Reality scene is playing out with a guy and a hot whore

Reality scene is playing out with a guy and a hot whore
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Cathy: Chapter 2 was longer than I originally planned. But I couldn't see breaking off before the two girls became pregnant. It ends with a long narration by Mark, the man who's finally accepted what fate has forced upon him, the wanton love of two of the most desirable females imaginable.

ps (to Casey): Thanks for the fan e-mail. Like I told Jon-J, I ain't admitting nuttin. But I love having guys lusting over me even if I'm not the sex pot we both wish I was. ps (to hsteffee): You didn't sign your e-mail, so I don't know if you want love and kisses. But thanks for the compliments. ps (to everyone): People keep asking me questions about myself, so I decided to say a few things at the end, but nothing about me physically.

I could simply lie and pretend I look like Katlin or Missy. If you're interested in knowing a few things about me and not just my body, read the addundum. If not, just enjoy the story (I hope) and quit when you get to the end of this chapter. ---------------------- Katlin and Missy: Chapter 3 - Pregnancy ---------------------- 1 Katlin: It was Missy's day. I insisted she go first, because I'm stronger, more able to tolerate the disappointment.

But when I watched Mark lower himself onto her cute little body all I could think about was how much I wanted to be the one there on the bed underneath him.

Probably few girls in the history of the race were more ready or better prepared to lose their virginity than the two of us. I was terribly afraid we were over prepared.

Would my cunt feel so stretched out that he wouldn't like it. I watched closely, knowing Missy's vagina was just as used as mine, hoping Mark would find her acceptable. I was also in love with her, almost as much as Mark, and wanted only the best for both of them. Watching was a bit awkward. There was no chair in the room. There were only the floor and the bed. Or I could go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet.

You could see the bed from the john. With no door, you couldn't avoid it. But it was further away then I wanted to be when the two people I loved most were about to make love for the first time. Still, I didn't want to crowd them. I couldn't sit on the bed so I watched standing up.

I hadn't had the dildos inside me for two days. I missed them, especially the pussy one with the clit vibrator. Not having them inside me after more than a week getting used to the erotic stuffed feeling, made me feel empty. But it did allow me to play with myself, which I did now for the first time since I'd been captured. What else could I do watching Missy get what I so desperately wanted?

I didn't need to touch myself for excitement. I needed it for relief. My pussy was soaking wet just looking at Missy laying there ready for our lover to impail her. Being naked, my love juices were free to run down my thighs. Maybe Mark would notice and realise how much my body wanted him. The previous day I'd decided I wanted to be closer to Mark than just lying next to him. I'd squated over him gently lowering myself until my nipples just touched his chest, not touching him anywhere else, especially not touching his abused crotch.

It felt so nice. Nipples are supposed to be for nursing babies. But mine are like buttons that turn me into a sex crazed animal. I suppose if I'd ever gotten there in the normal course of dating I'd have learned how to tolerate this pleasure without losing control.

But in the sex prison there was no reason and no way to act "proper". Touch me and I'm yours, Mark, anyway you want me. I was the one pressing my buttons against his chest, but it might just as well have been him on top doing the job. My squirming around to drag my nipples and titties against him as much as possible soon awakened him. He smiled and I knew it would be all right. Mark seemed to like looking at my breasts in spite of their small size. Missy's are even a little smaller.

Together we don't have all that much to offer him. But he seems to like our two pairs of tits anyway. ---------------------- 2 Missy: I'm not much good at describing my feelings, not much of a writer either. Not like Kate. I think she's better at everything. But that doesn't bother me. Someone has to be better, and I love her like a sister. More than a sister. And letting me have Mark first! I'll never be able to make that up to her.

She let me become a woman first. More importantly, she let me become Mark's woman first. It's funny calling yourself a woman when you're fifteen.

But the minute I felt him inside me that's the way I felt about myself. Some cultures assume being opened up makes you a woman.

But I don't think it was that simple. I think if I'd been fucked by a boy my age I'd have remained a girl, just one with her hymen ruptured. But being made love to by a man like Mark, well, he seems to bring me up to his level. The whole business was intended to get us pregnant, obviously. We now knew why they'd kidnapped Mark, apparently at random. Just to stud us. I was sort of expecting now that once we'd gotten knocked up we'd be turned loose.

Someone hated our families and wanted both to suffer the shame of having their girls go through abortions. Kate's parents would probably be cool about it. And maybe my father. But my mother would go ballistic, just after killing me. My mother's not a kind person, in spite of all her "Christian" sayings. Actually, that cult she belongs to is more about hate than love. They especially hate sex. There was one good thing about going to a girl's school. While I didn't get to meet boys, I also didn't see my mother as much.

The people at the school were actually very nice. But they were just regular Catholics. My mom's sect wasn't big enough to run their own school. Nor would my father let her force me to go to such a school. The Catholic girl's school was a compromise.

When Mark did the deed he was much more careful than necessary, at least for me. What a funny situation, a girl fifteen years old getting deflowered by a thirty-eight year old experienced man and both of us only worrying about it hurting him.

I couldn't have been more ready physically or emotionally. No regrets whatever.

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When I finally felt him inside me it was total relief. When I felt him ejaculate it was heaven! I could have loved the mistress for making this happen. Everything, especially the training, had been moving in this direction. The pain probably speeded things up. I imagine training without excessive pain would only take longer.

All she had to do was stick the two dildos inside me and zap the clit vibrator a few times a day and she could have turned me into a slut in maybe four days instead of two. But she obviously liked inflicting pain anyway. I was so excited, so happy to become his woman, one of his women, that when he touched me with his tongue I practically orgasmed that second.

I felt his soft tongue feel around inside me between my pussy lips, lick up around my clit and I realized how much better he felt than the dildo extension that had cupped me there for over a week. His tongue felt even better than when the thing was vibrating, though I didn't immediately orgasm. It felt nice, loving. I was sharing my most intimate place with the man I already loved, and not with a plastic machine.

He slid down away from my clit and stuck his tongue further inside me. If I hadn't been ruined, even this slight stretching would have been noticable. But he wasn't stretching me at all. His tongue was small compared to the thing that had been parked inside me, and was much smaller than the thick tapered shaft the mistress used to stretch me when I held my fanny against the cage bars.

