Phat ass riding bbc in the car

Phat ass riding bbc in the car
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Section One: Boring School I'm just a random kid. I'm in 11th grade and my name is David. If I had to rate my self on a scale of one to ten, with 5 being average, I would have to say 7.5. I still have yet to get a girlfriend, but have been getting good with this girl named Madison.

She has medium sized boobs and a nice round ass. However, that is not the best part. She is friends with most of all the popular girls. I am hoping to use her as a way to up my status. However, it turns out that won't be needed. It was in the 4th hour of the day, US History, when I got the invitation. Madison walked over to me, and handed me this small piece of crumpled, ripped paper. Designed to look like a random piece of junk, something a teacher would immediately throw away.

I wondered why a random note like this would need to appear in that way. I opened the note up and it read: You have been invited to the Elite High School Prostitution League! Before you accept, there are a few basic rules: 1. You must keep the identity of the people you encounter a secret. 2. Reporting this will get you punished beyond imagination.

We have the power to expel you. 3. Do not spread this note to others, or share your experience with others. We have authorized members passing these around, and don't need your help.

Or you ruining the fun. If you would like to have a little bit of fun, join us at the 12th grade boys bathroom at 2:20pm. Your dreams will be fulfilled here. I stared at this note in shock.

Me, a nobody, invited to have sex with the popular kids. I could not believe it! If this was a scam, or not, I intend to find out. Part Two: 2:20 My god math class is boring. It is 2:15, and I cannot stop thinking about the note.

The only thing that makes math class fun is this girl named Sophia. She is super hot, and way out of my league for sure! I'll describe her anyway, she has the biggest tits in the entire grade, and has some nice curves. Her ass is a good size, and she is a good 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has blonde hair, and green eyes. She has a boyfriend of course, therefore she is immediately entered into the popular group.

Anyway, at 2:18, she then asks to use the bathroom. Our teacher excuses her, and as she walks past my seat, she winks at me, and then vanishes out the door. Holy shit! She never even looks st me! The only conclusion I can come up with is that she is involved with this prostitution league. A minute later, I too excuse myself and head towards the 12th grade boys bathroom.

I arrive there, and nothing seems out of ordinary. Then I look at the second stall, one of three, and definitely hear something going on in there. As I begin to head towards it, I hear a voice. "Where are you going, silly?" Sophia says.

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I turn around and look at her. She is sitting on the toilet of the first stall, legs spread, staring at me. "That one is taken, but mine is not!" She says. I decide to go for it. I walk into the door and lock it behind me. "Well uh, I did not expect to see you here." I said.

I could not think of anything else to say. "I'm the hottest girl in the school, what did you expect. Now if you want to fuck me, I need your pass." She said as she looks at me suggestively. I take it out of my pocket and hand it to her. I can't believe this is happening! "Now, you take of your shirt, and I'll take off mine." She said. I wasted no time. I ripped it off and placed it on the floor. I then watched her take hers off, exposing her huge breasts cradled in a pink sports bra.

"Wow. You have abs kid!" She said, as she placed her hand on my abs and felt them. Yet another reason why I should have a girlfriend, but don't, "Well, thanks. You have great tits!" I said. "Tell me something I don't know, now do you know what comes next?" Sophia said. I nodded and pulled down my pants. I watched her do the same. I could not help but gasp as she slid them off and stood up infront of me.

I was a solid 6 foot. So I got a nice view of her breasts. Damn they were nice. She then ripped off her bra and exposed her huge boobs. I instantly became rock hard. "Well? What do you think?" She asked. "I am lost for words" I said, still admiring her beauty. "Prove it." She said. I then unbuckled my belt and slipped off my pants, exposing my 6 inch boner.

"Not bad. Now let's get that boner to 8 inches!" Sophia said. I sat down on the toilet. Don't worry, the lid was down, I'm not gonna take a shit at the same time. Sophia then got on her knees and started stroking my dick. After a few strokes, she put it in her mouth, all now 7 inches. "Oh my." I said. I never felt so much pleasure. "Feel good?

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This is nothing compared to my pussy. You will find that out soon!" She said then continued to suck me. Her eyes stared at me as she plunged my dick in and out of her mouth. All I could do was moan. I could only last another 2 minutes in her mouth before I came. Man I came buckets. She took it all in her throat and did not let a drop escape. She then removed her mouth and stood up. "Wow. You gotta leave some of your seed for my pussy! She said. That was true. I am pretty sure I came gallons already.

Sophia then sat on my lap and inserted my dick into her pussy. She took the full 8 inches like a champ. She looked down at me as I watched her bounce on my dick, her boobs bouncing too. It somehow felt better than her mouth.

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There was a rumor that she lost her virginity at 7th grade. I am willing to believe that, she is so good! I then had my second orgasm, she felt it too and bounced on my dick a bit faster. She then too reached orgasm.

She moaned so load I swear the entire school could hear her. As she orgasmed, her vagina clamped harder on my dick, doubling the pleasure.

It seemed her body wanted my seed.

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She kept bouncing and bouncing, it felt so good! "Sophia! I'm going to cum soon!" I said. "Don't worry, I'm protected! I want every last drop in me! Shoot it inside me! Please David!" Sophia said as she entered another orgasm. I shot all my seed deep inside her.

I really hope she was protected. It felt so good. She stopped bouncing and kept my dick inside her for a bit longer. "That was so good, You don't have a boyfriend?


People are missing out. Say, who is your top crush right now and I'll hook you up." Sophia said. "Well, it would have to be.

