TRUE ANAL MILF Kendra Lust back for another ass fucking

TRUE ANAL MILF Kendra Lust back for another ass fucking
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After my afternoon delight with Brooke, I knew I had to see her again. A week went by and she invited me over after she got off work. Arriving at her house in the evening, I notice she is home alone. Being ushered into her home, I see that she has cut her hair and had black highlights and black ends added since I saw her last. Complimenting her on her recent hair style change begins our tale of my being teased by Ms.


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After all the normal chit chat and how everyone is, we are seated on the couch just talking away about nothing in particular. Her being a waitress, she is barefoot and kicks her heels up on my knees.

Asking me to give her a foot massage, I turn in my seat and begin. Slowly running my calloused thumbs up and down her instep I begin with her right foot. Massaging her heel and foot relaxes her and helps her unwind after being on her feet all day. Finishing with her right foot I set it back down on my left knee. As I get started on her left foot, I feel her right begin to slowly move up my left thigh. Stroking higher with her foot, I feel my cock stretching out along my thigh trying to reach her playful foot.

Finding what she had hoped to find. She begins tracing my outline thru my jeans as I continue massaging her left foot. As I finish with her foot massage, she stands up and moves in front of me. Turning me back forward, she instructs me to sit on my hands and no touching until she tells me that I can. Straddling my legs she presses me back into the couch. Tracing my jaw with her fingernails as she stares into my blue eyes she licks along my lips edge.

Stopping at my bottom lip she sucks gently on my lip taking it deep enough between hers that she bites my lip. Feeling my throbbing cock pressed up against leg she raises slightly taking all pressure off my lap and erection.

Still staring into my eyes she grips the back of my neck pulling me to her as she gives me a wet teasing kiss that makes me want to throw her onto the couch. Rip her clothes off and do all the naughty ideas running thru my mind.

Ms. Brooke changes my mind quickly by sitting fully back down on my lap and grinding herself on my hard shaft. She decides that we should retire to her bedroom. Leading me by the hand, I get to watch her ass sway seductively down the hall.


Pulling me into her room she closes and locks her door. Telling me that the "no touching" rule is still in effect she begins to strip me of my t-shirt, pants and socks leaving me in just my boxer briefs.

Instructing me to lay on the bed, she turns on her cd player and hits play. AC/DC "Shook Me All Night Long" coming thru the speakers she turns the lights down low and begins a strip tease. The song ending as she ends up in just bra and panties, she walks closer to the bed. As she kneels beside me on the bed she leans down forcing my mouth open with her tongue.

Her red and black hair framing my bald head as we kiss passionately. She bites and sucks my lip. Moving lower she begins to suck, lick and nibble on my neck up and down each side from ear to ear. The whole time I can feel her hair shifting and moving along my shaven scalp, my ears and my neck. Taking an ear in her lips and lightly licking along the lobe she whispers "I am going to tease you until you beg me to fuck you and let you cum." Headed lower down my body I feel her painted hair tips dragging along my chest and stomach.

Lying back with my hands behind my head to resist touching her I begin to enjoy her hair caressing my torso. Feeling her head dip down I am not expecting the teeth that bites my nipple as she nibbles on it bringing it to a needle point.

Her head swaying back and forth with a song that I don't know her hair sashaying across my chest I watch her head drop back down.

This time her playful tongue is licking my other nipple as her hand drags lacquered fingernails along my chest. Her tongue makes my other nipple as hard as tic tac. She enjoys making it bend and flicking it with her tongue. As I feel her body shifting and moving down the bed, I also feel her hair slowly dragging along my body.

Her blackened tips sliding along from just above my boxer briefs to my thighs feel exquisite and different. My inability to feel her hair thru my boxers makes my cock throb and jerk wanting to feel her caressing me.

I give a sigh of relief as her hands grip the waistband of my briefs and only pull them down just enough for my swollen cockhead to be exposed. It is hard to describe the hundreds of hairs tickling along the mushroomed head of my cock as she drags her along the edge of my briefs. My hips give an involuntary thrust as I feel her warm breath blowing along my rigid head mixed in with her hair teasing.

As her head moves from one side to the other it takes almost all I have to keep my hands behind my head and not touching her in some way. Another straw added to break the camel's back happens when I feel her hot playful tongue tracing along the curves of my cockhead. My contracting muscles make my cock jerk and throb also bring up a pearl of precum to the slit in the head of my cock.

At first thinking she missed the bubbly pearl being brought up along my shaft that thought goes out the window as I feel her mouth slowly engulf my blood red cockhead.

Ms. Brooke's hands pulling down my briefs as her tongue dances along my pulsing head. I feel at the same time her tongue sliding back and forth along the slit in my cockhead and her thumb pushing up from the base of my cock to the head drawing out another sweet slick pearl of precum.

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Hearing and feeling her mouth release my cock with a pop I almost reach down and grab her hair and slide myself back between her silky lips and into her hot mouth. I hesitate as she pulls my briefs down to my knees. I watch as her head does a figure 8 dragging her hair along my shaft to my cum filled balls, across my thighs up the other side of my shaft.