But inspite of the lack of strain, I still loved feeling his tongue inside me. It was better than an orgasm. Gentle, wonderful. I would have willingly, eagerly spent the rest of my life laying there willingly spread eagle, Mark's tongue inside my pussy.

But after what seemed like less time than I desired, I felt him lick his way back up the few inches to my clit again. This time my body was much too ready for this pleasure. His tongue touched my hard little button and suddenly I exploded. I think it surprised him. It surprised the hell out of me.

I gushed my love juices all over his chin. My machine made orgasms had only been training. This was true pleasure, loving, gentle, fantastic. Maybe not gentle. Mark was gentle but my body was not. I felt fluids gush out of me with violent force. I loved that violence! All my previous orgasms had been raped out of me.

This one was mine. Mine and Mark's. Mine, Mark's and Katlin's. It hadn't just happened in my vagina. I could feel echos of my love reflect throughout my body, from my ears to my toes, and especially around my anus.


I felt the orgasm there almost as strongly as in my pussy. Mark had been reaching for my chest when his tongue triggered my first loving climax.

I could tell this. Katlin has told me that several times with her encouragement, her boy dates fondled her breasts through her bra. But it was no way as satisfactory as feeling Mark's fingers carress her bare nipples. I'd never even been felt up through a bra.

Having your tits fondled usually comes way before your first male induced orgasm. But things with the three of us were totally unusual.

Even having had an orgasm, as soon as I recovered slightly, I wanted in the worst way to feel myself fondled. And a few seconds later I got my wish. In order to give himself good access to my chest, Mark had slid himself up higher on my body. One hand was cupping my breasts, alternating between them, sometimes squeezing the entire mound, which fit inside his large hand, sometimes tweaking and squeezing the nipple. I know men like women with large tits.

But I loved the way I fit inside one of his hands! It made me feel so completely his! Mark's other hand was pressed into my wet pussy like he was trying to stem my flow. But his touch was doing a lot more to increase it! I could feel my river of cume flowing under his palm, and down between my ass cheeks toward my asshole. Mark followed the flow with his hand, wiping my crotch with my natural lubricant until he found my wide open asshole waiting for his attention.

I didn't even know I was holding myself open until I felt his fingers enter me there. Suddenly I was off again into another, even more powerful orgasm. I guess I never recovered completely from that second orgasm. What happened during the rest of our love making is a bit hazy.

Mostly I can just remember feeling wonderful. At some point he entered me with his penis, and I knew my life had changed! I think I came twice during our genital coupling, the second time in sync with his climax.

Mark told me later that in porn the man often pulls out and ejaculates on the girls body, her tits or face or elsewhere, but not often in real life. Fortunately our instructions directed us to remain coupled. With Mark's penis still inside me, the excitement would never end. But I did calm down a little once I stopped having my orgasm and eventually when I felt his manhood shrinking inside me. At that point he pulled out and I felt free to hug him.

I don't know why I thought I was supposed to keep myself wide spread during sex. But it had never occurred to Katlin to inform me otherwise.

Her whispered instructions during the preceeding day had said nothing about the position I should assume. She had told me that Mark would likely do most of the things he did. But she'd forgotten to tell me what I was supposed to do. ---------------------- 3 Katlin: Missy thinks she made a mistake holding the spread eagle position during her first love making session with Mark. But I was watching so I know how desirable it made her look, how vulnerable.

To give Mark an similiar view of my body wide open and eager and to prove to Missy that it wasn't a major blunder, I decided to do the same thing my first time with him. It was probably harder for me because I knew I had the option not to. But I pretended we were playing the bondage game like I'd read about in Cosmopolitan once. The girl pretends her hands are tied and she had to submit to anything her lover wants. It's supposed to be very erotic for the girl. She can even play the game without telling him what she's doing.

The next morning Missy started having her period. There was a box of tampax in the bathroom, and I had to show her what to do because she'd only used pads. The first day of her flow she went through a bunch of them. I always use a big pad the first day. I think most women do, but our jailors hadn't supplied us any pads. I was wondering about how I'd like it when my turn came, then thought maybe I would never have a period here. I wasn't due for another two weeks and had suddenly realized I was just about at the peak of my fertility!


I never mentioned this to Mark because I wasn't sure how he felt about the probability of knocking me up. Nor was I sure I should tell him how much I loved the idea.

For that matter we didn't even tell him Missy was having her period. He wasn't going to fuck her that day. And on her second day her flow had relaxed so much that having removed a tampax a few minutes earlier, she didn't bleed enough for him to notice. Nor did we want to remind the jailors. It was possible they didn't know Missy was in the middle of her period and therefore totally infertile.

The last thing she wanted was a reason for him to not fuck her! Of course it would have meant I'd get fucked two days in a row. But I never even considered that. Missy, having spent a whole day without intercourse was in a very bad way. Later, after our pregnancies we relaxed into normal sluts. But having just finished the "training" the two of us were still so addicted to sex that not having it two days in a row would have been painful.

Mark and I had decided to do it in the early afternoon. Actually it wasn't even a mutual decision. He suggested it and I agreed. The sooner the better for my hormones. But the longer we waited the more recovery time he'd have, and maybe the better the fuck would be. I had no reason to disagree and rarely do. I hear about married couples where the wife pretty much runs things. Maybe I just like it when Mark makes decisions.

Missy is even less likely than me to assert herself. Except when it really matters. Even then, a year later, if Mark insisted she would have given him the divorce. But she was prepared to stand up to everyone else in the world, her parents, mine, everyone. Of course, I was always rooting for her so she had at least one strong advocate in her corner.

And secretly, I think Mark was always on her side as well. But lets leave the mundane future of births and divorces and get back to that exciting present in which I had no choice about what was about to happen to me.

I was about to get fucked, get my cherry sort of "popped", at least my emotional one if not my hymen, and by the man I loved! What can I say? It was too wonderful to describe.

I think I had even more orgasms than Missy. Part of the excitement, of course, was that I secretly knew he was probably impregnating me. Was that why I loved it as much as I did? Or was it because he was in better shape and fucked me harder than Missy? I remember feeling most of the same things I saw him do to her. That wonderful magic tongue of his.