Heather." I said. She was yet another popular girl. She was 5 foot 6 inches, had medium breasts and ass, a small build, long brown hair, and always dressed in a way that exposed her breasts almost completely. I don't know how the school puts up with her. "Lucky days for you! She is in the 3rd stall today! Here, take this." Sophia said as she slid off my dick, cum dripping down her legs, and fetched something out of her pants.

She handed me yet another invitation! "Wow. Thank you!" I said. "No, thank you for such a great time!" She said as she begun to put back on clothes. I redressed myself and unlocked the door, I turned to get one last look at her body, and headed to my next victim. Section 3: Dream Girl I walked into the already open stall door.

I saw Heather there, already naked, waiting for me. "Hi Healther. I uh. have a invitation here." I said and held it out to her. She smiled. "You don't need that David, I have wanted to fuck you for a long time! I have seen you checking me out in chemistry, and to be honest, your not bad looking. So undress yourself and let's fuck!" She said.


I could not believe it. We may be able to hook up after this! I stripped off my close, piece by piece, until I was nude. "Wow. That's a huge dick! I take it you are already warmed up from Sophia." Heather said. "Yea.

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You just made me even harder! Now, what position do you want?" I asked. "No Give it to me from behind!" She said, and settled on the floor, aiming her ass in my direction. I wasted no time. I inserted my dick into her ass.

She was a bit tight, but that was okay, "How many times have you done this?" I asked. "This is my 2nd time. The first guy never came inside me, I saved that honor for you. That is, if you still have some left in there for me." She said. I thrusted into her. Over and over and over. "Oh yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh" Heather moaned, as I kept pounding her. She felt even better than Sophia! I had an orgasm almost right away, but no cum. It looks like Heather will need some special treatment.

"Wow Heather! For this being your second time, you are quite good!" I said, and I truly meant it. "Thank you!

Now allow me to take over, you already look worn out." She said.


Heather than proceeded to ram her ass against my dick, all 8 inches of me entered and exited her, over and over again. Her vagina then strengthens its hold on my dick as Heather orgasms. She nearly passes out. She is too weak to continue so I take over again.

"You doing okay there?" I asked. "Hell yes! You are so good, you have definitely earned the right to cum in me!" She said. She was so good to. Sophia may have had the boobs, but Heather has the booty. I orgasm again and cum inside her ass. I then pull out as I half fall, half sit down.

"That was amazing Heather!" I said. "You were amazing! You were definitely the right boy to cum in me first!" She said. We lay on the ground for the next 10 minutes. It took that long to regain my energy.

"It has been a pleasure Heather! No pun intended of course." I said, as I put my clothes back on. To my disappointment she did not give me another invitation. I guess she wants me all to herself. No matter, I will fuck that last girl! Section 4: Young Virgin When I open the door to the second stall, the girl looks wasted. Her fucker must have left just a few minutes ago. After another examination, I realize who this girl is! Her name is Lucia, she is a short, tanned brown haired girl with small tits with a nice, round ass.

She is only in 7th grade! "Lucia, what are you doing in a place like this? Your 12 years old!" I said, shocked. "Age is just a number, now where is your invitation?" She asked.

Of course I did not have one. She was still very weak, completely naked and sitting on the toilet, panting. I decide to make a move. I rush toward her and dragged her off the toilet onto the ground.

She was stunned and tried to ask what I was doing but was too dazed to ask. I saw a poor abandoned sock on the floor and shoved it in her mouth. I then pinned her arms to the floor and sat on her legs, trapping her. "It's going to be okay baby, I'm going to give you the time of your life, and then you will never come back here." I said.

I knew what I was going to do was wrong, but I have been fantasizing about her seince I first saw her, and it does not help that I am extremely horny. I let go of her arms just for a second as I push her legs into the air, then I pin her arms again. Now I have her pinned while her legs rest on my arms. She was just to exhausted to take advantage of her momentary freedom, and now she will pay with her virginity.

"Did the last guy cum inside you?" I asked. She shook her head no, her eyes wide. "Are you protected?" I asked. She shook her head no, eyes growing even wider. Foolish girl. She will indeed learn her lesson. I shove my dick inside her, one inch at a time. She is extremely tight.

No matter my intentions, I don't want to hurt her so I take it slowly. Her pussy is great, better than Sophia's even! So wet after the last fuck. Once all 8 inches are inside her, I start thrusting.

She struggles with the makeshift gag, trying to say something. I just keep thrusting faster. Lucia than lets out a groan, somehow making it through the gag.

I guess she must really by liking this after all. We keep fucking and then my dick gets really wet as Lucia lets out a loud groan. She had an orgasm and squirted all over me. I start fucking her faster. Thrusting in and out of her, I don't know how she handles all 8 inches. But she does, and it feels great. I orgasm, and I let go of her for just a second. She manages to escape my grasp and scurries over to the other side of the small stall.

"Ugh. I can't believe I'm doing this, but lie on your back. I want to finish the job." Lucia said. I could not believe it. She wants me to cum inside of her! Even though she is not protected. However, I can't resist. I lie on my back and watch her straddle me. She then inserts my dick into her and starts fucking me.

She is staring at me, smiling, her small boobs hard, watching me as she fucks me. It's too much. I release all my remains cum into her. She gasps as she feels my seed inside of her. She then gets off my dick and almost collapses.

I too, am extremely tired. I somehow manage to retrieve my clothes and put them back on. I then walk out the door and head back to the classroom. Once I enter the classroom, I look at the time.

2:55pm That was the best few minutes I have ever had.