Ella Me Excita Cuando Estoy en el Trabajo

Ella Me Excita Cuando Estoy en el Trabajo
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My freshman year of college was a weird time for me. I was questioning who I was, was I gay? Was I straight? Maybe just curious about men? You see, I had the same girlfriend all through high school, and we were engaged the summer right after high school graduation. But still, I couldn't shake this urge to be with men. I had messed around with my stepdad and my stepcousin quite a few times since I had turned 18, but I pretty much chalked that up as curiosity.


I went to college in Arkansas, about 20 miles from home, so to save money I decided to NOT live on campus. I drove back and forth 3 days a week, worked full time in the evenings, and it left me very little time to do anything else.

What little time I did have was spent with the girlfriend, planning our future.

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It had been over a week since I had jerked off, and not having free time, meant no time to bang the girlfriend either. Sitting in my Psychology class one afternoon, I sprang such a hardon that I thought I would die from blue balls. I had a couple of hours between Psychology and my Algebra class, and most days I spent that time doing homework, or relaxing at the Student Union. This particular day, I decided to take a trip to the restroom and jerk off, just to be able to make it through the day.

When I walked into the restroom on the 3rd floor of my classroom building, I figured I would be safe. There were no afternoon classes in that part of the building, and it was always rather vacant. I strolled over to the furthest urinal and unbuttoned my pants. As I pulled down my underwear, my cock sprang out with such force, just waiting to be touched, caressed, and fondled. I was so excited and horny that I did not notice someone is in the furthest stall at the end of the restroom.

I spit into my hand and began stroking my cock for all it was worth! Pullling and squeezing my throbbing cock, I closed my eyes and laid my head back thinking about my hot, older, Psych professor. To tell you the truth, it was by far my favorite class. Not because of the subject matter, but because of the Professor!

He was very open about human behavior, especially sexual behaviors. It was easy to fantasize about him! Just as I was in mid-daydream about sucking my Professor's cock in the classroom, I felt someone watching me. I glanced over, and saw a janitor cleaning the urinal right next to me!!!

Lost in my thoughts and raging hardon, I did not notice that the janitor had been cleaning the restroom that afternoon!! When I looked over and saw the janitor, I was so scared/embarrassed, I had no idea what to do.

He had OBVIOUSLY seen me jacking off, and continued to look at my crotch even after I got caught. I managed to pull myself together somewhat, and just looked at him and said, "hey man, I am so sorry.

I thought this bathroom was empty. I hope you understand." The janitor looked at me and smiled and said, "listen, if I had a dollar for every student I have caught jerking off in one of these bathrooms, I could retire a very rich man"! And then.he smiled and winked at me. For some reason, my nerves left me, and I slowly began jerking my cock in front of him again. The janitor cleaned the other 2 urinals next to me, and as he did so, I caught him stealing a few glances from time to time.

This got my mind racing, so I decided to really put on a show! I angled my body where he could watch a little better, and bagan moaning and pulling my cock straight out in front of me to give him a bird's eye view of what I was pulling on.


Now, granted, I am not the biggest hung guy in the world, but my cock is pretty thick and it's certainly something to look at. As the janitor finished his cleaning, and as I caught him watching from time to time, I noticed every once in a while him pulling at his own cock through his jeans. A quick glance up to make sure I was watching him, and he would tug and pull slower and longer each time. He finally got up the nerve to put down his cleaning stuff and stand about 2 feet away just watching.

So, me being the good sport, I just continued to jack off for him. After 4 or 5 minutes of him watching, and the outline of what seemed to be a pretty long cock forming in those tight jeans, I decided to speak up.

"You know, it's only fair that you pull it out and show it to me. I mean, you've seen mine, so let's see what you got." I thought the guy was going to pass out from his nerves, but slowly, he undid his top bottom and worked his way down those button flys. When he got to the 3rd button, I knew he was going commando.

The thick bush of hair, and a little peek at the head of his cock was all my cock could take, and I instantly shot a hot thick load of cum all over that urinal! As I stood there, apologizing for the mess, Mr. Janitor said, "don't worry about it man, that was hot!" He seemed to slow down with his own little show, so I knew I had little time to make a move.