Better than all the dildos in the world! In my pussy hole! Every time he went near my clit I exploded. All he had to do was touch my anus and ditto. I loved feeling his fingers inside my fanny. By then I'd always orgasmed, climaxing while he was just parting my anal lips.

The thing I wanted most, feeling him cume inside my vagina I finally got. I was so frustrated and happy and excited, and suddenly I was at peace with the universe.

Of course I was also having one rip roaring orgasm in time with his. But that was just gravy. Mostly I was aware of those wonderful swimmies inside me, one of which was certainly in the process of finding it's way through my cervix, finding my luck egg and making me into a mother. But I didn't tell anyone except Missy why I was so infernally happy about everything.

Missy's turn the next day was different only in that it wasn't her first time and she let herself respond rather than just holding the spread eagle pose. But don't let me imply that she was unresponsive the first time. While holding her wrists and ankles out toward the corners of the bed, her body was acting like it had no other purpose but to please and be pleased by Mark's. This time there was more kissing and hugging, and maybe even more female orgasms.

I'd been afraid Missy might not enjoy it as much with her period underway. But apparently there was no problem. She even managed to keep him from sticking his tongue inside her pussy without him realizing it. Every time he started, she'd slide down a little so that he'd miss and hit her clit. And that always brought on another female orgasm. Obviously, when his penis finally took up residence inside her pussy it didn't notice the taste of blood.

Mark managed to really shaft the delightful bundle of fifteen year old female sex. Missy loved telling me everything she could remember afterwards. For that matter, after I'd just had my turn I always related every slight detail, making my fantastic memories all the stronger by sharing them. Missy said that her second time, because Mark was so much stronger, it had been much better, something she wouldn't have even thought possible.

His hard shaft forcing it's way inside her repeatedly was the ultimate in excitement, something she could only imagine after the fact. In spite of her period it had been absolutely wonderful. After several years Missy and I have discovered that sex seems to be just as good during our periods after the first day as it is during the middle of the month. But we don't think it's as good for Mark, so we try to avoid it then if we can get a rain check. For about three weeks we continued alternating, though I'd gone a week past my time.

I never volunteered this information. It was even against the "rules" to do so. But when asked I admitted to the mistress that I was overdue. A few minutes later, after I'd attached the other two to the wall by their wrist cuffs, as instructed, the mistress entered the room, led me into the bathroom and had me piss into a glass. After she left I was allowed to free Mark and Missy. An hour later she delivered the news, which was both good and bad.

I was elated when she confirmed that I was knocked up, and unhappy that I would no longer be getting screwed. Mark would only be allowed to "service" Missy each day. A week later Missy thought her period was later.

But she wasn't asked and it was probably too soon for a test to show positive results. Two more weeks went by and the three of us knew she was also a mother to be. But only then was she asked, tested and found pregnant.

I was a little worried about what would happen. The worst possibility, which seemed very probable, was that Mark would be taken away from us. He'd performed the stud service and was no longer needed. Even not being allowed to fuck with him, I still loved his presence, sleeping with him, even watching Missy fuck him. In some ways I felt she was doing it partly for me. I could share their joy.

What happened in the short term, however, was wonderful. Now that we were both pregnant, the mistress informed us we could fuck any way we wanted. I felt like shouting for joy. It was the one time since the gag had been removed that I almost forgot to keep my voice to a whisper. Of course my horny body got first dibs. It had been three weeks.

Three weeks! Missy was even more insistent than I that Mark had to fuck me immediately. And of course I wanted that thing that had been forbidden. Less than five minutes after we were given permission I had Mark's penis in my fanny. Nor did Missy have to wait a day. By then Mark was back to his normal randy self. Besides anal sex he did all the other things to me.

But he started and ended in my rectum. The orgasm felt different, not as easy to feel as in my vagina. But his entry into my heinie was a joy the anal plug had only hinted at. To this day, I'm not crazy about him ejaculating in my fanny. I love it of course, but it wastes a good load I could really, really enjoy in my pussy.

Or even my mouth. I'm not totally crazy about swallowing sperm, I only love it. But I am crazy about feeling him cume in my pussy. So what I usually want is a lot of heinie sex in the middle, with his climax somewhere else.

Missy is different there. She loves getting her rectum hosed almost as much as everywhere else. Mark needed about an hour to recharge, so Missy didn't have to wait that long for her turn. Of course, most days Mark can only cume once, at least on average.

But he can rise to the occassion for special occassions. When the three of us are together we usually do a threesome, Mark taking turns fucking both of us in all the normal and abnormal places. Missy and I seem to have a craving for "abnormal" places, possibly because we started having sex with Mark under "abnormal" conditions. But he only cumes once, no matter how many times we orgasm.

We try to make it so we get his climax on alternate days. After he climaxes, however, Missy and I always share the booty, the girl watching immediately going down on the lucky girl's cunt or anus or even chest, wherever Mark has blessed her. ------------------------------- The three of us remained in captivity together for another three months.

Since we were always naked, the slight swelling of both our bellies was obvious to all three of us. Mark had gotten over his slight guilt feelings about being the father(s?). It was all joy and naked pleasure, but always held to a whisper. What I really loved about Mark being naked was that I loved looking at his member. Missy and I were always sneaking peeks. Not that we didn't get to see it plenty and up close when we were giving him blow jobs. But we were supposed to try and ignore it some of the time so it could get a rest.

Apparently, we turned him on so much that if he saw either of us looking at his penis, just looking, it often gave him an erection. Just after we'd gotten knocked up, we were still guessing that this was a plan to embarrass the two families with daughters in need of a abortions.

Of course, since I'd passed sixteen it was maybe possible I could fight to keep my baby. Perhaps my parents couldn't legally make me abort it. Perhaps they wouldn't anyway, if they knew I wanted to have it. Missy's mother was the real loose cannon. No one ever knew what she would do. She was supposedly anti-abortion. But mostly she was anti-everything. It was possible that if she knew her daughter wanted to have and keep the baby she would automatically take the opposite side.

But as the months went by and we could feel the babies inside ourselves it was also becoming obvious that the abortion option was becoming even less likely with our growing stomachs.