I even feel her hair dragging along the top of my shaft. She is using her hair to gently caress and tease my shaft. She grips my heavy balls in her hand and pulls downward making my cock stand straight up. With her head movements slowing some, she plunges her mouth halfway down my cock. Her playful tongue sliding up and down the shaft as she slowly pulls her mouth from my saliva slick shaft.

Her mouth never leaving my hardness she begins to bob her head up and down my throbbing shaft.

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Breaking the rule of no touching I rest my hand on her lovely locks, not pushing or pulling but just there as I let out a guttural moan. Hearing me moan she quickly removes me from her suckling mouth. Watching as my cock jerks and pulses with my heart beat she sits back and looks up at me.

With my promise of no touching broken I push her backwards attacking her mouth that had just been full of my cock with my own lips and tongue.

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Tasting my sweet but slightly salty precum on her tongue I begin to explore her mouth with my tongue. As our tongues duel and hands roam up and down our bodies we press ourselves to each other. She has an advantage being flat on her back, she has more of my body to explore and touch than I do of her.

As I kiss and suck on the soft hollow of her neck I slip her right titty from her black bra.

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Sliding my thumb along her nipple and all around the areola I get a bright idea and tease her with her own hair. With my lips pressing against her throat I not only feel but hear her moan as I tease her with her amber locks. Pulling her to me I press my hard shaft down along her panty covered pussy, I feel her hotness and wetness on the gusset of her soaked panties. As I slide my cock along her white silky panties I kiss and lick my way down from her neck to heaving titties. I pull her bra down her body releasing her other breast.

As I raise up and roll her on her side to unclasp her bra, she reaches upwards with her hot lips and suck on my nipple. I drag her brastraps down her arms before throwing it over in the corner. Pushing her back down I grab and squeeze both her big nippled titties attacking first one and then the other.

My tongue and lips begin to tease and make her bloated nipples rise up and stick out like hard pink lil erasers. Her hands and fingers sometimes softly gliding along my spine, other times stopping and digging fingernails into my flesh make me grind my cock even harder against her juice slick panties.

I hump my hips backwards allowing my cockhead to drop lower along her panty gusset. With the knowledge of where her tight wet pussy hole ismy cockhead searches before I push forward feeling her heavenly nectar soak her panties and bathes my swollen head in her juices.

Ms. Brooke's fingernails digging into my asscheeks as I tease her with dry humping cock. At first not wanting to be the one that gives in, I decide that I would rather have her slick pussy grasping my cock than just dry hump her all night. As I look into her eyes, I beg for her to pull her panties to the side and let my cock split her open. I notice one of her hands has left my asscheek and I feel it sliding between us.

Her silky panties being pulled to the side allows the pent up heat from her pussy to radiate out onto my cockhead. As I thrust forward, her heels spur me on as I drill my hard cock as deeply inside her as possible.

Finally being buried balls deep inside her grasping slick channel, we both moan as my cock bottoms out inside her. My swollen cockhead bumps against her cervix making her moan even louder. As my cock stays filling her tight pussy her buries her head along my collar bone, flexing my groin muscles causes my cock to jerk inside her making her suck and bite along my collar bone. Pushing her knees upwards and grabbing her thighs in my hands I slowly pull my shaft from her tightness.

Raising up slightly we both watch as my glistening shaft slides from her clutching velvety wetness. Slowly sinking myself back inside her brings another chorus of groans from our lips as I begin a rythym of forcefully thrusting that has her bed rocking.

That all too familiar feeling from my cum filled balls comes way to quickly, to alleviate this I pull my hard shaft completely out. Laying my blood engorged shaft along her slick pussylips I slowly slide my steely shaft up and down teasing her hard little clit with my swollen head on each stroke. Bringing my breathing closer to normal I know that I can last a while longer without blowing my load. Just as I begin to drag my mushroomed head lower to reenter her, Brooke pushes me away and rolls over onto her hands and knees.

I look down and see her ass stuck up in the air. She gives me a sexy target to bury myself into as I kneel behind her and line my thick cock up with her juicy quim.

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Just as my hardened cockhead splits her open, she shoves back with her hips taking me deeply. Reaching forward I grab her shoulder with one hand and her darkened hair with the other. Pull back slightly as we begin a fast paced fucking with both of us racing towards the finish line. My balls slapping her hard clit with each thrust we have both thrown out the lets be gentle ideas and only seek to give each other as much pleasure as possible. As we fuck furiously I can feel my thighs beginning to tremble.

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Raking my hands down her back I give both her asscheeks a solid smack, sending her over the edge just as my balls suck up to the base of my cock. My cockhead swelling to cum spurting proportions as the first jet shoots up my cock and blasts against her fuckbone. I pull back only slightly as I thrust forward and the second one burst forth from my cock.

The third thru fifth squirts get weaker as her pulsing grasping pussy milks all the cum from my cock and bathes my shaft in her own cum. I collapse onto her back causing her to fall forward. Ms. Brooke has the presence of mind to roll slightly right so that my weight does not crush her as we stayed joined at the crotch.

With all our energy spent after our rushing orgasms we both partake in a much deserved nap.