"Hey man, you better get that thing off or else you will be aching as bad as I was earlier!", I found myself saying out loud. "Not here", he said. "Too many people in and out". He buttoned up, and pushed the cleaning cart out of the restroom and toward the elevator. I ran to the sink and washed my hands hurriedly and exited the restroom.

When I got in to the hallway, I saw that he was holding the elevator for me.

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I walked in the elevator and as the doors closed he said, "you wanna see me cum?" Hell, I didn't even have to think about it."YES", I stated. We made it to the 1st floor and proceeded down the hall to a room marked "closet".

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He took out his keys, looked around and unlocked the tiny cleaning closet. He motioned for me to follow him inside. I walked in and he pushed the door closed behind me, turning the lock as he did so. "Now, where was I" he said. I watched him undo his button fly for the second time, only this time I got a great view of his very long cock as it jumped out of those jeans. "Damn!" I said loudly and he just smiled. I sat down on a bucket next to me as he pulled the jeans down and started jerking that cock a few inches from my face.

He stroked his cock for what seemed like hours, all the while thrusting his hips closer to my face. "I'm not sure if it's going to happen for me man", he said with a bit of a frown. It was NOW or NEVER I told myself. I reached up and put my hand on his and stroked his cock in unison with him. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly. After several strokes together, he moved his hand from his cock, and let me do the work.

After a few minutes, I started moving my face in closer and closer. So close I could smell the sweat and feel the heat from the days' work on his cock and his ballsac. Mr. Janitor opened his eyes, glanced down at my face only a fraction of a centimeter from his cockhead and nodded to me. I knew exactly what he wanted. I gripped that cock at the base and stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his dick a few times, throwing him into longer, heavier breathing.

I knew that it was on, and that my experience sucking my stepdad and stepcousin would definitely work in my favor. I put my entire mouth over his cockhead, and I began to suck long, big strokes on his manmeat.

Each motion of my sucking let out heavy breaths and moans from this hot, very hairy janitor! The next time I glanced up, he locked eyes with mine, and I knew then that he wasn't even thinking or imagining anyone else but me sucking his cock.

By this time, I was hard again, and managed to free my own cock from my pants. I sucked and sucked on the janitor for quite sometime, while I stroked my cock.

After quite a while, he pulled his cock from my eager lips and pulled me to my feet. The next thing I knew he was pulling my pants down and turning me around.

I wanted him inside me so bad, and it looked like my wish was coming true!

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I spit a huge glob of saliva onto my fingertips and worked it in my ass crack and hole. I then spit again and rubbed it all over his cockhead, bending over with my arms folded on the bucket.

I was a little taller than the janitor, so he pushed my lower back down so his cock could reach my hole. The janitor rubbed his juicy cock in my ass crack several times before he slowly started putting the head in. Once the entire head was in my hole, I let out the breath I had been holding and he sensed my willingness to let him go in further. He slowly pushed further and further into my ass, making me think his cock would come out of my mouth.

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It felt so good as he pumped slowly at first, getting faster and faster with every pump. I beat my meat for all it was worth! I thought because I had just cum earlier, it would take me a few minutes longer to get off this time. Just as I was ready to shoot for the second time, he pulled out of me and asked where he should come? I wheeled my body around and opened my mouth, giving him an obvious and clear target for his load. Mr. Janitor let out a long moan as he shot a huge load of salty/sweet goo all over my tongue and mouth.

I began shooting my cum simultaneously not paying attention to where it landed. I'm not sure who was more spent, me or the janitor, but we managed to compose ourselves and buttoned up without saying a word. As I looked over at him unlocking the door, all he said was "thanks man, I really needed that".

I made eye contact and said, "anytime". For several weeks I headed to that same restroom on Wednesday afternoons after Psych class hoping to get a little action from Mr. Janitor. I had all but given up until the week after our Christmas break, when I decided to give it one more try. I opened the bathroom door that cold day in January and was thrilled to not only see my janitor, but to feel the warmth of the heat he had turned up.

He glanced at me and winked, and headed to the back stall. I followed quickly, and joined him. When I got in to the stall, he said with a smile, "I've got a bone to pick with you. You spooged on one of my suede boots the last time, and now one of them has a huge spot on the toe." I laughed at his cute smile, and said, "I would love to make it up to you" as I slid my hands up his hairy stomach and chest.