Then suddenly the world ended. One day, Mark was instructed to fasten Missy and me to the wall by our wrists. That in itself wasn't bad.

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For a while the mistress had made him do it to us every day starting about a week after Missy had turned up pregnant. We would then have to spread our legs, stick out our fannies and receive anal sex from our lover with her there watching.

This went on for a week until she decided that it wasn't all that much fun since Missy and I so obviously loved this abuse. But that was almost three months in the past. I didn't think she was going to start up the "forced" anal sex again, but assuming the position was so delightful that I could feel my pussy juices flowing.

I looked over at Missy and love juice was also running down her thighs. We may have know better, but our fannies were expecting a treat and our pussies were responding.

But this time, with the two of us hooked to the wall, Mark was then led out of the room and as long as they held us there we never again saw him. I think I was almost willing to risk death to ask what they'd done to him. But I didn't because I knew that after punishing me they would still tell me nothing.

I think Mark was taken away when I was a bit more than four months pregnant. Four months after that, when I was starting to feel so big I thought the baby was coming any minute though he was still a month away, the mistress told us to back up against the bars. We both complied though in our condition, the abuses we'd received earlier strapped spread eagle against the bars made no sense. Nor had she done it in eight months.

Sticking a dildo up my pussy would be impossible. And maybe even my rectum was out of bounds. The only hope was that after feeding us for eight months it would make no sense to kill us no matter how exotic the form of execution. Missy and I were pretty ambivilant now about living. We were pretty sure they'd killed Mark. But we could raise his children in his memory if the sadist released us alive and healthy. I stood there, legs spread wide, arms up and out, my big belly tipping me forward so I was hanging by my wrists.

My fanny was pressed against the bars, but it no longer felt erotic like it had more than half a year earlier. Missy had no warning because they did her first. There was no reason to resist so I just hung there while they put the same cloth over my nose. I woke up in a motel hundreds of miles from both my home city, the CDT where Mark had been hiking, and probably the house were I'd been held captive for more than eight months. Missy was still asleep on the bed next to me. There was a note taped to my stomach.

It said the same thing as the one attached to Missy: "Wait until six am before leaving if you want Max to live. Tell your fathers John Steele says hello from his grave." The second line of this message made no sense, except it put a name to our enemy. Perhaps. Or it could simply be misdirection. Neither of us had ever heard of any John Steele, alive or dead. It took a few minutes to revive Missy, and wasn't worth the effort. She'd probably gotten a stronger dose, and was so groggy she might as well have still been asleep.

But an hour later she could discuss our options. They had left us one dress each, a maternity one that would fit around our enlarged middles. Our original panties and bras wouldn't have fit anyway, so the lack of underclothing made no difference. I'd been naked for so long I didn't like putting anything on anyway. But one must when one is going out into the world. We didn't believe the first line in the note. It implied that they still held Mark prisoner somewhere. Most likely he was dead as we assumed.

But we were unwilling to take the chance. There was a marginal chance that if we'd immediately burst out of the room, declared to the people in the front desk who we were and given them a description of. what? the Amazons who'd kept us prisoners?

The car we'd been transported in? We'd never seen it. I couldn't think what we could tell anyone that would make much difference. So we "let" them get away and waited until morning before turning ourselves and our babies into the police.

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It was just as well we got a night's rest. The next day was as bad a nightmare as I imagined it would be. The one ray of light was Missy's father. During the time we were gone and presumed dead, he'd divorced Missy's mom. With their girl dead they had no reason for staying together since they hated each other. When we suddenly showed up alive but very much pregnant, he was the one parent who immediately thought more about our feelings than what the papers would say.

My parents weren't bad, but they were shell shocked. Missy's mom was so abusive that the doctors said she should be kept away for Missy's health.

Larry actually filed a request for a restraining order before she agreed to stay out of the hospital. Of course she had to. The Judge sided with Missy and her father. And since she was now sixteen she even had some legal rights. She was old enough, for instance, to quit school, though I never remember anyone suggesting she should return with her fifty inch waistline. Or me either. Missy and I got dressed and left the room, barefoot.

We had nothing other than the dresses and the two notes. When we padded into the lobby and asked the lady to call the police she might have though it was some sort of teenage joke. But people tend to take a woman about to give birth very seriously.

They don't want to be stuck delivering the baby. The woman hadn't said much to the police except that two pregnant young women were calling for assistance. If she'd given them our names I'm sure they'd have gotten there in under five minutes.

As it was, she had time to find us some extra pairs of shoes. The wait wasn't unpleasant, but talking to the police was. As soon as they understood who we claimed we were they immediately stopped believing us.

Pregnant or not it had to be a prank. Especially, since we were pregnant. But when they called Tucson and talked to the detective in charge of our case, everything changed. He knew that if we were still alive we probably were pregnant. Nobody would get around to telling us for more than a day that Mark was alive and had gone directly to the police telling them everything he knew.

Which was almost nothing useful. It had taken him more than a day to convince anyone he was telling the truth. For several days even after they believed he wasn't just a hack prankster, he was still kept incarcerated on general suspicison.

He'd convinced them he'd seen us, even talked to us. But he couldn't prove that he wasn't one of the kidnappers. If they believed his story on face value they knew we were alive four months after being kidnapped. And pregnant! And nothing he could tell them did any good trying to locate the house where we were being held. ---------------------- 4 Missy: We were in this motel in a small town near Albuquerque.

Katlin tried to make the cops understand. But they couldn't or wouldn't. I should have been the one doing the talking since she was much closer to her due date, less than two weeks. I had almost a month to go and wasn't having as much difficulty moving around as she was. But I'm not much good when people are yelling. Actually Katlin gets intimidated pretty easily also. But I'm worse. My only hope in the world is that people will be nice to me.

In a very short time the cops attitude toward us went through several transitions. First they were nice. We were a couple of damsels in distress, of some sort.

Then we tried to tell them who we were and they got nasty. They didn't believe us and didn't like the joke. Then one of them made the phone call to Tucson. I couldn't hear what he was saying but when he turned around he spoke loudly to his buddy who had been standing over us like we needed guarding.

These guys were acting like we planned to make a getaway which was ridiculous in our condition. "They say if the girls are alive thay're probably knocked up." he said to the standing cop.

