asked what was wrong he said nothing, but Ana asked again and Mike said he was tempted to ask if he could see Anna standing up, blushing Anna asked why and Mike said he thought she would have a sexy figure and body but it was ok if Anna didn't want to show him.


Anna said she wasn't sure she should and Mike said he'd happily show Anna his body, without waiting he stood and moved away from the camera so she could see him; all Mike was wearing was a pair of shorts. Sitting back down again Mike asked Anna what she thought, and she told him she thought he looked nice.

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After a few minutes Anna decided that as Mike hadn't asked again to see her he meant what he said and she decided to show him her body. When Anna told him he started smiling and said 'great' so standing up Anna moved away from the camera and turned so he could see her, Mike's eyes were wide as he gazed at Anna in nothing but a tee shirt, sitting back down Anna felt excited and Mike kept complimenting her. After a while Anna noticed that Mike's hand kept disappearing out of camera shot below the table.


Curiously Anna asked Mike what he was doing, Mike replied 'nothing' but Anna could see he didn't mean it and he went red, sitting up and stretching Anna said she should go and do stuff but Mike asked her to stay and keep talking to him, Anna didn't have anything really to do so she stayed, again Mike's hand disappeared and again Anna asked him what he was doing. Mike asked her not to be angry but he was stroking his cock, seeing Anna's sexy body had made him hard and he couldn't help it, shocked Anna didn't know what to say.

Suddenly Anna heard herself ask 'can I see it please' shocked that she'd asked and before she could say anything else Mike stood up and pulled his shorts down revealing his hard cock to her, Anna felt her pussy become damp looking at it, she heard Mike ask if she liked what she saw and when she said yes he started stroking it, making it grow bigger.

Anna could only sit and stare as Mike stroked his cock for her, suddenly Mike sat down and Anna felt a bit disappointed that he had stopped.

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Mike asked Anna how she felt and blushing Anna replied that she felt tingly and excited, admitting that she wanted to see it again and watch as Mike stroked it more, without pausing Mike said that she could see more if. Anna asked 'if what?' Mike didn't answer straight away and when he did it was in a low husky whisper. 'You can see more if you show me something.' barely breathing Anna asked what Mike wanted to see, looking straight at the webcam Mike told her.

'I want to see your breasts'.

Anna blushed and stammered 'I don't know if I can.' interrupting Mike said 'fairs fair, you want to see more so you should let me see some.' Anna's breath got faster as she slowly pulled her tee shirt off over her head, blushing she sat there naked now, Mike told her to angle the cam down so he could see the whole of her breasts, blushing harder Anna moved the cam and heard Mike gasp, 'they're beautiful honey, how are you feeling?' Anna admitted she was more excited than scared and that her nipples were tingling, 'touch them for me Anna' came Mike's reply.

Anna felt like she had no control as her hand came up and stroked her breasts touching her nipple she felt it get hard, all the while Mike watched saying nothing, he suddenly moved his cam and again Anna could see his huge cock. watching Mike stroke and tease it she felt her pussy getting wetter and started rubbing and playing with her breasts more and more.

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Anna stared at Mike's cock as he stroked it slowly at first then faster as he became aroused, Anna felt her pussy getting wetter and hotter, slowly reaching down she touched her pussy lips and was shocked how wet they were. Slipping a finger inside as she had done many times before Anna ran it up and down her soaking pussy as she watched Mike wank harder as he watched her playing with her tits, suddenly Anna couldn't stop herself slipping 2 fingers inside her hole she started fucking herself trying to match Mike's strokes on his cock, all the while using her thumb on her now swollen clit, Anna started moaning louder and louder which only made Mike stroke faster, pulling on her nipples Anna finger fucked herself faster and faster now all worries forgotten she pounded her fingers in and out of her hole crying out as she built to her first orgasm, she could hear mike panting and moaning louder and louder.

Anna felt her pussy tighten and started orgasming harder than she ever had before, unable to stop herself she screamed out loud again and again her pussy pulsed round her moving fingers, it felt like she would orgasm forever, almost crying with pleasure Anna first ever multiple orgasm slowly ended her pussy pulse hard as she pulled her deeply buried fingers out of her now hot soaking and sore pussy.

Mike's voice was husky and panting as he told Anna that he wished he could meet her so he could play with those gorgeous tits, Anna moaned softly as teasing her nipples and watching Mike wank made her more and more excited, 'would you like me to cum for you Anna?' Mike asked.

feeling herself blush harder she heard herself reply 'oh please Mike yes.' 'I'll cum for you if you don't stop playing with those tits so I can see. I want to hear you moaning too, imagine it's me touching them and making the nipples hard.' Anna was so turned on now she was gasping and moaning louder and louder, 'Please Mike do it play with my tits' pulling on her nipples Anna made them harder and redden mashing her hand against them and rubbing hard as she watched Mike's hand move faster and faster on his huge hard shaft, suddenly Anna could see Mike's balls tense up and with a horse 'I'm cumming' Mike's cock started bucking and shooting long thick strings of his cum all over his stomach and hand.

it seemed to go on for ages and Anna realised she had stopped breathing, with a gasp Anna started panting, she stopped playing with her tits feeling her nipples hard and sore Anna couldn't believe what had happened.


Slowly Mike moved the cam up and smiling asked her did she like what she'd seen, Anna panting hard nodded, then Mike said he would have to go and he hoped that they could talk again. maybe they could do more next time. Anna blushed as she said she'd like that. Before she could say more Mike was gone and a blank screen greeted her eyes.

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