"You there," he said to Katlin, "Any idea when the baby's coming?" "I've been pregnant for almost nine months. So any time. Certainly within the next two weeks." The guys didn't seem to know that much about pregnant women. They should have been able to see just by looking at us. Of course we both felt even bigger than we were.

The guy hung up the phone then told his partner that Tucson was sending a detective by heliocopter, and they were to take us to the nearest hospital for examination. When the police bring you in you get fast service. But the ER wasn't busy anyhow.

Some young doctor quickly examined us, including doing an internal, in almost no time. Before everything happened I'd been examined regularly by a female doctor. When you're still a cherry she doesn't feel inside very far. Now I had a wide open cave between my legs, capable of enjoying a real man inside it.

Soon about to open up even wider. When the doctor stuck his fingers inside me I loved it! A very pregnant woman shouldn't react that way.

I almost orgasmed and my arrousal was obvious. It wasn't the doctor. It was Mark I imagined inside me. It had been four long months since I'd had my lover around to love me! The doctor was taken by surprise but quickly hid the fact. He also made no mention of my reaction. I guess it happens often enough when a guy examines a woman's insides. He guessed Katlin had about two weeks and I four. We were both in surprisingly good health and certainly fit enough to make the quick trip by air to Tucson.

He did recommend a nurse accompany us. This turned out to be no problem at all since the Tucson police sent a doctor along with the detective. But on the return trip about all she did was ask us questions. In Tucson we were immediately incarcerated in a hospital.

It was totally unnecessary considering our physical condition. But there was a crime involved, even if the victims had obviously survived. For a while they were calling the crime rape instead of kidnapping. And we were raped, but by the bitch, not by Max. Never by Max, eventhough it was his babies we had inside us. And I guess the hospital was a good place to keep us safe from the press. It was not quite as good a place to keep me safe from my mother.

A lot of people felt sorry for me about that. My mother was the first of the four parents to arrive. I didn't even see her coming. I was sitting in a chair and had my nose in a magazine. Suddenly it was ripped out of my hands and I got wallopped across the face. She left marks. Mostly I'd embarrassed her by turning up pregnant instead of dead. But I was so surprised and frightened that I started screaming hysterically before I even realized who it was who'd hit me.

Almost immediately there were several orderlies holding her and the hospital security coming. They don't take it lightly when a strange woman walks in and starts beating up one of their patients, especially a very pregnant one.

Some of the people assisting even thought I was there for my delivery. I could have calmed down when I realized who it was. But I didn't try. The more I screamed the worse it looked for her. And I was tired of this bitch who called herself my mother. I finally let myself calm down when they took her someplace where I couldn't see her.

Just about then my dad arrived and suddenly everything was ok. I saw him coming and was in his arms even before the people around me knew who he was. He pushed me away slightly, looked down at my huge belly which had been keeping us apart, and smiled.

"So, my little princess is going to make me a granddaddy!" Then he kissed me. I realized later that a lot of people might have assumed he was the father before he said anything. But as soon as they realized he was my da and a loving one unlike my mom, then everything was ok with them too.

A lot of people felt sorry for me, but they shouldn't have. I'd known for years my mother hated me. But she'd never lost control of herself before, at least not in front of witnesses. This was perfect. Eventually I got the judge to make the restraining order permanent. If my mother wants to see me she has to call my lawyer and talk to me in front of witnesses, if I allow it.

She's never made the request and I've never had to lay eyes on her since that day. ---------------------- 5 Katlin: The really sick thing about the way they treated us, ignoring Missy's mom, was that no one told us Mark was alive for almost a day.

It may have been an oversite. But I think they all felt a little guilty about him, even the police, if an organization can have a collective guilt feeling. When he first showed up they weren't nice to him.

He never says anything bad about any of them, but Missy's dad has told us about it. The police and my rents act like nothing out of line occurred and Mark's never made any complaints, even unofficial. As far as I can piece it together he just continued trying to be helpful until they accepted his sincerity. Since he's the same age as our fathers, however, it's pretty difficult for people to accept. And since Missy was only about sixteen and a half when her baby was born, we can't even pretend she wasn't fifteen at the time of conception.

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If anyone asks about me, the deed occurred two days after my birthday. You can't prove that Mark Jr. wasn't two weeks early. Larry, of course, was the one who told us about Mark. And when we asked why he wasn't there, Larry didn't know, but suspected they wouldn't let him near us.

Well, having disposed of her mother's presence, Missy knew that hesterics were sometimes useful. And Larry was on our side anyway, so we had leverage. The first thing he did after Missy promised to stop screaming was see his lawyer.

Before they knew what hit them, the police were inundated with writs. In no time Mark was out of custody and exonnerated of all wrong doing. Larry and my father both know the governor a bit, on a fist name basis. And the way the police had been dealing with Mark was definitely improper. But we weren't really allowed any chance to share any moments in private. We could get Mark out of "protective custody" but we couldn't get ourselves out of the hospital.

Nor were we ever allowed to see him in private, even there. I think the marriage was originally my idea. It makes sense, making an honest woman of me before the delivery. But the idea that a sixteen year old girl would want to marry a thirty-nine year old man didn't occur to other people.

Anyhow we had to do the deed in the hospital chapel. We even managed to keep it a secret from the press. So I had had my baby and named him after his father, Mark Lane Jr. Then a week later we got divorced in time for Missy to marry him. We were in a real hurry because there was the possibility that her baby might come too soon. As it was he came a week late. A week after that Mark signed the second divorce papers and quietly stepped out of our lives to the relief of everyone else, even Larry, though the two men had become sort of friends.

A strange friendship, a man and his son in law who was two months older than him. But this is when Missy pulled the really big one. Mark had signed the papers and left. But she hadn't. Once he was out of reach she adamently refused to do so. She knew she'd do it if Mark had asked her so she pretended she was going to do it until he left. Everyone just thought it was important to get his signature.

As long as she refused to sign she remained Mrs. Mark Lane, and retained the rights of a married woman. Eventhough sixteen, no one could make her do anything. Except her husband in a previous century. But not even he these days.

Nor was Larry going to try and force the issue. He had to pretend to disagree with her but knew the advantages she'd have by staying married. Everyone else just thought it was morally improper for her to do so. Why, if they remained married they could even go back to having sex legally and this time consentually.

Which was fine with Missy. In spite of having a small baby, I immediately got my learners permit and signed up for driving lessons. Since I wasn't going back to school I had to take private adult lessons. But I was determined, and found driving easy.

I had the confidence needed, where as Missy wouldn't even try for years. The really wild thing was, I now called myself Mrs. Mark Lane and no one could argue with that. A divorced woman doesn't have to give up her married name, and most with children don't. Yet I'd been the married Mrs.

Mark Lane for only two weeks. Of course, I had to move back in with my parents when I got out of the hospital. If I hadn't gotten myself a license I'd have gone crazy. Jeb, my dad was ok. Anyway he was usually at work. But Kara, my mom, wanted to smother me with kindness. It's a good thing I have two younger siblings or she'd have never let me care for my baby. If she could have nursed him she'd have even tried to take over that function.

Missy got out of the hospital three weeks later, several days after Matt was born. Naturally she moved into her father's new house. The bitch kept the one they had lived in when Missy got kidnapped. Missy was there in her father's house by herself during the day, just her and Matt. If Larry had suggested it, I'd have moved any time. I wanted to be with Missy and her baby. And letting the babies play together was perfect. As soon as I got my license, Mark and I were there every day.

Which is why I was in such a hurry to pass my test. Our fathers were both moderately well off. Even Larry's settlement over the divorce wasn't bad. Mary Pratt got enough to keep her quiet but she didn't get much. The publicity about the hospital scene certainly hurt her case and she certainly wasn't getting any child support!

Her lawyer advised her not to get greedy and they settled out of court. Of course Mary's lawyer was probably really pissed that her client had ruined what was looking like a real juicy case. My parents have two other children, so they aren't giving the family fortune to me soon, even though I've "given" them a grandson. The result is that Missy and I won't starve even though neither of us finished high school.

But we weren't rolling in dough either. What we really wanted was a place of our own. We were hoping that Larry would help us get started in a year or two. In the meantime, I treated his place like it was my home during the day. The only problem with Larry was he didn't want Missy and Matt moving out soon, probably not ever. He'd lost her once, believed her dead, and suddenly she was back with a grandson. He had no other family and was prime for suffering the empty nest syndrome.

He even talked about it himself. He knew he'd have to let go eventually and knew it would be awefully hard. He was happier with Missy and Matt there than he'd ever been since he'd married Missy's mother.

Probably since they started courting even. He has less idea than anyone why he married her. What we didn't know was that Missy and I were both fabulously rich.

I learned later that we both had trusts in our own names worth about ten million dollars each! And that wonderful bastard had set them up without even having to tell us. It was ridiculously easy since he had the money and at one time was married to each of us. A man can give his wife any amount of money tax free. And he doesn't even need to tell her he's doing it. We always just assumed he was merely scraping by. He didn't have many close relatives and those had no idea. When the company broke up Micosoft bought them out for around ninety million.

One third of that went to him. Which is why he decided to "retire" and become a full time hiker. If Missy and I had known about the money we wouldn't have worried about our future finances all that much. And Mark hadn't wanted to keep it a secret. He'd left instructions for the papers to be delivered after Missy's divorce went through. He didn't know he was still married to her and he didn't know that neither of us had been notified.

The money was just sitting in the trusts making more money. ---------------------- 6 Mark: After I left Tucson, I headed back to the CDT. I couldn't think of anything else to do, and since almost a full year had passed it was almost the right season again.

I went back to the road where I'd been forced to discontinue my hike ten months earlier. But first I vegged out for a month in the Carribbean until mid April. March is a bit cold for the CDT. I had to get back in shape but at least that didn't include losing weight this time.

In May when I left the trail one time for supplies, I decided to call Larry, Missy's dad, to see how things were going. Larry was about the only person I felt I could easily talk with. Most people there didn't like me, and the girls liked me too much. "So, Larry, how's my ex-wife doing? Both of them for that matter. Do you see Katlin at all?" "Practically ever day. Your ex-wife spends almost every afternoon here with your current wife. I've got some news for you.

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You're still married. Missy won't sign the papers. Frankly I see her point, though other than Katlin I'm about the only one who agrees with her.

And I don't admit it publicly. I wouldn't plan on making a grand entrance. Missy's attitude is only making you less popular here. Everyone knows this means you can still legally have sex with her. So if you show up they'll just assume you're playing the part of a dirty old man taking advantage of a sixteen year old girl. Best you just keep hiking.

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But I have instructions to ask you how they can get in touch with you. Katlin's got a license and they want to go visit you some time when you're taking a break. They're dying to show off their boys. Actually the boys are both worthy of bragging about. But then, I'm not exactly objective." I was so surprised, and pleased, to learn that Missy was still married to me that I forgot about the notification instructions.

Nor did I ever remember until someone else told me that the girls were in some financial difficulty. But that wasn't until more than a month later. Nor did I find it remarkable that Larry had said nothing about the twenty million dollars.

The girls didn't have to tell him how much money was involved. Perhaps he knew about the trusts but thought it was only a modest sum. Anyway I was only thinking about my marital status. I'd been walking for a month, going to sleep every night with visions of two lovely angels in my head. Sleeping on the hard ground was a delight. Mostly all I felt was the memory of their soft sweet bodies. Anywhere was heaven with them in my brain.

I'd been so happy to see them in the hospital, so happy to see them both alive and healthy and with my babies almost ready to come out into the world. After my failed marriage I never expected to be a father. I'd sort of lost interest in that sort of thing. My first wife hadn't left me with a lot of fond memories. Our seperation had been cordial.

She got what she wanted, a moderately good settlement, and I got the same thing. I didn't advertise the fact that my company was likely to soon become fabulously successful. I wasn't even sure of that fact myself. When we got bought out I even gave her an extra million in exchange for a signed contract that she would never ask for any more.

It was a good compromise for both of us. When I had sexual fantasies they never were about my first ex-wife, attractive as she once had been, and still was to a objective observer. It was too easy to think about Missy and Katlin, there on that big bed, always naked, always eager to please, almost always holding their legs wide apart with their pussies point in my direction. Neither girl was particularly tall. But they both had legs that didn't quit. Katlin was especially leggy.

I could die between those legs and die happy. I could die happy just thinking about her legs. But Missy, what delicate breasts! They were probably even better looking now, or at least bigger. But better was really impossible. Tiny as they were the last time I'd seen them exposed to the world and my appreciative eyes, their shapes were devine. Hell, weren't Katlin's breasts just as pretty?

You bet! And Missy's legs were just as exciting as Katlin's. When a guy has two perfect angels for wives, and effectively they both were, he has a hard time finding any fault with either one that the other one could improve on. My only problem with these two beauties was their age. I could have had daughters older than them. It felt like incest fucking these wonderful creatures. Secretly I had to admit it was rather fun indeed!

Perhaps the most frustrating thing was that back in Tucson, I'd married both of them in sequence and never spent a minute with either one unchaperoned. Of course, in their conditions we couldn't have had sex. But there are lots of things one can do that are enjoyable even with an eight month pregnant girl.

Both girls managed to talk to me "in private" meaning we could talk without being overheard while still being watched. Both of them wanted to tell me the same thing, that she really, really wanted to suck my dick. It's called fallacio. And every time I thought about those two seperate conversations I'd get a ragging hard on.

It's a good thing I got out of Tucson when I did. Everyone there seemed ready to lynch me. If someone caught me with my dick in either girl's mouth they would have. I'd been walking for a month and was starting to pick up the pace, already up to twenty miles a day.

I wasn't in any hurry to set any records. In fact, since I hadn't restarted from the beginning it wouldn't even qualify as a through hike. I'd told people when it came up that I'd only done the first four hundred miles the previous year and then had to quit, restarting this year where I'd stopped the previous year.

No one insisted on knowing why I'd quit, but a lot of people suggested that if I finished the full remaining eighteen hundred miles in good time I should go back to the beginning and repeat the rest. Then it would qualify as a thru-hike.

You just had to do the whole thing in one calender year. It didn't matter in what order you did the sections or in which direction.

The idea interested me, but I had about four more months to make up my mind about it. Anyway, I knew where I'd leave the trail the next few times for supplies and when. So I told Larry, and also promised to buy a cell phone so I could call again a few days before I made the trail head. Everyone else had cell phones and I could certainly afford one.

I'd been thinking about it. But there were only two people, three counting Larry, that I wanted to speak to, and it hadn't seemed worth the weight. When I got to the target trailhead two weeks later, but earlier in the day then I expected, the girls weren't there. I didn't mind waiting. With all the walking, I enjoyed relaxing, doing nothing when it was necessary. But the girls showed up only a few minutes later in this big old SUV.

I guess it gave them lots of space for baby equipment. I would have expected Katlin to buy something more civilized like a new volvo stationwagon.

But maybe she didn't like flaunting her money. Anyway, I hardly noticed the rig. I could see Katlin driving and Missy sitting next to her nursing Matt.

Of course it could have been Mark. With both of them lactating they could wet nurse for each other. But that never occurred to me. Though apparently Missy sometimes gave Mark her nipple to keep him happy while Katlin was driving. The wildest thing was seeing her with one baby at each breast. Apparently, inspite of her tiny breasts, which weren't actually so tiny any more, she had an abundance of milk.

But she only nursed Katlin's baby when Katlin was busy. Kate's breasts were also doing a fine job as baby feeders. I couldn't see that well inside the car and was dying to give everyone a hug. But when the car came to a stop the first thing that happened was this attractive woman got out of the car, unloaded her pack and eventually set off going north after a friendly goodbye to the girls and a weird hello addressed in my direction.

She seemed to avoid looking directly at me. The woman looked about my age, old compared to Missy and Katlin. "Hi. We picked her up here yesterday and drove her to town. We knew we were a day early but wanted to check out the meeting place, be sure we could find it. And she looked like she could use a lift.

I guess it's hard to get a lift, or, for a woman sometimes too easy. Her name is Jenny. I think she calls herself Sunrise. She calls that her trail name. We should have introduced her." I loved seeing the girls and the babies. The girls already had a room reserved for an additional night so I never saw anyone who worked in the motel, no reason to explain why I was sleeping in the same room with two teenage mothers.

At resturants I'm sure everyone assumed I was a grandfather. No one cared about me anyway. The girls and the babies were always the center of attention. Missy and Katlin don't look any older than they are, Missy maybe even younger, but people just assume they're eighteen or so.

They loved their lack of noteriety. In Tucson everybody knew about them. Here people knew about the two girls that had been kidnapped the previous year, but had no reason to associate these two young mothers with that business. The exception was this Jenny they'd spent much of the previous day with.

They'd told her everything. No wonder she'd looked at me so queerly. My rule was no sex. These girls were too yong to be married to me, eventhough they were the mothers of my two baby boys. My rule lasted about two seconds after they got the boys tucked in their portable cribs. The girls didn't even seem to remember my rule or need any consultation with each other.

They just turned from their babies in unison and approached me like two lionesses who'd cornered their dinner. The girls walked the few feet toward me and their clothes sort of disappeared, dropped off or something.

I was only aware that suddenly they were both naked. And boy was that something I could relate to. Here I'd been fantasizing for two months about a promise or two whispered quietly. But this vision, these visions, were much more erotic than just a promise.

They both looked even sexier, young enough to recover from the deliveries completely in two months, but now more mature and even sexier. Did I mention that their breasts were all larger, all four breasts. Of course I did. I can't stop talking about my angels' breasts. Or their legs, or pussies, or fannies. And they like getting their fannies fucked.

They love it! They love getting their pussies fucked as well. I was prepared to put up a fight. But looking at them I knew it would be just token resistance. Nor did they fight fair. Missy jumped into my arms knocking me back on the bed while Katlin got my pants off quicker than I could have. Suddenly I felt my manhood inside her wonderful mouth.

I'd been dreaming of this for two months, ever since I'd learned they were still alive, since even before they both promised me exactly this treat. If I had any will power before Katlin's heavenly lips clamped around my rock hard erection I had none now. Ah, surrender! It feels so wonderful! I was so far gone I even helped Missy take my shirt off. Of course, all the time Katlin's mouth was taking me deep inside her.

I couldn't remember her knowing how to deep throat! Maybe she'd been practicing on a dildo. I didn't care if she'd been practicing on a real prick it felt so good. And she seemed to know just how far she could go without wasting me. During this Missy was busy rubbing her pussy on my lips. I needed no encouragement.

Giving birth had opened her up a bit, or probably a lot, but she'd recovered much of her former tightness. Hell, I don't know. Both girl's pussies felt like heaven. If they'd been overly stretched two months earlier, by now they'd both recovered to the point where they were perfect.

Maybe I should say, once again perfect. They'd both been perfect from the very first time I sampled their love holes a year earlier. When Missy suddenly came, hosing my mouth with her nectar, we all stopped for a minute while she shuddered through her orgasm.

It was a delight to feel. And see, though my view was a bit limited and very close up. As soon as she recovered the girls decided to change places. So apparently Missy had been taking the same lessons.

Could two women both know how to suck cock so well? Apparently! It amazed me that Missy could get my shaft completely down her slender throat. But I only knew this by feel, such wonderful feel! My vision was occupied the same as my lips and tongue with Katlin's vagina. Why would any man not love eating pussy? Maybe not all pussies are as sweet and sweet tasting as the ones belonging to my two angels.

I was totally out classed. Katlin was the one calling the shots with Missy seconding her every suggestion. The girls had not come unprepared for this. After each girl was done giving my dick her personal trip to heaven, they both got up leaving me suddenly lonely. But not for long. While positioning themselves so I got a perfect view of what they were doing, each girl in turn faced her fanny toward me while the other one spread her buns and stretched and lubricated her anus.

I nearly popped my own cherry when I saw Katlin do it to Missy, and nearly had to close my eyes or blow my head of steam in their direction when Missy did it to Katlin. Amazingly, they were nice to me, wiggling their asses only enough but not too much. They wanted me to still fuck them in their baby holes and eventually shoot my cume into their open mouths. But once they'd prepped each other's fanny, they didn't just let me fuck them, they made a big deal of offering themselves to me.

Both girls moved to the bottom of the bed, got on all fours, held their thighs apart and waited, but not patiently I think, for me to make my choice. God in heaven were they being mean. How can a man decide between two such perfect asses? Eventually I got up behind Katlin for no better reason than that she was slightly closer. I don't thing Missy minded much. Sometimes I think these girls enjoy it almost as much when I'm fucking the other one.

It's like they have telepathy or something. Or maybe they're just incredibly sweet. No question about it they are both incredibly sweet. And sweet in their shit holes too! I could have rammed myself into Katlin's heinie for the rest of my life and never wanted to stop. But eventually I had to because Missy is such a nice deserving soul. And she has this nice deserving fanny also! Katlin, as I said, was calling the shots. When she thought Missy had had her full turn, Katlin pulled us apart and captured my manhood with her pussy.

Missy was by then looking pretty glassy eyed. I've been forgetting to mention how many times the girls were reaching climax. Anyway, by this point I'd long lost count. It was apparently almost enough to make up for six months. Of course, Katlin will insist nothing is ever enough.

Missy would have let me fuck Katlin until the dawn, she's so shy, and also nice. But Katlin after her tenth or so orgasm made me switch pussies. She wasn't satiated. She was being nice to her co-wife. By now I was all prick. I couldn't think about anything except how nice it felt to be this prick inside Missy's warm sweet tender body. I wanted to hold back and was also dying to let go. Just when I knew I could hold back no longer, Katlin pulled me out of her, and started licking my penis.

Had she simply started sucking I would have exploded instantly. But she was giving Missy a chance to recover enough to turn around. I then discovered two tongues licking and sucking me in unison. Before I realized what they were doing to me I was shooting off into Katlin's mouth and then Missy's. The one's holding my dick made sure each mouth got an equal share. I could see who's going to be in charge. Or maybe who wasn't. But I couldn't think of anything nicer than to do everything these girls ever asked me to do.

Especially when the only thing they ever seemed to want me to do is fuck them. The three of us cuddled all night. In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast and they took me back to the trail around ten. We set a tentative date for about a month in the future. With the cell phone I could make it more definite when I got closer to the next target exit. I also promised to call twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays, around noon or soon thereafter if I couldn't pick up a tower.

---------------------- End of Chapter 3 ---------------------- ---------------------- Some bio about me (Cathy) ---------------------- I started reading this stuff on line when I was in High School.

I was careful my mom didn't find out or she'd have discontinued our dial-up service. My dad had died earlier so it was only her I had to worry about. Some time after I moved out I told her I'd started reading "really fun stuff" on line but never bothered to tell her how long I'd been doing it.

Last year she called me up and told me she was marrying the guy she'd been "dating" for a year. I had mixed feeling about that. He was a bit older than her, but she hadn't had any intimate relationships since my dad died years earlier. So I guess I was happy for her. When I flew out to be at the wedding I got to meet him a week beforehand.

He seemed nice in spite of being 57. I would have never guessed he was a porn fan though why not? Most men are probably closet types, even ones with an active sex life. (I hope he has an active sex life or my mom's wasting her time.) I hadn't seen my mom for several years so we actually spent time together after the affair, which was small. In fact, I was the only person who travelled and stayed over night to be there. Well, mom doesn't discuss her age, but my new stepfather was 57, so I imagine they didn't need to spend every minute in bed during their "honeymoon".

(As if anybody waits today. And certainly no one does when it's a second marriage for both.) One of the things she told me was that her new husband read and wrote "fun stuff" and it didn't bother her. She still wasn't comfortable with my interest, however. Talk about a double standard! Anyhow that's why I wasn't afraid to tell him about my own efforts and showed him some stuff I'd written. Eventually he talked me into posting my work. So you're getting to read it also. Of course, there's always payback.

Now I'm after him to post his stuff. So far he's proposed a compromise, doing collaborations under the name "Otis and Cathy". We'll see how that works out. The first thing, this fantasy about a bunch of guys who decide to make a porn movie so they can hire beautiful girls for sex, was mostly his.

But I did proof and rewrote a little of it. I'll probably keep submitting stuff here as well. Love and Kisses, Cathy